Zwei lesbische Deutsch Teens ficken und spritzen nach Party

Zwei lesbische Deutsch Teens ficken und spritzen nach Party
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Mandy just got back from shopping. She slammed the door hastily and ran to the window to see if the strange car, that had been following her from the local supermarket, was still in view. She looked around trying to scan the area for the black mercedes that had, not so discreetly, been tailing her for the past 20 minutes. When she was satisfied that it was nowhere in sight, she sat on the sofa and sighed with relief. The same car had been tailing her for the past week and she wasn't sure why.

She had also been getting anonymous phone calls where she would hear heavy breathing and they would just hang up. Mandy was a slim, red-haired girl with blue eyes and freckles covering most of her perfectly proportioned body.

She had a pretty boring life. She worked in a bank and lived with her 16 year old son, Matt. Although she was 38, she had only been with 3 men and was now quite shy when it came to men. She had recently taken up a new night job at a local call centre which paid well and gave her a chance to express her fantasies and sensualities. She was still getting used to the idea of phone sex but she quite enjoyed that it was anonymous yet it gave her so much satisfaction.

It was perfect since she was too shy whenever she had to talk to a guy in person and she could use the money for Matt's education. She had now mastered the seductive voice which she used to entice the male or female callers. It had been only a month since she started and she felt she was becoming more aggressive and imaginative with the callers. With the thought of the strange car still in her mind, Mandy quickly changed. She kissed Matt goodnight and told him that the babysitter would be there in a few minutes.

Matt meant everything to her, she didn't usually leave him alone but she was late for her shift at the call centre. The first caller of the evening sounded somewhat familiar but she had already noted that there were quite a few regular callers.

Mandy used the nick name Red-hot. She answered the call as she usually did in her seductive voice, husky but almost a whisper and the conversation immdediately steamed up: "This is Red-hot. How can I serve you today?" "Red-hot, tell me what you're wearing?" "I'm wearing a tight black lace bra with a matching tiny g-string, and a black garter belt holding up my fish-net stockings" "That sounds sexy.

But you're lying to me you slut! You're wearing a red sweater and a black skirt." Mandy was surprised. The caller knew what she wearing. He was watching her! "Who are you and how do you know what I'm wearing?

How do you know me?" Mandy managed to keep her voice steady but she was scared. "Oh I know you very well Red hot Mandy!" Mandy was growing impatient. Was someone playing a joke on her? The caller knew her name.thats not possible!

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"Listen Mandy, you whore, you're going to listen good and then obey all the instructions you're about to hear." "You're crazy!" Mandy shouted "I'm going to hang up!" "I wouldn't do that if I were you Mandy. I'm sure you wouldn't want anything to happen to little Matt!" "Matt! You've got Matt.

You're lying, how do you know my son?" "Shut up bitch!" he yelled. "You want proof?" Mandy heard Matt's voice in the background. "Ma, mummy he's hurting me!" She froze. Her face went pale and she fell back into her chair. She swallowed hard as she tried to find her voice. "Don't hurt him, please!

I'll do what you say. Just don't hurt him!" "Thats more like it! Now Mandy do you remember our conversation yesterday? I used the nick name Well-hung. You said you would make me feel good, you described every detail of what you were going to do to me.

Well you're going to make that a reality." Mandy tried to think back but her mind was blank. She was only thinking of Matt. "You have to remember everything you said, down to the last detail. And Mandy if you miss something or decide not to play along, say good bye to Matt." "I'll do it.

Just don't hurt him. Please leave him alone. I'll do what you say." "Meet me at Beach Motel at 2am, Room number 24C. And if you're good, I may just send Matt back home!" He hung up and Mandy was left in a panic.

She was pacing around her cubicle trying to figure out what to do. How could this happen? Her thoughts were disturbed by her cell phone ringing. She quickly answered and heard Becky, the babysitter, who asked if she was still supposed to be babysitting this evening. Becky had gone to Mandy's house and could not find Matt. Mandy could barely answer. It was confirmed.Matt had been kidnapped. Mandy was feeling suffocated and tears streamed down her cheeks.

She placed her head in her hands and was trying to overcome the feeling of total helplessness. She finally managed to pull herself together, only to realise that she couldn't possibly remember what she had said to the caller, with nick of "Well-hung", the previous day. She felt even worse. How was she going to save her son? She tried desperately to think back to that call but she was too tense. Then she remembered that Jan, her supervisor, had suggested that she tape some of her calls so she could listen to them later and find ways to improve.

She opened her draw and frantically searched for the tape containing the previous day's calls. After listening to the tape, Mandy felt ill as she realised the obscene and disgusting things she would have to do to save her son. But she had no choice. When she finally reached the motel, she was so afraid that she thought she would collapse. She had to think of Matt. She had to do ANYTHING to make sure he was safe. Room 24C was unlocked.

As she walked in, she heard a voice say "Its show time Mandy, and make it good!" She kept recalling the taped telephone conversation so she'd remember what to do. She looked at the man standing in the corner of the room. He was short and had a thick mop of brown. He was dressed in a robe and the dim lighting made it difficult for her to get a good look at his face. She placed her back on the stand beside the bed.

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She turned towards him and removed her red sweater and skirt and placed it next to her bag. She standing in front of him wearing a pink training bra and matching boy legs.

She opened her flowing red hair, and let it fall around her shoulders. She could feel his eyes on her. She got down on all fours and crawled towards him. Then she knelt in front of him and opened his robe belt. His robe fell open. He was naked. He was very hairy and though he wasn't fat, he wasn't muscular either. She reached out and grabbed his 6 inch dick which was surrounded by brown pubic hair that was so thick it almost complelely covered his balls.

She moved her head closer to take his dick into her mouth. he smelt of urine and sweat. Mandy felt sick but she just kept doing what she had said during the taped call. She stroked his dick and sucked at the same time and could hear his moans. When he was fully erect, she stood up and removed her panties while trying to spit out whatever of his pubic hair had remained in her mouth.

She now only had her bra on and she turned around with her back to him and bent over, resting her hands on the bed. He was staring at her ass and the pink pussy flesh that he was about to ravage.

She heard the man move towards her and grab hold of her hips. His dick plunged into her pussy with a sharp thrust. She yelped then began moving her hips in rhythm as he jerked and thrust. He reached over and unhooked her bra, letting it fall. He put his hands loosely over her tits so he could feel them move as he thrust. The man was enjoying watching her tiny ass move. She was so tight.

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When he stopped, she mechanically turned around and lay on the bed, looking up at him. He straddled her chest and grabbed her firm, perky tits. He placed his dick between her tits and squashed them together as he stimulated her pink nipples with his thumbs. Mandy could feel the sticky wetness on her chest and his weight on her was almost too much. She tried to breathe shallowly while he moved wildly on her chest.

Mandy was a like a robot that had been programmed. She tried not to think or feel as she let this stranger use her for his pleasure.

He finally stopped and she automatically lifted her legs and pulled them to her chest. The man pulled her towards him and shoved his dick into her tight, unyielding asshole. Mandy felt extreme pain and she had tears in her eyes for the first time during this horrible ordeal.

She couldn't help yelling as he thrust deeper, but this seemed to encourage the man even more. His thrusts became quicker and more intense. Mandy bit her lips and held onto her legs tightly, praying that it would be over soon.

She felt her breasts moving wildly on her chest, which was still sore from her tit fucking. Mandy heard his screams and moans and he yelled "I'm cumming!" He released his hot cum into her ass and stared at her gaping asshole as he pulled his dick out. Mandy knew that wasn't the end. She lay there, letting him watch as the cum dripped from her ass. She scooped up the falling cum and rubbed it over her pussy and ass.

She rubbed and clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy. She continued until she was moving in slo writhing movements and her breathing became deeper and harder. She periodically moved one hand across her erect nipples and squeezed her tits.

Mandy arched her back and sighed loudly as she pretended to cum. She looked over at the man, watching him rub his almost erect dick. She crawled over to him and sat on the chair next to him. He stood in front her and violently pulled her hair so that her head tillted backward, away from him.

He placed his dick on her chest and she held her tits together around his dick as he tit fucked her violently and painfully. He finally shot his cum onto her neck and face with an explosive and satisfied scream.

As he moved away she saw a figure from the corner of her eye.

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There was someone else in the room. Mandy tried to look again, only to find that it was Matt, smiling and walking towards her as she lay there naked and covered with cum. "He was right Mum. You are a total whore!" Matt shouted as he approached his mother. "You fucked him like a pro. How about giving me a taste?" Matt was already undressing. Mandy couldn't believe it. What was going on?


Matt was talking to the man who had just fucked her, as if they were buddies. "Hey Jake. What do you think of my mum?" Matt asked the man. "She's one hot mumma!" Jake replied as he held Mandy down so Matt could have his turn. "Matt! You're ok! Whats going on? What are you doing?" Mandy was confused. "You're one slow bitch!

Don't you get it? Jake and I planned this together. I've wanted to fuck you for such a long time. I've seen you naked so many times, through a gap in the door or the bathroom keyhole.

But now watching you get fucked has made me so horny." "Matt what's come over you? Whats wrong with you? I'm your mother! Stop this at once! How could you do this to me?" "Are you done whining mum? Cos I'm ready to fuck you till you scream!" Mandy was so hurt. She started screaming uncontrollably. Jake smacked her across her face and held her down. Matt helped him tie her hands and legs so that they were spread wide apart. "Now if you want to live sweetheart, you'd better do as we say" Jake yelled.

Matt was already naked with his face buried in mum's pussy, licking, sucking nad slurping hungrily. Jake stood over Mandy's face and lowered his ass onto her mouth. "Suck me Bitch!" he yelled as he rocked his ass back and forth on her face. Mandy could smell and taste his shit, it made her nauseous. Matt was sticking his fingers in and out of her pussy and ass. He was taking his time, exploring her body. "Oh mumma, I wanna cum in your pussy! I wanna fuck you" He positioned his dick at her pussy lips and pushed till he could feel her warm, soft insides surrounding his dick.

"OH YES!" he screamed as he managed to insert his entire dick into her pussy. He was moving in and out of her with slow deliberate thrusts.

"I'm fucking you mummy. Can you feel me!" Matt was cumming. His body jerked and spasmed and he collapsed onto his mother.


"Oh fuck! That was better than I ever dreamt!" "Ok Becky, you can come out!" Matt yelled. Becky emerged, already naked and eager. She climbed on top of Mandy and started touching her. Rubbing her tits and stroking her pussy.

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By this time Jake was hard and he wanted to cum. He rammed his dick into Becky's pussy. Unlike Mandy, Becky's ass was plump and round. Jake watched as her ass cheeks trembled with his movement.

After a few thrusts he couldn't contain himself. He came, squirting his cum into Becky's fat pussy. Becky was short and fat. There were visible fat rolls round her stomach and her whole body jiggled with each of her movements.

Her large tits were hanging below her chest and she swung them over Mandy's face. "I know you wanna lick them" Becky said as she stuffed one of her tits into Mandy's mouth. Becky was playing with her own pussy, she was wet. She pushed her fingers into her pussy. They were covered with her pussy juice and Jake's cum. She pushed her fingers into Mandy's mouth and laughed as Mandy started to gag. Becky wanted to cum. She sat on Mandy's face and pinched her tits so that she opened her mouth.

She began vigorously rubbing her pussy on Mandy's mouth. Jake and Matt watched in awe as Becky moved on Mandy's face, her tits jerking and bouncing. Becky was still pinching Mandy's nipples. "Oh Shit! Oh God!

Its coming! AAAaaaaah! Becky came on Mandy's face. Jake and Matt watched with dropped jaws, they were ready to fuck again. "Mum, I want you to watch me fuck Becky" Matt lay down next to Mandy on the bed and motioned for Becky to sit on top of him. Becky lowered herself onto his dick and began screaming and jumping up and down agressively. She was shaking her tits wildly and rubbing them while she fucked him. She used one hand to rud her clit and with the other she reached over played with Mandy's pussy.

Mandy was horrified, she was watching her son fuck the babysitter. Becky and Matt came in unison, intense and passionate. Matt pulled Becky towards him and sucked on her breasts till she screamed. They caught their breath and looked down at Mandy, who was now exhausted.

"I think I'll untie her before I fuck her one last time" Jake said. "Let's see if she can put up a fight." Matt agreed and helped him untie Mandy's hands and legs. Jake immediately grabbed Mandy by the hips and stuck his dick deep into her ass.

Mandy tried to scream but she didn't have the energy. She tried to push Jake away with her aching hands. She then tried kicking her legs wildly but it only made Jake more determined. "Oh, a fiesty one!" Jake yelled with excitement. He was thrusting with his whole body weight. He was panting and sweating as he came. "Fuck Mandy, you're wasting your time with phone sex baby. You're the best fuck I ever had."