Tanner mayes awesome oral with double facial

Tanner mayes awesome oral with double facial
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When we arrived back at our hotel, Katie made no pretense of going back to her room. Instead, she held to my arm as we went up the few extra floors to my room. When we arrived inside, Katie saw the layout of my "supplies" I had purchased earlier and turned to look at me, "Is this for me or is this is how you decorate all your hotel rooms?" "I smiled back at her and said, "We'll enjoy this in a bit, but first we both need to get cleaned up.

I told her to turn around and I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. I took off my clothes and then led her by the hand to the bathroom and started the shower. We both climbed in and I took some body wash and began to wash her. Halfway through, she reached out and started to stroke my cock, which was already at half-mast. I moved her hand away, and she looked up at me and pouted. I said, "You cannot touch me until I tell you that you can and how you can." She smiled big and said, "Am I still being punished?" I looked back at her and said, "There is no punishment, but tonight, I am in control of you.

And your pleasure comes at my pleasure." She smiled again and said, "yes, sir." I gave Katie the wash cloth and instructed her to clean herself the rest of the way and I concentrated on getting myself clean. We said little as there was a little tension building in anticipation of what was to come the rest of the night. Despite what I was showing to Katie, being dominant is not something that comes natural to me. I was actually a little nervous that I would say something stupid or do something that would give away my inexperience with the matter.

Katie was very open and straightforward with her sexuality, and coming up with my current persona was one of the only ways I could think to keep up. As we finished our shower, Katie was in full submissive mode. She either had experience with this, or she was a fast learner. Given everything else I had learned about my cousin, I would bet on experience.

She asked, "may I dry off?" I nodded in the affirmative. She dried off while I walked out into the room and found some lotion I had purchased earlier. After Katie was completely dry, I had her come out and stand in front of me and put the lotion on slowly and deliberately.

The sway of her body gave me a chance to take in just how absolutely gorgeous she is. Her C cup breasts always seemed to defy gravity and the way her nipples were protruding proudly, I could tell that she was enjoying giving me this show just as much as I was enjoying watching it.

She took her time on each limb and then on her torso, finishing with a flourish on those gorgeous breasts. "Have I properly applied the lotion for you, sir?" she asked. Again, I nodded yes. I stood up and walked behind her, feeling every inch of her skin. I put my nose into the crook of her neck to breathe in her scent.

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She smelled like lavender and honey, a combination of body wash and lotion. My breath on her neck and my hands roaming over her body caused goosebumps to form on her body and she began to lean into my body. She started to turn around to kiss me, but I mustered all my willpower and asked, "Did I say you could turn around?" I turned her back around in front of me and as I continued to trace my fingers along her body and up around her nipples, I whispered into her ear, "Tonight, you belong to me.

You do everything I say when I say it, and you do not do anything unless I say you can do it. However, I give you permission to cum every time your body allows you to." With that, I led her to the bed.

I picked up a blindfold I had purchased earlier on my "supply run," and I slipped it onto her head. After being sure she could not see me, I laid Katie on her stomach, and then I put a pillow up under her pelvic region to be sure that my prized possession, her ass, was proudly presented in the air to me.

Katie had an excellent figure with two perfect breasts, but I think time moved a little bit slower when looking at her ass. It was so perfectly round, though it was not fat. It was the kind of ass that would make yoga pants be proud to be worn by it.


With her ass perfectly presented to me, I reached for the Japanese bondage rope I had picked up earlier. I took her left hand and pulled it back beside her left knee and slipped it through a square knot I had tied into the rope. Once Katie's arm felt the rope, she breathed deeply and moaned quietly. I then took the rope and ran it through her knees, bring it back to wrap it around both legs before bringing her right wrist back through another square knot by her right knee.

She was immobilized, but I had clear access to the main object of my desire: her ass. I began to lightly massage Katie's neck and shoulders and moved gradually down her back. I moved up to where my dick lined up with her mouth and offered it to her lips. She greedily accepted and began to move her mouth back and forth as much as her movement would allow since her head was supporting her forward weight.

I continued my massage on her back and continued to move lower until I moved my hand between her legs. She was dripping with anticipation.


Even though she had minimal movement with her head, she was still using her considerable tongue skills to hit every nerve ending in the head of my cock. I reluctantly removed myself from her mouth and placed kisses down her back until I moved in behind her. Having her asshole and pussy so perfectly presented made my blood boil with lust. I lowered in and kissed each side of her ass as I worked to the middle. I maneuvered to where I could lick her pussy.

I licked her labia on both sides very lightly. I made sure that in addition to my tongue, Katie felt my hot breath on her exposed skin. I took my hands and spread her even wider and licked all the way around her, being careful not to lick her sensitive button or her around her opening.

I teased all the way around both, but I kept building up the anticipation and the need in Katie.

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As I continued to tease her, Katie began to whimper. Her body vibrated as she was obviously in need of some direct stimulation. For the first time, she began to beg, "Please, please stop teasing me. It's almost.painful." I stopped my actions long enough to say, "Did I say that you may speak?" She whimpered loudly again, and said "May I speak, sir?" I said, "you may." She again pleaded, "Please stop teasing, your hitting every nerve except THE nerve." I asked, "What would you like for me to do?" I was expecting her to ask for me to lick her clit directly, but surprisingly she answered, "Whatever pleases you.master." I was blown away by her answer, and having such a beautiful woman in such a vulnerable position calling you master may be the most powerful drug on Earth.

It was my time to groan, as I answered, "That is the correct answer." With that, I attacked her clit with a fury. She had certainly wanted it, because it almost made her orgasm immediately. As she built up to her crescendo, I moved my tongue to her honeypot and drove it in as far as it would go. I continued to rub her clit while fucking her with my tongue and she went over the edge hard.

As she came, she coated my tongue with her juices. It was probably the hardest orgasm I had felt her have since we had reconnected.

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I did not give her much time to recover, however as I moved up behind her and slipped the head of my cock into her pussy. "Thank you, master," she whispered as I continued until I was inside her all the way. I immediately pulled out until only the tip was left in, and then plunged back in to the hilt.

I angled myself so that on every stroke I was moving into her G-Spot.


This effort was not lost on Katie as she began that half whimper/half growl that I had come to know as her tell-tale sign that she was about to climax. After a few more strokes she let out a "yeeeeeeeeeeessssssss," as she reached her peak again, but I didn't even slow down. I kept ramming in and out of her, focusing on her G-spot. As another orgasm approached for her, I let a little bit of saliva fall from my lips onto her asshole. Just as she reached another climax, I shoved my thumb into her ass.

She yelled as the orgasm shook her and from the surprise of a sudden invasion to her backside. The invasion, however must have been welcomed as she continued to shudder long after I had pulled out of her. I moved down and began to fuck her with my tongue again, but I was only coating my tongue with her juices. I then moved up and began to lick around her pink ring.

I began to rub her clit again while I gave her a proper rimming. She again began her half-whimper/half growl as yet another release built up within her. As I continued rubbing her button, I worked my tongue inside of her back door.

I began tongue-fucking her in earnest as I continued my ministrations with my hand. Soon she was bucking back at my tongue as yet another orgasm took hold.

I could no longer hold back with my main target of the night. Ever since the morning Katie had asked me to fuck her ass, I couldn't get it out of my mind.

I've always been an admirer of the female posterior, and Katie had about the best one I'd ever seen. It was certainly the best one I'd ever seen naked and been asked to fuck. I moved up again and plunged my cock into her again as she grunted to gather her juices on my dick.

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Her bum was already slick with my saliva. I pulled out of her pussy and moved to her back door. Katie said, "Oh God yes, I've been waiting for this so long." Summoning some otherworldly power, I pulled back in order to maintain our game.

"What did you say,"I asked? She replied, "I'm sorry, master. I've been wanting this ever since we reunited. Please keep going." "Since you asked politely, I will grant your wish, I said." I moved my cockhead back to her back entrance and pressed. Trying to enter her was harder than I expected. I kept pressing forward until the head popped past the entrance.

She cried out in half-pain, half-ecstasy. I stopped for a moment to let her get used to my invasion. As soon as I felt Katie relax, I began to press further into her. I would press a little then back out and then press just a little further working my girth into her. Her tunnel felt like a warm, slippery vise. I've never been inside something so tight before. I kept up my little back and forth motions until soon I was buried to the hilt. It was possibly the most wonderful thing I'd ever felt.

I was completely embedded in a beautiful woman completely under my power who had taken to calling me Master.

This wasn't my typical sex game, but it wasn't a turnoff, either. I was really enjoying my current circumstances. I began to thrust in earnest. I pulled out till just the tip was in and then back in again. I began to speed up my thrusting until I was soon fucking her as hard and fast as I could go.

Katie was grunting deep and fast and almost sounded like she was hyper-ventilating. I grabbed her waist and used it as leverage to push into her even harder. I began pumping like a mad man. Katie was boiling over and soon she came with a scream. I stopped and untied Katie and removed her blindfold. I pulled her with me and moved to the sitting chair in the corner of the room.

I sat down and pulled Katie to me. She straddled me and grabbed my cock and guided it back to her ass. With one quick thrust, she impaled herself on me again.

She started bouncing up and down on me. The feeling of her tightness while I watched her tits bounce was having a tremendous effect on me. I grabbed Katie's ass cheeks and began to thrust up into her as she slammed down onto me. The friction of my pelvis rubbing her clit was causing Katie to approach another orgasm. She began her low growl again and I knew she was about to go off again.

Seeing the look of pleasure mixed with pain on her face brought me to the precipice as well. I hugged Katie close to me as her orgasm began. She threw her head back and screamed and that set me off. I began to pump my semen into her bowel. I released load after load deep into her. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined the scene I was playing out at that moment, having a simultaneous orgasm while fucking the ass of my cousin.

I knew it couldn't last, but I could get used to it. Eventually we both came down from our orgasmic highs and Katie kissed me deeply. She then looked at me and said, "I never knew it would feel like that." "What do you mean?" I asked. She smiled her cute, crooked smile, and said, "Oh silly boy. What do you think it means? You were my first.back there." I was blown away by the revelation.

I said, "You were pretty outspoken before about wanting me to fuck you there, so I figured it was something you knew you were into." Katie explained further, "I told you before that I had a crush on you when we were young.

But it wasn't just a crush. I used to masturbate thinking about you taking my virginity. I used to fantasize about when we used to sleep over at grandma's house. I would pretend you would climb into bed with me and lead me into womanhood." With that last night she giggled, and for a moment I was very much reminded of the young girl she used to be.

Katie continued, "I'm sure you can probably tell that someone else led me into womanhood a long time ago. But, when we got together, I felt like I could still live out that fantasy by offering you my anal virginity." Her revelation made me feel pretty manly. It also made me kind of sad, because I remembered masturbating to thoughts of Katie when I was younger, too. I'm sure teenager me would love to have known the feeling was mutual. Katie went on, "I loved that you tied me up tonight, too.

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It felt like you saw what you wanted and you took it. I've dabbled with some dom/sub stuff before, but I feel like with you it was the way it was supposed to be." We talked for a couple hours more, reminiscing about old times. Katie eventually said she needed to go back to her hotel room to get ready for bed. She put her dress back on and grabbed her heels.

She kissed me again, and said, "I don't know if I will be able to walk right tomorrow, but it was well-worth it." With that, she walked out the door.

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We spent every night together the rest of that week. True to her word, Katie was able to leave it as just one of those things that happens in Vegas.and stays there. And it has continued to happen in Vegas, every summer since. This year will be the fourth summer Katie and I have met in Vegas to spend a week together.

We've both dated here and there since that first summer, but we always manage to be single when Vegas week rolls around.