Voyeur Cam at her Room

Voyeur Cam at her Room
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Don and Fran sat on the couch holding hands. Fran looked at the tester in her hand. "It says positive. I think I'm pregnant. The doctor had told them that the pill was not 100% foolproof.

What should we do?" Don answered, "One problem is that we don't know who the father is. Based on the timing, this may have happened at the party we had a few weeks ago." Fran thought for a minute, "Ya, that fits. That was a really fun party but if I have a baby I want it to be yours and we can't be sure that this one is. Another thing to think about is that one of the guys at the gangbang was black. Do we want to take the chance that I'm having a black baby?" Don was thirty-six.

Fran was his second wife. He and his first wife were frequently involved in wife swapping and sex parties and they both really enjoyed it.

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After a ten-year marriage, she found a rich guy that wanted her. He could buy her fancy things and take her on world trips. That is what she wanted out of life. She took the two kids and moved out, leaving Don alone. The divorce was final in a few months. Don met Fran at the sub-division's swimming pool while waiting for the divorce. They started dating. Fran was a very attractive nineteen-year-old. She had a very slim, almost bony body but for her size she had large firm tits.

That really attracted Don to her.

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On their second date, Don found out that she was a virgin, except for giving a few blowjobs, but was ready to give her body to him. A month after his divorce was final, they were married by a justice of the peace.

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Don and Fran had been married for one year. They had decided that they did not want any kids, at least not yet, so she was on the pill. Fran turned out to be a great and very willing fuck. They had done almost every sexual thing that they could think of and she enjoyed it all and was always ready.

She enjoyed having his six and a half inch cock in all three holes and told him that his cum tasted like candy. If he had a little bit of her shit on his prick after fucking her ass, she giggled and called it chocolate candy then sucked it down. Now Don was about to introduce her to party sex.

He had four of his friends over to watch football and more. As she served them snacks and beer, she didn't know that this night was planned to be her first gangbang.

Fran joined them in watching some of the game and had a couple drinks with them. Don had her sit on his lap. After a couple minutes, he reached around and started massaging her tits. She pushed his hands away but he put them right back and would not let her remove them again. "Not in front of the guys, Don." "Just keep quiet and enjoy it.

You're gonna have fun tonight," Don answered. Next, he pulled down her top, exposing her large firm boobs to all. She turned her head and gave him a dirty look. Don kissed her hard. Fran took a deep breath and returned his kiss. While they were kissing, Fran felt a firm hand squeeze her right breast. She turned and looked. It was Bill, the guy sitting next to them. When she did not object, he slid over and started sucking her nipple, which was already enlarged and firm. Fran moaned and Don lifted her skirt and slipped his hand inside her panties.

When he touched her clit, Fran jumped and her pussy flooded Don's fingers. Fran looked around and saw that all the guests were rapidly stripping out of their clothes. Looking back at her husband, she asked, "Is this what you want?" He told her yes. "OK, I'm up for it." Four guys ranging from about twenty-five to almost fifty now stood naked around her with their cocks in their hands. She reached for the closest one and slid her lips over it.

She could already taste the pre-cum on the head. She licked the tasty goo off of it. Fran stood and immediately hands were all over her, stripping her of her clothes. Don stood up and undressed, joining the others. He pushed Fran down on her knees and all the men surrounded her with their hard cocks pointing at her head.

Fran rotated around the circle, giving each man a few seconds of sucking before going on to the next one. She made it around the circle two times. Bill was about thirty, five foot ten and well built. He also had a a nice seven inch prick that had a sharp upward curve.

Jack was in his late twenties, only about five six.

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His cock was no more than six inches but it was the thickest of the bunch. Tyrell was six two and built like a football linebacker, which he had been. Now he was almost fifty but he was still big and muscular.


He also was about seven inches but not as thick as Jack's cock. The bulbous head of his cock was wider than the shaft and the black shaft had large veins running up and down it.

Tyrell was the only Black in the bunch. Fran had never considered having sex with a Black, but now that it was going to happen, she was excited about it. Terry was the last guest, He was twenty-five, many tatoos, short cropped blond hair and the longest man meat of the bunch at eight inches or a little more.


He had been Don's best man at the wedding so she had known him for a year. He had always flirted with her, but nothing more till tonight.

Don told her to get on her hands and knees. She promptly did it. He said that he wanted her to suck him first and the others could take turns using her cunt and ass hole.

He lay on the floor with his prick pointing up at her face. The guys had long before decided who would get which hole first. Terry got behind her and reached his hand to her mound. Feeling how wet she was, he decided that he did not need any extra lube.

He held his cock to her fuck hole and pushed in. She was tight but wet enough that he did not have any trouble sinking in balls deep. Terry held her hips and fucked her doggy style while she sucked her husband's shaft with passion. It took about five minutes before Terry cummed and filled her pussy with its first load of the night. Terry backed away and so did Don.

Terry came to her head where she gave his cock a good oral cleaning. Tyrell lay on the floor and Fran mounted him sixty-nine style. She slipped her cunt down over his waiting cock and looked back to see Bill getting between their legs and bringing his dong to her remaining hole. First he reached down and scooped up some cum from around her pussy.

He opened her ass with his finger coated with cum. After finger fucking her ass for a minute, he replaced his finger with his cock. She was tight and he had to push hard to get himself in her poop shoot but in it went. The two of them started fucking her holes. This was another first, having cocks in two of her holes at the same time.

She felt stuffed but happy. Don kneeled back at her face for some more sucking. Soon Don filled her mouth with his cum. Fran had a dirty but fun idea.

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She lowered her cum filled mouth and gave Tyrell a big kiss. Tyrell turned his head and spit. He wiped his mouth and pushed Fran's face away. He was clearly upset. The others all laughed. Bill and Tyrell kept pounding her holes. Bill was the next to cum. He filled her rectum with a load and then went to be cleaned. Fran happily accepted the cock that had just been fucking her ass and give it a good cleaning. Tyrell soon followed and Fran felt his huge load of cum more than filling her cunt.

Much of it leaked out and ran down his shaft into his pubic hair. Fran spun around and worked and worked till she had sucked up all the cum that had spilled from her cunt from Tyrell's black cock.

Don was hard again and he lay on his back. Fran got on top and lowered her ass hole onto his sword. Then she leaned back with her back on his chest. Jack was the only one that had not gotten his cock in her yet. He got on his knees and entered her up facing fuck hole.

Jack, being the thickest, stretched her wide even though she had already been loosened up. It felt wonderful being so full.

Jack and Don pumped away. Don lasted the longest as he had already had the chance to give her a load of his cum. It had taken Fran many minutes to have her first orgasm but they started cumming more often and each was harder than the one before it. The guys really enjoyed hearing her moan and scream out her climaxes, even when they were muffled around a cock in her mouth. The gangbang of Fran lasted for hours with each men blasting at least one load of man sauce in each of her holes.

Finally everyone was exhausted and laying around the room breathing hard. The carpet was a mess with all the cum. It was going to have to be cleaned. Fran wondered if the carpet cleaners would recognize what the mess was and if they might get the idea that she might put out for them while they were there.

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Fran went around and gave each cock a final little thank you suck. Then the four guests dressed and left. Don and Fran shared a shower and cleaned up as best they could before going to sleep. "Don, you should have let me know what you had in mind. That was a real surprise. But I have to admit that I enjoyed it." They went to sleep and slept later than usual. That brings us back to where the story started. Fran told Don that she believed that abortion was murder and they decided to go ahead and have the baby.

Fran no longer had to worry about getting pregnant as she already was. Every couple weeks they arranged another gangbang, sometimes with the same guys and sometimes with different ones. One time one of the guys even brought his girlfriend to share.

Fran's belly got bigger and bigger but that did not stop them.


It was only a couple weeks before the baby was due when they had their last party. She was already producing mother's milk and everyone enjoyed nursing on her huge swollen tits. Fran had become a real cock whore, much to Don's delight. The baby girl was born healthy.

I'll leave it up to you readers to decide who the father was. Was the baby black ????? 1112