Pretty teen Izzy Bell loves big hard rod

Pretty teen Izzy Bell loves big hard rod
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Note: this is a continuation of Aux Ed and features sex between adults and young teens. If you are offended, please do not read further. As always, comments are always appreciated. -------------------------- Aux Ed Part Three John Burke now officially loved his job.

Not only did he get to help form young minds, but now that he was part of the "Aux Ed" program he also got to teach them the finer points of sexuality and sexual technique.

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His mentor-teacher, Nicole Robins, had been very helpful "exposing" the new teacher to this unique program designed to reduce the incidents of STDs and unwanted pregnancy. After finishing his day getting a very memorable blow-job and covering one of his favorite students' tits with his cum (see part two), John left the school with a smile on his face.

Sure, the pay wasn't great and the hours were brutal, but the opportunity to be surrounded by so much young, firm flesh was making it all worthwhile.


Upon getting home, John did the usual check the mail, change out of his work clothes and into a comfy pair of oversized shorts and a t-shirt and flipped on the TV while he started his daily routine on his outdated (but given to him free by his sister) exercise equipment. He was just finishing up when he heard a faint knock on the door. He was both surprised and pleased to see Nicole Robins on the other side of the door. Nicole was still dressed from work and looked every bit the teacher part.

He blonde hair was still in a tight bun and her glasses still framing her cute, youngish face. Before he could get out a simple "Hi", Nicole was pushing towards him and kissing his lips with reckless abandon.

John, being the gentleman that he was, kissed her back connecting her probing tongue with his. He felt Nicole's hand reaching toward the drawstring of his shorts and her hand pushing down toward his manhood.

Stumbling back, John took a seat on the couch as the young teacher stood before him. "Watching you cum all over Alexa's boobs really turned me on," she said as she quickly unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her sheer black bra encasing her smallish, but firm tits. As John removed his shirt, he watched Nicole unzip her skirt and emerge in a matching pair of lacy, black panties.

With is cock now growing by the second, he pushed off his shorts, exposing himself to his coworker. Nicole took in John's manhood with her eager eyes. He did have a beautiful cock and she was eager to take her turn with his now-erect dick. She reached behind and unclasped her bra exposing her larger, pert breasts to John, now removing the last bit of his clothing before her. Nicole always loved her tits, and she ran a hand across her firm nipples in a seductive pose.

Next, she hooked her lacy panties with her thumbs pushing them down quickly as she now felt so aroused she could hardly stand it. Her pussy had one small strip of blonde hair, so light that it almost looked bare she could tell John was as excited as she was as she took to her knees, eager to suck Mr. Burke's cock. John felt Nicole's mouth engulf his hard, thick rod and it took his breath away.

Her tongue moved over his cock-head over and over, sending shivers up his spine. Her hand rubs and tugs at this balls as he moans and runs his hands through her soft, blonde hair. Nicole begins to move her head up and down with ever increasing speed, tasting the salty, sticky pre-cum that was emerging from his throbbing fuck-stick.

John could no longer hold back. With a suddenness that surprised both he and Nicole, ribbons of cum shot out of his cock. The young sexy teacher managed to capture most of it all in her mouth, but was somewhat surprised at the speed he came and had some of the hot, warm fluid leak out of her mouth. Not wanting to waste any, she swallowed the warm fluid enjoying the taste of this new conquest.

A few small drops trickled onto Nicole's now-erect nipple a problem that the young teacher was more than happy to remedy as she licked her own tit, cleaning the cum off of herself. "Now it is your turn," whispered John as he pushed Nicole back on to the couch. He crawled up between her knees, and spread her thighs apart. Not wanting to surprise her, he kissed her shapely thighs before diving into her pussy.

He couldn't resist running his tongue all over her sex as he always loved going down on girls. With a flat tongue, he ran his tongue up and down her pussy from her cute little asshole to her clitoris. Up and down he moves, hearing Nicole moan and meekly state "That's it. Eat my wet pussy." This message continues to spur John on and he increases his speed and pushes the bridge of his nose into her now sopping wet pussy.

As he inserted a finger into her very wet pussy, John knew that Nicole was near the edge of cumming and he wasn't going to let her get away without a good fucking. Luckily, her moans re-energize the male teacher and his cock rises to attention once again. Unable to contain himself, he took Nicole by the hand and led her to the low-lying coffee table in front of his couch.

He placed her hands on the far edge while his hands continued to dance around her now-quivering pussy. Arching her back, Nicole positioned herself to allow John to enter her. He is more than happy to oblige as he guides his arching cock into her soft, wet pussy.

She is surprised at the size of John as his cock began to stretch out her very eager pussy. Once inside, she loves the feel of him filling up her fuck hole and moving back and forth. She is even more turned on to hear him lean over and whisper in her ear "I am going to fuck you pussy like no one else has," and she responds with a low moan and by pushing her backside into his thrusts. Faster and faster he fucks her, and moves his hand to her overly-sensitive clit, rubbing it as he continues to push into Nicole over and over again.

She can not contain her screams as she cums harder than she can ever remember. Shaking, she barely notices her partner taking his cock out of her pussy and depositing more cum on her back and her small, puckered asshole. "Looks like I am a mess," said Nicole as she accepted a clean towel from John. "Still, there are worse ways to get dirty." "I love you dirty," replied John. "The dirtier the better." "Oh, I've got plans for you," quipped Ms.

Robins. "Meet me in my classroom at 7:00 tomorrow, before school, and I'll make sure your day starts off right." "Oh I will be there. Remember, I am an early riser," replied the male teacher as he wiped his cock clean. "I'll make sure I am there." "Be sure to get a good nights sleep.

You're going to need it," said Nicole as she busied herself getting dressed and gathered her belongings and headed towards the front door. John knew that sleep was going to be welcome, as were the dreams that would likely fill his head. ---------------------------------------- The alarm went off at 5:00, but sleep seemed to elude John all night. He hadn't really prepared much for school the next day, but he couldn't get his mind off his sexy teaching partner, Nicole Robins, and the potential that the new day had.

She wanted him to meet her at school early tomorrow before all the other students and teachers arrived and it sent a tingle through his crotch in anticipation. He showered and took great efforts not to masturbate in the shower (a common occurrence of late as his libido seemed to be going out of control) and got ready for the school day. When he arrived in the parking lot, Nicole's car was already in her regular space.

John wondered what time she got there and had to take a deep breath as he entered the building. He was clearly thinking with his cock as all he could imagine is fucking Nicole over and over again this time in her classroom.

As John opened the door, he was disappointed to see Nicole engaged in a discussion with a student and a parent.

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His cock immediately shrank as he realized that Ms. Robins' had scheduled a parent meeting before school as well. He quietly began to back out of the room, but stopped when he heard Nicole blurt out "John…err.I mean Mr. Burke…wait just a minute." John froze and re-entered the classroom, making eye contact with both the young female student and her mother neither of which John had ever met before.

"I am glad you could meet us here before school Mr. Burke. I want you to meet Ms. Martinez and her daughter Sadie she is a freshman also. Like yourself, they are new to Aux Ed and had a few questions about the program.

I told them that you could help ease their concerns." "I'll be happy to do anything I can," replied John as he took a longer look at both Ms. Martinez and her daughter. Ms. Martinez was clearly pretty, but you could tell that age had taken its toll. She had very large breasts that pushed out from her less-than-fashionable sweater and she wore to much eye makeup but she did have a pair of beautiful brown eyes that were hypnotic.

Her daughter, Sadie, resembled her mother in a very slight fashion. Her figure was hard to discern as she wore a bulky grey sweatshirt, yet her long, brown hair that covered her brown-olive skin over her neck was very appealing as it added a hint of sexiness to her innocence. "Sadie just turned 14 and has never done anything like this," said the mother in an accusatory tone.


"I just want to make sure that she doesn't get hurt or do something that she is not ready for." "We would never force her to participate in any way," chimed in Nicole. "And the fact is that she does not have to enroll in the program if she does not want to. Sadie, are you interested in Aux Ed?

It is ok if you are not. Nobody is going to force you." Sadie's eyes started to well up with tears as she exclaimed "No…I really, really want to be part of the program but I don't think I can. See…I've never…umm…never mind." She looked down at her feet clearly embarrassed about her lack of experience with sex. "That is why we are here," said Nicole. "Most of our freshman are very inexperienced and we are all here to learn.

Do you want to start now? Just us. No one will have to know if you don't want." Sadie looked up and bit her bottom lip. "Ok," she said meekly. "What do I have to do?" "Well," said Nicole, "you have to determine if you like boys or girls better. Either is ok but you should have some preference." "Boys. Definitely boys," blurted out Sadie. "If that is ok, I mean" "Great," said Ms. Robins. "That is why we have Mr. Burke here.

Ms. Martinez, do you want to leave or are you planning to stay?" "I would like to stay if that is ok," said the Latina mother. "And if it is ok with everyone." "It is fine with me and Mr. Burke," said Nicole gesturing to John, "but Sadie has the final decision." "I guess it would be ok," said Sadie, "but I don't really know what to do." "I will help you with that," said Nicole pulling John over to the desk where the young girl was sitting.

"Take out his penis. Don't worry. It's ok" Sadie looked up at Mr.

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Burke as he unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants. Her small hands reached out and unbuttoned the fly on his boxers. His cock was beginning to throb and become engorged with blood as he small, cold hands reached into the soft fabric of his boxers. Nicole took a seat next to Sadie's mom as they watched the young girl begin to massage John's cock. John felt a bit like a circus animal on display but her hands felt good as they traveled up and down his soft skin.

The male teacher took the initiative and pushed down his boxers to the floor and stepped out of them. As he began to remove his shirt, he felt Sadie begin to move her hand up and down the shaft of his cock. Quickly becoming naked, John realized his discomfort at being the only one disrobed.

He took the young student by the hand and stood her up as well. Removing her bulky sweatshirt, he noticed her flat, brown tummy covered by a light t-shirt. He kissed her soft lips tenderly before lifting the end of the t-shirt over her head. Sadie resisted at first, but the teacher was insistent.

To Mr. Burke's surprise Sadie was not wearing a bra, and then he realized why. Her small tits barely rose above her chest. Her nipples stood erect, but there was no noticeable breast below her dark brown areolas. John's hands moved down her chest, glancing off her small boobs. He continued moving down, unfastening the young girl's jeans.

He stood back and watched Sadie push down the tight denim, exposing her child-like pink panties. With some visual coaxing, he urged her to remove her last piece of clothing. As she tugged at her cotton underwear, John was also surprised to see Sadie covering herself with her hands. She had a thick, mat of brown pubic hair that offset her small chest. "She doesn't have big boobs, but she is a real woman," John heard the mother chime in as John positioned Sadie up on Nicole's desk.

Sadie just rolled her eyes at her mom's comment, but Mr. Burke barely took the time to notice. His hands traced light circles up her knee and her thigh moving towards her soft pussy hair. Sadie gasped when the teacher's hands first glanced across her labia and clitoris. "That feels so good," she said encouraging John to continue. His fingers continued to probe her soft folds, gently pushing his index finger into her. He saw her bite her lip as he began to push his finger in and out, gently finger fucking her.

Bending over John began to kiss the young girl's ankle, her knee and her thigh as he came closer and closer to her young, tight pussy. It was just about that time that he noticed a familiar feeling swelling over his cock and as he looked down expecting to see Nicole kissing and licking his manhood, he was somewhat taken aback to see Sadie's mother opening her mouth to inhale his now-hard cock.

Not to be deterred, John's finger fucking of the girl became his focus as his cock was being sucked by her mother. His tongue met her clitoris and as he pushed his finger into her tight cunt, she began to swear first I Spanish and then in English. John became even further aroused (if possible) as the young girl began to pant "yes.Mr.

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Burke…lick my pussy…finger fuck me…ooh…it feels so good…yes&hellip.lick my twat&hellip.I am so wet." And with a sudden spasm, he could feel Sadie begin to cum. She came so hard that her pussy clenched around John's finger and traces of liquid spilled onto the hard wooden desk that she was now splayed out upon.

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Since the young girl was satiated for the time being, John turned his attention to Sadie's mom who was now engulfing his entire cock down her throat. She was a great cocksucker, but that isn't what John was after. He had always been a pussy man and this was no different. He helped Ms. Martinez to her feet and, against her feigned objections, begin to remove her sweater.

Underneath the relatively ugly garment was a large white bra that looked to be both supportive and confining. Using his best skills, he unclasped the bra from her back and let it fall to the floor. Her large breasts were impressive as the large areolas capped her conic breasts. Small nipples emerged from the center of each boob that John could not help but lean over the give the cursory kiss and lick.

Next up, Mr. Burke pushed his way down to her pants. She had on a conservative pair of khaki pants that seemed somewhat plain. Going to his knees, John moved his hands to her snap and zipper pushing them to the floor. A red pair of panties remained under those pants which John was very eager to remove. Unlike her daughter, Ms. Martinez was waxed completely bare exposing her large pussy lips and protruding clitoris.

Pushing her on the same desk that her daughter was now sitting upon, John could not contain himself. With great abandon he began to kiss and lick her sex, inserting finger as he focused on her rather large clit.

As he heard her moan, he also looked up to see Sadie taking keen interest in the goings-on with her mother. In fact, she seemed to the quite aroused as he fingers began tracing a definitive trail down to her virginal pussy. Ms. Martinez was in obvious ecstasy as Mr.

Burke assaulted her cunt with great effort and concentration. As he broke his lips away from her, his cock throbbed in delight as she opened herself to him, panting "fuck me…fuck me now". As he sunk into her pussy, his eyes met Sadie's and he started as she ran her fingers over and over her pussy.

"Fuck my mom," she said. "I want to see you fuck her." With that, the young teacher plunged into Sadie's mother his cock being engulfed by her warmth.

She moaned as he continued to push in further, stretching her pussy to accommodate his width. To gain even more depth, he placed Ms. Martinez's legs upon his shoulders not only giving him more ability to fuck her even deeper, be also freeing up his hands to ravage both her tits and her daughter's tight little twat.

Faster and faster he fucked Ms. Martinez as he watched Sadie masturbate herself. He tits began to rock up and down as he pummeled her cock with reckless abandon. He felt the familiar feeling of cum welling up inside his balls, and knew he could not hold out much longer. As he removed his cock from her gaping cunt, he surprised himself by shooting large streams of cum over both Ms. Martinez's large tits and little Sadie's shapely thighs and stomach.

As the cum continued to spurt out, he was delighted to see Mr. Martinez flushed with pleasure as she lied covered in cum.

"Did you cum mommy?" asked Sadie. "Yes I did honey," retorted the mom. "You have some great teachers here. I think you are going to like being part of Aux Ed." John and Nicole could do nothing but smile knowing that the upcoming parent-teacher conferences will be far more enjoyable than any other in school history.