Fisting gay fat Brian Bonds stops in to see his doctor about his

Fisting gay fat Brian Bonds stops in to see his doctor about his
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Please Rate and comment Prior: Missing Mom Prior: Missing Mom Hard Breeding Prior: Missing Mom -3 Bred Like a Dog Prior: Missing Mom -4 Preggo Slut Party Prior: Missing Mom -5 No Pity Preggo Slut Prior: Missing Mom -6 Preggo Movie Star Prior: Missing Mom -7- Going Black Prior: Missing Mom The Basement Ricky kidnapped Jolene and had her at home with his girlfriend Kendra.

They abused with a brutal breeding session.

Ricky and Kendra take the bitch to a Poker Party to get money to pay the bills. Abused at the poker party, the next morning Doc Rosen advises rest even as he abuses her himself. Ricky and Kendra] Pimp her out, flush with money they get a delivery of movie equipment. The delivery men and then relatives join for a brutal gang bang. Four Months later Kendra and Ricky have been tricking Jolene out for money.

Seth brings two black guys who own a club. They try Jolene out and buy her to use in their club. Now over 8 months Jolene finds herself captive at a Black club. Jolene is abused by Sammy and his Grandson, forced to take care of them to get food and water. ----------------- Every night men, drunken loud men would come down the stairs banging on her door. "HOE, your day is coming." "We gonna git You Soon." Jolene buried her head in the pillow trying to block out the noise.

Jolene just lay in the bed hoping someone would come and rescue her. On the third day Sammy came in with the grandsons. "Bitch, tonite's the nite." "What do you mean." "What is going to happen." "THE CLUB IS GOING TO PARTY YOUR WHITE ASS. THEY EXPECT A FULL HOUSE." "But we get ours first. My boys want some of that knocked-up white pussy." The boys taunted her as they fucked her.

Sammy laughed as he watched them. "Lot more of that coming your way." "We gonna be there tonite. " "Gonna be one hell of Party." Sammy laughed, his grandson's were becoming real men. Done fucking the bitch, the three left, laughing and joking. "See U tonite at the Party." Sammy laughed as he left. Jolene lay again the bed, waiting her fate, shivering, shaking, beyond fear. She could hear the noise in the club above, then men in the hallway. Finally the door opened. Three black men came in with an older white man.

The older man looked her over. "Spread her legs so I can check her cunt." They held her legs while he inserted a cunt spreader. Men were laughing louder in the hallway. The BOSS was at the door. "BOSS, she will Pop tonite." "Get Her Ready." "NO I can't Go. DON'T." "GET HER UP. Her fans are waiting." Laughed theBOSS. "GOD NO NO." Jolene was lifted up by her shoulders. Held tight, a strict leather collar with metal rings was place around her neck. Leather straps pulled the collar tight¸ holding her head upright.


Black leather cuffs replaced the cuffs on her wrists. Jolene struggled trying to pull away but her wrist cuffs were clipped to the rings on her neck collar. Jolene slumped to the ground. "Leave ma lone.


Stop this. "Fucking Bitch, get that broom handle. They slid the handle through her arms above her head. A man on each side of the handle lifted the bitch back to her feet. Held up, helpless, the BOSS stood close in front of her.

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"Look what I got for you." He held two fearsome leather straps with mean looking metal studs. He ran them by her face, dragging the spikes across her skin. He looked her right in the face as he fastened the first one. He pulled the strap as tight as could forcing the Preggo tit to bulge outward.

He took the other strap and twisted so the spikes were on the inside. "No don't do that, Wait Wait." "AGGGHHHHHH" Jolene cried out as the spikes bit into her tit meat. The BOSS pulled the strap as tight as he could.

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Little drops of blood appeared at the edge of the strap. The BOSS attached a chain to the collar around her neck and led her toward the hallway. Jolene tried to hold back but two men pulled her along with the metal bar between her arms. The hallway was filled with men, old and young black men. Cigarette smoke filled the air. Spit hit her in the face. Soon her eyes were covered with slime.

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She struggled to see. Unable to see Jolene dropped to her knees. "Get Up CUNT. Whore. Slut.

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Bitch." The men in the hallway were screaming. The two men with the broom handle through her arms pulled her to her feet. Blinded, Jolene stumbled forward down the hallway. Brutally they pulled her up the stairs to main floor. A loud cheer went up. The pregnant bitch was led by the chain stumbling around the bar. Everyone screamed and yelled in her face.

Again she stumbled to the ground, crouching, cowering pleading, begging.

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SMAAACK a belt cracked across her ass, then another. Pulled to her feet she continued through the bar. She was led into the back party room and up on a little stage. The room quickly filled to capacity. The knocked up bound white bitch was lead back and forth across the stage. The men whistled, jeered, screamed at her.

The BOSS stopped in the middle of the stage, held up his hand for silence. "This White Whore has something to say to us." "QUIET" Jolene stood in front of the men. Naked. Arms bound to neck collar. Face and Hair covered with spit.

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Breasts bound with leather straps. "Please. Let me be. My time is near. I need to lay down.


Please, someone. Please." "No No.

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Whore Cunt Slut Pig Cow" The white doctor came to look to look her over. Jolene was shaking, quivering, sweating, moaning. "She is ready, she is in labor. "SHOW TIME." The room was filled with laughing and screams.

BAM BAM The men were stomping their feet. Two men held her with the broom handle through her arms while two others lifted her by ankles lifting her legs shoulder high and spread wide open for ' everyone to see. "AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Jolene screamed out. A chair was put under her and they sat her down, her legs over the arms of the chair.

"No, Please, No." Jolene's legs were strapped to the outside of the arms. Her head was pulled back and neck collar fasted to the back of the chair. Arms were still attached to the neck collar and her preggo tits still bulging from the tight straps. A grizzed old man walked on the stage with a cup and a straight razor and leather strap. Barely able to see, Jolene started screaming.

"What are you going to do? What?

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No." "Shut the fuck up, I gonna shave your pig head. You better hold still." He held the knife to her face. "Don't fucking move!" He pushed her hair back, soaked and slimy with spit.

He started pouring the liquid from the cup on her hair, cum donated by the men at the club. Using the spit and cum as shaving cream he slowly shaved the bitch's head He took the soaked locks and pasted them to her face. The knocked up bitch, bound to the chair could only sit in terror as she felt the razor on her scalp. Her face was soaked with cum and spit as the cut hair was pasted to her face.

(To Be Continued)