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Runaway Lustful Cunt Motel Sex
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Me and my wife Linda just divorced, it was kind of nasty. But to be honest, I'm glad it's over. We didn't have kids, and I'm thankful for that, we would've fought for them as well.

But don't get me wrong, I'd love to have some one day, just with the right woman, you know? I left her the house, she left me my ring. I obviously had to move out so I decided to go back to my mom's house in the meantime, you know, before I get back on my feet.

I lived pretty far off from where I grew up, had to catch a plane actually. Been a while since I saw my sister anyway, last time I saw her she was eight, now eighteen, I knew it would've been a shock let me tell you. I got home, well, my mother's home, at around eleven in the morning. I was tired as hell when I knocked on the door.

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My sister was still at school so obviously, she wasn't there to meet me when I got home, but my mom sure was. She opened the door and just smiled at me, standing there in the doorway. I'm usually not a very emotional man, something my ex wife kept bringing up but, my eyes flooded with tears when I saw my mother. I did keep contact with my mother in the past ten years, but only on the phone and the Internet.

I haven't seen her in so long, and going back to see her in the house I grew in. I guess the shock was too great for me to contain. My luggages fell on the floor and I went and hugged my mom. She hugged me right back. We cried in each other's arms for what seemed forever and then she finally spoke.

"God Michael, I'm so happy to see you." "I'm happy to be here too mom." I said, chocking a little. "I'm sorry for the divorce honey." "Me too. But life can be a bitch." "Don't I know it. I know how a divorce can be painful Michael, but I'm here if you need to talk about it. Is there anything you want?" "Well, let me in, for one." I said, snickering. She laughed at that and tried to help me with my luggage but I said that I got it. I got in and she showed me to my room, which was bare except for a bed and a desk with a lamp on it.

The emptiness of the room reminded me a bit too much of my divorce and the fact that I just lost everything, but I didn't say, I didn't want to hurt her feelings. "I know it ain't much but, we don't all have your bank account." She said with a smile. And to be honest, it was true, I wasn't what you'd call rich, but being a college professor, it did pay the bills. "Your sister can't wait to see you, she's so excited." "I am too to be honest." And that was true as well.

I tried to get familliar with my room. I put some of my clothes in the drawers of the dresser and got my shoes off and laid them next to my bed, something I have been doing since I was a kid.

Me and my mother talked for about two hours after I got out of my room. We sat down at the kitchen table and drank some coffee, a habit I tried to kick some years ago but never seemed to beat completely. We talked about the divorce, Christina, my sister, and what I've been up to since the last time I spoke to her, which was four months ago.

After two hours, I was getting tired and I needed a nap. "Mom, is it OK if I go lay down a bit, the flight was a long one and I haven't been sleeping well in the past few days, with the fights with my ex and all." "Oh of course honey, you know the way, it's the same room as it was when you were growing up, with just less posters." She laughed.

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"Yeah, I ain't a kid anymore, I don't think you'll get home again and see something that's gonna shock you again any time soon." I laughed myself. My mother hugged me again and after letting me go she got close to me and said. "Well, I need to go to work in an hour, so, if you get up and I'm already gone, there's food in the fridge, you can cook something for yourself and Christina for dinner." "OK mom, and.

Thanks again." "Ah you don't need to thank me honey, I'm your mom and it's my job to take care of my baby." "I'm not a baby anymore mom, I mean, I was married for a while." She laughed and kissed me on the cheek and let me go to bed. I didn't even took my clothes off, I just crashed and burned.

I had an uninterrupted sleep for seven hours straight, four more hours that I've had in the past two and a half months. I woke up to the sound of a brat whispering to my ear. Christina was back from school and have been waiting for me to get up.

She was on her knees beside the bed, her elbows propped up on the bed, her hands cupping her chin and just looking at me sleep. That was kinda cute. And kinda creepy, to be honest. And then it came back all at once. I remembered vividly that when she was a kid, she used to have a huge crush on me. It used to make me laugh, and I tortured her with that, now, well, it made me more uncomfortable then before, now that I have been away from her for so long.

"Hey Mickey." She said, with glee. "Hey crazy." I replied with a hazy, sleepy voice. I sat up, still groggy a bit, and felt hunger right away. "You hungry?" I asked my sister.

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"Yeah, I am. I took out the lasagna from the freezer earlier. Should be ready to be cooked now." I got up and went in the kitchen and shoved the lasagna in the oven.


That is when I saw my sister in the light. She sure has changed. She was standing there, at five foot four, one hundred and twelve pounds soaking wet, with bright red hair, and I mean red, as in, not her natural color, red like a fire truck. And her breasts. They just were. Bigger then I remembered. We sat at the kitchen table and ate a little, just enough to be satisfied but enough to feel completely full.

We talked about life and what we have been up to since those past ten years. We did speak on the phone and the net a bit in the past, but not as much as with my mom, and talking to her that night made me understand how much shit I have missed. I wasn't really proud of myself, I was so wrapped up in my life that I forgot that the people that I love won't sit on their asses and wait for me to be around them again to live their lives.

After dinner my sister asked me to go to her room and see how much it changed, so I did. "So, how do you like my room?" I'm not gonna go into details about her room, suffice to say, it was very girly.

"It's. well." "Well what?" She said, a bit impatiently but still smiling. "It's very. Pink, and girly." She laughed at that and then jumped on the bed, tapping it meaning the obvious, she wanted me to go sit on the bed with her.

At first I didn't know what to do, I don't know why, but I felt a bit uneasy, maybe it was because I was seeing my sister as an adult for the first time, and to be honest. Parts of me thought she grew up to be one sexy young woman.

I went and sat down next to her. She immediately put her right hand on my left leg. And for some reason, I've let her. "So, I heard you and that bitch divorced huh?" "Yeah." "Why? She was lame in bed?" She said, with a warm smile on her face, or was that a wicked grin?

"No, well actually." "I knew it!" She screamed. I smiled shyly looking at her. "Maybe you need someone that truly loves you and you know, always had loved you." Her hand on my leg started to go up and down, going further up near my crotch with every stroke. And the weirdest thing, I let her. "Yeah, I guess you're right Chrissy." She giggled at that, probably because I used to call her Chrissy back in the day, and it had been a while since I did.

"Can I tell you something Mikey?" Now it was my time to smile, my mom always called me Michael, and Linda always called me Mike. It felt good to be with my sister again. "Of course Chrissy." She looked at the bed, she couldn't directly look in my eyes, and replied. "I'm still a virgin. I mean, I masturbate a lot, and I gave two blowjobs before, but other than that, nothing." "You are?" I asked, confused.

I mean, she's so hot, no joke, she's really all grown up. "Yeah." She said shyly. "Mikey, can I tell you something else?" I laughed a little bit, I always thought it was funny when someone asked permission to ask you something, not to mention that asking to ask something is a question in itself.

"Yes, yes you can." "I. God, I'm so fucked up." I grabbed her chin and raised her face to meet her eyes. "You can tell me Chrissy, don't worry, OK?" "I. I always wanted you, and I always had feelings for you." "Chrissy." I sighed. "You know, I'm your brother, flesh and blood at that." "I know, but God, I always wanted you, and I don't care anymore, I've been wanting you for as long as I can remember, and I won't miss my chance this time, I want you so bad!" She jumped on me and started kissing me on the mouth, slipping her tongue in my mouth.

She pushed me against the wall behind the bed, so my shoulders would be propped up against it and let my body lay on the bed. I tried to push her off but she got on top of me and kept kissing me. The more she was kissing me, the more I was letting her.

"God Mikey, you're such a good kisser." "You." "Me what?" She started to kiss my neck and touch my body by putting her hands under my shirt. "God. You too!" I said, finally caving in my temptations, because I have to be honest, I did think of being with my sister in the past, not when she was a kid mind you, but now, today, at eighteen, how hot she'd become and how fuckable she'd be.

I even thought about her once or twice while I was fucking my lame ex wife. I finally put my hands on the side of her body and started to kiss her right back. This was so sudden, it was fucking crazy, I mean, I haven't seen my sister in so many years and I just woke up not so long ago and I was still in a daze because I slept more then usual, I just couldn't believe it was actually happening.

She took off my shirt and started to suck on my nipples. I never had a woman do that to me before and it felt so good. I didn't realized it then, but I was rock hard. She took off her shirt and then her bra. God, her body is so fucking sexy, tight little young body with big fucking tits. I later found out that they are 38 Ds. And it made my cock so hard that it was hurting it being trapped in my pants.

She ran her hands through her hair while moaning while grinding her crotch on mine. I could feel my underwear getting wetter and wetter.

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She laid back on me and kissed me. When we took a break I said. "Take. Take my pants off." She hurried to my pants and took them off in one fell swoop, throwing them at the other corner of the room, she took off my socks next, massaging her face with my feet.

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She spread my legs and went to my crotch, kissing, licking and biting my hard cock through my underwear. "Oh God, I can't believe I'm letting you do this!" I said, trying to catch my breath, my heart pounding in my throat. She pulled off my underwear and was about to grab my cock but paused and looked at me, maybe realizing what she was doing, or better yet, who she was doing. I looked at her in her eyes for a moment, trying to debate on the next course of action but my brain wasn't working right.

So I just smiled and said. "Do it!" She smiled back and went right after my cock, deep-throating it right at the get-go, Gagging on it hard. "Mmmm fuck!" I almost screamed. There it was, it was official now, I was having sex with my own sister, and I was blown away at how good she was.

She was sucking my cock for only a few seconds now and I could already tell she was better than my ex wife. Hell, she was better at sucking my cock than any other girls I've ever been with.


I finally got the courage to touch her, I ran the back of my fingers against her face lovingly, while she sucked my cock with lust and passion. "You taste so fucking good Mikey!" She said, stroking my cock. "And you're so good with your mouth, you'd think you did it all your life." "I kinda did, I use to practice on stuff when I was younger, to get ready for you." I almost came at that, just the thought of someone wanting me for so long so badly turned me on like never before, and to be honest, that someone being my own sister was a good extra.

She kept blowing my cock like a pro, deep-throating it and drooling on it. "I always wanted you Mickey, and I don't want anybody else." She said, going up and down on my cock relentlessly. "Chrissy I'm gonna cum!" I almost shouted. She let go of my cock then and jumped on me, kissing me, trying to talk through her breath between kisses. "Please don't, I need you inside me!" "Mmm, not before I taste you." I didn't care anymore.

I wanted to be with her both sexually and emotionally. She was on me, kissing me, rubbing her young pussy against my cock, and since I was so close to orgasm, I wrapped my arms around her tight and turned her over so I would be on top. I kept kissing her still, my hands finding their way all over her body. Caressing it and touching it and feeling it.

I then kissed her throat and upper chest, finally went down on her breasts and kissed them as well. She moaned at that and then I sucked her nipples, grabbing them tight and just sucked on them like it was my first time.

They were so firm, so fresh.


"How do I taste Mickey?" She asked. "Good Chrissy. But that's not the part I wanna taste the most." After saying that, I kissed her body all the way down to her pussy and started licking inside her. "Oh my God." She said, fast and with a shortness of breath.

"How's that feel?" I asked her, with a shortness of breath of my own. "So fucking good, even better than I expected." "It's only gonna get better from here." I said, with her clit in my mouth. I started sucking on her clit as I fingered her slightly, just pushing half of one finger inside her. She started to arch her back and moan even louder now. She was already started to leak a little and I knew she was close to cumming.

Thus I pressed on, licking her clit even faster and fingering her deeper and faster until she exploded all over me. She squirted hard on my fingers and face. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" She screamed loudly. I leaned on her and exchanged a kiss, lips covered with her cum. I kissed her like I never kissed anyone, with more passion then ever before.

I grabbed my cock and teased her clit with the tip of my cock. Wanting to get inside her so much. And so I did. I got the head of my penis inside her wet, wanting, hungry pussy. "Deeper, please, go all the way, I want all of you in me!" I repositioned myself to get on my knees in front of her. My cock got out when I did that but I grabbed my dick and shoved it back in, and then I pushed and got it all in. I had to push hard since her little kitty was so tight, even with all the wetness.

I started to go back and forth, making my cock wetter and wetter with every thrust. I wanted to make love to her for some reason and yet I wanted to fuck the shit out of her. "God it feels so fucking good! Don't stop!" "Oh God you too!" "Do I feel better than your stupid ex wife?" "Fuck yeah, she doesn't compare to you little sister! But I can make it feel even better!" "Do me the way you want me, please!" I got out of her and helped her on her knees, I kissed her once more and smiled at her.

I slowly turned her around and let her get on her hands. I was behind her now and I smacked her ass with my wet cock. I slowly pushed myself inside her tight little wet pussy and got all in and started to fuck her a bit harder then before.

I could hear her cringe, if that's even possible, but I kept at it. Going faster and faster, making spanking sounds with my body on her ass. Going as deep as I could, I was already trying not to cum. But wouldn't stop for nothing in the world. I spanked her ass while fucking her hard and the second I did, she came all over my cock. I got it out and she understood what to do, maybe lil' sis's been watching porn in my absence?

She turned around and went to my cock, her legs shaking even though she was just on her knees. Her arms were as well. She sucked my cock as good as she could. Tasting her juices and my pre-cum at the same time.

"Fuck, you're so good at giving head. You have no idea." "Mmmm, I'm happy I can please you." "Why don't you try to sit on me?" I said, about to cum. "Fuck yeah, I always imagined myself riding your big fucking cock!" I laid down and held my hard, wet cock straight up.

She got up and slid one foot above me and was about to crouch down on me and almost fell, I grabbed her with both hands and then just held one of her hand with one of mine and went back to hold my cock up so she could sit on it, which she did, with a bit of effort, even with all the wetness and her own cum, she was still too tight for my cock!

She went more then halfway down but couldn't fit it all in, and she started to finally bounce on me. I held the side of her sexy, little body as she went up and down on me, hard. "That's it, fuck my cock!" She kept at it, for a while, until her legs ran out of strength. She slowly let herself fall on me, I grabbed her tight and started to fuck her from under her. Finally going as deep as possible again, breaking her little cunt. My hands moved from her sides to her ass and squeezed her perfect round, bubbly ass as I kept fucking the shit out of her.

"I'm gonna fucking cum!" "Cum inside me. Please!" I knew I should've said no, I mean, I could've made her pregnant.

But at the time, I didn't care. So I did.

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I came inside her so hard that I felt some of my cum drip back on my balls and on the bed. We both closed our eyes and tried to catch our breath back. Exhausted, we kissed like we always were lovers and just kept our eyes closed. Until we fell asleep in each other's arms, her over me, my cock still in her. A few hours later we were awoken by our mom entering the room and screaming.

"WHAT THE HELL?" To Be Continued!