Pool babe sucks and rides horny man

Pool babe sucks and rides horny man
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From curious to first time PART 3 (Recommend reading first two to understand the whole story) After that night.we kept in touch.

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In our chats we both expressed how hot it was and what we both liked about that night. Im sure it meant alot more to me, but it was one of, if not the hottest experiences for him! The thought of having a hot young latin stud on his bed was something he fantasized about he said! Something about latinos turned him on, and to be a married and a virgin to M/M sex.made it even hotter for him he mentioned! Seemed like we had made a great match as far as what we both were interested in finding and experiencing.

As we chatted, he brought up the question of, if I thought I would ever be able to go down on a man, or even kiss a man.

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We had chatted about this before.and again I mentioned that I wasnt sure I could work my way up to that.atleast not yet. I also made sure he knew I wasnt sure if I ever could.incase he wouldnt be interested anymore, but he said it was ok.He just thought he would mention it. The more I thought about our first meet, the more hot I would get. One night, when my wife was home.I was in the shower.and began to think about that night.His hands on my hips.the bed gently rocking.and the feeling I had as his cock entered me over and over.My cock was instantly Hard.so i had to relieve myself in the shower.as I just imagined that night.

So the day came where I ended up being right up the street from his place on business. When I got to the location I was visiting, I had to stay in my vehicle for a few minutes, because I was letting my hard on go down. The thought of being close to his place began to get me turned on. I had to try to relax and I did and went about my business.

About 20 minutes later I was done! As I got in my vehicle, I got nervous. Wondering if I should visit him to say hello atleast. I decided to give him a call. He answered and we talked briefly. He asked if I was gonna be in his area still, and I responded that I was right up the street. His little moan response let me know that he liked that I was close. He asked if I was gonna be able to stop by. I said yes, but wouldnt be able to stay to long I mentioned.

He said thats ok, just saying hello anyways right. I let him know I would be right there.and I drove to his place. As I drove over, I began to get turned on.but the thought of not having much time had my mind racing a little.

I got to his place and again, A handsome older white male opened the door and welcomed me in. His same looks came my way as well! As I walked in I said hello and he mentioned I could sit where ever I would like. I say on the same couch as I did. He grabbed us some water and came and sat across from where I was.


We chatted like old friends.Not once did he bring up that night, and niether did I. We chatted about 20 minutes and I started getting ready to leave and he was noticing. I stood up and mentioned that I was gonna get going.His demeanor changed a little as he stood up and walked towards me. He stood quietly a few seconds and starred at me.Then he asked if I had a few more minutes. I mentioned I had to get going.as he walked up to me and reached for my crotch area.

He smiled as he massaged my crotch area and asked again. "You sure you dont have a few more minutes?". I softly replied to him that I had to kind of get going.

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At this time.he could tell I was liking the thought because I had a big bulge in my pants. He began to unzip my pants and yanked out my big cock. It was nice and hard now. again he smiled and asked "a few minutes?" as I contemplated what to do.he reached for my hand and led me to his bedroom.

My rock hard cock was bouncing around as I walked to his bedroom. He wasted no time when he got me to his bedroom. He helped me out of my shirt.and caressed my chest and back.then Laid me down right on the edge of his bed. He finished unbuttoning my pants.and gently slid them off me. Besides my sox, I was completely nude on the edge of his bed.then he bent over and took my cock deep into his mouth. The feeling of my cock is his mouth instantly felt as good as it did the first night. The way he licked my head had me ready to cum right away, especially with all the urges I had been having since the first night we met in person.

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He sucked on me a few minutes, but it seemed like much longer, as good as he was taking me. Then he stood up and I froze!! Nerves filled me quickly.as I realized why he placed me on the edge of the bed.as he walked up towards my head. He stood next to my head, fully nude as well. I really had no time to think as he gently reached for my head and turned my head to face him.

His cock was right there, in front of my face. I didnt know what to do, I mean I knew what he wanted to try, but I had allready mentioned that I didnt think I could, but being the gentleman that he is, he didnt do anything else, all he did was place his cock in front of my face. Without hesitation, I did what I thought I couldnt do.I opened my mouth.and he slowly pushed it in!!

I tried, but after he pushed his cock into my mouth twice.I just couldnt.so I pulled away and nodded that I coudnt. He whispered "Its Ok" and climbed up on top of me. He began to lick on my chest and nipples.which felt so good. Then Again I froze as he put his face right in front of mine.

Breathing hard as he grinded me cock to cock, Both of us nude! His Breathing was against my cheek but I couldnt turn to face him. After a few seconds of grinding me, He again stood up and gently pulled me off the bed.

He then bent me over his bed, spread my ass cheeks and again I felt his tongue on my asshole! I wanted him to know how much I liked the feeling this time, feeling a little more comfortable, so I began to push back against his face. Not to long after, I felt his finger go to work.


I knew he was rushing because I was short on time.but it still felt good! He then paused a few seconds.I heard him unwrapping something.then again his tongue on my ass. Once I felt his hands on my hips, I knew what was coming next. and I was nervous yet excited this time.

I could fee the tip of his cock, trying to find my welcoming hole.and then I felt the tip come to rest right where it needed to be.and again he slowly started to push it into me.

As I was bent over his bed, I could feel his cock slowly begin to spread my ass cheeks apart!

Not sure if it was because we were in a rush, and he didnt have much time to prep me, but as his cock began to penetrate me, I felt a little pain.but that went away not to long after.Then he let out a little gasp and moan.and then I knew, For the second time I had a cock inside me.

Garys cock to be exact. "You feel so goooood" he let out as he slowly began to work his hips back and forth. Not sure if it was the position, but it seemed like he was getting deeper this time.

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The deeper he got, the harder I would grip his bed sheets. Thats when I began to moan like a female again and he was liking it. Once he knew my asshole was molded to his cock again, he started gasping and grunting a little more as he kept pushing harder, and trying to get his cock deeper in to me. I would moan (mmmm) letting him know I was liking it. I was stuck between being bent over his bed and himself and i was loving it.

My head was laying on his bed, and I tried to lift my ass up in the air for him, to make it a little easier for him. He was liking my position and I was liking him grabbing my hips. Then he gripped my hips real hard.started breathing harder.moaned out how good I felt.and I pushed up off his bed.still bent over.but now with my arms extended.so that I could grab on better.as he began to pound me hard!!

For the first time I felt and heard the sounds of slapping coming from us.as he began to fuck me real hard!!! The sounds of his balls slapping up against my ass and balls got me aroused even more.i tried to get a look and looked down in between my legs.and I just seen my rock hard big cock just jumping around from him pulling on my hips and ramming into my ass!

The sounds of me moaning and him grunting got me super hot.So i reached back and began to jack off.as he continued to fuck me!!! Within a few minutes.I exploded on his bed.and collapsed on his bed.still bent over his bed.he continued to fuck me.until he again let out a gasp.and shoved his cock deep into me and held it there!!!! I knew he was cumming into his condom, but the thought of him cumming while inside me was super hot!!! We both gathered ourselves.and I cleaned up!

We chatted briefly as I said I had to leave. He knew and said ok. We both thanked each other. He came up to me and gave me a hug. Told me how good my ass was, and as he walked me out.he reached down and grabbed on my ass till we got to the door. I was turned on by that.

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He told me to keep in touch .I told him definitely.and I headed back to work!! The rest of the day at work, I was so turned on.went about the rest of my day.knowing I had been fucked. It was a quickie.but was super HOT!!! a week later, my wife advised me she was gonna be going out of town again in a few weeks.and I told her that was fine! I felt a tingle in my pants, and thought.I may have another night with gary soon :) Part 4 coming soon!!!!!!

(My story is true, I will share part 4. Can add more after.just let me know if you would like to read more in comments. Thanks)