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Core cradled his mate for just a moment longer, before withdrawing his now deflated knot from his still panting lover. At last separated, his mate dropped to his side, and gave him a glowing look which expressed love greater than words ever could. He looked upon her almost with a sense of pride, her white fur and red eyes almost glowing in the darkness of the bedroom, a wolfess whose albinism only added to her beauty. "How could I be so lucky to have such a beautiful mate" he thought to himself.

Now, he considered himself pretty good looking, with his neatly kept, sleek, dark, gray fur and somewhat athletic build, but around her, he still felt way out of his league. She was the most amazing (and serious) mate he had ever been with. To him, she was the most beautiful person both in body and in mind in the world; She was priceless… which is what made him feel the worst about what he has done to her… About what he is DOING to her.

She interrupted his groveling with her sensuous voice, "Let me help you with that" She dipped under the blankets and wrapped her muzzle around his softened length. With a distinct *POP* she removed the condom, and she surfaced with the condom hanging comically from her mouth. He couldn't help but chuckle at that performance.

"You know" she began, placing the condom on the bed table, "These things really kill the mood." He couldn't agree more.

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He would love nothing more than to thrust into her warmth as nature intended, but it was always understood between them to use contraception. She had a dissapointed look on her face, giving a vibe that something was bothering her.

"Adroitia. What's wrong?" Clearly taken off-guard by this question, she quickly replies "Nothing's wrong" with a sharp smile, but he could see straight through her. Something was seriously up. "Adroitia… Please" "It's just…" she paused, searching for the right words, "… I really love you." His head tilted, puzzled.


"I love you too Adroitia." She hesitated in her response. He grew a stern look and said, "No matter what's bothering you, just lay it on me, I promise I won't be angry with you." She hesitated once more before speaking, "… Have you ever thought about cubs?" Core's eyes shot wide open. "I…" "Hell no!"… at least that's what he wanted to say. But he actually said, "Not wanting a cub doesn't make me love you any less Adroitia." "Core, you've been a selfless mate to me, you would be a great father." To that, Core's heart sunk.

In truth, he's been anything but selfless. He's been cheating on her… going to a park restroom during his lunch break to get his cock sucked through a glory hole like some sort of dirty fucking insect… He got lost in his thoughts, and there was a pause.

Adroitia's ears flattened against her head "I'm sorry… Please forget I said anything." She said quickly, before rolling over, and throwing the covers over her head. Core wasn't sure what to say, so he just leaned over to turn off the light and whispered, "I love you Adroitia…" Shortly after noon the next day, Core was jogging through the park on his lunch break to let off some steam.

He felt guilty about the night before, and tried to think of what he could have said differently to Adroitia. These thoughts came to a halt however when he neared the park bathroom. Core has been feeling sexually charged lately, and with the rest of the work day ahead of him before he could get home to his mate, he couldn't help but walk into the stall he had promised himself so many times before to avoid… The bathroom was actually relatively clean considering it was public.

The only odd feature of this bathroom was in the second stall from the very right, which housed the glory hole, and a sliding latch door at about head height that always seemed to be locked.

He sat on the toilet. As expected, two knocks came from his left side. He signaled two knocks back, and slid the usual currency under the stall.

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He compromised with his guilt, "I've been here so many times already, there's no point in stopping now." In fact, he knows most of the hosts that run this stall on a first name basis, though he's been very careful to avoid reciprocating such knowledge, lest his mate finds out. He stood up and withdrew a condom from his wallet, toying with himself until he was rigid enough to accept it, and then penetrated the glory hole yet again.

A sigh escaped his mouth as a pair of warm, gentle paws ran across his length. Few minutes passed before he felt himself growing closer and closer to climax. The incessant, gentle teasing at every centimeter of his member was euphoric; His senses were awed.

He'd done this dozens of times, but it was like this particular person knew exactly how to drive him crazy, and he just wanted more and more. He knew it was unwise to tie with a glory hole, but he was blind with lust and without thinking, he thrust deeper into the glory hole, stretching for every centimeter of pleasure he possibly could.

In response, the hands picked up in speed, and it wasn't long before his knot swelled further, locking him into the wall, but he couldn't care less. Just as he felt he was about to slip over the edge, all sensations stopped for a moment, and then he felt a mouth wrap around his manhood.

With a familiar *POP*, he felt his condom come off, and before he could react, the sliding latch door flew open, and his heart skipped a beat. He found himself staring into Adroitia's red eyes. "Oh my g… I- I- " he stammered. "Shhhhhh." She whispered in a hushing tone. She wrapped her digits around his knot, which was now much larger than the glory hole itself, and began her slow pace again.

The severity of the position that he was in dawned on him.


What would she do to him? Would she kill him? Would she break up with him and leave? And which would be worse? "Please I… Adroitia&hellip. you have to believe me when I say I DO love you…" Adroitia neither sped up nor slowed down her motions. "I just… P-Please don't hurt me…" he stuttered. She paused momentarily to make eye contact with him, and then continued her work. In a calm, collected tone, she narrates: "One of my friends informed me that this bathroom was a glory hole spot, and that you've been coming here for quite some time now." Core opened his mouth to say something… anything… but he couldn't.

He closed his mouth and continued listening, occasionally squirming as her hands glided over his knot. She continued, "I'd never even heard of a "glory hole" before, so when it was explained to me, I of course refused to believe it.

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I needed to see this first hand. So I did what any jealous girlfriend would do; I staked out the bathroom." Core tried to ignore the sensations to his pulsing cock in hopes that his swollen knot would subside, but inside he knew it was vain; this wasn't even kind of going to happen. "When I saw you enter the bathroom, I couldn't believe my eyes.

I followed you into the stall, hoping, praying that you simply happened to have walked into this stall of this bathroom for no reason in particular, but as I approached, your moans made it apparent otherwise. I bribed the, very kind, vixen that runs this stall on weekdays in order to be here… But don't worry, because unlike you, I haven't done anything through this hole with anyone but you." Core tensed up as he felt his orgasm imminent.

Just before the plateau, she paused. "You really DO still love me… don't you?" It was the truth. "Yes." he replied. "How much do you love me?" "More than anything in the world." As his near-orgasm subsided, she continued her stimulation. "I love you too Core" Core's eyes welled up in tears, and he hung his head and looked to the floor.

Those words made him feel even more ashamed of himself. He didn't deserve such words from such a perfect mate.

"Core." She whispered, "Look at me." He continued to stare at the bathroom floor. "Look at me!" she demanded. He whined softly, but did not look at her.

She sped up her strokes, flowing rapidly over his knot and shaft. It didn't take long for Core to get close again. He shut his eyes and braced for the climax, but just before the point of no return, she slowed her strokes to a crawl. His eyes shot open momentarily before clenching them closed again in discomfort. He was so close to orgasm, he found himself writhing over the sensations, which now turned to pain.

"I said look at me Core." Finally, his head rose, tears now openly rolling down his face. She halted her sensations and once he had calmed down enough, she continued her tantalizingly slow strokes again. "We still love each other, but surely you understand that things cannot be the same." Core lowered his head again, but this time, when she sped up her strokes, he immediately sprang his head to attention, to which she responded by slowing down once more.

"Don't you dare look away from me." She said authoritatively. He was afraid to speak. A plethora of thoughts and fears swarmed his mind. He was afraid for his life, but also did not want to lose his love, and each second that crept by without knowing what she was going to do felt like an eternity, when finally she said, "Like I said, things will never be the same Core.

but I am going to give you a choice." There was a pause, and Adroitia sped up her pace slightly. Core could feel his heart pounding against his chest in anticipation of both her next words and his impending orgasm. She began, "I will walk out of this stall right now. I will go directly to your house, I pack my belongings, and I will be well out of the county before you've even calmed down enough to free yourself from this glory hole; You will never see me again." The thought that the last time he would ever see her could be happening right now, through this rusty not-even-two-foot-wide window in the wall, tore his emotions in two.

"No! Please! I can't live without you!" He cried. His orgasm drew near once again. "Or… You can prove that you will stay loyal to me by performing the greatest act of commitment I could ever ask of you…" She released his cock and moved closer to the window.

"…by becoming the father of my cubs." His body went numb. All of his thoughts froze in place. Before he could think of anything to say, she rubbed her apparently dripping vent against the tip of his shaft. Now closer to her, he could smell her scent, and it was obvious that she was in heat.

If he came inside of her, she would most definitely bear his cubs. She slid ever so gingerly down his length. He was so close to orgasm, that had she inserted him any faster, he would have surely cum.

Once she had taken his knot.

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She relaxed her muscles for a few moments to allow him to gain control. There was a pause and they stared into each other's eyes, when Adroitia broke the silence.

"Decide quickly my love. This time, I'm not slowing down unless you ask me to leave." But she didn't ride him; She was merely standing idly, when suddenly, an enthralling sensation he had never felt before overtook him.

Her muscles began milking him, squeezing, and squirming around his length. He was entranced by the sensations when he felt his orgasm drawing near and he snapped out of it. "Wait! Adroitia!" She did not slow down. "Adroitia! This is crazy we need to talk about this!

Stop this!" "Then you'd better talk fast." She said nonchalantly. Core's head was spinning.

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Adroitia expertly massaged his entire length in every direction, all the while she remained completely motionless. He had never experienced anything like this before, and he knew it wouldn't be long before he lost control.

"Right. I… okay. There's…" His mind was quickly scrambling for the right words. "I love you Adroitia but I'm not ready for fatherhood." She listened intently, but did not slow down. "I know, I hurt you-" Adroitia squeezed hard on this statement, blurring Core's vision from the sensations, "AH! Adroitia, wait, slow down I need to explain something" "I'm not slowing down Core." she growled His orgasm drew ever closer.

"I'm not willing to let you go Adroitia!" "Then stop fighting it. Release inside of me." This sent shivers down his back. "No! Adroitia, listen, I can't be a father! I have my life ahead of me. We BOTH have our lives ahead of us!" "Core, just ask me to leave and I shall gladly-" "-TOGETHER ADROITIA!

We have a whole life to live TOGETHER!" His pleading fell on deaf ears. "Adroitia, I… I'm gonna…" he stuttered. "So am I Core." It was inevitable. He could not ask her to go. In one last desperate effort, he whispered one phrase. "What about the cubs?" Adroitia immediately relaxed all of her muscles. "What about the cubs?" she replied His fists clenched, his legs shook, and he couldn't focus his vision.

He was so close, he wasn't sure whether he crossed the point of return or not. Like a perfectly balanced scale, he teetered on the edge… So close, that just the throbbing of his member against her walls threatened to throw him over the edge. In each word, he fought to maintain control. "I &hellip. Ah… I was not fair to you Adroitia. Is… Ah! Is this fair to the cubs?" Her face went blank, clearly struggling to process that. As every ounce of his being fought against his natural instincts, he managed to utter.

"I. will change… for you…" There was a pause… … and then Adroitia burst into tears. "I'm sorry Core, you're right… This isn't right. I should have-" "Adroitia! I'm gonna lose it! Pull away from me!" With a concerned look, she pleaded, "No, don't cum Core, hold on!" "Adroitia… PULL!

AWAY!" "I. can't!" "What?!" Core was grinding his teeth, trying to get in control.

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"I… I think I'm stuck" She tugged backwards, trying to free herself from his knot. This sensation nearly sent him over the edge. "AH! Adroitia! Stop stop stop! Don't move!" Perfectly still, Core did his best to relax, but just when he felt he was starting to gain some control, Adroitia's warm canal twitched around his knot.

"Adroitia!" He whined. "I can't help it! You're throbbing knot is going to make me cum! Stop!" He hadn't realized how close she too was to orgasm. If she orgasmed, there's no way he'd be able to contain himself. Whether this downward spiral continued for minutes, or for hours, felt impossible to tell, but it became obvious that this was a losing battle… and in all honesty, a battle he was losing the will to fight. He longed to simply release inside of her.

He glared up from the floor and looked at his partner, Adroitia. Her eyes were clamped shut and she was gritting her teeth, desperately fighting the urge to bear down on his throbbing length.

He thought about the situation, and then he thought about her… The insurmountable love he felt.


"Adroitia." For a moment, she opened her eyes, and in the next, Core leaned through the gap in the wall and they locked muzzles into a kiss. When they separated, he said, "There is no better person on the planet that I would rather have a family with than you." Adroitia's face lit up. "If we're to bear cubs, let us do it on our own terms." He didn't need to tell her twice.

She began expertly milking his length as hard as she could, and they both howled in unison. Each pulsation of his long-denied orgasm brought on a wave of pure ecstasy. Spurt after spurt of seed was shot into his lover, intensified even greater as his lover expertly pulled the semen into her with her contractions. The sensations eventually dulled down, and the to-be parents, left standing face to face with each other, locked into the kiss of a lifetime.

---------- My first story ever written, simultaneously my first contribution to the furry community period. Whether you love it, or hate it.

Whether you print it out and idolize it, or print it out and use it at toilet paper. I don't care, just please leave feedback. Thanks! EDIT: Changed the layout and a few lines for easier reading. It was pretty clusterfucked before.