Strong lesbian teen with huge breasts

Strong lesbian teen with huge breasts
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This is a true story that happened to me not long ago. Thinking of it makes me horny as hell so I thought I'd post and see if I can make you guys horny too. Enjoy. It was early Friday night and I lay in the bath getting ready for my friends birthday. I lifted one long pale leg from the water and ran my razor up it then replaced the razor with my hand, checking to make sure it was silky soft. My hand lingered at the top of my thigh as I felt a familiar tingling sensation from my hardening clit.

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but I brushed the thought from my mind and carried on with the other leg. After making sure they were both smooth I knelt in the tub and brushed my fingers down my flat stomach and rested my finger tips on the tiniest amount of pubic hair, I glared at it and grabbed for my razor and proceeded to remove it, I loved nothing more then having a completely bald smooth pussy, and I know he liked it that way too.

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Not that he would see it tonight. I groaned to myself as I remembered that he wasn't coming out with me tonight. We had been sleeping together for a couple of months now and I had made it my mission to try to get him to fuck me whilst drunk but he refused, each time I tried he would tell me he didn't want to push my limits and end up hurting me but I wanted it do badly.

Our usual sober sex was amazing, he would tie me up, spank my round ass, bite me in places he knew would drive me wild and fuck me like I were nothing but a hole for his pleasure, but still I wanted to push my luck and I hoped tonight would be that night. At least I did until he rang saying he wasn't coming out because he was going to a different club for his housemates birthday.

I stood in my bedroom wet and naked from the bath and stood in front of a long narrow mirror admiring my body in the reflection. I shook my long pitch black hair back over my shoulders to get a better look at my pale big breasts which even though they are a 34EE they still stood firmly and perfectly round on my chest, I'd been asked many a times if they were fake due to their size but capability of holding their own but I take it as a compliment that mine are natural whilst some women pay thousands to look like this.


I continued to study myself, following down from my breasts I glanced at my curved hips and winced, men loved them yet I hated them, I have a typical hour glass figure with quite a round ass, I turned on a side to study that, shaking it a little. I giggled to myself and looked up to my face.


Big round blue eyes that sparkled when I smiled, set in a rather cute type face, at 22 I still passed for 17 most days, if it wasn't for my body I'd pass easily to still be at school. I glanced at the clock and noticed the time, paniking a little, I grabbed for a pair of black lace French knickers and pulled them on, followed by a pair of black sexy fish net tights.

I slid them up my legs, accidently brushing my hand against my crotch and felt my pussy wetten slightly. Fuck I was horny. I ignored the throbbing and pulled on a very short black tutu style skirt, turning around to admire the fact that the slightest bend and the bottom curves of my ass cheeks were clearly visible. Snapping on a black lace push up bra followed by a black corset which i tied so tight my breats almost spilled out, I then pulled on a pair of leather thigh high stillettos.

I smiled as I admired myself briefly before rushing off to do my hair and make up. It was almost the end of the night and I was sat on the bench outside the club giving my stilletto clad feet a rest.

I had had a fairly good night with the exception of been crazily horny with no man there to satisfy me, not that I hadn't had offers, but something in my mind told me not to. Mainly because my man was so good I wasn't sure if I could be satisfied by anyone else. I let my mind wander to the time he gave me my first ever orgasm, the waves that rushed through my body as I screamed his name and dug my long sharp red painted nails deep into the soft pale skin on his shoulders until they bled.

I felt my pussy gush slightly at the memory. Suddenly I jumped back to reality as my phone which was tucked descreetly inside my corset vibrated vigorously against my flesh. I pulled it out and glanced at the message on the screen with a smile. 'hey baby you having a good night? I'm not, I'm drunk and I miss you, can I come meet you please'. I grinned to myself as I hit reply and typed 'yes :D now!' as quickly as I could.

I grabbed my coat and said good bye to my friends and practically sprinted to meet him. I'd walked almost all of the way home, a whole 35 minutes and still no sight of him, I was not amused. Here I was at 3am, freezing cold, on my own and horny as anything. I slumped down to sit on the park wall near my house and sighed. Then I noticed him, a 5ft 11 man in tight black jeans and a black shirt, short cropped raven black hair on his head and the most intense deep brown eyes I've ever seen in my life, those eyes, they frightened me a little, I felt like they could make me do anything.

He was walking slighly off balance, great, no sex for me tonight, I mused to myself. I crossed the road and smiled at him. 'wow you look amazing' he slurred. I smiled at him and took his hand on mine. 'yours or mine?' I grinned at him, hoping he would understand what I wanted. For some reason I always felt shy around this man. He led me in the direction towards my appartment in silence, until we tracked the gates.

'Il walk you to your door then head home' he whispered in my ear, his breath trickled over my skin and I felt head burning into my cheeks. I wanted to grab him and fuck him right there but my usual confidence was gone, not to mention the rule of no drunken sex been in place. I stayed silent for a moment, staring at the floor.

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'what's wrong?' he whispered again as he bit down on to my ear lobe, that set me off, I groaned hard and pulled him against me. 'I have been stupidly fucking horny all god damn night and you tell me your going home instead of coming upstairs with me and making me come hard for you' I hissed at him angrily, I knew he would like it, he loved making me come, I saw his jeans bulge as his eyes widened.

'you know I can't when I'm drunk baby, il hurt you' he groaned. I didn't know what to say, so I stayed silent, instead I sunk to my knees in front of him and took his zip in my teeth and pulled it down as I flicked open the button. I pressed my face into his sweet smelling crotch and inhaled deeply.

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He moaned and hissed, suddenly he grabbed me roughly by the wrist and dragged me to my feet. 'Get up now' he growled at he dragged me through the gate, and up the stairs to my appartment. With one hand behind my back been pinned to me, I fumbled for my keys.

Suddenly I felt a sharp slap on my ass. 'You asked for this' he warned, I loomed at his usually handsome face and felt a knot in my stomach as I noted the evil glint in his eyes. When I managed to get the door open he dragged me quickly to my room, pushing me roughly on the bed and just as roughly took all my clothes off except from my bra and my skirt. He kissed me hard on my lips as he roughly shoved a finger deep into my tight pussy with no warning. I went wild and screamed as he pushed against my g spot and made me come hard within seconds.

I didn't have time to regester how it felt it happened so quickly. He knelt over me and shrugged off his shirt before moving to pull off his already open jeans and pants.

I tried to regain some composure as I pushed him softly onto the bed and knelt between his legs. I took his almost 8 inch cock into my mouth and swirled my tongue over his swollen head, lapping up the already oozing sweet juice he was producing.

He moaned loudly as I licked my way down his smooth shaft until my lips were on his almost hairless balls. I worked his hot dick with my hand as I sucked one balls into my mouth, making him buck his hips like a mad man, then repeating with the other ball. He grabbed my head and shoved his eager cock into my warm mouth, I let him fuck my face for a few minutes, trying not to gag on his length, I then expertly got higher onto my knees and sunk his entire throbbing meat down my throat, I felt it push through my gag reflex as I moaned with his cock deep down my throat, he grunted loudly and yanked my head back and off his cock.

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I looked at him with panic, worried that I might have hurt him. 'don't make me come yet bitch, your too good at that' he said horsely as he pushed me back onto the bed.

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He kissed along my jaw line before stopping to sink his teeth into my neck, i moaned loudly as my pussy leaked again, moving down to my bra he sucked my nipples through the material and bit them making me grind against his leg.

He started kissing down my stomach and I instinctively closed my legs.

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I'd never let him lick my pussy before, no matter how much he begged me I just couldn't let him, for some reason I got embarrassed about it.

He closed his teeth around my belly button ring and yanked it firmly, making me jump. 'Open your legs' he hissed. I looked at him and was abouts to try reasoning with him when he grabbed my knees and yanked them open, roughly shoving his tongue up into my soaked pussy. He moaned against me and told me how good I tasted as he moved up to tongue my swollen clit.

Any inhibitions I had were gone as I used my fingers to spread my lips for him as I bucked against his quick mouth. I could feel my orgasm building when he slid two fingers into my tight hole and started fucking me hard with them. All of a sudden he bit down onto my clit sending me over the edge, I moaned and I panted and I pulled on his hair, but somehow this felt different, I gasped and screamed as my pussy convulsed and suddenly squirted my come all over his face.

My face went red as he laughed and burried his tongue back between my quivering thighs and licked le again, my body shook, not been able to handle it so soon after coming it was absolutly agonising.

He pinned my hands to the bed and carried on, making me scream in pain and keep squirting hot juice on to his face and my bed. When he let my hands go I was drenched.

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He slid his middle finger into my sopping pussy and removed it, before I knew what he was doing he drive it into my ass. I yelped out in pain and tried to push him off and tell him to stop but he was too strong for me. He knelt up over me, his face an inch from mine as he pushed his finger knuckle deep into my ass. 'does that feel good' he whispered as I screamed again, but something about his voice and eyes soothed me a little.

'please stop' I whispered. Part 2 coming soon, didn't realise I need to go to work now hehe oops