Rastaman gets down eating hairy black cunt of Ninaisue on bed

Rastaman gets down eating hairy black cunt of Ninaisue on bed
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MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT PART 9 TEASING I woke slowly from my cum induced nap. As my brain hazily reconstructed reality around me, I realized Rach had already gotten up and left. I glanced at my computer, thinking she (and frankly Lidia also) might be doing something worth watching.

My hopes sank; Rach's room was empty. The clock read 6:32, and I realized I might be missing dinner. I threw on some shorts, and a t-shirt, and wandered down to the kitchen.

Mom was making dinner; the girls were nowhere to be seen. Trying to pass it off as idle conversation, I asked "Where's Rach and Lidia?" Mom looked over her shoulder as she fiddled with something over the sink, and said "They're on the patio", before turning back to finish whatever she was doing.

After Rach's confession, knowing that their giggling and whispering weren't at my expense, I decided being around the girls might be cool. I decided to grab some chips and salsa to bring out back, wanting an excuse, or at least a pretense for interrupting them with my arrival. A minute later, a bowl of Salsa in one hand, and a bowl of chips in the other, I went to join them. As I approached the screen door to the back yard, I could see they were talking closely.

Prepared to see Rach dressed in her usual, around the house getup (something comfortable like pajama bottoms and some tank), I was surprised to see she had put on a dress; the same green one she had worn to church that memorable last Sunday. Lidia must have found the energy to unpack, because she also wore a dress, different from the peach number she had on at the airport; it was white, and loose, only fitting to her body where it gathered under her chest.

I backed the door open, and turned to see Rach and Lidia had stopped their conversation, which was not surprising, and also saw they were each holding a glass of wine, which was surprising. "Hey Big Bro" Rach greeted me brightly. I glanced at Lidia, fearing she would be in on the joke.

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Her expression, neither shocked embarrassment, nor knowing smile, set my mind at ease. "Hi Jake." Lidia added her greeting, smiling sweetly at me as I set the food on the little table between them. "Hi" I returned, making sure to take both of them in with my smile. I grabbed another chair, and pulled it over in front of them, trying, as I reached for the food, to make it clear that I wanted some chips too.

"Where'd you get the wine?" I asked as I sat. "We always have wine with dinner" Lidia answered, "I think your mom is trying to make me feel home." Her voice was light and melodious; her accent lending it a musical undulation.

"Cool" I said, managing to hide the wince at how lame I sounded. Why was I such a tool around girls? With Rach, it was easy; I could be smart, and funny, maybe even charming. So why did I have to turn into an idiot any time a pretty girl smiled at me. "Mom said I can have some too" Rach chimed, rescuing me from continuing my plunge into retardation.

Realizing, as I turned a grateful look to my sister, that she had said 'I', not 'we', and about to be embarrassed further by being too young to drink with them, Rach rescued me again by handing me her glass. "I really do love you" I thought, staring into her eyes as I took the glass; hoping my eyes could say what I could not. I took a drink, and tried to relax.

I knew most of my moron-ity stemmed from my nervousness, and wanted, more than I can possibly explain, to come off, if not charming, at least bearable. "What's with the dress?" I asked Rach, feeling that my comfort level in her direction gave me hope of not embarrassing myself. "We dress for dinner also" Lidia answered. My eyes, forced by manners, turned back to her. She continued "Rachel found what I am wearing, and got dressed also." She looked away from me to smile at Rach in appreciation, and I felt the burden of her attention lift in relief.

As often happens when one is trying to come off as relaxed, and confident, I found myself filling, what, in my addled mind, I feared to be an uncomfortable silence, by saying "you both look very nice." As I silently berated myself, Lidia reached over and touched my hand, where it laid on the arm of my chair, and said "you are sweet". Her touch was innocent; a simple gesture of friendship, but I still felt an electric shock run up my arm to my chest, where it hovered, burning away my composure.

"He is sweet" Rach agreed, laying her hand on my other hand. Her touch was not so innocent. A secret squeeze, as she withdrew her hand, and a wink of the eye concealed from Lidia, left no doubt that she meant more than friendship.

We talked for a few minutes. I say we, but really they talked. I lingered on the edge of their conversation; only diving in on occasion, when I felt the need to not be rude. Rach seemed to understand my discomfiture, and took up the slack. I was beginning to get in the groove. Feeling no pressure to carry the conversation, I relaxed somewhat; making it easier to be myself. Then, my nice, safe, little corner of the conversation was forced to expand.

Lidia, seeing the wine glasses were empty, rose to fill them from the bottle my mom had strategically kept in the kitchen. Rach, being the good host, insisted on getting the wine, and left me there alone, the weight of an inevitable, uncomfortable silence threatening crush me.

"You swim, Jake?" Lidia offered, leaving me with no choice but to give more than a monosyllabic response. "On a team, yes" I answered, my mind grasping unsuccessfully for anything more to add. "Rachel says you are very good" she added kindly, giving me the respite I needed, to make my brain and mouth work together. "We compete by age" I explained, "I'm a lot bigger than the other guys, so I'm just lucky." I finished awkwardly, willing Rach to come back and rescue me from myself.

I looked up from scooping some salsa on a chip, and was sure I saw Lidia blushing through her tan. Her ears, and the flat of her chest burned crimson, and she had averted her eyes, looking to the kitchen door expectantly. She wanted Rach to come back and rescue her as well. Something rolled over inside me. She was just as nervous as I was, maybe more so, now that I had inadvertently drawn her attention to my 'size'. I felt the burden of my anxiety evaporate. Somehow, knowing she was embarrassed, put us on the same level, and I no longer felt the need to 'try'.

My only goal now was to try to rescue Lidia from the morass of nerves I had just found my way free of. As I asked her about her home, showing her my interest by asking follow-up questions, I couldn't help but be reminded of several girls I knew. They had done the same thing I was doing now. In drawing me out, they were trying to retard the nervousness that was blocking a closer relationship. I felt embarrassed that my nervousness was so easily recognized, and grateful that they cared enough to help me out.

I also considered that maybe they were attracted to me, and berated myself for being too busy freaking out to notice.

They heady feeling that those girls, and possibly Lidia as well, were attracted to me, had a life changing affect. I banished forever, my nervousness with girls. I could feel my cock growing with my confidence, and found that, strangely, it no longer seemed a burden, to hide, and worry over; it only served to demonstrate my self confidence.

'Why should I be embarrassed' I thought, looking down unabashedly at the growing bulge straining against the right leg of my shorts, 'this gloriously blatant sign of my sexuality is an asset". I was pulled back from my musings as Rach came back from her long absence, holding two glasses of wine, and the huge brandy snifter dad had gotten for closing some deal at work.

"I got you this cause you're so much bigger than us." She said, oh too casually, as she handed us our drinks, and resumed her seat. It was so obvious to me now.

Rach fed on my embarrassment; not cruelly to demean me, but to voyeuristically feed on the sexual energy it supplied her. All the times in the past week (god has it only been a week) that she had put me in a position to be embarrassed by my cock; she was gorging herself on my mountain of discomfort.

I turned to see the effect Rach's comment had had on Lidia. Her nervousness was blatantly obvious as she fretted with her glass, avoiding looking at either of us. I looked back to Rach, who was watching her intently; Lidia's discomfort fueling her carnal engine. Rach would have to adjust to my, newly found, freedom from the embarrassment my massive bulge used to bring me. Hopefully, our combined assaults on other's sense of propriety would give her the excitement she craved.

Seeing the piteous state Lidia was in, and feeling responsible for my part in Rach's assault, my guilt reared. Perhaps Lidia would be an ideal target for me to redirect Rach's need to tease, but her first day so far from home was not the time.

Knowing my presence gave Rach the ammunition to continue her attack on Lidia, I excused myself, saying "I'd better get changed for dinner too" as I stood. That seemed to pop Lidia out of her internal struggles. She looked up to me smiling, and offered "You do not need to dress." Glancing down at my clothes, she continued "You are wearing fine." I noticed as she finished, and looked back up to my face, that her smile faltered; a hint of confusion and maybe panic flashed in her eyes.

I walked into the house, wondering at the strangeness of her expression. Possibly, she had seen my bulge, but that didn't quite fit. Passing it off as trivial, I hid the brandy snifter (Rach having obviously snuck it to me) in a part of the kitchen mom was not likely to notice, and went upstairs to change.

By the time I came back down, the girls had come in, and having set the table, sat together at the back of the booth, talking quietly, waiting for our mom to finish making dinner. Not wanting to intrude, I went to help mom with the last of the dinner prep. I couldn't hear what the girls were talking about, but their conversation was evidently very serious.

My attempts to catch an eye, to smile friendlily, found no attention. When I helped mom bring the food to the table, they finally suspended their huddle. Rach looked to me as I sat. She had that innocent look of hers that, all too often, hid her evil mind's true nature. I looked to Lidia; her innocent smile was easier to believe.

It occurred to me, however, that her smile could have been just as put on as Rach's. The only reason I could see through Rach's deceptive innocence, was that she wanted me to.

We had just started eating when Rach spoke up "Mom, we're out of wine." And before our mom could respond, continued "don't worry, I get more." We didn't usually have wine, and I wondered idly where we kept it as Rach slipped from the booth and left the kitchen. After a few moments, I heard Rach's muffled plea, "Jake, can you come down here and move this stuff so I can get at the wine?" Knowing immediately, that Rach was up to something, I tried to disguise my interest, and made a show of begrudgingly going to help.

The door in the living room that led to the family room downstairs was open, answering my wondering of where the wine was kept. I sped down the stairs, eager to find out what Rach wanted. I rounded the opening at the bottom of the stairs, and Rach leapt onto me, wrapping her legs around my waist, and kissing me viciously; her groin bucking into me as she dug her heels into my ass.

I grabbed her ass with my hands to help hold her up, and felt her amazing ass flex under my fingers as she pushed her pussy into me with all the power she could muster.

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I came up for air, tilting back enough to break the lock her lips had on me, and gasped "Happy to see me?" "Oh my god. Feel how wet I am." She said, mad with need. I slid my hands closer together under her to comply and felt wetness soaking her panties and coating her ass and inner thighs.

As I marveled at the sheer amount of pussy juice she was swimming in, she panted "You put on that shirt." As if those words were an aphrodisiac beyond her ability to control, she redoubled her efforts to hump me, using her legs to pull me tighter against her.

She continued her mad grinding, too entranced to focus on anything but her pussy, and I tried to figure out what had driven her to this uncontrolled state. 'You put on that shirt" was a my only clue. What shirt?

'Holy shit' I thought, realization slamming into me. I had grabbed a t-shirt to go downstairs earlier, not realizing it was the shirt Rach had stripped off Lidia while she slept.

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Summoning my restraint, panic overcoming this ball of sex writhing on me, I walked to the couch, and pried myself loose, letting Rach fall from me to land sprawled, on the couch. Ignoring her dangerously hungry look, I sputtered "Shit Rach. Did she notice?" "Of course" Rach said distractedly, scrambling up to grope at me, attempting to undo my shorts.

"I told her you have a bunch of shirts that all look the same" she continued, fighting her way through my attempts do shield my shorts, and managing to grab my cock with both hands. As she pulled me into her mouth, she continued speaking, my dick feeling her mouth forming the words around it, "i…couldn't…stand…it…every…question…made…me…think…of…your…cock…covering…her…and…me…licking…it…up." Nervous that our absence would soon become suspicious, but feeling the need to excise this demon devouring me, I grabbed Rach's head, and asking "you want this?" pulled her head forcefully, driving myself deep into her mouth.

I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat, and pushed more, until I felt it curve down, and sink fully into her. Rach's nose pushed into the flat above my cock, her lower teeth scraping against the top of my sack.

I held her there, consumed by the sensation of her throat constricting around me. Needing more for my release, I pulled back enough to hear and feel a panicked gasp flow past my dick, then stroked myself into her again and again, heedless of the little hands flailing at my hips. With one final thrust, I pulled out, intending to cum on as much of her as I could manage.

She bit into me painfully as I withdrew, her teeth catching the rim of my cockhead, and holding it prisoner in her mouth. The added sensation threw me over the edge, and I heaved a sigh of relief as pulses of my cum surged into her mouth. Her punishment for my audacity didn't keep her from eagerly sucking out and swallowing every last drop of my cum.

With a final squeeze from her teeth, enough for me to wince, she released my cock and looked up at me still possessing that hungry look. "My turn" she commanded, jumping up to stand on the couch, and sliding down her panties at the same time. "We don't have time" I managed, "I'll have to make it up to you later." The pout I received from Rach was truly one of her best.

It coupled the standard lip pucker with a lustful intense stare.

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The only way I resisted, was to picture my mother at the bottom of the stairs, standing in horrified shock as her son and daughter writhed on the floor before her.

"We have to go Rach" I said, my panic starting to make it's way into my voice. Seeing the wine bottle she had already retrieved sitting on the end table, I picked it up and looked expectantly at Rach. "You're gona pay" she spewed caustically as she stomped past me. I followed her up the stairs, her ass rolling under her dress in front of me. I considered turning on our toy. It would be fun to watch her struggle through dinner. The added thrill of turning it on while Rach and Lidia were huddled together in whispered conversation, pulled strongly at my libido, but fearing to upset her further, I restrained myself from pulling the remote from my pocket.

We resumed our places at the table, our prolonged absence going unnoticed, and spent the rest of the meal talking with Lidia. We all asked questions. Mom wanted to know more about her home life; apparently gathering information to use in making Lidia feel more at home.

Rach and Lidia talked about school; each pointing out differences between the Italian schools and the ones here.

I asked about her mentioning running on her bio. She seemed truly interested when I invited her to come running with me sometime. As dinner ended, and the girls started helping clean up, I retreated to take the shower I had not had time for before dinner. Having just cum, I didn't feel the need to jack off, which sped up my shower considerably.

I had just stepped from the shower when I heard a soft tap at the door. Walking over to the locked door, I whispered "who's there?" "You'd better open this door right now" came Rach's immediate, growling whisper. Opening the door, and closing and locking it behind her, I turned to see Rach, hands on hips, her eyes burning.

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"I'm calling in 2 hours of my slave time" she whispered intently, no trace of a smile on her lips. Even with the fear I felt looking into her eyes, I couldn't help but feel the excitement. As my cock raised to point at her, I asked, in a whisper somewhere between trepidation and anticipation "Now?" "Yes Slave" she said authoritatively. Pointing to the floor she said "Down." "Yes Master" I said dutifully as I sank to my knees. Rach hopped up to sit on the edge of the sink, and pointed to a spot on the floor in front of her.

"Here" she said impatiently. I walked on my knees over to her, my face perfectly in line with her pussy as she lifted her dress. She tore off our toy, casting it away to reveal the cause of her frustration. Her pussy was wet and bright pink, the folds of her skin where they dipped into her, were swollen and puffy. "Does this look like a cock?" she spit down at me, "I am Mistress to you." Her natural acceptance of this roll startled me, but I managed to recover, whispering in a hopefully dejected manner "Yes Mistress." "Make me cum Slave" she ordered forcefully, pulling her legs up to rest her feet on the edge of the sink to either side of her ass.

With a perfunctory "Yes Mistress", I dove in. Her pussy was hotter than I could remember it being. As I felt the warmth with my tongue, running it up the length of her slit, I felt her hand grasp my hair roughly. "Here Slave" she directed me with distain, forcing my mouth over her clit. Deciding to be as good a slave to her as she had been to me, I got down to business, determined to give her the orgasm she needed to relieve her broiling hornyness, and hopeful that a good cum would take the edge off of her attitude.

I sucked her clit, and immediately felt her legs begin to shake. Trying something new, I hummed softly as I sucked, vibrating her clit in my mouth. That, apparently, is the perfect thing to get a girl off. Within seconds of me starting to hum on her clit, she came in a frantic, hair pulling, hip bucking, leg squeezing rush.

My head trapped between her legs, her hands buried in my hair, I continued sucking and humming, heedless of my lack of air. After what seemed an eternity, I felt her hands release my head, and her thighs drop to lie twitching, on my shoulders. Rach's cum covering my face, I continued sucking, wanting to continue in my assignment until I was directed to stop. After 30 or so more seconds, I felt her legs rise up off my shoulders, and reapply themselves to the sides of my head.

Knowing her second orgasm was on it's way, I decided to help it arrive with a bang. Sliding my finger under my chin, I entered her, feeling the twitches that warned of a quickly approaching orgasm flick around me, as I dug deep, searching for the spot that would finish her.

I found the spot, and pushed it as forcefully as I could. As my finger sank into her spongy sweet spot, her ass rose of the sink. I had to hold onto her with my free arm, as she thrashed against me, her cum spurting onto my chest. I was prepared to keep at it, perfectly willing for her unconsciousness to be the eventual ending. Rach extricated herself however, pulling herself away from the edge, and my ministrations. Looking down on me with glassy content, she almost smiled, but caught herself.

Evidently, while her frustration/anger was gone, she wasn't ready to let me know that it had been cleansed. I stayed there, on my knees, and waited, as Rach slowly came down from her high. Eventually, she regained herself enough to compliment me.

"Very good slave" she cooed, and I was relieved to hear the frustration and hostility had been banished. She slid back forward and, regaining some sternness, commanded "Lick me clean." I obliged eagerly, starting at her knees, where the juices of her pussy had run to during her frustrating wait for release. Taking my time, I reveled in the soft smooth skin of her inner thighs on my tongue.

She stood and turned her ass to me, lifting up her dress to expose the cum coated mess that she had made of herself. Bending over to give me room to do my job, I could see where her cum had gathered between her ass cheeks. I watched with fascination as her cheeks parted and strands of her cum crisscrossed the valley between. Taking even more pleasure in this task, her ass being my favorite part of her amazing body, I worked my way in, starting at the peak of each glorious cheek, and descending into the crease only when everywhere else was licked clean.

As I began working my way down into her but crack, she sighed contentedly. "Don't miss a spot" she said softly, and I could tell she was saying it through her smile. I saw the small pink circle of her ass hole as my tongue approached slowly from above. Wondering at it's tiny size, I briefly consulted my limited knowledge base.

I had heard of anal sex, but how I could possibly get my dick in this smallest of holes was beyond me. When my tongue reached her little pink hole, her legs fluttered, and I could swear I heard a giggle. Paying it more attention than it required, I continued spinning my tongue around the pink circle long after it was free of cum; delighting in the reactions it drew from Rach, who continued her muffled giggling. I eventually sank away from her ass hole, reminding myself to get back there soon, and proceeded to the last cum coated place on her, her pussy.

If I had thought it was warm and swollen before, I was mistaken. The bright pink was replaced by an angry red, as if she had been burned, and the heat that met my tongue as I gently stroked it, lent itself to that impression. Seeing her pussy cleanly glinting, a light sheen of my saliva its only coating, I figured my work was complete. I waited obediently for her to stand back up and turn to give me more instructions.

After a few moments, when it became obvious that I was under the impression that I was finished, Rach said, almost sweetly "You haven't cleaned the inside Slave." Restraining myself from showing the eagerness I felt, I whispered "Yes mistress" and let my tongue sink between the soft curves of her pussy lips.

The heat was even more intense inside as I sank deep, curling my tongue to scoop up all of the cum that had managed to remain.

Finally, feeling nothing but the clean smooth soft flesh of her pussy with my tongue, I pulled back my head, kissing her ass as I withdrew, hoping that would signal her that I had completed her the task she had given me. Spinning lightly on the balls of her feet, her dress lifting away from her as she twirled, she came to a stop looking down at me, a satisfied smirk as close to a smile as I could hope for, on her face.

"I have plans for you tonight" she said, cupping my face in her hands, and fixing me with an evil look. "Yes Mistress" I acquiesced, pleased to see her face brighten at my use of her title. "We are going to put on a show for our new houseguest. But first, you need to get ready." She said wickedly. "Stand" she commanded harshly, and I complied, rising above her. Grabbing me by my cock, she led me to the door. "Do exactly as I say" she whispered over her shoulder, as she gave a painful squeeze to my cock, and opened the door a crack.

Peeking to make sure the hall was empty; she opened the door, and casually led me, by my cock, into my room. She closed my door, and walked to my dresser, her hand's vice grim pulling me along. Rifling through my drawers, she eventually pulled out a pair of boxers.


She turned to me, looking down at the piece of me she held, and seeming satisfied at it's rigid state, commanded "Put these on." Hanging them over my cock as she released her hold. "Yes mistress" I replied, taking the boxers from my cock and attempting to pull them up. These boxers were an old pair, very small, and I struggled to get them over the muscles of my thighs.

I eventually got them clear, and they settled tightly around me, lifting my dick to pin it to my stomach, where it laid, proud of the top of the boxers, rising a good 3 to 4 inches, till it literally came to a head at my navel. I looked up, silently seeking direction from Rach, who, smiling smugly, said "no, that's a little too much" to herself, and grabbing the exposed portion of my cock roughly, pulled the front of my boxers out, and stuffed me down into the tight silk, cranking my cock to the side where it pushed at the hip of the boxers enough to pull the elastic waist away from my hip.

Backing up to admire her handy work, she smiled a satisfied smirk and said brightly "Perfect." She looked around my room and I could see the wheels spinning in her head as she planned how she would proceed. I stood there silently watching, as Rach moved my computer to my desk, lining it up carefully, clearly wanting a specific angle. Satisfied with her camera position, she closed the window showing the video of her room. Apparently she wanted to keep the goings on in her room a secret from me.

She turned and walked to me. "You are going to stay hard, do you understand?" she demanded, smacking my dick where it lay smashed against me. "Yes Mistress" I said as I winced. I was sure, with the imaginings of the two of them glued to Rach's computer, that I would be able to comply.

"I want you to work out. Stay here, where the camera can see you." She directed, pointing to the floor at the foot of my bed. "Make it a good work out.

I want to see you sweat." She finished with another wicked smirk on her face, and with a last pat of my pinned cock, she spun, and left the room. Beside myself with adrenalin, thinking of what I was about to do, I turned on some music to work out to, and retrieved the weights from my closet. Eager to start, I began my normal routine. I thought, as I stretched, about what I would look like in each position; and I wondered excitedly if they were watching yet.

I started my real workout with pushups. Pointing my head toward the camera, I was sure the head of my dick, stretching out against my hip, protruding a good two inches away from my side, would be a good start to the show. Showing off with some slap pushups at the end, I rose and grabbed my weights. Facing the camera I started my curls. Taking the opportunity to look down, I could see that my cock, showing no signs of shrinking, had pulled itself up along the silk covering my hip.

I could see the head from my position, where it had pushed the elastic away from my hip. It was now so close to the rib of elastic, that a twist of my torso would spring it free. Imagining the view the girls had, I could almost see the hunger in their eyes; their willing that last inch of travel that would expose my glorious cock. Feeling it throb with the thought, I considered granting their perceived wish, but decided I would do nothing to aid my cock's progression.

Nothing, that is with the exception of encouraging it with more thoughts of the effect it's teasingly slow progress toward exposure was having on the two beautiful girls in the next room. I bent at the hips, preparing to do my arm extensions, and felt my cock slip further. It was now on the elastic, and I was sure, the camera in front of my prone torso, could see some, if not most, of the head.

Driving myself hard, wanting to work up the sweat Rach had demanded, I continued the arm extensions well past my normal set. Feeling the good burn that signaled a job well done, I finally rose back to stand straight up.

As I rose, so did my cock. Springing free of its confinement, it resumed its place dead center, the head resting at my navel. I made sure my expression stayed blank, acting as if I didn't know, or didn't care that my cock was nearly half exposed. I continued with arm lifts, turning to the side half way through to give the girls a profile. I could feel the sweat dripping off me, and the silk of my boxers clinging to my ass.

Having only one thing left to do (I decided to forgo the leg stuff, imagining lunges and the like were not good viewing), I laid down on the floor to do crunches. In profile now, I began my crunches, the sweat on my back sticking to the carpet as I rose up.

The effect of crunches on my half pinned cock was unforeseen. My cock, acting as a lever, was pushed by the muscles in my stomach with each crunch. The resultant prying of the center of my cock, away from my body, pushed the edge of the boxers down. With each crunch, they were levered farther and farther down.

By the time my muscles told me they were done, my dick had levered down the boxers to expose most of its length. I laid back panting, my chest heaving from the effort. My cock, mostly free, did not descend, but hovered inches above my stomach, bouncing with my heartbeat.

I left I to float there, letting my imagination explore the possibilities of what could be happening on the other side of the cam. After a few minutes of lying there letting my cock dance, I realized I didn't have any instructions for what to do next.

Figuring that I needed to preserve the illusion that this was just another workout, I got up, and went about putting away my weights, then turned off the music; my cock swinging and bouncing in front of me as I made my way around the room.

I was just about to lie down, not having any more I could think of to do, when I heard the faintest of taps on my door. I stood behind the door and opened it a crack. Peeking around, I saw Rach smiling up at me. Her arm darted through the opening, and reached around the door.

Her smile widened as her hand found, and latched onto my dick. Her hold secure, she put a finger to her lips and led me silently around the door, and out into the hall, making for the bathroom. Once the door to the bathroom was closed, she turned to me. Rach joined her free hand with the one already around my cock, and gripping it like a baseball bat, used it to rise onto her tip toes to kiss me.

My cock had been rock hard for so long, with only the pressure of the boxers against it, that Rach's tight grip made me buck into it as we kissed. "Whoa there." Rach said, rocking back on her heals and breaking the kiss. "I have more plans for you Slave." She continued sweetly. The change, in her attitude, from when she began her Master role, was startling. Her vicious demeanor had morphed, and now she was sweet Rach again.

Perhaps it was my reward for being a good slave for her, or maybe this was her real Master persona, and the hostile Mistress Rachel was an aberration. They both were exciting, and I looked forward to discovering the answers to the questions forming in my mind. I was literally jerked back to reality as Rach pulled me further into the bathroom.

Leading me to stand in front of the toilet, she sat, bringing her face in line with the handle she had turned my dick into. Anticipating a blow job, I was disappointed when she began giving me more instructions. "You did very well slave." She began, her hold on my dick squeezing to emphasize her words. "I wanted to show Lidia how to use the cam so she could spy on you." The sly smile she looked up at me with, made it even harder for me to resist the urge to cum.


"I told her I was going to the basement to work on some stuff for volleyball. She'll be all alone now." She continued, her smile growing as she reveled her plan. "You are going to give her a special show.

I want to see how turned on you can get her. If you can get her to cum, you can cum too." Rach whispered sensuously. Pulling down on my cock, forcing me to kneel, she released her cock hold and cupped my face, whispering softly "Do you understand my Slave?" "Yes Mistress" I barely managed to speak, the thought of her plan racing through my mind.

Leading me back to my room, Rach slid sideways along the wall as she entered, the reason for her careful positioning of the camera becoming clear as she deftly snuck to the chair beside my desk, and turned it so she could view the screen, and me.

Motioning me over to the computer, she carefully reached to the keyboard, avoiding getting her arm or hand in view of the webcam. Bringing up her room up on the screen, we saw Lidia, the intensity of her attention palpable, sitting in front of the computer, wearing the shirt Rach had placed on her bed. I was sure I could make out several spots where the cum I had cleaned off my dick and hands had dried. Rach pulled up a porno on my screen; one of my favorites. As the porn started playing, Rach minimized the video, and I realized she just wanted the sound to complete the illusion that I was jacking off as usual.

It occurred to me that she must have watched me jacking to this video before. It also dawned on me that she had known exactly where to look on my computer to find it. She must have wanted to see what I was jacking off to, and searched to find one she recognized from the sounds she had heard through the webcam. I wondered if she had masturbated to the porn too, imagining me jacking as she watched it. She might have even done it right here, sitting in my chair.

I resolved to ask her about it later. I felt the chair move backward. Looking down, I saw Rach's foot pushing at the caster leg, her intent to get the good stuff in the shot, plain. My cock had, with my sister's help, freed itself fully from my boxers, and as I leaned back, I remained upright, a staff quivering impatiently for contact. I watched Lidia's reaction. Her intense stare was accented by a hungry pleading. I understood completely.

Her anticipation of what she knew I was about to do, was pushing her limits of tolerance. The winding up Rach had done to me, coupled with this view of Lidia illicitly spying on me, had made my cock so stiff and ready, that I knew following Rach's orders to keep from cumming, unless Lidia came, was going to be a struggle. I continued to let Lidia's anticipation grow. If I was going to have any chance of holding off, what I was sure was to be a momentous cum, I needed her to catch up on the hornyness I felt.

I did what I hoped was teasing; sliding my hand up and down my thighs, massaging my muscles. Each time my hands approached the base of my cock, Lidia would tense, holding her breath, until my hands slid back away. As she let out each a disappointed breath, her brow would pucker in frustration.

Iris und Heinz zeigen euch  was bei Ihnen im Bett so steht und abgeht

Only being able to see Lidia from the shoulders up, I had no way of knowing if she had begun touching herself. Wishing, in vain, that she would scoot back as I had, so I could see more of her, I tried to discern what she was doing with her hands, to help fill in the missing picture.

I could tell they weren't on the desk, which boded well, but she also appeared relatively still, which did not.

Deciding I had hopefully worked her up enough, I let my next hand slide continue up, slipping both hands around the base of my cock. I had to resist my need to buck my hips as the sensation pulled me deeper into my need to cum. Lidia, her brow smoothing, opened her mouth slightly. The image, reminding me of the sleeping orgasm I had given Rach, was another wave of stimulation threatening to swamp my precarious control.

Without any pressure, only for show, I slid one hand slowly, the length of my shaft. This finally produced some movement in Lidia.

As if she had been waiting for the real show to begin, she leaned back in her chair, imitating my slouch. While she hadn't pushed away to reveal all to me, I could now, at least, see most of her torso. Her arms made a "V" across her chest and stomach; leaving no doubt in my mind that her hands had found their way to her pussy.

Feeling Rach's foot, toes curling, on the top of my foot, I looked with veiled eyes, over to her. She had hiked her other foot up onto the edge of her chair, giving me a good view of her fingers as they slid slowly, in and out of her pussy; slick with her juice. She watched us both; her head flipping back and forth, hungry to take in every detail.

I continued my, no pressure, slow strokes as I watched the small movements Lidia's arms made; projecting their motions to her unseen masturbation. One of her hands left her hidden pussy. It wandered up, sliding across her skin, caressing as in rose slowly up under her shirt. Its wandering journey lifted the shirt with it, until it arrived at her breast; a swath of her flat stomach now revealed.

My focus shifted at the feel of Rach's foot beginning to tremble. Her toes had stopped kneading into my foot, freezing, clenched into little balls of coiled urgency. Her heavy breaths turned to small grunts; blending seamlessly with the porn coming from the speakers. I risked another look over to her, wanting to soak in all of the unbridled lust this unique experience had to offer.

Rach had continued sinking two fingers into her pussy; the ooze of cum they had created, had streamed down over her ass hole, and pooled where her but crack met the seat. Her free hand jumped from her clit, to her nipples; spinning in minutes circles around each target, then pinching viciously, before spastically jumping to another.


Without intent, my hand had started stroking my cock with force; my body's need driving it to act independent of my mind's attempt to slow its progress. Looking back to Lidia, my concern over outpacing her turned into constricted expectation. The arm that descended below was a flexed blur of motion; her unveiled stomach clenching as she lifted herself off the seat to meet the wildly moving hand that her arm wielded at her pussy.

I could feel from the tightening of my own stomach, that I could wait no longer. Seizing a wild thought, I groaned "Oh Lidia." As Lidia's frozen shock radiated through her, her rapid movements turned to throbs of extreme force. She came in pulses of release; coiling and uncoiling as each wave of her orgasm hit. While Lidia continued to ride her waves of bliss, I felt Rach's foot drive down into mine. Not bothering to conceal my attention, I turned to watch, as Rach, consumed with the sight of Lidia's orgasm, joined her; heaving with every thrust of her fingers; small spurts of cum spritzed from her with every plunge of her shiny fingers, spattering my outstretched leg.

With a heave, my first jet of cum erupted from me, shooting strait into the air. I focused on Lidia through the cascade of cum. Even the lingering pulses of her orgasm could not distract her attention, and I saw the amazement in her eyes grow as jet after jet of my cum surged from me, flying up, and descending to splatter across my chest and stomach.

I felt Rach's foot go limp on mine just as the last pump of cum dribbled over my hand. With languorous triumph, I melted into the chair.

Looking up at the celling, I exalted in my own ability to assist these two beautiful girls to orgasm with only the sight of my cock. I lifted my head from the back of the chair to reaffirm my conquest. Lidia, laid back in a perfect mirror of my sprawled state, continued to focus on me; though the intensity of minutes before had been replaced by a relaxed interest.

Rachel sat, legs splayed wide, her fingers hanging loosely from her soaking pussy; paused in mid thrust as their owner faded from reality. Seeing Rach was in no condition to bring the curtain down on her little show, I leaned forward and shut my computer, unplugging the internet connection just to be safe. Bending down, I took ahold of her foot, and lifted the dead weight of her leg. Scooting my chair up to hers, I laid the leg I had held, onto my lap, and uncurled her other leg, stretching it out and letting it join the other across my thighs.

Looking out from her stupor, curious at the change in position, she smiled weakly at me and reached out feebly to take my hand. Bending forward, I kissed it; her hand being the only thing I could reach with my lips. "Did I please you Mistress?" I asked with a hint of bravado. "You were perfect" she said dreamily.

Leaning forward, she laid down over her legs, bringing her face close to where my cock protruded between her calves. With languid ease, her tongue drew a bead of cum off the head of my cock, the touch causing it to quiver. A shallow giggle rippled along the curve of her back.

After a few moments, she licked again, curving her tongue around the collar of my cock head. The resultant tremor drew a stronger giggle, and she spread her legs apart to access more of me. The fun of teasing twitches from my cock seemed to revive her, and with increasing voracity, she returned the cum cleaning I had given her in the bathroom earlier.

Rach moved her legs off of me, giving her more room, and soon was kneeling in front of me, her head gliding up and down as her tongue slid across my, long ago clean, quickly reviving cock. Just as I reached full attention, she leaned over further, and proceeded to clean the cum off of my stomach, and slowly work her way upwards.

As she finished bathing my chest, I pulled her head up to mine, kissing her slowly as she laid into me. When the kiss ended, she curled up on my lap, snuggling into my chest, and fell asleep. I stayed there for a while, stroking her back, completely at peace. As time went by, I realized Lidia would be expecting Rach to come to bed. I begrudgingly woke the little ball of sex in my lap as I stood, cradling her slight body in my arms.

Paying no heed to my nakedness, I carried her, cooing into my chest, to her door. Gently setting her on her feet, I kissed her goodnight, and headed back to my room; thinking of tomorrow, and of the unknown pleasure it might bring. END PART 9 MORE TO CUM…STAY TUNED