Arabian twinks gay cumshot xxx New York Doll

Arabian twinks gay cumshot xxx New York Doll
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My name is Lee, I stand about 6'5 and weigh just under 225lbs. Short dark brown hair and light green eyes, like harry potter green. I am very fit due to the many sports I played in high school, Football, Basketball, Track, and Swimming.

Out of all of the things I did in high school the most enjoyable was smoking some herb. Now for those of you who oppose to the use of Marijuana I am sorry, most people do not understand that it can be used for more than just smoking, you can cook with it make clothing, plastics, and paper. When they ask me why I smoke so much weed, I simply reply "Its not a habit, its a life style." So that is enough about me now on to the story.

Driving home from work I kept thinking, man that was a piss poor day at work. So I decide its time to relax, pulling out my cigarettes I pull out one of my prerolled joints and light up. Innstaly I feel the tension release itself from my back and shoulders calming me.

Taking another pull as I pull into the drive way, I am greeted by my very energetic black lab Bella. She comes skidding around the corner her claws clicking on the tile as she slides trying to regain her balance.

Jumping, she lands on my chest knocking me over, shes a big dog. She imediataly drew her attention to the joint still burning in my hand, as her tail began to wag slowly at first I took a drag filling my lungs to the max her tail began to wag faster and faster, while I exhale she sticks her eager nose infront of my mouth inhaling the smoke pouring from my lungs, yeah she smokes with the big boys.

And again for the animal lovers this is compleatly harmless she takes it from me I don't force it upon her. Kissing her ontop of the head "Thats my girl." Just being referred to sent her tail wagging franticaly. Over the years I have aquired many smoking acssesories ranging from six inch bongs to a massive seven footer, Hookas ranging from one to eight hoses, pipes, steam rollers, vaporizers, gas masks, and most importanly the chamber but thats for another story.

Stopping to admire my many toys I picked up the Beast which was the first real bong that I had purchased it is acualty classified as a zong for its stright pipe feature, this thing is a true killer the first time I hit it I threw up keep in mind all I had really hit were homemade bongs and pipes never one that was made by a pro.

Grabbing a clean pair of clothes I make my way to the bathroom, as I wait for the water to warm and the steam to build I admire my fit and toned body. On top of most of the major muscle groups I have many tattoos my favorite being a siginature I got from Cheech and Chong as on my left peck, as soon as I got them to sign me I went straight to the tattoo parlor I was really trashed that night. My eyes following my reflection in the mirror I look at my washboard abs and dark tan skin, my eight inch cock begins to grow at the mere thought of hopefuly gettin lucky at this party tonight.

Walking back to my room after my shower I start to assemble my arsenal of smoking acsessories for the party I decide on a few pipes and the beast. Loading them into my custom made case, I throw about seven grams onto my swingers(scales) and bag it up time to party.

Getting to my car I light up another Spliff its about a twenty minute drive to Barley's(like the grain). Barley is the first person I hung out with during my freshman year in college we party like every night now, his place is the spot to be, always a keg or atleast twelve cases of beer for every party, five beer pong tables, five or six beer bongs and everything else you would want at a party. Making my way up the flight of stairs to get to the party I can already tell its a big one, I can hear the music so clearly through the walls and hear loud voices as people compete with the music to hold a conversation.

Reaching the landing I see several people having a cigarette in the hallway, Barley does not allow cigarette smoke in his place. I decide I need to have one before making my rounds thru the party, as I light up a girl who stands about 5'2 looks my way ive talked with her a few times she has long flowing black hair about to her mid back, small blue eyes that sparkled.

Her breasts are something to be admired at 34DD they towered her small firm frame.

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I wave and she begins to make her way over. "Hey Lee!" she yells over the crowd. "How you doin Brittany?" I ask "DRUNK" "Yeah looks like it" I laugh. I can't seem to bring my eyes away from her bouncing breasts as she jumps up and down in excitement. "I see you brough your toys with you tonight" "You know I don't go anywhere without my toys" "You got Herb?" she says giving me the cutest smile.

"Maybe, if your a good girl." "Wheres your girl" "Far away and not comming back, she split." "Why?" "I dunno really I just came home last week and she was gone havent heard from her since, so fuck it I don't care anymore." "Awww, I'm sorry." reaching up she planted a kiss on my cheeck. "Thanks its ok i'll be fine, I'm gonna try and find some strange to night." "If your a good boy." she said "Don't tease me!" I say with a smile.

Throwing my smoke away I tell her I'm going in to make my rounds. "Don't forget about me, come back out later and get me." she says into my ear as she grasps my cock through my pants. Cupping her breast "Oh i'll come back." Making my way back up the hall I open the door and am greeted by the heat of many bodies and the strong scent of Marijuana. I push my way through the throngs of people to get to the back room and deposit my gear. Pulling out another joint I light up and make my way down the hall pushing my way through people the football days comming back to me.

As I enter the front room I find my friend Stan sittin down. "Whats up dude?" I yell, I pass him the joint. "Not much man, where the good at?" "you know where its at, get the guys and meet me in the back room in five I brought the beast." "No shit?" "No shit, meet me in five." I say as I make my way to the kitchen to get water and beer.

I find some friends taking jager bombs and dicide to take part. After three Jager bombs and two Vegas bombs I grab my water and a case of beer I was gonna get tore up to the floor up. Finaly in the back room I start to set up the table pulling out my four glass pipes and a steamroller along with the beast. I fill her with two inches of water leaving two feet and ten inches to be filled with smoke, just as I finish the door opens and in walks Stan, Vinny, David, Barley, Brittany, Julie, and Cindy.

Cindy is an ex of mine she stands about 5'5 and has long blonde hair her breasts are no where near the size of Brittany's but they are a fair C cup.


Her slender legs went for miles until disappearing into her skirt. She has the softess skin I have ever had the pleasure of caressing. Julie I work with shes pretty cool.


We fool around at work sometimes and I have never gone a shift since she started without getting a blow job(The perks of managment). Shes about 5'3 110lbs short brown hair and big doe eyes, she fills a D cup very easialy.

I'm already sittin in the bed and Brittany and Cindy sit on either side of me.


"Looks like I didn't have to come get you after all." I said in Brittany's direction. "Yeah I heard what was going on back here so I had to grab the girls and come." "Glad you did." "Lets smoke!" I announce to the room. Taking a big pull from the beast I took it like a champ eyes watering and all. Ive been smoking this bad boy for a while ive learned what kind of hit I can take.

Brittany jumps in my lap for a shotgun, she liplocks me and sucks hard forcing all of the smoke from my lungs, Cindy jumps on and I repeat the steps and pass the bong.

Barley is up first "take it easy dude its a killer" I warned. "Man I been smokin since you were born." He takes a mighty hit but chokes and coughs for a good ten minutes, "Pass that shit" says Stan, standing up he takes a big pull and holds it in briefly before sputtering it out, doubled over swinging the bong(my 400 dollor bong) wildly trying to find a hand with out looking.

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After the coughing subsided he settles down as Vinny takes his first hit, hes learned from Barley and Stan not to take that big of a hit and fills it about half way and clears it like a champ, but its the exhale thats the killer as hes passing it away he exhales and coughs wildly for a few minutes.

Now its Julie's turn and she does the same as the other two girls lettin me take the hit sitting in my lap and sucking it from my lungs. After a few more rounds apiece I put it away and roll a blunt. Now that all of the beer in the room is gone and we are pretty well fucked up, we rejoin the party I decide i have to go to the bathroom to get rid the eight beers I smashed in the room.

Unzipping my pants I let my eight inch member fall out and proceed to relive myself. Just as I was finishing Brittany bargs into the bathroom locking the door behind her. "Hey there big boy." she says with a smile her eyes locked to my now semi hard shaft.

"Can I help you with anything?" I ask hopeing she is thinking the same thing I am. "Maybe" was all she said. "Hmmmm, well its only fair I have my dick out you got to see me so now its my turn." In one fluid motion she had her pants off leaving her in a very skimpy pair of boy shorts, I can tell from the wet patch infront of her crotch that she was very excited.

With a evil like smile she slowly peels her panties of revealing a small patch of black pubic hair that ended just above her lips leaving everything else shaved, I could easialy she her wetness now. Being bold I reached out and stroked her pussy. "Mmmmmmmm, such a bad boy Lee." she breathed. "Payback for the hard on you gave me earlier in the hall." I said inserting two fingers knuckle deep in to her wet and glistening hole Throwing her head back and sighing "Mmmmmmmmm, that feels soooooo good." she said.

Parting her lips farther I found that magic button and made her squeal. Wrapping her small hand around my now fully erect cock and looking my in the eyes "would you like some help with this?" I simply thrust my fingers in farther in reply. She started to pump me with slow long strokes slowly gaining speed and pressure on my engorged member, a soft moan excapes my lips as she rubs my shaft.

I pull up her shirt and bra springing her tits from thier prison, her entire nipple was no bigger than a quarter areola and all.

They were both erect and rubbing against my hands, I take her left nipple into my mouth and suck on it picking her up and sitting her on the counter in the bathroom, she still has ahold of my dick and starts pumping faster than before. Rubbing her clit with my thumb she starts to rock her hips moaning with every thrust "Stick that big dick in me." She moaned Just as I was beggining my assalt of her tight pussy there was a loud knock on the door "Lee, we are up on the table!" it was Barley "I'll be out in a minute." I yelled back, lookin back to Brittany I smiled as I shoved all eight inches home feeling the walls of her pussy contracting to take my massive girth I pumped a few times and decided it was time to go, Pulling out I tell brittany paybacks a bitch.

Come find me later on and we will finish this. Walking out of the room feeling very proud of myself for making her as horny as I was I make my way to the pong table its time to get trashed. We were on fire that night me and barley ran the table for atleast an hour and had gone through a case of beer between the two of us. "Alright dude I gotta have a smoke" I said in his direction "I think i'll join you sir" he said. Grabbing yet another case of beer we make our way to the outside hallway.

There were fewer people this time and we got the only chairs in the hallway being the current pong table champs. "Nice cock block earlier" I told him. "When?" "When I was in the bathroom before the game." "No shit?, I'm sorry dude." "its all good man she wants my cock ill get her later I enjoyed teasing her a little bit like she did to me." "Who was it?" he asked.

"Brittany" I replied. "Daaaaaaammmmmmnnn I'm really sorry now" he said. "I'll get her before the nights out" "I'm sure you will dude, I'm sure you will." "I'll be right back man gotta take another piss this beer is runnin through me." Deciding that it was easier to just go to the fire escape and piss off the edge, making my way down the now crowded hallway I make it to the back just in time, I really had to go the sudden release caused my legs to go weak I grabbed a hold of the rail to make sure I don't fall over or even worse off the fire escape which is a good ten fifteen feet up.

I feel a set of breasts press into my back and a hand wrap around my cock. "Hey there." came a voice from behind me it was Cindy. She starts grinding her hips into me as she massages my now swollen member, "Mmm that feels good." I groan, "You like that?" she asks "of course" I said. "I mean you do have a very senseitive part of my anatomy in your hand." with that she knelt before me and said "now its in my mouth" before swallowing all eight inches, this girl was a pro I now remember why I liked her so much she could suck a dick.

As she deepthroated my dick she started to play with my balls caressing them slowly but firmly I felt her suck harder and one of my nuts popped into her mouth, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" she moan while she tried to get more of me into her mouth. Pulling me out of her mouth to get a breath she strokes me some more circling her tounge around the tip of my member sending shocks up my spine. Looking up at me she smiled and started to kiss my balls maintaing as much eye contact as possible, it was so sexy watching my cock slide in and out of her mouth.

"Hows that feel baby?" "Heaven" was my only reply she bagan to stroke me with a furiousness that I have never encountered from her before. "You gonna cum for me baby?" "Mmmmm" "Gulp, Gulp, Gulp, Mmmmmm cum in my mouth I want all of it. "Mmmm thats really good babe i'm almost there won't last much longer "Gulp, Gulp, Mmmm I want your hot cum in my belly baby cum for me now!!!!" "Mmmmmm im gonna cum" I start to thrust in and out of her mouth, while she strokes my balls.

"Cum for me baby, I want it all give it to me now" with that she deepthroated me once again feeling her throat squeeze my dick almost sent me over the edge but I held my ground. After a few more minutes I was finally ready to give her my load "Here it comes" I yell a few moments later and I felt my nuts release and my body shudder with an intense orgasm sending rope after rope of warm cum deep into her throat. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm, GULP, GULP, GULP" was all that I got from her.

She swallowed all of it making sure she pumped it all out, she sucked my now softening member clean and put in back into my pants."Thank you so much I really need that, hadn't eaten that much cum in a while." "My pleasure." she stood and kissed me I grabbed a heathly handful of ass and tit and kissed back feeling her tounge enter my mouth.

Breaking our kiss she looked at me "you can take care of me later"(thats where the chamber comes in). "Sure thing Cin thanks for the relase" "No prob, I love a big hot load in my stomach.

With that she walked away leaving me to admire her shapley ass as she went. "Man that must have been one hell of a piss you were gone for a while" said Barley as I walked back into the hallway.

"Yeah Cindy showed up and blew me before comming back." "that would explain alot" snickered Barley. "Yeah but she is good at what she does." I say laughing. "I bet she is dude, I bet she is." Sittin back down I needed another Cigarette so I could settle my post orgasm heartbeat. As soon as I lit up Julie comes over and plops in my lap. "Hey Lee, could I have a cigarette?" "I dunno" I said "depends" "On?" she asked "If you look as good naked as you do colthed." "Lee we have fucked before you have seen me naked!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah but not in the past 24 hours I havent you never know something may have changed." Taking her cue she got up and removed her shirt and skirt "Is this enough?" she asked giving me her best puppy dog look, but I wasn't phased a bit. "thats good enough for a drag off mine if you want one of you own you gotta show me everything." "OK!" she grinned and removed her bra freeing her perkey round breasts, next she removed her underware revealing a compleatly shaved and wet pussy.

"Can I have one now?" "get on your hands a knees and crawl to me." I said she was a good girl and did as she was told. "Damn, you got her trained." said Barley "Naw she just knows how to get what she wants." I laughed pulling out my pack "get up in my lap girly", she jumped still nude onto my lap and recived her prize. I could feel the heat comming from her dripping snatch against my leg. Reaching around her I insert two fingers into her eager pussy "HEY!, I didn't say you could do that." "I didn't ask I just did it" I said laughing "plus you are more than horny anyways just just relax and smoke your cigarette let me take care of you babe, with that I found her clit she squealed with delight as I rubbed her little nub rolling it around between my fingers sending shivers up her spine.

"Mmmmm, that feels good" she moaned my hand picks up speed, Barley reaches over and grabs her chest pinching her nipples, she starts to grind her hips into mine kissing the back of her neck and collar bone. She archs her back as her orgasm apporaches."MmmmmmmmmmmOoooooooohhhhhhh" "I'm gonna cuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm!" She starts to buck her hips wildly a low moan rumbling from her chest.

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I feel her body shudder as her orgasm subsides, I didn't lose a beat I kept rubbing away sending her in to spasms as yet another orgasm recked her body. "Mmmmmmmmm Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" She screamed. She sat in my lap spasming ocasionally my hand still rubbing her over sensitive clit.

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Plucking the cigarette from her mouth I shove my fingers into her mouth letting her taste her own jucies."Mmmmmmmmmm" She moans "Thanks for the smoke" "Anytime I replied." Sliding off of me she got dressed and turned and kissed me, "I may need another smoke later" she said while walking away. Watching her cute little ass walk away I invsion her tight little pussy wraped around my dick. Standing up and heading back into the apartment I go back to the pong table with Barley and we play for a nother couple of hours, killing another case of beer we ritired 25-0.

I make my wat to the back room and crash. I walk in an plop on the bed, i'm down for the count. I awake what seems only moments later to the best feeling a man can wake up to, a blow job.

I can't see who it is because it is dark in the room and I don't have my glasses on, But who ever it is is very good at what she does. Its the best blow job of my life I still have no clue who is doing it.

All I can hear is her moans as she takes me into her mouth and the steady slup gulp sounds she makes as well. I lay still not wanting to scare her and make it all stop that would be bad. She pulls me out of her mouth and beagins to stroke me while sucking my balls into her mouth one at a time. I can feel her pussy against my leg, Its just gushing wet I can feel the juices flowing down my leg. I can't take it any longer I tangle my fingers deep into her long hair and push her head all the way on to my eight inches, feeling her gag slightly I pull her head back and repeat the steps.

Sliding my hand down her neck and around her back I find a very large breast it suddenly hits me that Brittany has my member eight inches down her throat. Keeping it annoymus I keep my mouth shut and just reach down to her dripping pussy and slide my fingers over her opening making her shudder slightly. I rub her for only a few seconds before lying on my back between her legs. I pull her down to me and start to lick up all of her wetness which made her even wetter.

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"So Bittany, How did you know I was in here?" "How did you know it was me?" "Who could mistake those breasts, I mean really?" "I guess you have a point" "And a hardon thanks to you" "Would you like to me continue what I sarted in the bathroom?" "I was under the impression that you had already started" "I guess so." she said with a giggle. Taking me back into her warm wet mouth she resumes my blowjob I lay back and pull her so that her dripping pussy is just above my waiting mouth.

Burying my face into her I part her lips with me tounge working slow circles all over her hot pussy, starting at the base I work my way up to her clit rolling it between my lips and teeth. "Mmmmmmmmm that feels so good" she moaned. I insert a couple of fingers into her as I lick and bite her little nub, still licking her pussy I let my hand explore her body starting with her breasts slowly rolling each one in my hands while paying close attention to her clit and small nipples.

Running my hands further down her body I start to fondle her tight firm ass, Wetting my fingers again in her pussy I part her cheeks and start to play with her anus.

"No not there!" She squeaked. "Trust me you will like it" "I don't know", she said apprehensivley. "It will be fine I promise." "Ok I guess ill let you try" she said soflty. "Thats my girl." Rewetting my fingers I spread her cheeks again and start to massage her anus with slow circles applying a little pressure each time I passed over her hole. "Ohhhh, that feels better than I thought it would." "Do you want more?" "Yes!" I push the tip of my finger into her hole and slowly work it around still licking her clit sending spasms thruout her body.

Pushing my finger deeper I feel her tense up. "Ouch" "Sorry I wait for a sec and let you adjust." Feeling her loosen up I push my finger deeper this time she moaned loudly. "That feels really good" "I told you it would" I said as I took a breath from eating her still thrusting my finger into her tight ass. "Ok you win, Just don't stop" "I won't stop till the big breasted lady screams." "I think that can be arranged" "Mmmmmmmmmm, Harder she moaned" I began to slam my finger in and out of her as I assulted her clit sending her over the edge.

Feeling her orgasm so strongley sent me over the top, shooting rope after rope of hot cum down her throat. She rolls off me and lies next to me breathing heavily "That was amazing!!" she sighed. Feeling that the time of recovery was over I posistioned myself over her rubbing the tip of my now swollen again member against her pussy lips and clit. Teasing her I slide the head in ever so slightly and quickly withdrew it, despite her protests.

I put it back in slideing more in this time. "Give it to me." she said "Are you sure you want it?" I say rubbing the tip up and down her slit.

"Yes!!" she breathed. I slid all of my eight inches into her and recived a throaty moan. "Oh its so big, I didn't think it was but now I know." I begin thrusting in and out holding on to her so she doesn't buck me off.

It didn't take long and she was comming again. Feeling her pussy constric around my shaft sent me over the edge. I exploded into her pussy sending rope after rope into her warm wet depths. Finally spent I roll off and pass out. What a night. The next morning I awoke with a really bad hangover and only bits and pieces of the night comming back to me, I remember Brittany the night before Looking over I realize that she is gone.

Oh well score one for me she will be back.