Latina lesbian Gianna Dior fed stepmoms hairy pussy

Latina lesbian Gianna Dior fed stepmoms hairy pussy
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Over the last several months, my condition stabilized. The vision issues settled down. I did notice that there was still a twinge of blur at times but nothing like before. As long as I kept my mirror sun shades on I was just plain old me, nothing more. The second I took them off however any female from puberty to beyond menopause (70s?) was happy to sit on my lap and grind me.

They all were open to suggestions and wanted to do anything if I told them it excited me. Inhibitions for the most part, gone. The more I looked into their eyes the more eager they were to do riskier slutty things, to attract me as a sexual partner. During intimate contact the look would often trigger an orgasm in them.

The lesbians that pulled up their shirts on the street and shook their tits at me were the very first examples of the sudden developed desires, I experienced. Let me explain my past so you understand why I used my new ability for revenge like I did. Maybe I was childish to do it.

They say revenge is best served cold. Almost 10 years had elapsed but it was anything but cold. When I left college with a BS degree my new girlfriend Colleen hinted about marrying me. Colleen was (is) gorgeous. Blond, tan, trim, nice sized boobs, big round ass, beautiful bright white teeth and a sexy voice.

I met her as graduation from college was scheduled, but still months away. She first talked to me in the school book store. She happened to be at the same pizza place I was eating at.

A week later she accidentally rear ended my car as I was driving out of the school parking lot (with almost no damage.) After that we started dating. She wanted to get naked on our first date. I loved it. She made me feel like I must have been irresistible. I knew it wasn't true but I did feel good and very masculine.

I graduated second in my class. Colleen graduated with credit but only a 2.2 GPA. A defense contractor offered me a nice job and I took it. After getting an apartment and required clearances, I started on a big work project. Colleen moved in with me. It was great. Lots of sex. She continued hinting that she wanted to marry. I was very busy and I told her we would look at that once things settled down. I admitted that I loved her, I was committed to her exclusively and wanted to talk seriously about permanance.

She said she was totally in love, happy and said she was committed to me. Soon we closed a major portion of our project, the company threw a phase completion party. Colleen brought along a cute friend Sheila. She was a shorter version of Colleen. Short, blonde, boobs and ass. Sheila buzzed around me while Colleen socialized with the CFO and CEO.

After a couple hours, Colleen disappeared. Sheila zeroed in on me and stayed close, asking annoying dumb questions. After about a half hour Sheila started rubbing her boobs on me as she talked about nothing.

I excused myself to the restroom. I saw Sheila on her phone as I turned a corner. So I looked around for Colleen with no results. After 30 minutes of looking I gave up looking inside the building. I was worried something had happened to her. I decided to start looking outside but now I really did need the restroom. The family restroom was the first down the line. Next was the women's then at the far end the men's room.

I thought to use the family restroom to save time. I tried the knob and it was locked. Their were no kids or babies here tonight. As I started to walk on, the door opened. Colleen walked out smoothing her dress down and texting. She looked up at me and her jaw dropped in shock. "Stanley! Hi. I was just-" Colleen said.

"Oh, there you are baby! I was getting worried. Ready to go? I just need to go to the restroom real fast. Hang on." I said with a smile. Colleen yelled "NO!" as I walked into the family restroom.

Jeff Meyer (CFO) was standing in a dress shirt and boxer shorts, stepping into his pants inside the room. He zipped them up, buckled his belt, stepped into his oxford shoes and stood just looking at the floor, I think he was ashamed. I have to admit I never saw this coming. "It's not what you think, Stanley." Colleen lied. "Oh, what is it?" I asked.

Silence, not a word. Jeff walked out of the room. Colleen's hair was a mess and she looked like she had been sweating. I was sure she was carrying a load of his cum right now. I walked out to my car without talking to anyone.

I was very hurt, my emotions ran from rage to wanting to cry. My plans of marriage, babies and a happy life ever after just exploded. Finally I realized what she really was. It still hurt but I knew I needed to be rid of her.

I went home and packed her things in trashcan liners. I sat her things outside the front door. I cried a little. She had her own key so I put a chair under the doorknob, and went to bed. The next morning Colleen's trashcan liners were gone. Monday morning I was fired and arrested by the FBI. Sensitive files had been downloaded, my log in and password had been used.

There was no proof I did it. I told them what happened at the party. After 30 days of sitting in a jail cell, I was released without having to post a bail. After the charges were dropped one of the FBI guys, that pitied me, gave me the event site's surveillance camera files. They recorded Colleen and Jeff Meyer going into the restroom while kissing and about 50 minutes later all three of us at the doorway.

I was sure Meyer used my credentials to make it look like I did something with some files, probably to stop me from filing a complaint with HR and his wife finding out. This video gave reason and guaranteed great media coverage; sex, lies and a setup. I sued my old company. They offered a shockingly big settlement. I ended up with 1.5x the offer and signed a confidentiality gag order, tied to national security. Jail time if I spoke. Colleen, Sheila and Jeff Meyer set me up.

The betrayal, arrest and jail, ruined my chances of having a career and it made me want to ruin them. They all got to go on with their lives, having children, socializing, happy with achieving their goals.

I was forcably retired against my wishes. I wanted to warn the world what lying, cheating assholes they were. But I couldn't, I couldn't say one thing or I'd get arrested again and lose the money they gave me.

With the settlement I bought my house and a new truck. I don't have to work any more. Now, ironically, I like only married women that are safe for me, being already taken. Our relationships are strictly being physical. I know it's very Nietzsche 'staring into the abyss' and becoming the monster you fought.

I ackowledge I have serious trust issues and I can't really get serious with a woman. So I'm a little messed up. I'm not a perfect person but who is? *** Colleen Meyer walked into the coffee shop. She was looking awesome. Blonde hair up, makeup, silk dress, expensive heels, huge diamond wedding ring. Trim as ever and that ass looked great.

I remember she hated doing anal. Such a shame, it seems now. Considering what I wanted to do. I snapped a few pictures of her with my phone, getting out of her Bentley and walking into the coffee place.

I knew she liked to get an iced coffee here because I followed her for a week. My plan for her involved pictures. I had my truck wired for video with sound just for this occasion.

It had it's own cellular data connection and backed up to a secure server. It all was activated with my key fob. My phone backed up to the same account. Even the FBI wouldn't be able to access these files. Not that it mattered. I went in to the shop and walked up to her as she added stuff to her drink. "Hi, Colleen.

God! You look great. Look, I don't want anything from you. I just wanted to tell you that I understand why you did what you did and I forgive you. We weren't married and I neglected you. I'm sorry that I didn't do better by you." I lied, I treated her like a queen. My sun shades were in my hand and I stared into her pretty eyes.

"Stanley? Stanley Vernon? You, you look great yourself. ,Thank you, for forgiving me. I thought for all these years you hated me." Colleen said, looking into my eyes. She was right about hating her. She told me what I already knew. She married Jeff Meyer. He divorced his wife and married her. Things I didn't know. They have two daughters, twins. They are 9 close to 10 years old. She still thinks about me and the good sex we had. She loves my eyes. Would I like to go to a Hotel to talk? Her treat?

I asked if I could take her picture. I told her I often think of her when I'm alone and a picture of her would help me remember how I used to make love to the most beautiful woman alive. Colleen said yes. She'd love to pose for me. Let's sit down, Can we go sit in her car? I told her I thought she was sexy right here in the coffee shop. She unbuttoned the top three buttons on her dress. I took several pictures of her showing cleavage and a smile.

I thanked her and said her showing me her cleavage excited me. She still has the best set of tits in the state. "Want to see them again?" Colleen opened a few more buttons and then pulled her big tits up and out of her bra.

I took more pictures of her. She was sitting in a chair with people behind her looking at their laptops. She smiled showing both breasts in a public place. Her nipples were bigger and darker now. Her areolas were also big and dark. "Do you still get waxed? I remember your pussy was so smooth and pretty." Colleen did a quick look around and then pulled her dress up above her waist to expose her purple panties.

She spread her legs wide and pulled her panty crotch to the side, showing me her hairless labia. I took several pictures of all this.

Her wedding ring with the big diamonds looked expensive next to her red pussy lips. "Stan, can we go sit in my car?" She pleaded. "Why? We are having fun here. What do you want to do there?" "We could fuck. If you'd let me." Several guys heads turned towards her, hearing her comment. "This is really sudden Colleen. I'm single but you are married with twin girls. What about your husband.

Won't Jeff be mad?" "He'd be furious. But I won't tell him. Can we please go to my car or even the,, restroom? My pussy is dripping for you Stanley." "Well, if you need it that bad. We could go fuck in my truck. It has the big back seat. Ok, give me your panties." I felt a guy behind me standing with his phone, recording Colleen. Colleen closed her legs, lifting her hips and slipped her panties down to her 2 thousand dollar heels. She handed them to me.

I stretched them open and held them up to the light. La Perla purple lace thong panties. We stood up and I motioned her toward the door. She walked quickly to the exit. I tossed her panties onto the chair cushion she had been on and followed her. The guy that videoed her taking her panties off grabbed them off her seat. I told him to hang around the parking lot, I'll have her walk naked. I unlocked my truck with the key fob. Colleen heard the locks and opened the back door. She climbed up and inside.

She was pulling her dress up and off before I was able to get inside. Colleen sat in the back of my truck wearing only her purple bra, high heels and wedding ring. "I'm not sure we should be doing this. Colleen, you married Jeff and had his kids. Doesn't it bother you to betray him like this?

In a public parking lot?" "Stan, I offered to buy a hotel room. Don't you worry about Jeff, you didn't marry him, I did. They're my vows I'm breaking, not yours. He can't make me cum like you can.

He's only good at making money. Now, Can I please suck your cock?" "Uh, Sure you can. You still love giving head? Can you still deep throat?" I asked while pulling my pants down to my ankles. I sat on the back seat and she leaned over my groin. "Just watch!" Colleen laughed as she grabbed my hardon at the base.

Colleen made her lips encircle the head of my cock. She pushed it inside her oral cavity, slowly. I soon felt the tighter ring of her throat. Colleen squeezed her eyes shut and continued to slide it inside. I could feel her tightness spreading around my cock.

She was pushing it all the way in. Her lips were around the base of my cock. Next she started to pump up and down. Sliding me in and out of her entirely. She slid it out and took a big breath. "See! I can still suck it all the way." She bragged. She was a natural born slut. Good with all things sexual. Except anal sex, but that would be another day. "Do you want to ride me? I'm all hard from you deep throating me." I asked. "FUCK YES! more than anything in my life! You were the best fuck ever!" Colleen threw a leg over the top of my hips.

She raised up and moved my cock to her pussy lips and then sank down. She was really tight. I was surprised how tight considering she had twins. "You like how tight it is? I got a vag-rejuvenation a few months ago. It's like I'm 18 again. Money well spent. Jeff likes it, but he doesn't have your cock. My Doctor said to stay away from giving birth and huge dicks.

You are an exception. Ah not that I care but- Are you fixed or- ?" "Don't worry Mrs. Tight Pussy. I'm not going to make you pregnant." I felt I wasn't lying because I've never had a girl tell me she was.

"Your pussy feels so good. Was it Jeff's idea to set me up for that file download thing? I don't care but, do you remember?" "Stanley, he only wanted to get you fired. The FBI and all that court stuff was unintended. He was really scared when you were released. I was just joking with him about the files and your password but he must have taken it seriously. That was all his doing.

You got a lot of money on that law suit. I was so happy for you.

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Can you suck my tits? I'm going to cum soon. This is SOO good." "Good! Don't be afraid to be vocal. I like girls that cum loud. Makes me swell bigger." I swung my hands in an arc and slapped her ass several times making her cheeks red with finger marks. I sucked her big brown nipples. She was grinding, jerking and breathing fast. She threw her head back and started to cum. "I'm cumming!

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OH FUCK OH FUCK! FUCK ME! FUCK MY CUNT!" Colleen yelled loud enough to be heard in the parking lot. I'm sure my truck was rocking. Colleen wasn't one that froze and quitely achieved climax. She yelled and kept thrusting onto my cock. She was having a good cum. Hard nipples, pussy muscles spasm, pupils blown out like saucers.

Colleen settled down and stopped her hips. "That was so fucking good Stanley! My pussy is so happy. You didn't cum! What will it take to get you to shoot for me, Baby? You want my ass? I hate it in my ass but I'll do anything you tell me. Ass, Mouth, more pussy? Anything Stan. I have to make you cum." "Well, I think I can finish in your pussy.

Will you promise we can fuck again? Atleast once or twice more? I never got over you." "Oh Stanley! YES, YES we can fuck a lot more. Next time I'm going to give you my asshole. I'm going to make you fuck me up the ass. I remember you loved it. My husband has never even tried. We'll go to the seasons and get a nice fuck room. You'll own me! Make me your fuck toy." I decided to hurry up and finish. I took ahold of her thin waist and moved her pussy up and down my dick.

I thought of my plans and how she was going to be popular on the internet. She started enjoying the fast fucking and helped push herself on me. I swelled and felt my cum ready to blow. "I'm going to cum! Can I cum in your mouth? Will you take my cum?" She nodded she would. "Now baby, NOW." Colleen peeled her leg up and off my lap. She opened her mouth and was dropping her head onto my blue throbbing penis when it started shooting. My first shot hit her forehead hairline.

The second was just below her left eye. The rest went in her mouth and down her throat. She suckled and tongued my piss hole. Taking all my jism. She looked at me and smiled. "Colleen that was the best cum ever. You have made me so happy. Don't wipe your face. It looks so nasty. Can I have your phone for a minute? I want to put my number in it." I created a contact in her phone to a burner I had and took a picture of my eyes as the contact image.

"Colleen, look at me, my sweet slut. When I call you. Look in my eyes. I want you to remember me looking at you and this awesome feeling. Doing that will make me want you. Do you promise?" "Yes, Stanley I promise. We can get together again right?

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I want you." Colleen said sitting with sperm on her face. She was staring in my eyes. Her eyes glazed over and I saw her hand digging in her pussy. She was orgasming again. I gave her a minute to recooperate. "Did you keep in contact with Sheila? Could you bring her next time.

She would be fun to play with. That would make me happy." "A three way? Sure Baby. You know, Sheila married a VP at the company. She is such a little slut. She is afraid of you, because of that terrible night. I won't tell her it's you. You'll have to convince her." "One last thing my sweet little lover woman. Can I video you walking to your Bentley just like you are. Just carry your dress over your arm? That would be so erotic, you strutting and bouncing your tits and ass.

If you did that for me, we can meet tomorrow for sex. You and Sheila. I'll send you a message. Will you thrill me?" I stared into her eyes.

"Absolutely, Stanley. Anything. You make me so hot. I'm yours." I pulled up and buckled my pants. I stepped out with my phone recording video in HD. Colleen stepped out with her silk dress folded neatly over her arm. Her nipples were almost black they were so tight. She smiled like she was very happy and 'runway model' walked to me as I videoed her. Tits bouncing, ass shaking.

A couple cars stopped in the parking lot. The guy from the coffee shop was there with his phone out too. Colleen jiggled up to me where I got a clear shot of the cum on her face and stopped. "Thanks for the fuck, Stan. You taste like candy! See you tomorrow for more." Colleen turned toward her car and bounced her naked ass over to it. She opened the door and bent over. She twerked her ass for a few seconds and then sat in her car.

The red hand Mark's on her ass were very visible. She started it and drove out of the parking lot still naked. I put my phone in my pocket. The guy from the coffee shop walked over to me and watched her car pull into traffic. "Your girlfriend is hot. What's her name? What site is she at? Porn stars are so sexy." "She's not my girlfriend. She's just a rich married slut. Colleen Meyer. Her husband is Jeff Meyer. He is a big wig for The Company.

She gets off being a slut in public. You should hang on to that video. You might be able to sell it to the media someday. Give me your email, I'll send you some stills of her." *** Early the next morning I messaged Colleen. I told her to get us a room at the seasons hotel.

I wanted to surprise Sheila so I needed to get in the room first. She immediately sent back that she would set it up, 'this will be so much fun!' 20 minutes later she messaged that it is suite 1187 and they are holding the key for Mr Smith.

The room is ready now. What time you want us, lover? 'Is noon ok? I guess we should make it later but I can't wait to see you two.' She responded that she has a nanny and so does Sheila. We'll see you at noon, order us some champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. And anything else you want. She said she was going to bring a play toy. 'I told Sheila I need help with a guy and to wear sexy underwear so you are warned, we will be dressed to kill.' I gathered my camera equipment and drove to the hotel.

I parked in the self park and headed to the front desk. "Hi, I'm Smith. Suite 1187. Can you send up two bottles or one magnum of some very nice champagne with three flutes along with some chocolate dipped strawberries to the room. Oh and a chicken sandwich with a iced tea? And I need my key." "Yes, Mr. Smith. Right away. Here is your key. Will there be anything else, Sir?" "I'm here for a meeting.

Two associates will be joining me at noon. The wine and strawberries are for them. You you can have them delivered around then. The sandwich is my breakfast, can I have that right away?" "Yes Sir. Please enjoy your stay. Your breakfast will be there within 10 minutes." I had my sandwich and soft drink then setup the cameras in the room.

At 11:50 there was a knock at the door. The girls were outside. I opened the door and took Sheila's hand. "What! Oh God, Stanley please! I didn't know. Don't! Let go! It was Colleen! You look good but please don't hurt me. I was just to keep you from finding out!" "It's OK Sheila. I'm not mad. I'm not going to hurt you. It's all in the past. Don't worry." She stopped trying to get away. "You really look good Stanley, your eyes are so fucking sexy. Are you sure you're not mad?

We kinda ruined your life. I'm sorry- you are, wow, your eyes. Can I come inside?" I backed up and both girls followed me into the room. Both Colleen and Sheila were wearing long coats. I could see nice high heels and stocking. Colleen had a big black leather purse. Probably expensive.

I looked at both the girls, but mostly Sheila and told them they were sexier now than ever before. Both women smiled and thanked me. "Sheila, Colleen asked me what I wanted to make me happy. I told her I wanted both of you. Like I wanted before things went bad. She told me you were married but you might be wild enough to help her fuck me.

Can you forget you are married while you are with me, like Colleen is doing?" "Being married isn't going to stop me from fucking you, Stanley. I cheat on him all the time. I get horny and he is too stupid to figure it out. If I can fuck his best man on our wedding day, I'll have no problem fucking you." Sheila announced. Sheila opened her coat and slid it off. She was wearing an expensive lingerie set.

Black with hot pink accents. A half cup lace bra. Her nipples protruded over the top edge. Her belly was small and had just a very slight amount of belly fat. Her garter belt dug into her skin. She had on a lace thong, black stockings and black Christian Louboutin heels. Colleen took her coat off as well. Her 'dusty blue' lingerie was more of a see through. A full cup bra that was sheer. Her dark areolas easily shown through.

Her matching panty was a normal full front and back except they were transparent also. Her bald labia lips could be seen and the cleft of her ass cheeks. Her stockings were thigh high stay-ups. The heels were Manolo Blahnik's new line in blue.

Colleen put their coats on a chair. They both spun around to show off for me. "Ladies, you both look so gorgeous. The champagne is going to be delivered soon. There is no need to hide. I'll say I'm a fashion clothes buyer and you two are models showing me your line of lingerie. You both look like models." I prepared them for a little public display.

I asked Sheila if she had ever been with two people at the same time. She admitted that she had two guys on her honeymoon. Her husband had a conference call and two guys at the resort asked her to their room. She said it was the wildest time she had, so far. Never with another girl however. Colleen also admitted to a threesome, two locals in Jamaica on a vacation. Luckily she was on the pill then. There was no way she could have had one of there kids.

Jeff would have divorced her immediately. Colleen told Sheila she didn't need to worry about me, I wouldn't get them pregnant. Sheila said good she hates condoms. There was a knock at the door. It was 12:01. The waiter pushed a cart into the room. His eyes got big as he saw both the girls standing in their sexy underwear. He opened one champagne bottle and poured into the flutes. He glanced at the girls constantly. "These models are beautiful aren't they? I think they might be convincing me to buy their entire line.

So I'll put a generous tip on your receipt. Please tell management to ignore any noise complaints. I'll be tipping them when I leave." I told him. "Thank you sir.

Please enjoy the champagne and your models.

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They look like a lot of fun." He said obviously regarding them as what they really are. After locking the door I turned to see Sheila biting into a chocolate strawberry and Colleen setting her bra on her coat. She rubbed her bare breast's skin. "A toast! Here is to wild sex and what your husbands don't know won't hurt you." We raised our flutes and drank to them being unfaithful. They both giggled. I pulled them to me. I took turns kissing them. I let my finger tips lightly caress their panty crotch.

Both girls pulled them down and kicked them away. Now my fingers found warm slippery labia lips. I stroked their clits and kissed them deeply. I opened my eyes and looked into Sheila's pupils. They slowly started to grow big and her hips began to jerk. I looked away to Colleen. Sheila's hips slowed down when I wasn't looking directly at her.

Colleen began fucking my fingers harder and breathing fast but when I turned back to her best friend she edged back down. I had fun going back and forth bringing them to the edge of orgasm each time. After maybe 10 minutes Colleen grabbed my head and kept my eyes on hers. She came hard on my fingers thrusting and pushing against my hand on her pussy. She yelled she was cumming and her pussy was on fire. She gushed onto my hand as she jerked her hips. Next Sheila followed suit. Colleen sat on the bed and then laid back breathing hard.

Sheila was holding my head, staring deep into my eyes and fucking my fingers. She didn't get loud, but whined and said 'oh god' over and over. Her pussy flooded, dripping down her thighs. She finally laid down next to Colleen on the bed. "Sheila, Colleen had me fuck her yesterday in my truck. Would you like to jump on and ride me first today?" I asked. "Oh hell yes!" Sheila stood up and waited while I got on the bed.

She wasted no time. She crawled up and over me, then centered it on the pussy. She dropped her pussy slowly. Once I was completely inside she stopped and took a big breath. "That feels so good Stanley. Colleen always said you had a great cock. You were her best, just not rich. I was going to get you that night if you hadn't found out.

Now you just relax and let me do some milkin." Colleen winked at me and got up, taking her purse into the bathroom. Sheila was riding me fairly hard when Colleen returned to the bedroom.

She was wearing a strap-on dildo, secured very tightly to her groin. A flesh like, veiny and tan, 7 inch latex cock jiggled infront of her as she snuck up behind Sheila. It was shiny with a thick layer of lube. Colleen had a hard look in her eye. She crawled onto the bed behind her best friend and softly pushed her friend's boobs flat onto my chest. I saw glimpses of her through and around Sheila's hair.

Sheila suddenly froze. "What's THAT?! NO, Colleen don't you dare! OOHHAH, NO! TAKE IT OUT!" Sheila tried to get up. She kicked and thrashed.

I held on tight because I feared she might hurt herself. "SHUT UP, you dirty little whore. You're going to take it in your cunt and your shit hole. Quit fighting, you know you want to be raped. You're a two dollar cum drinking slutty whore of a wife and you know it. You'll let anyone use your holes, won't you, whore? Take it, cunt!" Colleen slammed it up her ass. "Yes, I'm a no good whore.

Please don't kill me. You guys can rape all my holes. My husband thinks I'm faithful.,, GOD! COLLEEN you're too rough. Rape me a little less. You're going to make me bleed!

" Sheila cried out. Colleen slowed her assault but started slapping her ass instead. I watched Sheila close her eyes and smile. After a good 15 minutes of being humped she started to orgasm again.

She snapped her head back as Colleen grabbed her hair. I could feel the latex moving against me while I was stroking into her vagina. Sheila looked at my eyes, let out a yelp and I felt her fluids run down onto my groin, puddling on the bed. Colleen stopped fucking her ass and slipped out of it.

I saw Colleen unstrap and toss the devise onto the bed. Sheila slid off me and Colleen took her place. She wasn't like Sheila, she wanted hard fucking right away. She slammed down on me and fucked my cock deep, hard and fast.

She must have gotten really worked up, raping Sheila's ass. She was chasing it hard and it felt great. I started to cum inside her. I was shooting it rapidly, almost continuously hosing it in.

I saw Colleen's disappointment at my orgasm. While still cumming hard I grabbed her face and brought it close. My hyper excited state must have triggered something in her because she really started jerking and twitching hard. Her fluids ran freely and she turned her eyes up in her head. After a full minute she took a huge breath and collapsed. Both girls were out.

I got up and showered. I dressed myself and they were still out. I wrote a note that I went out to the restaurant. Be back soon. I sat the note on the table next to the bed. *** I went to the desk and told them that my friend had a little accident on the mattress and if they needed to replace anything just throw it on the card on file.

Also put a hundred dollar tip on it as well. I sat in the restaurant. It was 3:30 pm and I ordered a steak. I sat in a booth and saw only a male waiter and one other male customer.

I decided it was OK to take off my glasses. As I enjoyed my lunch, a couple were seated in the next booth. I looked up to see a guy in a suit looking at me. He told his wife to sit on the side facing me and he sat with his back to me. She looked pretty. Nice shape, modestly low cut, little black cocktail mini dress, black heels. "I guess the help has to eat too.

But, Why can't they eat in the kitchen? I hope he showered today." The guy must be complaining about me. "Oh, Mike. He can hear you. He is too good looking to work here. He must be a movie star. Look at those eyes." His wife said. He must be a rich arrogant jackass to expect only people in a suit to eat in the same room as he does. His wife was looking at me, she waived and mouthed 'Hi.' I took the last bite of steak and decided to have fun with Mr.

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Jackass' wife. I drank my water but looked at her face while doing that. I licked my lips and saw her face get red. I sat and just stared at her. She said to the waiter she would have what her husband ordered.

I saw her grab his pen as he turned to leave. She wrote on a napkin and returned it. Mr. Jackass was looking at a financial newspaper. She said she wanted to see if there was a magazine she liked at the desk. His wife walked to the desk and grabbed a magazine but crossed over and passed by my booth on the return.

I followed her movements looking at her face. She was in her late 20s or early 30s. She softly touched my shoulder and dropped a napkin on my hand. There was an out of state phone number and the name, Jill.

I picked up my phone and dialed her number. I heard a buzzing in their booth. Jill answered the phone. "Milly, Hi! Mike and I are just getting a bite before the game.

I thought you'd call me tomorrow. How are you?" She said glancing at her husband but staring past him at me. "You're very pretty. I noticed your gorgeous face right away. I just wanted to ask you, from watching you walk, are you going commando or are you in a thong because I didn't see a panty line on those sexy cheeks?

If it's not too forward to ask." I whispered into my phone. "Oh, on that form, I would say I'm in the second column. I suppose I could fall into the first if I had known. If I did I'll bet you'd like to save the difference?

(giggle) This is fun. Mike is closing the deal tomorrow. Raiding another company. We'll be back home in two days. So on that form you see anything else interesting?" She played. "It would be out of this world sexy if you gave me your hot panties. I could hold them around my cock and jerk off into them. Thinking of your hot wet pussy, what your big tits must look like and sexy eyes.

Could you actually take them off, right there infront of him to give to me? You are such a seductress." I said. "Uh, MIKE. What's the dollar exchange rate to the British Pound today? Milly might go to London." She raised her hips and pulled her thong down to her knees.

She wriggled her legs until they slid down to her ankles, as he looked for an answer. Good old Mike mumbled something after looking up the value in the paper and flipped the pages back to his article. "Milly is a twit." His wife gave me the answer and said she can't wait to get together again. She was going to be at the hotel alone all day tomorrow maybe I could call, it would be great to talk about secrets.

She said I was a naughty one and we could discuss my latest boytoy. But not now, Mike is listening to every word. She then said she had to run to the restroom, talk tomorrow?

She then turned her feet out to the isle and reached down to gather her thong. She stood with it balled in her hand and told Mike she was going to the restroom. She said to start eating when lunch arrived and to not wait on her.

He said he never did. She got up and walked toward the restrooms. I knew she wanted me to follow. I saw her peek out from the corner and motion me to come to her.

Screwing her in the men's room would be ok but making her cum in the booth right behind her asshole husband's back was better. I scooted over in the booth and patted the seat, while she looked at me. I watched her look around the empty restaurant. She took another minute to decide then she walked around the dining area and slid into the booth onto my spot. She faced me and slid her left knee up onto the seat.

She threw her panties at my hands and leaned in to my ear. "Damnit, this is too risky.,, Fuck you are so hot!" She whispered. She moved her face around and forced her open mouth onto mine. She slid her tongue inside my mouth and played with mine, smearing her lipstick. She was breathing faster now. I reached down the front of her dress and pulled her tits out.

At first she started to push my hands away but after the first one was out, stretching the top of her dress out of shape, she helped me pull out the other one.

They were a nice shape, young, firm and pointed. Her areolas and nipples were a very light pink, almost blending with the rest of her white breast. They bounced and jiggled softly as I played with them. She pulled her face back from mine. "What the fuck am I doing?,, Touch me. Put your fingers in me. Suck on these!" She whispered as she pulled my head toward her right nipple and pulled my right hand to her groin. I bit her hard nipple and sucked it up into my mouth.

My fingers found her pussy, wet and slippery. I immediately started stroking her clit. After a minute I spit out her nipple and grabbed her by the hair on her head, kissing her deeply. I backed off slightly and looked in her eyes. I saw her pupils grow huge, her eyes watered, when she turned her glassy eyes upward into her head, I sealed her mouth to mine.

She moaned into my mouth and her knee hit the underside of the table. I glanced at Mr Jackass as he turned his head toward the noise but didn't want to go through the effort of looking behind himself. He returned to his paper. His wife was enjoying a full drenching wet orgasm. Her fluid shot out of her spasming pussy as she tilted her head back and enjoyed a good hard orgasm. She was a little sweaty, a little tired looking as she returned to earth.

I put my sunshades back on. "Shit, I loved that! Is that all me? (Looking at the mess down her legs) I've never done that- wait, jesus, I better get out of here.

This was a mistake." She pulled herself out of my booth. The waiter was walking across the room carrying a big tray. She saw him walking toward her and pulled her dress down to cover her wet thighs. The waiter stopped in front of her and stared at her exposed breasts.

She looked down and quickly pulled her dress up to cover them. The waiter looked away, sat his tray on a stand and started to sit plates on her table. She slid into her seat across from Mr.

Jackass and her lunch plate was put infront of her. I dried my hand on the cloth napkin, then removed her lipstick from my face when the waiter asked me if I wanted a desert or was that what I just had. I smiled and said I just needed the bill. After I charged it to the room and writing down a big tip I got up. I took her panties and wrapped them around my hand.

I strolled past Mr Jackass' table and let them slip down then stuffed them into my pocket. Jill looked at me and my pocket stuffing, turning red again. "What the hell happened to you? Your hair's a mess, your lipstick is smeared everywhere, your dress is, disturbed." He asked. "I got sick in the restroom. My stomach." She lied. "Shit! I hope you're not knocked up again! Did you forget your pills all over again?

I told you I don't want any damn rugrats. -" I left the dining floor. I met the waiter at the host station.

He told me that he'd seen it all now. Her doing that while her husband reads a paper in the next booth. I told him she loves to cheat on him. "She told me she wants me to give these to you. (Her thong) She says her husband is gone tomorrow and she would like you and a friend to return these panties to her for a reward.

She wants a baby so much, for her husband. He can't get it up anymore." I told him. "Thank you! Mr Smith." I ordered two turkey sandwiches and two bottles of water to go. *** I returned to the room. Both the girls were still laying on the bed. Sheila was still out but Colleen was awake. "Hi, Colleen. I just got lunch. I brought you a sanwich and a water. How do you feel baby?" I turned off the cameras by a switch near the tv.

"Stanley, I thought you left, until I saw the note. Did you want me to blow you? I love doing that." "Oh I'm so satisfied right now, we can do more in a while.

So, what's Jeff working on? I used to really enjoy working on those projects. Still missle guidance?" "Yep, guidance and re-entry. Want to see some of his stuff? It's laying all over his office.

Mr top secret! Ha. Mr Little dick can't make me cum is more like it. I will give you some of his work papers next time you fuck me. Speaking of fucking me. You made us pass out. Sheila is still out. Of course I helped by fucking her ass. Kinky slut." Colleen said. "Colleen, I think I might have one more load for you.

Well, for that cute little butthole of yours." I stood and then started to strip again. Colleen was looking down and didn't look happy that I had remembered her lust driven promise to surrender her anus for fucking.

"Oh, thought you forgot. Ok, I did promise. Just go slow and please use a lot of lube. I hate being ass fucked but, ok." Colleen whined. I rethought my planning.

She was going to get a bunch of huge cocks up her ass soon. I'll save that pleasure till then. "You know sweetheart. We can do it next time. My biggest fantasy of all time is-" I began. Sheila blinked her eyes open, awake to hear this statement and Colleen's attention was intensely directed at me.

"-to dance with two pretty, sexy girls and have sex with them on the dance floor. A private dance floor, of course." "Me too, Stanley! I would love to dance-fuck with you." Sheila blurted out.

"Let's do that! You need some money? We can chip in. Any idea where? We have stashed away some cookie jar emergency money.

We can chip in." Colleen volunteered, happy I was postponing her sodomy time. Sheila said she has around 50k in her jar but Colleen told me she has three times as much. This worked perfectly with my plan. I told them I would probably only need 10k to get the perfect private location. Colleen said she would give me that tomorrow at the coffee place. I told the girls that it was getting close to 5pm. Did they want to shower here or at home? They decided to shower at home.

They both redressed in their lingerie and coats. I walked them down to the valet. I purposely kissed Sheila and rubbed between her legs standing next to the open door to Colleen's Bentley. Her coat was open and two of the valets had their phones out taking video. I looked in her eyes and as she orgasmed, I sat her down. I walked around to Colleen and she kissed me but whispered that she had to drive.


She said she would see me tomorrow and bring me some of Jeff's papers. *** The coffee shop was crowded. I sat in a chair at a table. I was just able to slide into it as two other people went for it. I sat my coffee down and put a napkin infront of the opposite chair. Colleen arrived dressed in her coat again and went straight for me. She kissed me and said she had the money but didn't take the papers, she just took good pictures on her camera and brought the memory stick for me to look at.

She asked if we could sit in my truck. I smiled and said 'ok.' Colleen was naked within seconds of entering the truck. She handed me an envelope with money and a memory stick sliding around. I just sat it down and pulled down my pants. She started sucking right away, then she jumped on me and rode for about 30 minutes.

Finally I came in her and triggered an orgasm for her. "Sheila wanted to come with me to meet you but I didn't let her. After our dance floor date, I don't want her around us any more. You wanting her for the dance floor thing that's OK but I want you to only fuck me after that. She can find somebody else. Stanley, you are just too good to share. I love you so much. I would leave Jeff but I don't think I could survive financially.

I have kids to take care of." Colleen told me, like my thoughts didn't really matter. "Sure Baby. She was just fun for a minute, you are what I need. Hey will you two dress slutty sexy for our dance date? The place I found is in an urban setting but I'll rent the house out, just some bartenders and doormen to keep it private.

It's so exciting." I told her. "Stanley you are the best sex man I've ever known. I guess you'd have to be to make me want you more than Jeff. I can't cum anymore without you, I've tried." Colleen said. She redressed in her coat, but busied herself scooping white cum out of her snatch and licking her fingers. I told her I'd see her soon. *** The place I had in mind was the 'CoCo Palms' bar and disco on a dead end road in an urban area.

The owner was Antoine Washington. A 60 year old black man. I told him I wanted to rent the bar for an afternoon. I claimed my slut wife was cheating on me. Her sister was covering for her. I want to give them a group experience. First with me to make me happy but most importantly with some large black men. I wanted to fuck them and video them enjoying multiple sex partners. I planned on dumping them and leaving my wife that night. I thought that since I have cash and he has connections, we could work out an agreement.

He agreed we could make a deal. I pointed out they both wanted plenty of hard anal domination. They were trying to get past a hangup and wanted learn how to enjoy it.

We shook on the price. I handed him a couple thousand to secure the deal. The remainder after the night was done. *** The Chinese Embassy was a drive but it was the only one I remember having 'questionable' employees from my short time working at the company. I parked my truck and sat inside watching. At lunch time a few employees walked out. Some women walked together. The one that caught my eye was alone. She was taller, good figure and had expensive clothes on. A navy blue knit dress just below the knee.

She smoked a cigarette as she waited for a car to arrive. I have to say she was very pretty. Trim and toned. I picked her. The car took her to a french restaurant. She took a tiny table in the back and sat facing the dining floor, sucking on a smoker's lolly pop to clean her breath.

I walked in and directly to her as if I was the party she was waiting for. I took off my sun glasses and sat down facing her.

"Hi, I'm Stanley. I was wondering if you could help me?" I said. "I don't know you. I don't do favors for strangers. Stanley is it? Well your eyes are beautiful. Tell me what you need help with. Maybe, if you are a friend, I might help you." She replied smiling. "Oh, I want to be a friend, a special friend with privileges.

I need to get some top secret plans put inside your network but I want them detected and trailed back to a guy so he'll get in trouble. I'm not going to give you anything really good, just some images of documents that are coded to him. If you help me, we can have sex and I'll make you orgasm so hard you'll remember it the rest of your life. ,,Should I stay or go?" I stared into her eyes. "Stay. I'm Lynn." She took out her phone and called, "David? I've got to cancel.

Work. I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you. Uhmm, we can talk about that, I don't usually but maybe. Bye." "So you want to frame someone? He must have wronged you. What are we talking about as far as information?

You are so fucking intoxicating Stanley, I could drink you all up." Lynn told me. She leaned forward across the table. I leaned toward her and whispered at her lips. "It's missile guidance from the company. Not really enough to help you understand anything but enough to get him arrested.

You just need to mention that $150k buys it. The whole thing coming soon." I said. Lynn inched her lips to almost touching. I could feel her breath on my lips. "We already have everything on that project.

Both hacked and bought. But it would make your government think we don't already have it and getting someone at a level to have his own copies of work under investigation. I'd love to help you. Shall we go? There is a hotel at the end of the block or (briefly touching lips) take me into the restroom.

I feel like I can cum right here, but it would be better with your cock in me." Lynn said with ragged breath. "The hotel is maybe a 30 minute wait.

The restroom is right there." I told Lynn. She closed the lip distance and slid her tongue onto mine. She moaned into my mouth. I opened my mouth and saw her eyes opening also. Her pupils widened extremely fast. She orgasmed while kissing me at the table.

I closed my eyes and she stopped cumming. "Oh my god! What are you? Wait, I don't care." Lynn stood up quickly and took my hand. She led me into the restroom and locked the door. Lynn put her back to me and said 'zipper.' I pulled her zipper down and she dropped her dress. She stepped out of her panties and revealed a smooth pussy and cute little ass. I opened my pants and had her sit on the sink counter. As I stood between her raised legs and touched her wet hole, I stopped and looked closely into her eyes.

She started thrusting her hips and her abdominal muscles quivered harshly. After a minute of her jerking I looked away and slid inside her deeply. I pumped her little pussy for 5 minutes and again looked into her eyes. She started to convulse and stopped breathing. This time she squirted onto the top of my cock. I made her cum for several minutes and then stopped it.

I continued to fuck her, enjoying the slippery chute. She was acting pretty foggy and her pussy went slack after a time. I pulled out of her and turned her around to a butt up position, her face looking in the mirror. I put my cock to her wet ass and pushed into her anus. She groaned loudly and pushed her hands back at me. I grabbed her black long hair and forced her head up to look at me in the mirror.

She again started jerking and spasming. I deep fucked her tight ass as she jerked around. Saliva was running out of her mouth and down her chin. I felt my orgasm approaching quickly. I closed my eyes and pumped her asshole harder and harder.

I heard her whining something in chinese. When my ejaculation arrived my cock was huge and fired off inside her like a big Roman Candle. I opened my eyes and saw the lust on her face as she stared at me in the mirror. I leaned forward as my cock finished it's last few spurts and locked eyes with her again. Lynn groaned pitifully and started to orgasm a new, jerking even her fingers. Her eyes turn up into her head and then she passed out.

I slowly slid my deflating cock out of her anus. I pulled her around and sat her up ontop of the sink counter. I washed my hands and cock. I started thinking that maybe I should try to redress her. I put her dress over her head and her arms into her sleeves. I pulled it down as much as possible, zipped it up.

I left her panties in the trash. I peaked out into the hall and then pulled her out with an arm over my shoulder. Her purse was still at the table. I sat her down in her chair. A waiter asked if she was OK.

I told him she has low blood sugar and I just gave her something. She'll be fine in a minute. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I looked away. I didn't think she take another one. I ordered some wine and a charcuterie platter. Lynn was soon sipping her wine. "So we have a deal then?" I asked. (She nodded) I gave her the memory stick with the photos of the documents.

I asked for her cell number and she wrote it on a scrap of paper. I put my glasses back on. "I'll call you, after he is picked up. We can get together if you want. ,,you see, I said you'd remember it for the rest of your life." I told her.

Lynn nodded her head quickly, giving me a faint smile. "I've never,, and so, so hard. Even when you were up my ass. You'll call me?" Lynn whispered. She looked like a desperate little girl. "Thanks Lynn." I stood and walked out. *** I spotted the guy from the coffee shop. I asked to speak with him outside.

I gave him my password to my cloud account with all the edited videos and pictures of Colleen and Sheila. I told him that he should try different passwords first then after 5 or 6 wrong ones use the correct one. It would look like it was hacked so I could claim innocence. Once the account was opened he should download it all because it would be deleted tomorrow night. After the dance party group fuck, when I got home, I saw the files had been downloaded. I deleted them and uploaded cartoons to replace them.

*** The day of the dance party. I met them early in the parking lot of the coffee shop. They were dressed like expensive call girls. Colleen was wearing a blue low cut tank top that said 'SLUT' across the chest and a black micro mini skirt with very tall high heels. Sheila was wearing a white low cut, tight body, mini dress. It showed the inside and some under boob. The dress ended 3 inches below her tiny thong covered pussy. She had white 5 inch heels that strapped on around her ankles.

Both were wearing gold necklaces, wedding rings, bracelets and earrings. I drove Colleen's Bentley. I parked at the curb and told the girls to sit tight I was doing to make sure everything was setup. Antoine was there. I told him it was ok to video the girls after I was done fucking them. They would look like slut girls in the wrong place at the right time. He liked that. He said he called in four bouncers and two bartenders that were all packing some serious meat. I went over the plan and then asked him to turn down the lights some and put on the dance music.

I got the girls out of the car and brought them inside. The bouncers were really big guys with tons of tattoos on their arms. They closed and locked the front doors. We walked up to the bar and asked for drinks. The girls were bouncing to the beat of the music. After half of our drinks were gone, Colleen asked me to dance. We danced for the rest of a song. Sheila danced next to Colleen and both girls were shaking and bouncing their tits for me.

The bouncers were rubbing themselves while leaning against the wall, watching them. Antoine switched the music to a slow song. Colleen slid into my arms and started kissing me. Sheila kicked her thong across the dance floor as she walked up behind me. She was rubbing her crotch on my ass and her tits into my back. Antoine had my phone and videoed the beginning.

I told Colleen to suck me. As she dropped to her knees Sheila moved around and kissed me. After a short time Sheila kneeled next to Colleen and helped, taking turns sucking. They passed my cock back and forth from their mouths.

Colleen stood, dropped her panties and bent over. She backed herself up to me and slid my cock into her pussy. I pushed inside and as Sheila stood up to kiss me, I whispered to her.

Sheila leaned down and spit on Colleen's asshole. Sheila spread her ass wide and held it open while I slowly pulled out of her pussy and pressed into her anus.


Colleen yelled "NO." As I slid my length up her hot ass. Sheila kissed me a fast opened mouth kiss and then started slapping Colleen's ass. "You're a dirty slut, cheating wife Colleen. Take that cock up your asshole, two-timing filthy whore! Hold your ass open! Do it Cunt." Sheila yelled at Colleen. Colleen pulled her ass cheeks open and grimaced while I slid in and out of her rectum. Sheila laughed and kissed me while I fucked her best friend's ass. I was a bit awkward but I was able to kiss Sheila as she stood next to me while shoving my cock up Colleen.

I reached my hand behind Sheila and rubbed her asshole. She broke our kiss and looked at me, getting very serious. I put two fingers inside her swollen asshole and finger fucked it. Within minutes she began losing control. I was really excited and enjoying both of their asses. My desire tipped her over the edge.

She peeled off into orgasm. She closed her eyes and jerked her hips. Two sets of tatooed hands took her as she stumbled backwards. Sheila was escorted to the lounging area where the two guys were joined by a third. I saw a flash of white in the air as her dress was pulled over her head. I heard Sheila's voice saying 'oh God', 'yes, more!' And 'fuck me!' Antoine videoed Sheila's group sex.

I concentrated on Colleen's butt. I continued thrusting but I got a bit harder and faster. I took her hips in my hands and slammed her cheeks against me. My thighs and her's made a spapping noise that could be heard several feet away above the music.

I even thought I could hear her whine a little. I remembered Colleen's shocked look as she walked out of that restroom just after fucking my boss. Reading their wedding announcement.


Pictures of them with their children. The life stolen from me. Now I had her bent over on a dance floor, holding her asscheeks open to help me enjoy her tight anus. Fucking my married ex-girlfriend up the ass. I felt my cum ready to fly. I slammed my cock deep into her colon and started to spew semen. I jerked my cock inside of her and enjoyed her asshole's tight grip. After several minutes of shooting sperm inside her unhappy asshole, I was finished and slipped out of her.

I stepped back. Colleen was immediately escorted to a couch next to where Sheila was. Sheila was stratling a man that was laying on the couch. A man was behind her pumping a huge black cock in and out of her stretched asshole. Another man was standing next to her head fucking her face. I zipped up and walked to the bar. I walked behind the bar and found a cold beer.

Colleen was being opened and stuffed. After 10 minutes, Antoine joined me and returned my phone. He gave me another beer. I told him I was going to tell these whores I was though with them and never wanted to see them again.

I gave him the key fob to Colleen's car and told him the rest of the money was in the trunk. We discussed the video and possible sales. I finished my beer. I walked over to the couches. Colleen was naked. She was in the same position Sheila had been in.

One under her in her vagina, one huge one behind her up her ass. The third guy was bent over the end on the couch. Colleen was licking his asshole and drilling her pink tongue deep inside his black ass.

I took several pictures of all this. I leaned down to Colleen's ear and asked her if she was having fun. She had her eyes closed and continued to lick deep inside the man's anus.

She simply made a 'ah-ha' and nodded her head. "Well, I'm not. This all reminds me of how you betrayed me before. I'm disgusted with you. I'm done. I don't ever want to see you again." I whispered into her ear.

I turned and walked to the door. I heard Colleen's voice yelling. "What!, let me go! Stanley, you don't mean it! Don't go! Let me up! Stanley come back. Stop! Let me up. Get out of me! Stop I mean it! Quit fucking me! No more! Mummum!-" Colleen's mouth was covered with a wet slipperly male asshole, black tatooed hands pushing her face into it by gripping her hair. I shut the door behind me. I walked a few blocks and jumped on a bus toward downtown. I got off at a stop near a hotel.

I took a taxi to my truck. *** I read online that the company was in the news. I assumed that NSA found the documents being sent online and tipped off the FBI. Media reported that a major company's chief financial officer in the defense market was being questioned about selling secrets to China. Jeff Meyer was being detained after a search of his residence discovered large sums of money hidden inside.

Rumors were that Mr. Meyer's wife was having affairs with a large amount of people. Video has been obtained of her walking nude in a public parking lot after performing sex with an unknown man. Soon their was a knock at my door.

The FBI was serving a search warrant on my home. I was asked to come down to their office to answer some questions. I declined. I admitted that I was having an affair with my ex-girlfriend. We took pictures and video of each other for private reasons. I deleted all of them after she started having sex with other men. I wasn't going to talk to them further without a lawyer. They left with my computer and phone. I went to a mega mart and bought a lap top computer and a couple prepaid phones.

One I used to call Lynn at the chinese embassy. She said she wanted to meet and asked me to come to the embassy. I told her of the FBI searching my house and they would be following me, plus I would never go to an embassy.

I told her my promise would have to wait. She agreed but what else could she do? In the parking lot, I handed the phone to a young homeless guy and told him to call his mother. The media and news blogs lost interest in Jeff Meyer's arrest but the videos of his wife and their friend were viral.

Colleen and Sheila were an internet tornado. Both were reported as newly single. Meyer's parents took Colleen's children and were in court seeking full permanent custody.

Vid-Clips were everywhere of them nude and performing sex acts. Meyer's home was seized and bank accounts were frozen. I imagined that the bank would be taking her Bentley if the feds hadn't impounded it already. I was sure Antoine would be happy to take care of both women, providing they were friendly to him and his cameras.

My revenge was complete. Their lives were ruined. My life was changed. I was eventually arrested and threatened with a charge of conspiracy to commit treason. I chose to represent myself. The federal judge was female and ordered me released. Her clerk gave me the judges private phone number. The week after I got home, I heard a knock at my door.

I middle aged man was outside. He introduced himself as Herman Oswaldo. He said he works for the Central Intelligence Agency and wanted to know if I would like a job. He told me that our government could use a man with talents and skills such as I.

I told him I wasn't looking for a job. He told me I could do a lot of good for my country. He said that I really should consider his offer. So here is my thinking: On one hand, he could be luring me into a off country prison cell where I'd be examined and experimented on.

Probably deemed too dangerous to have freely walking the earth, possibly put down. On the other hand, I could be an irresistible honey trap for female interrogation and conversion. A weapon used to get information from hostile countries.

I didn't really like my choices.