Sweet busty babe Shane Blaire having a huge dick to fuck

Sweet busty babe Shane Blaire having a huge dick to fuck
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One night a father lay in his bed with an uncontrolable erection so he decided to do something about it. He got up and went into his daughters room who just turned 7 a few days before. He went over to her picked her up and as she woke up she said 'daddy what are you doing' he replied with 'I am going to show you your late birthday suprise' 'oh cool' she said then he took her into the garage and told her to sit on the cement floor.

He went behind another wall and proceeded to get naked his 10 inch long 2 inch round cock was buldging and throbbing up as he walked back out to his daughter. 'daddy' she yelped he said 'ok now lets get you naked.' he instructed her to take off her clothes and she complied. He could see her small young tight virgin pussy and chest before him which only made his cock harder. She said 'now what daddy' he said 'lay down on this rug' so she did. He proceeded to lick her feet up to her thighs all the way up to her pussy which he slipped his tounge inside and out of making his daughter squirm.

'daddy this feels weird' she said he said ' it's normal honey ' he then proceeded up to her nipples and her bare flat chest. Finally up to her mouth where he french kissed her passionately. He then brought his huge cock up to her mouth and told her to suck it.


She took the cock in her mouth but only a few inches would go in he finally managed to work it all in her throat within a few minutes and he could see her gaging on it a lot. It pleased him greatly. He then proceeded to slide his cock in and out of her mouth going in and out the full length of his cock making her gag badly and finally vomiting all over his cock.

He was so hard and so almost ready to cum that he could not hold it in any longer so he took his cock and shoved it all the way down her throat until he could go no further and then he let out a small moan as cum shot out of his penis into the girls mouth. A few minues later he pulled it out and watched as she swallowed it while crying and begging her father to stop cause it hurt so bad.

He laughed and said 'you think that hurt, what I am going to do next will hurt much worse I bet' he decided to stretch her pussy out just a bit with his fingers. He could barely get two in comfortably and thought how fun it would be to stuff his cock all the way in her pussy. She started to say 'daddy stop it, stop daddy your huring me daddy please stop' the pleeding got louder and louder so to avoid being caught he said ok and proceeded to get up.

The daughter thought her daddy was going to stop but instead he walked over found a roll of duck tape and walked back to his daughter and said ' this should keep your mouth shut' she pleeded 'no daddy no daddy please don't your hurtingmmhmhmhmh' as the duck tape covered her mouth she could no longer speak.

He finally got back down on the floor and proceeded to lick his daughters pussy, this made his cock hard again. She squirmed and tried to get away but the hold her father had was too great. Finally he stopped after about 10 mins and proceeded to slide his dick into her little slit he held her arms out stretched to each side and held them down as he slowly inserted all of his penis in her.

She tried to scream but all that was heard was muffled noises. After about 5 minutes of slowly pushing and pulling his cock inside of her he decided to go faster and faster as she tried to scream louder. Both of them could feel the tricles of blood that had come from his daughter's pussy, this gave him even more pleasure.

He kept going and going faster and faster until he was ready to cum again this time he pulled out his cock and put it near his daughter's face and a few seconds later she felt the warm cum hit her face as she was now crying.

A few moments later she thought the worst was over but then things got worse for her in ways she could never have imgained. Her father proceeded to lick her chest and her belly sucking on her small nipples finally getting back to her pussy, he was making himself hard yet again. He finally go so hard he couldn't bare it he turned her over made her get on all fours and slammed his cock in her ass. She let out several screams which were murmured through the ducktape. She was cryng histerically as her father pushed his cock deeper and deeper in her ass.

He fucked her hard until blood came from this hole as well. And it only served to lubricate her father's cock. He pulled out of her ass and spun her over and stuck his throbbing cock into her pussy with a ferocious thrust he was all the way inside her and a few moments later she felt the warm cum leaving her father's penis and enter into her body. After all this she was so hurt she couldn't imagine what else daddy had planned.

But she never imagined that he would ever do what he was about to do next, Especially after what he had just done. She had been through so much already what else could he possibly do to her. At this time she had learned that all this was being videotaped.

He kept the cameras rolling and proceeded with his next move. He took off her ducktape and she begged her father to stop. 'no daddy your hurting me please stop please father I don't like this I am bleeding please stop pleamhhmhmh' her fathers cock had gagged her mouth and suddenly she felt a liquid hit her throat.it was pee.

He was peeing in her mouth, she had no choice but to let it go down her throat into her stomach as some of it leaked from her mouth down her chin and onto her daddy's cock. He then pulled out and watched as his daughter chocked and gaged and finally vomited which he caught in a bowl.

He then put the vomit in a glass and made his daughter swallow it. she held it all in her stomach for a few seconds and this made her vomit even more. He then proceeded to face fuck her which eventually caused her to vomit again, but instead of just pulling out of his daughter's mouth when she vomited.

He kept thrusting into her mouth his huge cock and made her vomit inside her mouth and swallow it repeatedly.

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Only a small amount of vomit passed outside of her cheeks and down her face. He continued for around 15 minutes and she had vomited nearly 10 times inside of her mouth.

After he finally pulled out of her mouth she fell to the floor in tears that were everywhere. He grabbed her by her hair pulled her up and said 'look Cristi, suck daddy's dick now' she said 'ok daddy' so she proceeded to suck him off until he was ready to cum again, this time he pushed her away and she fell to the floor he then got on top of her and rolled her on her stomach.

He then proceeded to slide his throbbing dick into the little girl's ass, she screamed 'no father no daddy please stop your hurting me pleahmmhmhm.' he had reached around and gagged her with his hand as he pumped her ass full of cum. He pulled out of her after about 10 minutes and sat back and looked at his cryin wimpering young daughter and said 'how did you like your suprise?' she couldn't even speak at this point, her father smiled and said 'ready for some more fun?' she shook her head no.

He decided to let her rest a little while, at this point he went to the kitchen to get some "toys" ie:food.

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About 15 minutes later he brought back several items which will be named as he uses them. He grabed his daughter and laid her down on the rug and said 'open your mouth' she did and he put a raw egg in her mouth (it just barely fit) and told her to close her mouth but not to break the egg. 'If you break the egg then you will eat it, shell and all' he then proceeded to lick her body all over making his way down to her clit where he use his tounge to play with it.

He could feel his cock getting hard and finally he couldn't bare it anymore he got on top of her and stuck his dick into her tight pussy and proceeded to fuck her roughly she started bleeding from her pussy, which only served to lubricate her father's cock. In out in out he slammed her body hard with every thrust. The daughter tried so hard not to break the egg, finally he stoppedpulled out his cock and put it up to her face and shot a load of cum all over the little girls face.

He then said 'open your mouth' so the girl did he inspected the egg and discovered no break anywhere on it he then said 'good job' Cristi was relieved until he put it back into her mouth and then slapped her face hard leaving it numb and the egg broken he then told her to swallow the egg, so she did.

She nearly vomited after all of it was down her throat. She was crying at this point after all her trying not to break the egg she had to eat it anyway. 'How can daddy do this to me?' 'why does he do these things to me' her father's cock was getting hard again so he did something else.

The father then took his young 7 year old daughter and pulled off her ducktape gag took a banana, peeled it and stuffed it into his daughter's mouth and told her to swallow it then he took some more of the banana and put it in her mouth and told her to hold it there in her mouth so she did. He then took his cock and crammed all 10 inches into her mouth and throat. 'gag you slut, I wanna see you vomit, gag bitch, be daddy's little bitch' she finally started to vomit but he didn't stop thrusting his cock and she ended up swallowing most of the vomit again.

A little vomit did seep out from her mouth and down her cheeks. He finally pulled out and she spewed vomit everywhere. The father then said 'yes good girl, your so good at vomiting, your making daddy so proud and happy'. He stood back proud of his young daughter. She was soaked in vomit and trying to catch her breath when her father grabbed her by her hair and yanked her up to his cock and started making her suck him off.

She started sucking until he let out a moan and cum shot out of his penis and directly into the little girl's mouth and throat. She hated the taste of it but could do nothing about it.

He then took her over to the back of the garage and tied her hands to one of the rafters above so she could not move he then tied each of her legs to the sides of the garage so her legs were spread apart, he then tied her hair into a knot around a rope and pulled it down around a workbench and tied it up.

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This made her head tilt way up so that anything liquidy would easily slide down her throat. He instructed her to open her mouth so she did. He inserted an egg into her mouth and quickly duck taped the little girls mouth shut. He said to her' if you break this egg you will eat it.

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He then stood about 7 feet away and proceeded to throw food at her. He started with eggs, pelting her hard everywhere. He then moved to half open ketchup and barbeque packets, then he covered her in flour.

He then threw a can of pop at her face, this broke the egg inside Cristi's mouth. As hard as she tried not to let the egg slide down her throat it did and she felt it and hated the taste and the feeling. He was hard as a rock now and his cock throbbing, so he walked over to her kneeled down and stuck it into her he pulled her ass close and held onto it as he thrust his cock inside of her. Finally cumming inside of her. He sat back for a few minutes and gathered some strength and started thinking what else he could do to her.

He had to go to the bathroom badly at this point so he decided to maker her mouth the toilet.

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He got a stepstool and stood on it and took the ducktape off of her mouth and proceeded to put his cock up to her face and mouth just barely inserting it into her mouth. He then started peeing into her mouth she felt it go in her mouth and right down her throat to her stomach.

She dare not move because she was in so much pain and to move would only cause more pain. He finished up and then said to her 'how do I flush you?' she looked at him scared and he said 'oh yea like this' and he punched her in the gut, she coughed and a few moments later she said to him 'daddy now I have to go pee' he said 'ok' and got a bowl from the kitchen. He said to her 'pee in this' so she did and then he poured it into a glass cup and made her drink it.

She vomited all over her face and mouth. He thought to himself 'what now?' staring at his daughter tied up like she was already making his cock hard and he thought to himself 'what else could I do to her?' then he got a great idea he undid his daughters hair tie which allowed her head to face the normal direction of horizontal instead of vertical proceeded to find some sizzors then he cut some of his puebic hair off and held it in his hand he then sprayed whipped cream over his hard cock then he placed the puebic hair on his dick and then he shoved it in his young daughters mouth and started to fuck her face very hard making her gag like crazy on his cock.

And he continued fucking her face even while he was cumming and she hated every bit of it and he loved that she hated it.it made him all the more harder. After daddy finally pulled out of her mouth it was now bleeding due to the abusive thrusts she had just endured blood streamed out of her mouth and down her face. Her father was thinking what else he could do when he got another great idea. He untied his daughter and grabbed the ducktape and ducktaped acrossed her eyes so she could see nothing.

He then placed and egg inside her mouth just like before and he said 'if the egg breaks, you will swallow it he then ducktaped her mouth shut and proceeded to roll her over and started to fuck her little ass.

10 minutes later he rolled her over and quickly ripped the ducktape off of her eye and held her eye open.she tried to close her eye as a stream of cum hit her eye ball, he then left the cum there and replaced the ducktape so she was blind again, it stung bad and she tried screaming and in a fit she broke the egg inside her mouth. She then swallowed the egg and shell. The dad then pulled his daughter up to her feet so she was standing and he started fingering her pussy and ass at the same time.

She was cring so bad that tears were visible alongside the cum dripping down her face.


The father then slapped the little girl around for a few minutes causing her nose to bleed. He watched as the blood flowed down across her lips.

He was pleased by this. He then threw her to the ground and grabbed her used panties and turned them inside out, then he removes the ducktape from her mouth and stuffed the crotch part first into her mouth then he grabbed the ducktape and ducktaped her mouth to hold them inside her mouth. He then began licking her nipples and then he started nawing on them this made Cristi squirm and cry out in pain her daddy was biting her nipples hard now.

Soon blood began to leak from both her nipples as her father continued nawing away he could taste the blood and loved it. He then slapped her face real hard a few times causing her nose to bleed some more, at this point he was so hard so he decided to fuck her tight pussy.

So he did. Harder and harder until blood started coming out of her little bald tight pussy. He enjoyed seeing her helpless on the floor as he continued to fuck her hard.

He then pulled out and brought his massive cock up to her ear and shot a load of cum into his young daughters ear. he then threw her onto the floor and sat back and relished in what he did.

he was so pleased that he wanted to do 1 more thing to her, "but what?!" he asked himself. then he got an idea, he put a rope around her neck with a slip know on it, then he tied it to the rafter making her gasp for air by standing on her tip toes. everytime she put her feet flat she could not breathe. he then decided to throw stuff at her he started with the food and when that was gone he moved on to other things.

he pelted her hard with blocks of wood, he then found some wrenches and started throwing them at her. then he went up to her bruised body and told her if she ever told anyone about this he would do this again but make it much much much more painful!!!!

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she never told anyone and life went on. The End.