Pretty ladyboy cocksucking pov at audition

Pretty ladyboy cocksucking pov at audition
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My name is Gabrielle Tierney I am 37 years old and the mother of two, there's many reasons why my husband and I are no longer together in short, we just didn't work out. He sends an alimony check every month, which goes directly into my children's college accounts. Since this story concerns them, I guess I should tell you a little bit about my children. My lovely daughter Erin is 16, she's developing very nicely. She has auburn hair and hazel eyes which are accompanied by a 32b cup breast size.

She has a friend named Olivia which is about to turn 16 herself. She has dyed Orange hair with her bangs dyed blood red. She's a very creative girl, that draws beautifully, her parents are not around much and when they are, she's not their prime concern, so as a result Olivia spends most of her time over my house and even spends a few nights a week.

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I sometimes refer to her as my third child, even know secretly I lust after sweet little Olivia. My son Tim is 14 and stays mostly to himself.


He always seems to be out and about over friend's houses mostly. He is a spitting image of his father, which is a good thing, his father is a handsome man. He has short light brown hair with dark brown eyes and is very fit as a result of how active he is. Tim has many friends, but they usually don't stay over very long let alone stay the night, so it's mostly just a house full of women, which I don't mind.

Now my house is only one floor, but is very spacious so there is plenty of privacy, but I like to listen in on my children. it's pretty easy to, since all the rooms are in one hallway and are connected making it easy to keep my eye or in this case ear on them. Call me an over protective mother, but I like to know what my kids are doing while they are in my house. For awhile I was suspecting my daughter of being a lesbian with Olivia, now I'm not a close minded parent, I myself am often turned on by certain women, I just rather know.

After weeks of listening to my daughters room through my personal bathroom's wall I gave up the notion of her and Olivia playing around with reach other. I have heard my son masturbate, constantly and it's very normal for a boy his age to relieve himself and during the summers I would keep track, the record is 6 times in on day.

This story takes place last summer where little Olivia's parents went away for a month that turned into two and left her home, she naturally came to stay with us. It was going very smoothly until I realized I would be doing her laundry, since it was a rule on the weekends you bring your dirty clothes to the laundry room and I wash them.

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The first weekend I was putting in a wash of what I thought were my daughters' clothes when I came across some skimpy underwear and shirts that resemble the ones Olivia always wears, tight with very bright colors.

My hands were trembling as I picked up the thong underwear and brought it to my nose breathing in her sweet juices. I could feel my own juices moisten my pussy as I was getting very turned on by this. I even went so far as to lick over the string of the thong tasting what I convince myself was her pussy, in reality these were day or two old.

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In no time I had locked the door which was just a safety precaution seeing how nobody ever came inside the laundry room besides myself. My hands started digging through her bag full of clothes trying to find sexier and perhaps a fresher pair of underwear. I knew she was a messy person since the room we gave her for the summer was very messy, mostly clothes on the floor.


So hopefully she put ones from last night in here and they were just at the bottom. My hands felt the most sexy garment she had, nothing was wet, no juices running over my fingers, instead I decided to imagine what she looked like in the underwear and masturbated right in the laundry room to her image. I slipped two of my fingers into my soaking wet cunt as I thought of little Olivia prancing around the house in a baby blue with pink stripes thong.

Something that was slutty, but had such an innocent look to it which turned me on ever more. My fingers were slipping in and out as my thumb was pressed firmly against my clit rubbing in a circular motion. To keep from moaning I bit my lip and within a few moments I was squirting my juices into my panties and over my hand. In due time I had cleaned my hand up with a towel and put Olivia's load of laundry in the washer machine.

I felt I needed a change of clothes so I moved quickly to my room only to meet Olivia and my daughter in the hallway. They were putting up a picture that Erin drew of our garden out back, it was beautiful with a couple of butterflies flying around our flowers.

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Ever since she started hanging around Olivia my daughter started to draw, I thought she was just mimicking her friend at first, but actually she quite good herself. She had asked me after she drew it if she could frame it and hang it in the hallway and I of course said yes. "Hey Mrs. Tierney, you see what Erin drew?" Olivia asked with a smile. "Yes, I saw it when she drew it. Sure took you long enough to get it framed." I tried to be causal as I hid my hand behind me.

"It cost a little more than I was expecting, so I had to wait. Next time, I want to do it ourselves, I hear it's easy." Erin says with the usual pep in her voice.

"Well I don't know how easy it is, but we can look into it." I start to walk to my room hoping to get changed before anyone notices what I had done. "Oh mom, come here for a second." "In a moment, I just want go to the bathroom real quick." I just had to get away and change out of these panties. After I changed without incident I went back out in the hall trying to look normal.

"Mom, Olivia's hands are freezing! It's like 90 degrees out and she feels like she was in a freezer!" "I have bad circulation." Olivia explains very reasonably "It's not that uncommon, honey." I start to walk by when my daughter stops me. "No, you have to feel them!" without giving me any warning my daughter grabs my hand that was in my pussy just moments before and that's when I realized in my rush to not take longer than I normally would I forgot to wash my hands.

I felt so stupid, another thirty seconds wouldn't have raised anything suspicions. Erin guides my hand to Olivia's hands and she was right they were freezing cold. Olivia even put one hand under and one hand on top of my hand pressing down lightly.

I know she would be able to smell my pussy on her hands after. I hope I did a good enough job with the towel that it wouldn't be too noticeable.


In no time she had let my hand go and I was frozen, I knew I needed to get out of there. "You're right honey, her hands are very cold, very useful on a hot day." I immediately regretted saying that. hoping they wouldn't take it any other way than just it could cool yourself off.

I started to walk away feeling I was home free. The rest of the day went on normally, I returned the clothes cleaned of pussy juices to Olivia and clean of jizz stains to my son.

It's the darnest thing, every week there's clothes all stuck together from cum. He must use his shirts to catch his load.

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I made dinner and we all ate as we made small talk about how summer was going, Erin complained how she was the only one that had to go to work, but she was only half serious about it, mostly making jokes. For the last two summers my daughter has had a job at the purple cow, which is a local ice cream and fast food place.

I myself edit an online news site which doesn't really require me to leave my home much, if at all. The next week was where things got interesting. Olivia was starting to have trouble sleeping and had to start to rely on sleeping pills and soon she was taking them every night. She did get a good night sleep, which she stated she slept like a baby and sometimes it was very hard to get her awake. One day the pill bottle disappeared, which would later be discovered that Tim accidentally knocked them down the sink drain as he was examining one deciding if he should try it.

he thought he'd get in trouble, so the evidence was hidden and Olivia didn't find out there were no pills till that night.

I asked if she wanted me to go to the store to pick some up, but she said she'd be fine it would only be one night. She didn't sleep one wink as minute after minute crawled past that night as her restless little body tried it's hardest to drift off.

The next morning she was noticeable exhausted and again I offered to get her some pills and she accepted this time. When I went to the store I drove my daughter to her work since they were in the same direction. In the pharmacy I had no idea which one she was taking. "Can I help you?" The pharmacist asked. He had snuck up on me and startled me a bit, I just smiled and try to not show how much he spooked me.

"Yes, uh, which sleeping pill would work the best?" "well I would recommend this kind." He picked up this small white pill bottle and handed to me. "These will knock you out and keep you asleep for 3 to 9 hours. I thanked the man, paid for the pills and left. I hurried a little bit on my way back home, the truth is I felt bad for Olivia, she just wanted to rest, but she couldn't. So as I would with my real kids, I just wanted to ease her pain.

Once back home I found the house empty besides for Olivia on the couch. "Where did Tim go?" I asked "A few.uh, a few of his friends came by. They went out." Olivia weakly said. I walked over to her on the couch and gave her the pills. She asked for a glass of water and I quickly got her one.

"I'm going to be at on the computer for a few minutes, just call if you need anything." I leaned in and kissed her on the forehead lightly and started to walk away when she jokingly said. "Thanks mom." I smiled and continued towards my office.

Seconds turned into minutes which turned into well past a half an hour in which I hadn't gotten any work done. After coming to the conclusion the best thing to do is check on Olivia. Walking back down the hall as I entered the living room I could hear her deep breathing, she was obviously sleeping.

A smile appeared on my face as a relief feeling rushed over me, but I knew the couch she was laying on wouldn't be comfortable. Moving her would be no easy task, not that she's a big girl just the opposite, she's tiny, but I've never carried another human being over nine years of age before.

With one of my arms under her legs and the other cradled under her head I slowly started to lift.

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Quickly realizing how light she actually was I moved down the hall towards her guest bedroom stepped over her dirty clothes and laid her on her unmade bed. I scanned the floor hoping to find some used panties when a dirty and evil thought popped into my head.

She's out and she will be for the next few hours easy. Looking down at her resting body her breast moving up in down in rhythm with her breathing, I couldn't help myself. Leaning over kissing her mouth slipping my tongue inside feeling so dirty and excited as I did. This was a young sixteen year old little girl that in any other circumstance I would treat as my own daughter, but I just couldn't hold myself back from touching the bare skin under her shirt.

Her breast filled my greedy hand nicely with her small erect nipple sticking through the gap between my middle and ring fingers. As my hand under her shirt groped this young resting body my tongue explored her mouth.

She didn't stir her breath got slightly heavier, but no sign of awareness. My kiss became more aggressive attacking her mouth invading every crevice of the orifice. Squeezing and pressing the young breast getting rougher each time, my pussy couldn't help itself.

it felt as if the flood gates had opened and my panties had a river of juices that only moments ago were concealed securely. The realization of how tremendous the orgasm was and how it happened without even a single touch came while I laid my body next to hers. My thoughts were filled with wicked activities to do while my nicely acquired sex toy slept.

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Before any rational thought entered my brain to argue with lust my hands were undoing her jeans, I doubt if any such idea would have claim victorious in my current mind set anyhow. Yanking her pants down towards her ankles my eyes widened to the sight before me. Her panties were black boy shorts with a red fuzzy trim on the front of which was a small darkened spot.

Her unconscious body was aroused, leaning in my tongue licked the wet spot tasting the cloth more so any young lustful juices. pulling down her panties about to her thigh with her bare young pussy staring me straight in the face my mind wondered how her ass looked. Knowing or at least fooling myself into thinking I had all day to play I turned her over thinking how could a couple of minutes do any harm. She had such a beautiful ass for her age, as a woman ages her tits and ass don't age as well as her mind and sex drive.

Looking at this small what we used to call bubble butt laying in front of me I just couldn't help it. Leaning forward with my tongue sticking out I licked her ass feeling her soft child like skin.

Working my way down towards her thighs I slowly licked her pussy from behind. A long lick trying to see if I could reach her clit and every time as it ran against her eager cunt I pushed it inside as she let out a soft moan.

Quickly my licks became more and more aggressive. Pushing deeper inside her at a faster pace licking up all her juice I could in the process. Her body started to sway slightly, knowing full well what was happening and enjoying it as her mind was obvious to the sexual encounter that was taking place.

groping her ass digging her nails into the soft skin leaving tiny indents that slowly disappeared, she started to shake and before I could react (not that I would have any differently) she had her own intense orgasm. She sprayed on the bed and over my face. Slowly running my fingers over the wet juices and licking them clean tasting my sweet young fuck toy and enjoying every last moment of it.

Just then in my moment of Ecstasy I heard the door closed I almost shouted in my panic. I'm within seconds of being caught molesting a sleeping underage girl. Quickly I jumped up knowing I could not go into the hallway didn't even bothering glancing at the door, instead I rushed to get into the closest.

In the guest room the closet didn't have a regular door instead it had sliding one with slats so you could see out/in, sliding it behind me I was in the clear. My moment of glory was cut short upon noticing that I had left poor little Olivia bottomless laying just above a small wet spot of her own love juices. My second mistake and this one was a much larger one was the bedroom door was wide open. Knowing that it could only be Tim and his bedroom is just before the guest bedroom maybe he wouldn't even notice.

I listen for what seems like hours before hearing his small feet making sounds on the hardwood floor. Tacking every step I could hear him take, Tim got up to his door and paused and then the steps continued towards Olivia's door. My palms started to become sweaty as with every step I knew he came closer to finding what has happened here, damn his curiosity. it would only be a matter of time before he found his dear old mother hiding in the closet and then this nasty secret would be out.

What was she going to do? Tim turned the corner looking into the room, the boy always loved to look at all the used panties laying on the floor, but instead he caught a glimpse of Olivia's naked ass and quickly looked away. "Sorry, I didn't know you weren't dressed." Once no shouting ensued he added "Sorry".

Again without any answer to his apology, Tim looked in the room once again and Olivia hadn't moved. Looking around the room confused he stepped inside. "Olivia?" he called out. Still no answer as he reach the side of her bed unknowingly with his back to his mom. The boy could clearly see she was sleeping and couldn't help but notice her bare ass with the smell of pussy juice in the air. Tim started to get aroused himself reaching out slightly touching her arm.

"Olivia" He tried to see a response, but there was none. Then Tim did something that I did not expect, he reached out and grabbed a hold of her sweet ass, squeezing it tight waiting for her to wake up, which she did not.

The boy got bolder and started to rub his fingers over her pussy and it looked like he was penetrating her. What was happened hadn't really hit me full forced yet, I was just watching in some kind of trance as Tim fingered his sister's friend's pussy. Then pulling down his pants without skipping a beat he pulled out his hard cock. He climbed on top of her and imitated something he must've seen in a porn movie, by smacking her ass with his cock.

Seeing a clear view of him, he must have been about six inches maybe a little over. He thrusts into her with a smile on his face as he forces his cock deep into the sleeping pussy. At this point I don't know what's worst, that I molested this poor young girl or that my little boy is now raping her or that I'm getting turned on by watching this. My pussy was begging the be touched as I reached inside my pants a shockwave ripped through my body as I came instantly, but yet still I wanted more, so I kept rubbing watching my son pound poor little Olivia.

She didn't wake up, but he fucked her harder and harder, the little bastard was enjoying it, but yet I couldn't get too angry at him, I was myself just a few moments ago. As I rubbed myself to my third orgasm today, I could hear my son grunt and moan loudly, he was muttering something to Olivia, but I couldn't hear it. He grabbed her hips and started to fuck her faster as he was moaning louder and louder he then let out a extremely loud grunt as both son and mother came together at the same time.

His load shot into the sleeping Olivia as my only thought was 'I hope she is on birth control'.

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Tim slowly pulled his cock out and kissed her on the cheek, then pulled up his pants and walked out the door closing it behind him. Slowly I got out of her closet hoping he would not return for an encore so quickly. I knew I would have to do the unthinkable and clean up after my son. First I got some tissues and rubbed her pussy getting as much cum as I could that was oozing out, tucked it neatly in a ball and put it in my pocket.

Then pulled her panties and pants back up, then covering her with her sheets even know it's very hot outside, central air keeps my house at such a cool temperature. Having once over the room I remembered to fix her bra replacing her tits inside, I then slowly opened the window, stepped out onto my lawn and closed it quietly behind me. Confident I cleaned up enough to not alarm any suspicion, I walked in the front door acting as though I just got in myself.

When Olivia woke up a couple of hours later, she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, which is a little bit unlike her and told me thanks for the pills, she had slept like a baby. She obviously had no idea what I or my son had done to her. Tim on the other had acted completely out of the norm, he couldn't stop staring at Olivia with a look on his face only I understood. I look of lust, he wanted, no needed to get back inside of her, I thought I would have to buy him some condoms, wouldn't want any horrible accidents to happen, can't really clean those up with couple of tissues.