Wife with big booty gets her pussy fucked

Wife with big booty gets her pussy fucked
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I pick you up for a night out. You get in the car, wearing a nice long coat. We drive towards the restaurant and you open your coat to show you're wearing only a corset that has a shelf top and stockings. You have knee-high boots and no panties on. I can see your rings are secured with the bars and locks you have been instructed to wear. I smile with approval as I reach over and pull on your newly pierced nipples. I comment how nice they look with the second piecing.

You yelp as I reach over and tug on each one. As we drive, I rub your thigh and you open your legs so I can feel the weight of the locks sealing your wet pussy. Your moan tells me you're already on the edge of another orgasm.

"You have been a naughty girl haven't you, Pet?" "Yes, Sir, I have," you reply as your head lowers. "I had to play while I waited for you. I didn't mean to cum, Sir. Honestly, Sir, it was an accident." Smiling, I flick your clit saying, "It's ok, my pet, I have something special for you." As we get to the restaurant parking lot I hand you two metal plugs. There is one small plug for your ass, and one x-large plug for your pussy.

You begin to adjust in your seat to insert them and I instruct you to wait and just bring them with you in your hand. Confused, you smile and follow me into the restaurant. As we enter, I instruct the hostess to seat us in the back corner booth. "We would like some privacy during dinner," I say to her. She smiles as she notices your almost exposed breast now that your coat has shifted. She walks us to a booth buried in the back of the restaurant where no one can see us. I motion for you to slide in and just before you can, the hostess asks to help you with your coat.

You look at me for directions and I smile at you both as you see me nod approval to take off your coat. Your nipples become rock hard as you open the coat. As she grabs the shoulders of the coat you put the two plugs on the table to help slip your arms out.

When the hostess notices the plugs and sees you are completely naked and exposed she smiles at you as she hangs the coat next to the booth. As you start to sit down, she touches your hand and says, "If you need help with anything else, just ask," as you notice she is looking at the plugs. You smile at her and say, "Thank you very much, I'm sure I could use a hand in a few minutes." The leather bench is cold on your naked ass; you smile as you watch me slide in to my spot next to you. You tell me how wet and aroused you are as you sit exposed to anyone that passes by our booth.

When our waiter comes, you try to cover but one look from me and you know better. You feel his eyes burn into you as he stares at you, with tits that are barely contained in the corset. Your nipples are hard and your piercings are very visible. You feel a small orgasm rush through you as you see him try to cover his erection. As we order, I run my hand up your thigh, over your stockings, and begin to rub your soaked pussy. As you try to give your order you cum again as my fingers probe and play with all the rings and locks weighing your pussy down.

This time you begin to squirt on the bench. The waiter can easily hear your fluids splashing everywhere. When done, he smiles and leaves us as you catch your breath.

A few minutes later, our hostess returns. It's obvious she has removed her bra from under her top. Her nipples are visible through the thin material. "I understand we have a spill under the table that needs to be cleaned up." Holding a fresh rag she gets down on her knees and crawls under the table in our booth.

You smile at me as you feel her wipe the puddle under your ass. As she brushes your pussy she begins to tug on your sealed, soaked cunt. She tugs on the locks and looks up at you. "If you have a key, I can help you with that first plug," she whispers. I smile as you hand her the key and both plugs. You begin to whimper as you feel her tongue on your clit and lips. She brings you to orgasm quickly as you try to stifle your screams. You feel her release your bound lips. You gasp as she opens you up and pushes the large plug into your pussy.

It's been days since you had not been locked up. A tear comes to your eye as you feel her push the large plug past your lips. You're so tight, so wet. You want to scream as you feel her hold it at its widest spot and then the tip of the small plug in your tight asshole. She pushes the small plug in, the pressure is so great you grab the table as your orgasm pushes out the big plug, causing the small plug to be sucked into your ass which sends you over the edge as you squirt all over the little hostess between your legs.

Still shaking, you feel her push the plug back past your tight lips. You bite your lip as she locks your pussy lips back up with the large plug still buried in deep. You rock in your seat as you feel her clean you up.

You press up next to me as she comes out from underneath the table. She smiles as we look at her soaked top. Her hard nipples are visible under the wet material. She hands me the key and leans in for a kiss. When done, you look at her and say, "I hope you enjoyed your taste, slut." She replies with, "My fucking knees are soaked from my own arousal." We enjoy our dinner. Me more than you as I watch you rock in your seat as the two plugs keep you continually stimulated.

When done our meal, the hostess offers to help you with your coat. As she puts it on you, you turn to face her so she can look up into your eyes. You reach under her skirt to feel her soaked pussy and find it covered with very wet material.

Smiling you say, "Take them off, I want a souvenir of this night." She looks around as she slips out of her panties and hands the little ball of soaked material to you. You smile and bring them to your nose and sniff them. Smiling at her, you tell her, "I'll enjoy these later, find us when you're off work and you can have them back." We leave the restaurant with few noticing what all has occurred but you are pleased with what happened and what is to come next. We get back to the car but I don't unlock your door.

I instruct you to get in the back as I open the door for you. You notice the second row of seats is up and a dark blanket covers something on the floor. You wonder how you failed to notice all this when you got in until you remember it was his approval you were looking for when you got in and not your surroundings. This has been something that has failed you before but usually turned out for the best. Ha-ha Once in the vehicle, you hear the door shut but your Sir has not followed you inside.

Confused, you watch him circle around to the driver's seat as you sit on the backbench of the vehicle. You are instructed to remove your jacket leaving you there exposed to anyone if they were to walk by and look in. You adjust your stockings; pull your corset up just to the bottom of your nipples. You're told to remove the blanket and to your joy, it's the sybian.

It has the flat attachment on it. You realize you Sir was prepared for you to be stuffed and locked tonight. As you sit on the sybian, you shift around to find the right spot. You feel everything shift as the plug is pushed up deeper inside of you.

As your clit and ass plug find their mark, I instruct you to use the restraints on each side of the headrests in front of you, a little scared but still obedient you reach for and secure the wrist restraints to both arms.

Once restrained, I start to drive out of the parking lot. The small vibration of the car makes you smile. As you feel your body flop around as I turn a corner you feel me turn on the sybian slowly. Quickly it grabs you off guard as your clit swells from the new sensation. You begin to cry as the first few small orgasms run through you.

You feel me turn it up faster as we continue down the road. You grind harder; both plugs and your clit vibrating on the machine to take you to a mental place you can't believe exist. I can hear your juices splashing from each orgasm as I turn it up higher. You beg for me to stop. Your restraints prevent you from moving off of the machine as you try to free yourself from this blissful torture.

I smile as I turn it all the way up. You scream for more knowing you can't stop me. You begin to thrash around as your biggest orgasm hits you. I watch as you pass out.

Slumped over as your hair covers your breasts. As I turn the machine down to a small rumble, I giggle as I carry on to our destination. You, my love, have yet to come back to the real world as I pull into the parking lot of our next destination. As I find a parking stall, I reach behind and as I turn the loving machine off I firmly grip your left nipple and squeeze until you wake and whimper.

"Thank you, Sir," is all you can say in your whispery voice. Your chest heaving as you try to catch your breath. You look around through the windows, trying to get your bearings. Trying to figure out where I have brought you, where this adventure will continue. I release your restraints as the sounds of a deep sigh of relief escape from your lips.

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I smile and giggle to myself, thinking "she has no idea what comes next." I watch as you are handed a bottle of water as you shuffle to the backbench to catch your breath and gain your composure. "Feeling better, my pet?" I ask with an obvious giggle behind my words. "That was amazing, Sir. Thank you very much," is your response.

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As I watch you drink your water you begin to understand where we are. You see the big neon sign "24-Hour Peep Shows." It's the adult store just off the highway across from the truck stop. The realization of what is going to happen hits you like a brick wall. I have told you many times that I wanted to bring you here.

Here to satisfy your dire need to be a good little cum slut and get what you have fantasized about since you can remember as a little girl. I look at you and say "Are you ready?" "Yes, SIR!!!" is your response. With a smile you reach for the door, "Wait a second, baby, I'll get the door." I quickly say, "Please don't forget your coat, we don't want to cause a scene just yet." Getting out of the vehicle, you adjust your coat and outfit, you grab my arm as we walk to the door.

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"Do you think there will be a lot of guys tonight, Sir?" you ask as if you are a little schoolgirl again. "Yes, Pet, I am sure once the word gets out that you are here there will be a line up for you," is all I can say while smiling down at you. As we walk in, a silence almost falls within the store. There are a few guys in the store walking around the aisle of DVDs and toys. I hand you $20 and instruct you to get tokens for the booths.

With a big grin, you grab the money and head to the front counter alone. When you reach the counter, you hand the man the money and step back just enough that from his high perch he can see you from head to toe. You let your coat open as you run your hand across your hip. He can easily see your exposed breasts and as he leans over the counter you can see he can see your smooth wet pussy and the locks hanging from it.

You smile as he hands you your ten tokens and walk back to me. Every eye in the room is on you and you know it. You can hear the whispers, "Fuck, that's a hot little slut," comes from a tall thin man in the corner. "Thank you, she is very hot," is my response. I see you have heard me and you smile with appreciation. We walk towards the back booths. You see there are guys hanging around an open door and we peek in as you walk by. There is an older woman on her knees sucking on a man's cock and you look at me with lust in your eyes and you pull me towards the last booth in the row.

As we step in and close the door, you remove your coat. Folding it nicely, you lay it on the floor so you have somewhere soft to kneel. I take a token and place it in the machine and some old cheesy porn comes on and the flickering light lights up our little booth. "Open for business," you whisper as you kneel at my feet and look up for approval.


"Does my pet want to play for fun or does she want to make these perverts pay for this little cum slut's talents?" As I hold you by the chin, you look at me and say, "Make them pay for my mouth, Sir." Grinning, I know this is part of your fantasy to be turned into a little whore for money and I know you are loving it so far.

Looking over, you see the flickering light from the next booth and without notice, a finger pops through. I slip a card with a clip on it into the guy's hand that reads, "20 bucks and she swallows your cock." Moments later the card returns with 20 bucks clipped to it. You hold back a giggle as you hand me the money and reach out for the cock as it slips through the hole in the wall. It's a fair-sized cock, already half hard, you begin to stroke it.

Feeling it get harder in your hand, you bring it to your lips and gently kiss the head. Smiling back at me I say, "Take him, swallow him whole and show him who is boss." With that, you turn your head back to the task at hand. Gripping his cock tightly, you take your tongue and run the length of the shaft from bottom to tip. Flicking your tongue through the precum dripping from the head, you open your mouth wide and engulf the entire thing in a matter of a few seconds.

Using your hands and mouth in your skillful way we quickly hear him grunt and without missing beat you pull his cock from your mouth and point him towards your tits. As the first few shots of hot cum shoot onto your tits, you get that evil smile that I love so much.

The next few shots you open your mouth for and direct him to the prize. You catch a bit on the cheek as you swallow his cock and drain what is left inside. Your passion is evident as you drain every drop letting his limp cock plop from your mouth.

Looking up at me, I sit in the small folding chair in the corner.

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Never breaking eye contact with you, I lean forward and scoop the cum from your cheek with my finger and you suck my finger clean. You begin to rub his cum into your breasts as the next cock pops out the wall.

This cock is a small little thing. Again I pass the card through and quickly another $20 comes. You make quick work of this little guy and he cums quickly all over your face and chin. You give it a kiss on the tip and smile as he pulls away. As you wait for the next cock, you begin to wipe up and I instruct you, "Don't, I prefer to see my little cum slut soiled." These words make you smile and respond "Yes, Sir." After a few more cocks have made their appearance and left their mark, you look at me with that glazed look.

Your face has been covered in cum. It's in your hair and your clothes are covered in the gooey mess that you desire. "Are you pleased, Sir?" you ask. "I loved feeling them cum when I wanted them to." "Yes, baby girl, you know I love seeing you enjoy yourself," I tell you as I point back at the wall. "Looks like you missed one." And miss one big one she did!! We both watched as this huge cock flopped through the hole in the wall.


It had to be 10" inches already and it wasn't even hard yet. "Oh Sir, can I have this one?" you ask with puppy dog eyes.

"Yes, my pet, you can have this one," I answer. You snuggle up to the wall. First, you just admire it, caressing it with soft gentle strokes. You rub it against your cheek and look at me with that schoolgirl smile again. "Yes, baby, you can suck it first," I instruct you as I point at the now rising member in your hand. You get in a better position to service the monster cock that has now grown to over 13" inches long and the width of a can of soda.

As you begin to lick and suck the head, I reach down and pull the small plug from your ass. "Please, Sir, take out the big plug," you plead. "I'll never take this in my ass." Hearing your plea for me to release your chastity brings a smile to my face.

As much as I'd love to see you try to take that cock in your ass, I can see it will rip you apart. I take the keys from my pocket and reach down and unlock the three locks that seal your pussy shut. As I put the locks in my pocket, I grab the large plug and pop it out of your soaked pussy. There is already a mixture of cum from the previous guys that has run down between your legs and removing the plug has released all the sweet girl juice you have been storing up since the restaurant.

Like a flood you gush as I begin to finger you as you swallow his cock. I watch you gag and gasp as you choke on that monster cock and you begin to squirt with every thrust of his cock down your throat.

You can feel your jacket under your legs is soaked. You can't take it anymore. "Please, Sir, may I please have him?" you beg me.

"Yes, my little slut, take him now," I command. You quickly jump up and turn around pushing your little ass in that big cocks direction. You reach under and between your legs and guide his thick cock towards your dripping little hole.

You feel his girth begin to press against your rings and push back hard, thrusting every inch deep inside. You scream and gasp as you feel it fill you up full. You push your ass against the wall as he begins to pump all of his cock in and out at a slow, smooth pace. You moan and whimper as he picks up the pace. "He is tearing me apart, Sir," you scream.

"It's so huge, Sir!" Giggling, I unzip my pants and pull out my hard cock and guide it down your throat. I can feel the cum that still coats your lips and face as I push all the way in. As if it is instinct you start to suck my cock. You grab my hips for balance as he pushes into you. You feel my ring touch the back of your throat. You push back harder and feel that huge cock push farther inside you than ever before. You pick up speed as you begin to feel the first huge orgasm rock through you.

My cock leaves your mouth. "Oh god… oh god… Sir, he is so big." You scream again as your knees buckle from his thrusts. "Oh, Sir, he is cumming. He is filling my cunt… oooh god yes!!" is the last this I hear as you pull away from the wall and turn to clean the cock that has just fucked you so well.

I watch you take it into your mouth and suck him clean like a good slut should. I hold you by the waist to steady your legs as you enjoy the taste of cock and pussy at the same time. I reach down and slip the large plug back into your gaping pussy to save all that cum inside.

You barely feel its width after taking that huge cock. Smiling, I step behind you, line my cock up to your little asshole and push forward. You reach back with your free hand and spread your ass cheeks so I can easily thrust inside. You moan loudly with his soft cock still in your mouth as I bury my cock deep into your ass.

You can't catch your breath as I pick up the pace. You hold the wall in front of you as you watch that big cock disappear from sight. After a few minutes, you start begging to cum again. The pressure of my cock in your ass and the plug in your pussy is too much.

Your legs begin to wobble as the next orgasm rips through you. Quickly I grab your waist and pump for all I am worth. Moments later you feel me push deeply and hold you tight as I shoot my load deep inside you. You smile your wicked little smile to yourself as you hear my growl as I cum deep inside you. I can hear you whimper as your body collapses from everything you have just experienced. As you gain your wits and are able to focus, you look up at me and reach for my cock and begin to clean it off.

You can taste a bitter mixture of ass and cock but you're so aroused as you touch your clit you rock on the floor as another orgasm leaves you mindless for another few minutes.

Looking down to you, I hand you the small plug and locks and you follow directions and slip the plug back into your ass and attach the locks to your rings and seal the big plug back in. "Are you ready to go, my pet?" I ask.


"Yes, Sir, I think so," is your response as you try to stand. I help you to your feet and help you put your coat back on. As you adjust your coat you look at me, "Am I presentable, Sir?" "Yes, my Pet, you look well used," I say as I smile and take your hand. We slowly make our way to the door. You catch a glimpse of yourself as you walk past a mirror. Your hair is covered in cum, your coat is soaked, and your corset has cum stains all over the front.

You smile at me and say, "Yes, Sir, your pet is very presentable." We make our way to the parking lot and out to the vehicle. I open the door for you and you, very lady like, step in and sit down looking well used and happy.

As I close the door and walk around the car I see you rest your head to the side and close your eyes and drift off into a well-earned sleep. I get in the vehicle and we head back to my place to finish off the evening… As I pull into the driveway, you wake from your nap.

"What now, Sir?" you ask. "You'll see, my pet," I tell you. "We need to clean you up first." I help you out of the car and walk you to the door. As we walk into the house you hear music playing from the living room and moaning from someone. As we round the corner, we see the waitress from the restaurant sitting on the couch in my living room, legs spread wide, rubbing her pussy in front of my dog. We stop and hide around the corner, "How did she get in the house, Sir?" you ask.

"I have to confess, my Pet," I say to you as I hold you tight, "she is my neighbor's daughter and she watches the dog when I go out." "But why is she here now, Sir?" you ask again. "You told her to find us later. I'm guessing she is here for you, my pet," I say as we watch this young girl bring herself to orgasm as her captive audience stares at her quietly at her feet.

"See how wet I am, Buddy?" she says to the Rottie sitting at her feet. She holds her fingers out toward him and we watch as he licks them clean.

"You like that, Buddy?" she asks the dog as if he will respond. "Want some more?" She leaves the question hanging in the air and before she can move, Buddy moves forward and sticks his nose deep between the young girl's thighs. She squeals and tries to push him away as he begins to lick his new target. We stand there and watch in amazement as this little girl tries to fight off the huge animal and fails horribly.

We watch as she gives in to his advances and spreads her legs wider and accepts that he is going to take her how he wants. As we hear her cum from his thick, rough tongue you motion to me, "Please stop him, Sir, I don't think she is ready for him." Looking into your worry-filled eyes I know I need to stop this now.

We walk into view and she screams from embarrassment as I pull the dog away. "Outside, Buddy," I command and the dog makes his way out the door. You grab this little girl and pull her into your arms and ask, "Did you enjoy his tongue?

I know I love it. If you are good, maybe Sir will let me show you what else that Buddy can do." She smiles back at you and says, "Yes, I did very much," and she looks at the state you're in, "it looks like you two had a great time without me." Smiling at her you say, "Come take a shower with me and I'll tell you all about it." I watch you both walk towards the bedroom and I go to the kitchen to get you two some wine… As I walk towards the bedroom with a bottle or red and three glasses, I can hear giggling and moaning coming from the master bedroom.

I enter the room to see the neighbour's daughter spread out on the bed. You are between her young thighs sucking her clit like mad. The young girl is bucking into your mouth to meet each stroke of your tongue. I hear you whisper to her, "I know I'm not as good as Buddy, but he can't do this." With that said you take her clit between your teeth and suck hard as she begins to cum from your attention.

As I watch you finish her off, I walk to the bed and put down the wine and glasses and say, "Looks like you two have officially met." You grin at me and say, "Yes, Sir, Beth introduced herself and I offered to return the favour that she gave me in the restaurant." Smiling as if it was your birthday you continue, "I hope you don't mind, Sir." Running my hand through your hair, I respond, "No, my pet, I do not mind. I am pleased you made friends." The three of us giggle, as I ask, "Why don't we all hit the shower and clean up?" At that point, you realize you're still covered in dried cum.

Smiling, you look at me and ask, "Sir, may I empty out so I can clean the cum from my ass and pussy?" I look at Beth, toss her the keys, and instruct her to remove the locks and plugs and to help clean you out.

With a quick "Yes Sir" Beth jumps to switch positions with you so she can get at the locks and plugs. As I pour the wine, I watch as Beth releases you from your bonds. The plugs easily slip out, first your ass and then your pussy. Beth looks at me as both holes begin to drip out cum. "Go ahead and clean her out quickly," I instruct. Beth slowly begins to lick from your ass upwards, getting all she can. I can hear the slurping sounds as she sucks your asshole clean.

"Don't forget to get inside," you urge her. "Yes, Mistress," is all Beth says and you feel a new sense of power inspire you. "Dig deep into my cunt, Slut. That huge cock buried his cum so far inside me." Beth looks at you and before you can protest, she buries her tiny hand into your well-used cunt. "Oh, fuck!" you scream. Beth is pumping her little fist deep inside you trying to get every bit of cum out of your sweet pussy.

"That's it, slut, fist me deep!" you yell at her. As you feel your orgasm build, Beth seems to sense it and pumps harder and faster. Just as you reach that point, she pulls her fist from you in one swift movement and you explode all over her. Your body bucks and shakes as you squirt all over this little girl. She slams her fist inside two more times and each time she pulls out you shoot her in the face.

Beth's mouth is open and she has been catching all of your juices that she can. As your body calms down I see her kiss your clit one last time. "Oh god, that was amazing. You are very good at that," you exclaim breathlessly. "Thank you, Mistress, I love how you taste," Beth tells you. "Come on ladies, rinse off and we can all fit in the tub," I bark out to you both as I walk into the bathroom and start a shower. Quickly, you two come in as I step out of the shower and get into the big spa tub in the corner.

You start to scrub the day's filthy little act off your skin when you realize Beth is peeing on your leg. "You little, brat!" you squeal. "I'll fix you. Kneel!!" you command. Beth drops her head and kneels at your feet. You step up to her and raise one leg up so her face is just inches from your pussy.

You spread your rings to expose your pretty pink lips. "Open your mouth, slut," you demand with a stern voice. Beth says nothing; she opens her mouth as you begin to let your golden liquid flow. To your surprise, you see her not only let your piss in her mouth, but this little slut is swallowing it as fast as she can. You begin to rub your clit as you are so turned on from watching this little girl bathe in your pee.

When done, you help her to her feet and look at me. "She is going to be a lot of fun, can I keep her Sir? I'm sure Buddy will enjoy having a second bitch around the house," you say with a hopeful look. "Please can I stay, Sir?" Beth pleads. "I'll behave for you both." With my best evil grin I look at you two and say, "Why don't you just get in the tub here and we can discuss this." Together you both say, "Yes, Sir, thank you." ……&hellip.

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