Gay XXX Slow and voluptuous is the name of the game for Kyle

Gay XXX Slow and voluptuous is the name of the game for Kyle
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Who Me. a Wizard III The Queen In a gilded cage hanging from the ceiling of a large somewhat cavernous dungeon and suspended over a black abyss. Was a very dejected and angry lady. The Queen. Along side her cage was three more containing Tobar(Elf) the Red, Stommp ( dwarf ) the Yellow, and Anil (Human ) the Blue.

The Queen's alter ego was a majestic Eagle. To avert her escape in this form a silver mesh covered the cage. The mesh could be seen through but was so tightly woven a needle would not penetrate it. The wizards cages were covered in a magic shield that would reflect any magic back into their cages as wild magic, which could be dangerous, Without their wands they could do minor magic to feed and water them selves.

The Red being the closest to the Queen had a 1''hole in his cage and into the Queen's cage. This allowed him to feed and water her as well. All the familiars were in cages attached near to the bottom outside of their cages, for the same reason. The cages were small enough that they could not morph into their alter egos. But they still had to be fed and watered. Body wastes seemed to just disappear.

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The Red's familiar was Sheba a German Shepard who could morph into a grey and black haired woman. The Yellow's, Crump a Tigress turns into a lovely (by dwarf standards ) Dwarven lady.

The Blue's was Streek a blue/violet mini dragon, who becomes a slender Elvin Male. The Queen as her Eagle inspected the cage from the top to the bottom. The others had done the same. The Green wearing an invisibility spell was watching and listening but they spoke of nothing important. They were unaware that, he laughs to him self, a rescue party was on the way. What a bunch of misfits.

Ambrose the Green a Halfling was proud of what he had obtained and thought this could have all been avoided. If the Queen had just agreed to marry him and had not laughed at him.

His familiar a Civet cat, Fang, made things worse by trying to eat the Queen in her Eagle form. Fang morphed into a snaggled toothed man. Besides Ambrose couldn't help being fat and ugly with big feet Halfling madiens thought he was handsome.


But again most of them looked like a flat pan. He had heard them say he looked liked the back end of a bulldog. He had developed his unique brand of magic after discovering an ancient library. He had learned spells that the other Wizards had no access. He was more intense with his offensive spells and his defensive spells lasted longer In a vision he had seen the unlikely antagonists that were on the way to face him. He felt most of them he thought was a joke.

He wasn't sure about The Black wizard, he was the wildcard. And he knew the White was strong. She was just in the need of training. Ambrose was getting horny He used a spell on Crump and brought her out of her cage and put a collar around her neck he attached a chain to the collar and chained her to a pole. He used his magic to force her to morph in to her Dwarven form. As she began to change he grabbed her hips and shoved his 4" pecker into her. He was not very big but he had stamina.

Crump was caught in mid change and kept going back and forth. Ambrose decided he liked the contrast some time he was fucking a woman and other he was fucking a tiger.

Crump was humiliated to be raped by this animal but her body was beginning to betray her. The quick changes of her morphing body was exciting both of her self's. The strokes were multiplied it was as if she felt the stroke entering went in her tiger form and coming out in her human form. She began making noises and Chuffing as her tiger form.

She had 2 combined orgasms at once. Ambrose was reaching his climax. The changes of her morphing pussy on his cock was amazing. The front part of Crump's body collapsed and he had to hold up her hips as he finished and flooded her womb with sperm. After he recovered he put Crump back in her cage. Wow he felt better and smiled as Crump's Tiger form turned her head and began licking her own pussy Back to the group Slinky swirled her tongue around my cockhead the pulled off and I heard in my head .that was nice and it is time to arise.

Breakfast was ready in an instant and we all gathered around the table. "Any comments before we start." By about 0800 we were on the way. Twil rode up to me and said, "Come with me I wish to show you something." I got on her back and I told Cherg to keep them moving we would catch up later. Cherg Smiled. I rode away on Twil for over a mile with my arms around her and my hands holding her tits.

We came to a large rock that slanted from about 3 foot on one side to about18" on the other side. She had me get off stand on the low side of the rock and she walked around in front of me this height we were face to face and my eyes were drawn to her beautiful 36s.

She placed her arms around me and drew me in for a deep french kiss. It was so sensual I almost lost my breath. My hands were kneading her breast and twirling her nipples after about 15 minutes of this she asked me to go to the high side of the rock. I did so not realizing the implications at first. As she came around in front of me I noticed the difference in height she raised my robe and only had to lean slightly til she was able to engulf my pecker which was hanging out of my gym shorts.

Her tongue worked me round and round and in and out while I again played with her tits. I was learning there was a lot of worked to have sex with a Centaur. She sucked till I reached my limit and bathed her tonsils with my cum.

I shifted to the other side of the rock and she backed up to the rock and shook her hips at me. I placed my hands om her tail and slid my hand to her pussy it was so delicate and soft I placed a kiss on her nether lips then inserted my man meat into her horse pussy.

And then it was ride cowboy ride. She spread her back legs and squatted lower. I continued to stroke into her it didn't take long until she began to tremble and shake. I moved faster and faster and faster then we both shuddered and released our cum her around me.

and me into her. We rested and talked for awhile " I must admit, 1st horse I have ever been into." Later I Mounted her and we went at a fast trot til we caught up with the others. There was something wrong.Twil noticed also and backed off. We watched and noticed the princess missing and the rest of our party were staring ahead and to the right. Also all their weapons were on the ground I watched for a few minutes trying to identify the threat.

I heard a thin whistle and looked to my right and just in time raised my arm for the princess's owl form to alight on my arm. As soon as she landed she began to morph, in seconds I had a naked princess in my arms. Over her shoulder I could see Ciel disappear and a ferret went scooting into the bushes.a few minutes later I felt tiny claws in my legs as the ferret ran under my robe. I fished her out and then had another naked lady in my arms. They told me what had happened. They had been walking along without a care, when 20 armed men arose around them.

They were looking for me. 'SLINKY Speak softly to LINDA, FIRE GLOBES TO THE LEFT ON THREE'. I had dismounted and had the princess in her Owl form and Ciel as a ferret get ready. 'ONE, TWO, THREE. ' Princess slashed at one of the rear guards with her talons and ferret Ciel ran up a pants leg biting as she goes. Linda began throwing light bulbs filled with fire.Twil yelled 'DOWN" and fired her bow. There was a line of surprised attackers in front of me when I whipped out my sixshooter and began to take them down.

When the dust cleared and the yelling ceased. Rowrf and his clipboard was ever present, Barf had gotten in a few slashes and a bite or two. Harper and Slinky had accounted for at least three. Ciel had morphed while in the bandits pants with a knife in her hand the man thought he had a banshee in his pants. I was smiling at my crew when I noticed they were looking at me with concern.

Six hours later I awoke. I felt around and could feel a bandage on my right shoulder and one on my left thigh. I opened my eyes and found I was in my tent and in my bed Linda had gotten it right so she was learning. My next question was why was I in bed, and why do I hurt. I looked around and felt movement I was really confused. I heard a voice saying, "He's awake." the movement stopped. Then it felt like the tent was tilting then righting itself.

And I was faced with a person that I had never seen, a Dwarf with a medical bag. He took my wrist and felt for my pulse. "Who are you and where did you come from?" He smiled and stated, "I am Grubber, Medical Mage 3rd class from the village Towbridge. Your Harpy flew in and raised enough hell that we hitched our Bovine to the wagon and came after you. Let's see that was about 5 hours ago." " What's the matter with me.?" "Other than two arrows in the shoulder and another in the thigh … oh and loss of blood … I guess not much.

We have about another hour before we get to the village.

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The Chief Med Mage has been sent for and she will surely fix you up. I think your friends are wanting to see you," Princess Aden led the charge to hug and kiss me. After all the hugs and kisses and the hand shakes from Barf and Rowrf. Rowrf broke out his clipboard an begin relating the tale. Related by Rowrf. The rest of the group had continued on the trail each discussing what they thought was going on between Twil and the Black. Suddenly we were accosted by 20 ruffians with bows cocked and ready to release their arrows.

They had just appeared from out of the bushes which was quite thick on either side of the road. Princess Aden was in her owl form and riding on Barf's shoulder, she flew away.

Ciel morphed and her ferret ran away. After having us drop our weapons. The first thing they asked was the whereabouts of the Black Wizard. We all admitted we had no clue. Cherg said you were on a scout but knew not where. Slinky conferred with the White. We all heard a booming "ONE, TWO, THREE " Aden/Owl attacked one of the rear guards and Ciel/ferret attacked the other. Twil yelled DOWN and we dropped to the ground she began firing arrows and The Black pulled his bangsticks (Pistols) The white began throwing fire globes.

Barf slashed in and disemboweled one of the ruffians Slinky and Harper launched a concerted. Cherg let fly with multiplies of rocks from his sling. While I (Rowrf) recorded it all for prosperity. In the excitement and pandemonium no one had notice when The Black was wounded. They heard Roli Chirp out a concern and all turned to the Black.

He was still standing but. there were 2 arrows in his right shoulders and one in his left thigh. Before anyone could move … The Black crumbled to the ground. Princess Aden sent Harper to the next village for a Medical Mage. We made him as comfortable as we could. The thigh wound was a thru and thru but both shoulder wounds the barb was still inside. An hour later Harper had returned to report that a cart was on the way. Another hour and the cart arrived pulled by a massive bovine creature with a horn span of near 6 feet.

Linda the White Had been practicing and she erected The Black's tent on the bed of the cart.

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He was gently picked up and placed in his bed. Grubber inspected the wounds and announced that the thigh wound was no problem and he cut off the arrow head and pulled the shaft thru the thigh. He wrapped a piece of gauze around a thin instrument and covered the gauze with a powder. He pushed this into the wound and twisted it around.

He repeated this action on the other side of the thigh.

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He stopped the bleeding and bandaged the wound before announcing that that the shoulder wound was beyond his capabilities. He cut off both the shafts and bandaged around them. He said the Chief Medical Mage would have to be called in for this wound.

Slinky was dispatched to Castle Phanx the home of Chief Medical Mage Bonzz. She should arrive at the village soon after Our Party. I was told to stay in bed a rest.


The Village of TowBridge It seemed to take for ever to arrive in Towbridge. It was a quaint little Village of two streets one on either side of the river.

Each side had an Inn and a variety of shops all centered around the toll Bridge. Before the bridge had been built this had been the Village of Tow and centered around the ferry that was towed back and forth across the river.

Then the Baron Phanx had built the bridge. The Baron was fair he only accepted 10 % of the Toll But demanded the village be renamed to reflect the installation of the Bridge. The Inns were equal in size and service.

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It just depended which side of the River one wished to stay. The Medical office was on the right bank so we did not have to cross as yet. The Medical office had only one bed I was put to bed there and the rest of the party, except for Slinky who refused to leave me, departed to the nearest Inn.

Three hours later the Chief Medical Mage arrived and I was moved to the examining/operating table. She identified her self and I was lost in the pool of the incandescence of her liquidity green eyes, her face was slightly oval in shape crowned with an abundance of a rusty shade of red hair. Her neck was smooth with a few freckles extending into her cleavage. She had sensuous shoulders that I could visualize lingerie hang from them. Her breast though not overly large drew my eyes the nipples were hard and pointed which was evident through her flimsy robe.

I could only guess at her hips which was obstructed by the table. Then she placed her hand on my brow … and I was out.