Mature white amateur wife gets fucked hard by huge bbc interracial

Mature white amateur wife gets fucked hard by huge bbc interracial
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Chapter 2 : Ashley & Stacey Pulling even with the curb I gentle applied the brakes; my 2005 Mustang came to a stop. Shifting into neutral and pulling the parking break up, I looked over at Ashley in my passenger seat.

Sitting for a moment, staring blankly at her, I tried to come up with the words I wanted to. My throat tightened, unable to pull up the words I wanted to. I suddenly blurted out the unfiltered, untactful truth. "I came on your mom's tits!" I startlingly let out. My hands went up to my mouth to try and cover it. Realizing what I just said. Expecting the unholy wrath to rain down on me, I braced. But instead was greeted with a smile.

"I know silly! I was there, remember!" she beamed back at me. "Wait, did you not enjoy yourself?" " mean.yeah.wait.what?! Did I not enjoy myself!?" I barely managed to get out, clearly doing nothing to hide my utter confusion.


"Yeah," Ashley said as she leaned over, turning her body to me in the passenger seat. "I thought you enjoyed yourself?

At least the amount of cum you shot onto her tits would say so! I know my mom certainly enjoyed herself!" "You.Listen to yourself?! I mean you were doing.stuff with your mom! And.well I did stuff with your mom.aren't you angry?" I asked, genuinely confused and unsure of what had happened over the last few hours.

"Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie. I'm not mad at you at all! It was my idea don't you remember! Besides my mom and I have an understanding. Things between us have been.different for a very long time. Ever since she walked in on me masturbating when I was 16," Ashley said with a laugh.

My head was swimming and spinning as I tried to cope with what I was hearing. I guess I should be feeling elation right? I mean how hot is that? But all I could feel was guilt and reluctance.

"But, wait. So you and your mom." "Fuck?" Ashley butted in. Her boldness about the subject was certainly surprising, and dare I say, pretty arousing. A bulge began to build, and press against my jeans. "Listen, I really care about you.

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And I know how happy you've made me in the past month and I certainly know how happy you know how to make a lady. I don't mind letting you make other people happy, because I know at the end of the day you are all mine!

Besides, there are a lot of ladies out there who could use what you could use what you know how to give!" she said with a laugh as she reached over and grabbed my growing dick through my pants. She gripped and tugged along the outline of all 7 inches of my cock. I leaned my head back and moaned softly before regaining my train of thought. "Wait wait wait.

Did you just tell me to fuck other girls?" I said, continuing the trend of the evening, being unable to keep tact. Which was growing harder as my dick was as well. "As long as you don't go falling in love with some other broad I don't see why not.

It keeps you happy, and I'm happy when you are happy. Besides, I know a few people who are chomping at the bit to get after you!" She shifted forward in her seat, giving me a look into her fabulous cleavage. My dick was now fully erect and her hand rubbing quite vigorously against my jeans. "Oh yeah? Like who?" I let out, with my eyes closed. Letting the pleasure, and lust of the talk, her hand on my cock, and the image of her tits cloud my usual reserved cool.

"My mom said that she needed more payment for earlier today, she wants you to get on top of her and make her cum like I told her you make me cum. Oh and she told Jaclyn about it, and god knows how long it's been since Jaclyn had sex, so she wants your cock too. Oh and Stacey. She promised to eat me out if I let her fuck you." My eyes shot open as she finished her sentence, the real world came flooding back to me, and this fantasy was getting too real.

"You what?! How many people know about this?!

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This isn't real, this is some kind of joke right?!" I said as my voice started to rise in volume. She rubbed her hand a little harder against my dick, and my body responding. Quivering, and calming. "Calm down, calm down. There we go. This isn't a joke; I just want to make you happy. Everything is fine; I'm fine with all of this. I want you to be too.

Now come with me inside, I have a surprise for you," Ashley said, her hand leaving my cock and opening the car door. I opened the door and followed, getting too tired to continue to protest with her. I should be happy right? I had to be the luckiest guy in the world. Why was I so nervous and paranoid about all of this?

Ashley took my hand in hers and lead me up the stairs to her apartment. She gave me a few reassuring squeezes as we approached. Her hand fumbled slightly with the keys as we approached the door. As she found the right key and placed it in the slot I heard a strange and familiar sound emanating from behind the door. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew I had heard it before.

Finally the key turned and the door swung open, suddenly the familiar sound became a familiar image and panic filled my brain. I was pushed quickly into the apartment from behind, the door quickly closing and locking behind me. I would have normally been upset by this, but I was fixated on the sight in front of me. The sound I had heard from beyond the door was familiar to me, because it was me.

Well a video of me. It was a video that had been made a few weeks earlier. My erect cock stood massive on the 50 inch television in front of me as Ashley bobbed and popped it in and out of her mouth. My eyes then shot from the TV to the person watching the TV. Laying spread eagle on the couch, working her fingers in and out of a bald waiting pussy, was Ashley's roommate. Stacey. Stacey stood maybe 5'4", with long black hair that could cover the tops of her nipples.

Her Asian-American heritage gave her a very slight build and an obviously tight pussy, as I watched her struggle to fit 2 fingers inside of herself. She had small breasts, small B-Cups or large A's that matched a toned athletic ass. She was a former gymnast, and still had the muscle tone to show for it.

The tight smooth skin of her six-pack abs contracted now as a wave of pleasure shot over her. She moaned and shot her head back, her eyes wide open. She looked me straight in the eye, her fingers seemingly picking up the pace as she did so. At this point I was absolutely positive that I was in a coma, because all of this excitement would have surely woken me up by now. "I want that!" she said emphatically as she rolled off the couch. I began to back up slowly towards the door as Stacey's slender naked frame stalked closer and closer.

Her eyes looked me up and down, her fingers and insides of her thighs coats with her juices. Ashley swiftly entered my vision and moved straight to Stacey. Before I could react, ask a question, or do much of anything they were wrapped in each other's arms.

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They both squealed as they did so, as two 20-something females do. "I did know you'd be here when we got home!" Ashley said, completely ignoring the fact that we had just walked in on Stacey masturbating and her nude body was now pressed against her own. "I've been home for a few hours now, just got out of the shower and thought I'd watch a little TV" Stacey responded, as they broke their hug.

"Damn girl you are looking fit!" Ashley complimented Stacey as things began to take a suggestive turn. "I went to the gym today after you texted me your plan, had to look my best!" Stacey said, flexing her abs slightly.

"I'd still trade any of this for a rack like yours sweetie. Mmm Mmm those look tasty." "Hold on girl, look at this ass," Ashley said, as she leaned over and grabbed a hold of Stacey's naked butt. Giggling it slightly in her hands. "Now this is a killer ass." The girls continued on like this for a few moments, playfully caressing and touching each other. My brain was starting to catch up to everything, the day's events, Ashley and I's conversation in the car, and what I knew was about to happen.

My cock now ached and pressed hard against my tight jeans, screaming to be released. Something began to rise in me; it was dark, powerful, and primal. It was lust, but not like I had felt before. Something was about to be unleashed in me, a primal lust that I knew I would not be able to quench. If this is what Ashley wanted for me, this is what she was going to get. And just then in that moment it triggered, and I was never the same. "Ashley," I let out, not raising my voice, but in a very commanding tone.

"Kiss Stacey, and Stacey, feel up her tits." They both paused for a moment, staring blankly at me. Then turned their heads to each other and with a large smile they both obliged my orders. Ashley's lips pressed aggressively against Stacey, as if I had just let loose some kind of beast in her as well. The small Asian girl pushed back, matching the intensity and adding her own flair as well. We of course had just interrupted what appeared to be a very intense masturbation session for her.

Stacey's small hands made quick work of the thin dress that concealed Ashley's bikini, that she still wore from the pool party we were at all day.

Her swimsuit top followed suit shorts after as Stacey freed her tits from their prison. Groping and grabbing Stacey's tiny hands struggled to engulf Ashley's bust. A small moan emanated their locked mouths as Ashley spread her lips and invaded Stacey's mouth with her tongue.

Both of Ashley's hands found themselves on Stacey's visible rib-cage. They dug into Stacey's flesh leaving white marks in their wake. Ashley's nipples were now as hard as they could be, as we're Stacey's.

The calmative lust in the room was boiling over and ready to burst. I was the first one to crack. "Stacey take my cock out and suck it," I commanded, almost shocked at my own words. I was not myself, I was powerful and strong. And from the looks of it the girls were responding to it. They instantly broke apart upon my words and Stacey began to make her way to me. Dropping to her knees she moved her hands to my pants and began to remove them. Gaining even more confidence I continued my dominance.

"Ashley, take the rest of your clothes off and come help Stacey," I said, looking her straight in the eye. She obliged without a word. The reserved guy who was arguing about the morality and rightness of all of this in the car a few minutes ago was gone. Now stood, confidence, pride, power, and lust. The only thing that mattered right now was ravishing the two naked bodies that now knelt before me. And that's exactly what I was going to do.

My cock was now free before the two girls.

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All 7 inches stood erect as they stared briefly. And just as briefly as they stared they pounced. In the blink of an eye half of my cock was buried in Stacey's mouth and my balls were engulfed by Ashley.

The sudden stimulation caused me to shudder and throw my head back. "Oh fuck," I let out. Stacey began to quickly and clumsily bob up and down, half of my cock rapidly being worked in and out of her mouth. She was unskilled but enthusiastic. Ashley and her knowledge of my body quickly realized Stacey's skill and moved in to help. Licking her way up my balls she trailed her tongue to the base of my cock. She kissed my shaft and wrapped her tongue around it. Slowly she kissed her way up my shaft, edging my cock slowly out of Stacey's mouth.

Stacey finally popped the head of my cock out of her little Asian mouth and let Ashley have a turn. Ashley expertly opened her mouth and slid my cock as far as she could down my cock. A good 5 or 6 inches. She her head down on my cock before quickly darting back off and then back down again. Twirling her head and tongue as she did so, creating that euphoric feeling I had come to enjoy over the past hand full of weeks.

Stacey's small hands went for Ashley instead of me, which was quite visually stimulating. Her hands quickly grabbed on to Ashley's bust and began to massage, desperately and longingly. Ashley let out a soft moan as she pushed her head down on my dick, the vibrations sending a chill up my body. Raising Ashley's tits up to her mouth Stacey began to feast upon them. Sucking, licking and biting. I moaned at the sight and wish I had a camera to film this so we could watch it later like the image of Ashley sucking my cock that still filled the screen.

Ashley pushed her mouth down on my cock and held there again, my body shivering as she did so. I knew that I wouldn't last forever with this physical and visual stimulation so I knew that I needed to get things rolling. I stepped back, pulling my cock from a disappointed Ashley. The girls both looked up at me and watched me as I walked a few feet away from them.

Lying down on the ground I looked over at them. They were awaiting their orders, which only turned me on even more.

"Ashley come here and ride my cock. Stacey, you sit on my legs behind her and hold her tits. We don't want them slapping against her too hard." "But Ashley said I would get your cock!?" Stacey desperately argued, clearly wanting to be fucked immediately. "And if I remember correctly the deal was you had to eat Ashley's pussy raw in exchange for my dick." Ashley gave a small chuckle as she reached me. She was enjoying this far too much. Ashley went to her knees, lining up her wet pussy with my wet cock.

She teased herself, briefly rubbing the head of my dick against her clit. Trailing my head down her lips she slowly lowered her pussy down onto my cock. Ashley paused and looked me in the eye, just then a small pair of arms wrapped around Ashley as Stacey plopped herself down behind Ashley on my legs. Stacey's head appeared next to Ashley's as she began to plant tongue filled kisses against her neck. This combined with the fact that was now rolling Ashley's nipples in between her fingers had Ashley shivering and twitching on my cock.

Giving her a slight push with my pelvis she started to slowly ride me. She slowly slid up my cock, the ripples in the pussy clinging onto my cock and releasing when they were stretched to their limit. My left hand found Ashley's ass, gripping her flesh and pushing her back down onto my cock. My right hand was a little bolder as I decided to really get things moving. My long arm reached around Ashley and found the shaved pelvic area of Stacey.

Before Stacey could realize whose hand was there or what was going on my thumb found her clit. Pressing hard against her clit she quivered and roughly pushed Ashley's tits together. "Oh god!" Stacey let out, her hands leaving Ashley's tits and resting on her head. She bit her lip and grunted. My thumb found a hard and fast motion, quickly flicking back and forth across her engorged clit. "Fuck, Ashley if you aren't going to fuck that cock like it should be then I'm going to knock you off and fuck it myself!" Stacey let out, with one hand now sliding around Ashley to give her clit some love.

Ashley's hips bucked at the sensation of Stacey's fingers on her clit. My thumb against Stacey's clit made her rub harder against Ashley's clit which made her fuck me faster and harder which made me rub harder on Stacey, and the so forth. Soon Ashley was bouncing my cock in and out of her pussy as fast as she could manage, while she and Stacey continued to let out fevered moans at the treatment their clits were receiving.

To keep Ashley's tits from slapping her too hard I had one in my free hand and Stacey had the other. We both stimulated her nipples as hard and fast as we could. I could tell she was close to cumming because of the look on her face. Her eyes were shut tight and her jaw clenched. I made the move that I knew would get her over the edge and cover my cock in cum. I removed my hand from Stacey's pussy and moved it to Ashley's ass.

Resting my hand on her cheeks I slid my pointer finger down to her anus, pressing lightly around the opening of her ass. Not trying to finger her ass, just stimulating the thousands of nerve ends on the flesh at the opening. Moving in a circle I pressed firmly around, and she began to shake.


Ashley's body straightened and shook as she let out a string of pleas "Oh god don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. I'm going to cum, just don't stop," Ashley cried. My hips thrust upward now, joining her in the motion as her body forced my cock deep into her pussy. Ashley let out another cry as her pussy clenched down on my cock.

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Stacey and I kept stimulating all the spots we could reach with our current amount of hands. Ashley shook again and her pussy tightened around my invading cock yet again, harder this time. She was almost panting now, but she kept riding and so we kept fucking her.

Raising my hips to meet hers, sending ripples across both of our bodies when we met. She cried in pleasure. "Cum! cum all over that cock!" Stacey egged on, now rubbing over Ashley's clit as fast as she could. With one final thrust and one scream Ashley fell limp.

Her body spent and in euphoric trance. She rolled off of my cock on to the carpet next to me, her arm resting across my chest. She looked down at Stacey and smiled. "What are you waiting for girl?!" Stacey wasted no time, she scooted herself forward and my cock was in her before I knew it. She definitely lived up to her heritage, she was as tight as could be, but that didn't stop her from immediately slamming herself up and down on my cock.

She rode me hard, fast and wild. Her defined abs flexed and tightened as she used them to push her body up and down. Her pussy stroked my cock short and shallow but she was already moaning and groaning loudly.

She had to have been close, with the amount of clit action she had during and before we got there. Reaching up my hands I gave her small nipples a hard tweak and cupped her tits. Squeezing them I used them as leverage to help push her up and down. Stacey tossed her hair back and forth and bounced as fast as she could. But I knew that I didn't have all night, and I wanted to shot my load before too long.

I pulled down into my body, her torso now pressed closely into mine. Her head was now next to mine in between Ashley and I. My hands clenched her ass as I prepared myself. "Kiss Ashley, you're going to need something to muffle your screams," I whispered into Stacey's hear as my hips powerfully thrust forward. She lurched forward suddenly at the force, but was ready for the next thrust as my cock pulled out of her pussy and violently thrust back in.

The two girls locked lips next to me. My hips fired into hers rapidly and forcefully. I could hear the vibrations of the moans coming from the girls next to me.

My cock pushed hard into her tight Asian pussy, it not wanting to give any ground but my cock breaking its will eventually. Letting out several grunts myself I hammered away at Stacey's pussy, fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. Our hips slapped together as the room filled with the sound of sex, and muffled screams. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wet as my cock now slide with easy in and out of her.

My hands gripped her flesh as I gave her everything I had. My cock now slammed in and out of Stacey's tight pussy as fast as I could, her moans grew louder and I knew that I was close to my goal. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. She didn't make it past five. Her body stiffened as I felt her pussy tighten around me. Her mouth broke from Ashley's as she let out a cry.

"OH YES! OH FUCKING YES!" My hips thrust up into Stacey several more times, maintaining the same violent intensity. Her head popped up from Ashley's head. "Oh god yes.oh god it's too much. Slow down slow down slow down," she begged.

Slowing my thrusts as she wished I eventually came to a stop. Ashley lay next to me, now rising from her orgasmic coma, and Stacey laid flat against my body. "Get up. Ashley sit up near the arm of the couch. Stacey needs to pay you, and I need to cum," I ordered. Ashley got up and moved over the couch, sitting spread eagle facing us. Stacey peeled her body off of mine, our sweat sticking us together. Stacey slowly made her way to the couch, her legs shaking slightly.

Stacey knew what I had meant and headed straight for Ashley. Lying face down on the couch Stacey buried her face into Ashley's pussy. Lapping and licking mindlessly. Ashley's body shivered as she grabbed hold of Stacey's head and pulled her head in harder.

I wasn't too far off from cumming and I knew that neither girl could take too much more stimulation, so I decided to end it quickly. I approached the couch and positioned myself above Stacey's beautiful ass. I gave it a quick squeeze before pulling upward on her hips, lifting her ass into the air. She obliged as she continue to flick her tongue across Ashley's clit who was now squirming and biting her lip.

I lined my cock up, and entered her from behind. All 7 inches of my dick pushed hard and fast into the deep reaches of Stacey's pussy. She moaned into Ashley's vagina and shook slightly, but I was no longer concerned with either girl. My cum needed to be released. Grabbing a hold of her hips I began my thrusts.

Long, deep, and fast. Not caring for anything but my own pleasure I pumped away at Stacey's pussy beneath me. My teeth gritted as I gave a loud moan. The lust and passion building up inside of my gut and inside of my balls. Moving my hands to her ass I pulled her body into mine as I slammed down.

Ashley looked up at me, she was now pinching and flicking both of her nipples as Stacey ate her out. She gave me a look of lust and wanting.

She gave me a look of approval and pride. She loved this; this was the man she wanted. So she would have him. Digging my hands into Stacey's defined ass I thrust my dick deep into her one final time. She moaned into Ashley's pussy, at this point she was more just moaning uncontrollably against her rather than lapping at her pussy. I pushed myself away from Stacey, my cock sliding out easily. My hand wrapped around my cock and began to slide up and down; easily I might add because of the bountiful lubrication from Stacey's sopping pussy.

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Both girls knew immediately what was happening and shot up off the couch. Ashley kneeled before me, pressing her beautiful D-Cup breasts together and jiggling them slightly. She looked me in the eyes and licked her lips. Stacey followed suit close behind, she landed next to Ashley, as she kissed her hard. Ashley's own juices began to swap back and forth in their mouths as Stacey's right hand found Ashley's eager pussy yet again.


It only took a few more strokes on my cock before my load of cum was working its way out. Tossing my head back and stroking harder the first spasm of cum left the head of my cock. My cum landed on the upper portion of her left breast, missing my target of her rock hard nipples.

The two girls broke their kiss and looked eagerly at the cum that had just landed on Ashley. Stacey's head moved toward Ashley's chest as the second burst of cum flew out and landed on her nipple. "Fucking cover those tits!" Stacey egged on, sticking out her tongue and beginning to lap up the cum that had been spilt on Ashley's nipple. Her tongue flicked and licked as my cum now filled her mouth. My hand stroked faster and faster, up and down on my dick, trying to coax every drop of cum I could from it.

Releasing one final spasm of cum, I hit my target perfectly. A third of my jizz landed on the side of Stacey's face as she licked and lapped at Ashley's cummy nipple. The other two thirds were shared between Stacey's eager tongue and Ashley's already covered breast. Ashley ran a hand across the top of her left boob, scooping up the cum from the first shot and bringing it to her lips.

She smeared it slightly over her lips then into her mouth. "Mmmmmm baby. You always taste so good," Ashley said with a smile. I grinned down at her and gave my final instruction of the night. "I think you need more, Stacey, why don't you share what you have in your mouth." Stacey looked up at me, her cheek and mouth covered in my cum. She gave a small smile and quickly shot up to Ashley, wasting no time in pushing her tongue deep into Ashley's mouth. My cum now swirled and swapped mouths in front of me as the eager girls traded it back and forth.

Ashley wrapped her arms around Stacey pulling her close, rubbing the left over cum into Stacey's small tits with her own. I sat down on the couch nearby and watched the spectacle. My life had changed in a manner of 12 hours. I didn't know how I should feel, but there was a growing feeling of pride. Something was different about me now; I didn't know quite what it was. Was Ashley serious about giving me free reign over my cock? Could I really fuck any girl I wanted now?

My mind quickly raced through the possibilities, jumping through the faces and bodies of the sexy females in my life. Whether it was the sexy MILF neighbor Ms. Amanda, or the big titted mother daughter pairing of Marta and Kelly. My brain quickly filled with the pornographic scenes I wished to act out. I laid my head back against the couch, plotting for a few minutes.

The two girls were still kissing and groping each other, each had a finger or two in the other. The moaning filled the room once again.

I could get used to this. Coming soon Chapter 3 : Tammy An old friend is home from college as I debate what my next course of action is