Real mom teaches real daughter about lesbian sex

Real mom teaches real daughter about lesbian sex
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Diary of the Kosmetics Killer (Entry # 4) The next victim was actually a neighbour of mine whom I have always admired from a distance.

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She was a tall and slim 20 year old student at a nearby university, with long flowing hair and a pretty face. I did not dare to do anything before as I was afraid of getting caught but it appeared that the police was actually quite useless as they still could not trace me to any of my previous four victims.

I waited a month after the baby shower killing for the alarm to subside before I decided to act on this next target. I knew that she stayed with her parents and that her parents often go on long holidays. So I carefully observed them and soon enough, I saw them drove off in their car with some travel luggage.

Her time has come. I would need to act within the next couple of days before her parents return. I also had to get around the problem of her boyfriend.

They went out on dates regularly and he would who come by every weekday morning to pick her up to school. My window of opportunity would therefore be between the time she returned home at night and the morning when her boyfriend arrives. I decided to act on a Sunday night.


That night, I parked my car on a lane close to her house and waited. At around 11PM, her boyfriend's car appeared and they got off.

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She was wearing a body hugging blue spaghetti top and dark coloured pants and was looking really sexy. They hugged and kissed for a while at her door before she went in and he drove off. The sight of the guy feeling up her hot body stirred my desire to make her mine that night.

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I made sure no one was about and then walked towards her house. I could see her bedroom lights being switched on so I crawled in through one of the unlocked kitchen windows and walked quietly up the stairs towards that room. I liked to use tools that I find on site so I took a belt hanging from a clothes rack in another room to help me in my plan to render her lifeless.

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Outside her door, I could hear her walking around and chatting on the phone with whom I supposed was her boyfriend. This would make it interesting. I thought it would be more exciting if I can kill her while her boyfriend hears everything on the phone. It would make him feel useless and helpless as his girl dies and gets raped by me. Of course, it would mean that I have to act fast as he would probably call the cops before rushing down. I slowly opened the door and saw that she was standing facing away from me, happily talking to her beloved about their date just now.

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I held the belt in my hands and crept towards her. At the last minute, I wrapped the belt around her neck like a garrotte and tightened my hold.

She gave a strangled gasp and dropped her phone onto the floor. I could hear her boyfriend's voice asking worriedly what had happened. I ignored it and continued tightening the belt around her graceful neck. She clawed at the belt desperately as I held her sexy struggling body against mine.

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My strength was too much for her however and she soon succumbed to the lack of oxygen by collapsing limply into my arms. I held on for a couple of minutes before loosening my hold on the belt and lowering her soft, yielding body to the floor.

I could see that her face is now slightly bluish and a pretty red strangulation mark adorns her pretty neck.


I pulled down the straps of her dress from her shoulders and pulled them down, revealing her strapless black bra. Her breasts were not huge but perky and cute looking.

I took off her top and then proceeded to pull down her pants and revealed a matching pair of black undies. Those were soon pulled down as well and finally, her cleanly shaved young vagina was bared to me, lying open and vulnerable to my incoming attack. Time was running out so I pulled off my pants and plunged into her without hesitation.

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She must have been a virgin as she was very tight. To think that she have denied her boyfriend sex for so long just to reserve it for me.

I could almost feel sorry for him.

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As I repeatedly pushed in and out of her body, I could see that her face has turned rather bluish which somehow made her look even more beautiful. I pulled her bra off her right breast and cup it lovingly in my hands and sucked on her exposed nipple. A nipple that was never to produce milk, I thought with a sense of bitter sweetness.

I then kissed her on her open lips and pushed my tongue into her mouth, feeling her small even teeth and limp, wet tongue as I ejaculated into her. I then stood up and saw that she like all the women I have had sex with so far, was bleeding from her vagina. I must try to be more gentle with them in future. Anyway, I decided that there was probably no time to dress her back up so I decided to leave her lying half naked and just carry on with the cosmetics. This time, it was blue eye shadow, purple mascara and pink lipstick, which is the same combo I used on the pregnant victim earlier.

Some pink lipstick and blusher completed the illusion that she was alive and all made up for a date, except for the strangulation marks and her half naked body of course. I felt that I should provide a review of my experience so I quickly scribbled "TIGHT!" on her thigh with lipstick, next to her bleeding vagina. I then quickly left and drove off.


I really wanted her to look her best when her boyfriend arrives. I hope he was not disappointed.