Two Hot Blondes Suck All Over Lucky Guys Dick

Two Hot Blondes Suck All Over Lucky Guys Dick
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Please rate and comment (Blonde teen Hanna has run away with her much older male friend Jim. Her mother Carol tried to stop them. Carol was subjected to severe abuse at her house and she is now forced to travel with them, held against her will in the back of their commercial van. They stop their van at a truck stop where they invited Bo to fuck Mom for money.


Bo is having at her at the back of the van which draws a crowd of trucker.) Hannah jumped up on the back of the van and grabbed her Mom's hair pushing her head deep onto Bo's cock. Carol started to choke, saliva came up first and then vomit. Her puke covered his dick.

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Bo looked down at his vomit covered cock. "Time for some pussy fucking!" Yelled Hannah.

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Bo looked and laughed. "My kinda girl." Hannah slopped up some vomit from the van floor and smeared over her mom's pussy. Bo jumped on the van kneeling between Carol's legs.

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Carol could feel his throbbing cock pushing on her even as she was still puking from the face fuck. Bo stuffed his vomit coated dick into her pussy.

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He grabbed Carol's hips and pushed his mess covered cock deep inside her. Fucking her hard he pulled back on the rope around her neck until her face became red. Spit rained down on Carol's face and head from the truckers watching.

"HEEAAAW." Yelled Bo, gonna fuck you like a fucking dog. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Carol could barely see. Spit dripped over her face while she was being fucked like a rag doll. Her heavy MILF tits swung back and forth with the ass fucking. She looked up to see a crowd of truckers surrounding the end of the van.

"Fuck her harder. Fuck that cunt. Slap that Ass. Rip her Pussy." Even above the yelling Carol could hear the slapping rhythm of Bo's cock inside her." Carol dropped her head, closed her eyes, trying to block out everything. She held her breath, trying to pass out. Jimmy, Hannah's boyfriend grabbed Carol by the hair.

He pulled her head up.

"Come on, you don't want to miss the party." He looked her in the eye. "Bitch, it has just begun." Hannah wiped up some of the spit off her mother's face. She knelt behind her next to Bo who continued to hammer Carol's cunt. Hannah shoved two slimy fingers in her mother's ass. She twisted and turned her fingers probing her Mom's ass. "No, not that, noo, no." Hannah shoved her fingers in as deep as she could, twisting turning pushing in and out even as her mother begged her to stop.

"SCREAM LOUDER BITCH" Yelled Hannah. She slapped her Mom's ass. Ass slapping and finger fucking, Hannah taunted her Mom. "Beg Me to stop." "Scream you Bitch." Bo could feel Hannah's fingers inside Carol's ass while he fucked her pussy.

Hannah finger fucked her Mom's ass with two and then three fingers. She was jealous, Bo was riding Carol so hard, Hannah imagined it was her. Carol was screaming her bitch head off as her daughter pushed two fingers from each hand in her mom's ass. She gapped her mom's ass and started to drool dripping down inside. The word was out and the crowd of trucker was getting larger. A black trucker pulled out his cock and waved it in front of Carol's face.

"Want some of this too Bitch. " Even while Bo was fucking her the black trucker began rubbing her cock against Carol's red crying face.

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He pulled her bitch head back and slapped her face with his cock. Back and forth he slapped her. He rubbed his dick against her lips and cheeks and then across her eyes, his cum shooting over her face.

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Hannah kissed Bo again. "Fuck that ass, I want to see you fuck it hard." Bo slid his cock easily inside Carol's ass pushing by Hannah's fingers.

Bo still held the rope around Carol's neck and pulled her head back so far he could see her face. Carol's face was red, covered with spit and cum as Hannah wiped her crap covered fingers over her Mom's face.

Hanna slapped her mom's Milf titties back and forth while the bitch screamed her head off. Carol's head hung low, almost unconscious as Bo mercilessly fucked her ass. Kneeling at the edge of the Van the screaming truckers surrounded her. Another of the truckers grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. "No Passing out Bitch." Hannah stood to the side.

" "Take her down boys." "Take the Fucking Bitch down." Hannah screamed. The trucker pulled her bitch head back, slapping her face. He took his swollen prick from his pants and cock slapped her red crying face just like the black trucker. Hannah watched kissing her boyfriend Jimmy. The word has spread around the whole truck stop and the crowd surrounding the van was growing.

Men jostled to get a better look. Carol knelt at the back of the van on her knees, like a dog,facing the crowd while Bo ass fucked her ass and other truckers abuse her face.

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Bo screamed as he came in her ass. Another trucker shot his load over her face. Cum ran down Carol's face and down her thighs. Hannah, grabbed a shopping bag and shouted to the truckers. "Boy's fill up this bag and the bitch is yours." Bo shoved Carol off the back of the Van sending her sprawling on the ground. "Get on you knees hag." a boot hit Carol in the ribs.

Carol on her knees looked up at Hannah. "Baby, why are you doing this to your own Mom." "Please stop, you can go where ever you want." "Hate your fucking guts cunt. I was little you left me alone while you went out fucking." "Now you are gonna get all the fucking you could wish for.?" "No, Please Hannah." A trucker gave Hannah her shopping bag now filled with 20's.

"Hey, mom, got my travelling money, time to say goodbye. " Bo lifted Carol to her feet. Hannah put her face close her Mom's, laughed and spit in her face. "Lights OUT." A trucker blew his horn and the crowd parted. He backed up his Rig.

It was one of those heavy duty flat bed trucks with its own winch. "Oh God, what are you doing now. No No." They dragged Carol to the truck and lowered the boom. Brutally Bo wrapped her forearms with a metal cable, attaching the end to the boom hook.

"No No No AGHHHHHHHH." Carol cried as winch started whir, slowly lifting her up. Carol was lifted up hanging head down. The truck sounded its horn blasting a call to the truck stop. Hannah and Jimmy drove their van to the exit.


Hannah looked back. Dust filled the air as the truck lights illuminated the evening air.

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Hannah could see Carol hanging from the truck hoist surrounded by the screaming truckers. Slowly the van pulled away, Hannah couldn't hear her mom's screams but she turned for one last look as they lowered her to the waiting me. The End