Cock teasing dom suspends his bdsm climax

Cock teasing dom suspends his bdsm climax
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It was a chilly October night. The fire place was burning and we had a couple over for drinks. We casually sat around staring at the fire and wondering what each other were thinking.

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I glanced over at my wife, Stacie. She was off in a whole other world. The silence was broke by Heather asking Stacie was she was thinking? Stacie replied with a giggle, "Oh nothing important.

Actually I was wondering what your sex life was like? You could have knock bill and I over as they started to giggle and discuss the intimacies of their sex life. Bill and I sat their listening to the women talk openly about their favorite positions and fantasies. Bill looked and asked, "Does she always talk so openly?

Or is that the drinks going to her head? I said "I have never heard her talk so openly about sex, not even with me." Bill and I sat there listening intently to them describe in great detail some of their fantasies. Stacie confessed that she had always wanted to know if a woman could pleasure her like I did.


I started to glow with pride. Here was my wife having a locker room talk with her girl friend and I was able to listen in as if I was a fly on the wall. Heather was just as open; she explained that she had always had a dream of being double penetrated. Were we hearing them correctly? Were they actually playing the part for our benefit or would they really like to try these things? I had to know, I broke our silence and it was almost startling to them.

They were so fixated on the conversation that they had not even paid attention to Bill and I still in the room. I asked, "Are you guys say that you would be willing to experiment? If you are serious about and not pulling our leg then you should have no problem making out, Right?" I can not speak for Bill but my heart was beating at least a thousand times per minute.

I had butterfly just asking the question.


My breathing was shallow and fast. It was like I was 16 again asking my new girlfriend for that first kiss. The anticipation was almost unbearable. It was exciting and scary at the same time. My fear was that they were just screwing with us, like it had been planned in a side meeting between them just to get a rise out of bill and I.

The women look at each other and the giggles stopped. I waited for the hammer to come down, they were suddenly serious and it stared me. Did I just ruin a great night? Was it over, all in seconds I was replaying the question in my head, mentally kicking my own ass.

Then it happened&hellip. Heather looked straight at me (not her husband) and asked, "What do we get in return?" I was taken back, now dumb struck and confusion hit me all at once. "What do you want?" I asked. Now it was open and my foot was in my mouth. "Well! Anything?" they said together Bill sensed that I was still struggling to remove my foot so he finally spoke up, "yes I think we could handle anything you ask for." He was clearly expecting it to be along the lines they had already been talking about, oral Sex and Double penetration.

Neither of us was prepared for the next comments. "We want a full blown foursome, with us together and you two together." stated Stacie. And Heather followed it up with "We both want double penetrated and would like to enjoy having you both behind us for harder and deeper push." Now I was really nervous.

If I agreed and this was a joke I would be laugh at and embarrassed. I did not feel like it would hurt anything other than my pride. I knew that Bill and I friendship would stay intact simply because we had been friends since elementary school and we had discussed once years ago our curiosity.

I also knew that Stacie and I had talked and experimented many times with a strap-on, so she knew I had wanted to try different things. Where I struggled was with the whole idea that I had been set up now by all three of them as some Candid Camera joke.

It just had to be a joke because it seemed as though it was scripted just for my pleasure. I have always wanted my wife to go down on another woman. I loved the thought of having a second woman in the bed. I knew from Heathers statement that she was an anal sex lover and she liked the feeling of complete fullness like my wife.

And I knew that Bill and I had always commented that if our wives were to cheat we would want it with each other simple because our friendship was strong enough to survive the girlfriend years. Bo's before Ho's had been our teenage motto twenty years ago. One last piece that seemed scripted for me was the man on man they wanted. I'm not gay but I have always wondered if I would enjoy it, too. I cleared my throat and said as confident as I could, "I'm game if you guys are".

I figured this was not a commitment only a challenge that they had to respond to. If they laughed, I could claim that I knew it was a joke and was plying along. If they were serious then I was saying LET'S GO! Bill agreed with me taking the same approach by saying "We are waiting on you to start" Then it happened, Stacie leaned in and kissed Heather. Their tongues wrapped around each others and the hands gently careered each others breast.

One hand on the back of the neck in embraces and one on the top of the shirt covered beast of the other. Stacie slowly worked her hand under Heathers shirt and lifted it to reveal Heather's swollen nipples. Our wives are gorgeous, Stacie is 5'3 and 124 lbs flowing blonde hair and a C-cup breast. We have one child so her hips have spread and it makes a truly hour glass figure.

She has been active in athletics all her life and the muscle tone was just right and her light bronze complexion completed the total package. Heather is 5'8" and a little thicker about 170 lbs.

Her lips were very full and temping. She is also very athletic and medium complexion. She has a size C-D cup breast and her ass was the firmest, most luscious I have ever seen of fantasized about.

Her legs were usually uncovered as she loved to wear athletic shorts and she wore them high. The legs seem to go on for ever. I often caught my self sitting in front of her so I would get glimpses of her panties as she moved. Of all Stacie's friends Heather was differently the hottest and I often beat off to thoughts of her.

So there they were, Heathers nipples standing straight off her chest and I was watching my wife tweak them with her teeth and tongue. As Stacie continued to suckle Heather breast, Heather lean back close her eyes and spread her legs slightly, now Stacie was nearly on top of Heather, straddling her inside leg and giving Bill and I a clear view of her moistening panties.

Stacie was positioned to the left side of Heather on her knees and resting her upper body on her left arm.

Her back was arched and her right arm was in front of Stacie caressing her breast. I not sure how it happened, but Stacie jeans were unbuttoned still covering her ass but just barely as she moved they continued to work slowly down her hips and I was able to see the top of her G string.

Her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra was clearly visible. Heather reached up never opening eyes in enjoyment and slid her hand in the front of Stacie's pants.

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I could see the front of Stacie's pants budge with Heather's hand. The motion suggested that she was rubbing Stacie's clit and Stacie's reaction confirmed it. She more franticly started to suck on Heather's tits she was dragging her tongue from tits to tit and biting gentle at each nipple.

Heather's nipples were standing tall about 3/4" above her silver dollar platter. Heather worked Stacie's pants off lower and lower until her jeans were resting below her ass cheeks. Her thong was still clinging between her ass cheeks so I reached over and pulled them down to her jeans now her unobstructed ass was completely visible but her jeans restricted her movement.

They acted as a tie around her legs. As I sat down I noticed the bulge in my pants, I had to adjust it as I sat back on the couch. Bill noticed it to he reached over and rubbed my jeans like only a guy would know to do. When a woman sees a bulge in a man's pants they gently rub it like it is a sore shoulder.

When a mans cock is hard a man know to grip it and pull it like it was a arm the was about to be cut off.

Move it violently like you meant to push it around. Bill placed his hand firmly on the top of the bulge and pushed it like he was trying to get it to rip through my pants. This was incredible. Girls are ok but a man's cock, when hard, can take quite a bit of force.

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This was an unexpected thought now running through my head; could a man really get me excited? Bill and I had discussed our limits years ago so I did not feel uncomfortable.

We had agreed that Guys Kissing was beyond either of our ability to stomach. It seems weird but our gay curiously was not about being intimate but rather it was jut about pleasure.

We both thought that being gay in a room together without others was…well gay! But that doing gay things while with others to pleasure and be pleasured from was just another level of sexual experience. Intimacy was for of us to share separately with our own wife. We were not at all interested in being intimate only sexual. Bill undid my pants and I worked in his. We stood up together and dropped them to the floor, this must have broke the girls concentration because they stopped too.

We moved towards the girls and Bill dropped to his knees. My 9' cock was now wrapped with lips. I could clearly see my wife pussy and ass detruding above her jean's waist line.


Heathers fingers were soaked with my wife's juices and still dipping in and out of her clean shaven pussy. I lean forward and licked her ass hole she raised from her position over Heather and leaned her head back. If there was one thing that I knew that Stacie loved was to have her ass hole licked.

I think she enjoyed that more then having her pussy licked although I never asked. Bill was doing all that I had ever imagined to my cock. He was positioned on the floor in front of me with my cock gagging him as he deep throated it. His tongue was working the underside of my cock (the most sensitive part) and he was hitting the "g-spot" of a cock every time he pulled back.

When the head was the only part left in his mouth he would bite down sending chills up my spine. Heather was positioned on the couch but so that her head was behind Bill's back. She slid her hand that was not in Stacie's pussy, down his back and to his ass.

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I knew when she slid her finger into his ass because he bit down a little harder and then started to mouth fuck my cock. I had visions of being fingered in my ass, too. And visions of seeing Heather finger fuck Bills ass. This nearly brought me to cum. Just the thoughts were over whelming. I fought back the urge to dump my load and refocused my attention to Stacie and Heather. Heather was still lying beneath Stacie and I could still see her soaked panties so I continued to lick Stacie's ass and moved Stacie's shorts and panties aside.

Now I could see Heather's pussy. It was all that I had imagined, it was plump and juicy, wet and swollen. The perfect shade of bronze and had a sweet pink center.

Her clit was as big as her nipples, the lips were firm and tight and as I pushed open her pussy lips I saw her hole. It looked tight and I could see that her moist juices had already made her slippery. I eased my middle finger into her puss and used my thumb to rub her clit.

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I was a chain reaction, better than I could have ever dreamed, as I hit Heather's G-spot repeatedly she got more involved with Bill's prostate and bill would get wilder with my cock, even sliding his finger into my ass. I would then get rushes of ecstasy running through me and I would then drive my tongue into Stacie's ass and she would bite a little harder on Heathers tits and Heather would drive her fingers into Stacie further. I could feel this and would then drive my finger into Heather harder and she would then push deeper into Bill.

At some point Stacie moved her hand from heathers breast to Bill's cock not she was stroking him off, too. This went on for what seemed like 20 minutes and then with a fresh breath and glances around the four of us it changed&hellip.