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Mei Yu bj anal and swallow
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By The Rocket's Red Glare Copyright 2013 by EFon **************** Short: At my large family gathering for the 4th of July I finally lose my virginity to one of my slightly distant relatives during the fireworks display.

Tags: first time, virgin sex, voyeurism **************** My name is Michael Lawrence have a huge family. Not in my own house, as I only have an older sister, but my dad had three younger sisters and my mom was a twin with an older brother. That gave me four aunts and an uncle with over a dozen cousins. That doesn't even count the fact that most of my grandparents came from families with four or five kids, with my grandfather on my dad's side being the firstborn of nine kids!

Thus I had close to fifty second cousins so it usually took a map to figure out your relationships at a big family gathering. That's what the fourth of July always is for us, a trip back to the large farmhouse that is my paternal great grandfather's home in Kansas for the yearly family gathering.

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I'd been going to these all my life, and it was always fun when I was a kid, hanging out and playing with my cousins, step-cousins, half-cousins, second cousins, cousins once-removed, and even some aunts and uncles who were actually younger than I was. The last couple years had been more awkward after going through puberty though.

I found myself getting embarrassing hard-ons around some of the girls. I knew they were family so it was wrong to think about them that way, but I just couldn't help stare at their new grown boobs bounce as they ran around and played games with me and the rest of the younger kids as they always had.

The swarm of kids that had grown over the years, which was only about twenty of us when I was small was now twice that now that I was almost an adult. The really little kids had a kiddy pool they played in where their parents could watch them, and there was an area where the much older adults smoked and drank away from everyone else. My parents and most of the other adults stayed in the house working on dinner and talk alone away from the kids.

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As much as I love playing with them, I tried to go with my parents inside to try and be an adult this year, but Mom asked me to watch over my cousins while my older sister got to go in with them this year.

She'd always lorded over me before, so it was nice to be the oldest of all the kids and kind of the boss of them this year, but being in charge of thirty kids still made me one of the kids. I ended up hanging out mostly with about five cousins who were close to my age. Jason Williams was my father's first sister's firstborn son, so was almost exactly the same age as I was, and we actually looked a lot alike.

His hair was short and black, while mine was more brown, but we were almost exactly the same height and build. We'd been best friends for this week each year and often had gotten into trouble together, usually which were his idea, but last year he'd started hanging out with Stacy more than me. Stacy Johnson was a ditzy brunette that should have been born blonde.

She was the step-child of one of my aunts on my mother's side and had only been coming to these gatherings about three years ago since her father married into the family. I heard she had lived much further away, California I think, so she was one of the newest members of our group and was only a year younger than me.

She was also rail thin with a big pony tail and almost nothing for boobs, but since she was so thin they still looked nice on her. Since Stacy started hanging out with Jason all the time I was left with Sonja Scott, a slightly pudgy bossy redhead who was my aunt once removed or something since she was the youngest daughter of the youngest of my great-uncles, but oddly less than a year younger than me. She wasn't overweight, but was a solid average girl.

Lastly Jason's fearless younger sister Lilly hung around our pack, the youngest of our tight group.

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She was almost two years younger than him, but that still put her more than two years older than the rest of the pack of kids we ended up being in charge of. She also had brown hair, but kept it short and had glasses that gave her an innocent cute look that I'd fantasized about more than once.

She was always fun to hang out with since she was just as bold and adventurous as her brother. So most of the day was spent with the five of us herding the gaggle of kids into games of tag and playing Frisbee.

I did enjoy it as I'd always liked the little kids, maybe because I didn't have any younger siblings of my own, but when dinner was served the five of us were lucky to be sitting at a round card-table just the five of us. I sat next to Jason, but he had all his attention on Stacy who sat next to him on the other side. I could tell that they were getting flirty with each other, but then you would have to be blind to miss it.

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"They should get a room," Sonja whispered to me in annoyance. "I know, right?" I agreed. "Too bad for them that they are stuck sleeping in the living room with everyone else." "They wouldn't actually…" Lilly whispered, then put her hand over her mouth. "You're a big girl now," Sonja whispered to her just loud enough for me to hear since I was paying attention. "Mark my words; big brother will be getting busy tonight." "What's that?" Jason asked as his ears must have been burning.

Lilly was blushing like crazy, but guiltily said, "Nothing!" in her poor attempt at concealment, but Jason was too eager to ignore the distraction and return to his giddy whisperings with Stacy. We ate the rest of our food and I quickly got up to leave him to it, along with the other girls. I just was a tumult of emotions and angry for some reason. I felt stranded being forced to be alone here surrounded by just family, now doubly so since Jason could care less if I was even there, and jealous that he had someone become his de facto girlfriend while I was just alone.


I moped about the rest of the evening and couldn't wait for tomorrow to come even with the three hour drive in the back seat with my sister which I'd always dreaded in the past. At least tonight there would be the fireworks display put on by my grandfather and a bunch of my uncles that was always trying to outdo their past performances. Last year the show lasted almost an hour with non-stop explosions of light and color in the sky over our heads.

The sun had set over an hour ago and the whole clan was out in the open field waiting since it had. The long late twilight had everyone expectant, but as the night came on everyone became bored and antsy as the dark consumed everyone into just shadows in the field. I'd been sitting off away from everyone when Sonja came up and informed me, "Uncle George said it will be a little bit since there was a problem with the fuse box." I laid back in the long grass and sighed.

"Great…" Sonja then said, "Come with me," and she grabbed my hand to try and get me to stand up. "I wanna show you something." I didn't want to move, but I couldn't think of a good excuse since I wasn't doing anything, so I groaned, "Okay, I'm coming." I pulled my hand away and stood and she lead me over to the small row of trees nearby that separated this grassy field from the corn field next to it.

As we got closer she put her face right in front of mine with her hand over her lips in the dim purple light, just enough to see her. I nodded understanding she wanted me to be quiet as I followed her as she crept closer to the trees. In the stillness with the gaggle of people chatting now a short ways off I heard something.

Someone in the trees whispered something, then there was a moan. I stopped dead, unsure at first what I was hearing, since it sounded so nearby. Then the fireworks started and Sonja pulled me right up to a tree before the explosion went off. The red-orange glare from it made a pseudo-daylight for about a second and I could see Sonja clearly pointing at her eyes with two fingers and I realized then that I was standing out in the open and would have been seen if she hadn't pulled me over.

Then as the next firework screamed into the sky Sonja and I peered around our tree. I gasped as the momentarily bright blue light this time illuminated the semi-nude forms of Jason and Stacy as they kissed and rubbed their still clothed groins against each other as Jason pushed her up against another large tree between her spread thighs.

I could see Jason's hands both mauling and squeezing her tiny tits with her shirt pulled up, and her hands were moving over his shirtless back and grabbing his ass over his shorts. Sonja and I watched for several minutes and numerous fireworks as they made out until Jason grunted and beat his hips hard into Stacy for a few moments.

I couldn't hear what they were saying, but they kissed a few more times then put their tee shirts back on and walked back to the field hand in hand.

Once they were gone Sonja whispered to me, "That was really hot huh?" "Yea," I agreed. I hoped she couldn't see, but my dick was hard as a rock and making my jean shorts really uncomfortable. "Do you wanna try it?" Sonja cautiously asked and I was utterly shocked. This was a girl who I'd known all my life who was always trying to pull rank and be the boss of me and the others, now asking, somewhat shyly asking if I wanted to have a somewhat incestuous make-out session.

I thought about what to say for a second, turned on like all hell and yet scared since I'd never been brave enough to even ask a girl out on a real date before.

"If you want," I said trying to sound calm and cool. Then we awkwardly moved together putting us face to face with Sonja leaning against the tree we'd hidden behind. The odd darkness and bright colorful flashes illuminating us briefly gave it a surreal quality, and while she wasn't the sexy model girl that I regularly masturbated to, she suddenly was the sexiest girl in the world because she wanted me.

Then I bent my head in and kissed her. I hoped she was as inexperienced as I was because I had no confidence in myself at all.

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I'd read sex stories and tried to kiss like they described. I put my lips against her soft lips for a moment before I opened my mouth and licked them and pushed my tongue like a spear between hers. I don't think she was expecting that, but she didn't resist for more than a half second. I felt her tongue in her mouth and it felt weird and kind of slimy, but I rubbed mine against hers and she responded by rubbing mine back.

Then after a few seconds he hands were behind my back and head and she pushed her tongue against mine and pushed into my mouth.

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It was the strangest and hottest thing I'd ever done making out for the first time and my idle hands just moved on their own to her big soft breasts. Stacy, who was a tiny thin girl had small baseball sized boobs from the look of them, but Sonja who must weigh about fifty pounds more had tits that filled my hand as I squeezed them through her shirt and I could feel that she was wearing a bra unlike Stacy.

We just continues swapping whose mouth we held our tongue duel in while I excitedly caressed her breasts. Then she turned her head, breaking our oral connection and whispered in my ear, "Pull up my shirt." My cock throbbed just thinking about it, so I wasted no time in doing as she said. I put my hands to her waist and put my hands on her stomach and pushed up her skin until I got to her bra, then taking a bet that it was okay, I pushed under that as well and pushed the whole roll of cloth up and over her rack.

My hands now felt her ultra-soft skin and hard rough nipples over my fingertips and pushed them into my palms as I gave her exposed tits a firm squeeze. "Oh!" Sonja gave a slight moan which made me stop for just a moment, but she didn't say anything so I slowed down and continued to gently start exploring her chest in earnest. I rolled and flicked her pert nipples in the flashes of light and found she was really sensitive, often gasping as I did so, and my instinct just took over as I dipped down to nip her teat into my mouth.

"Mike!" she gasped and both her hands went to the back of my head and pulled me into her bosom. I figured she might stop me so I was really surprised when she instead embraced me. I sucked on her hard nipple and ran my tongue over it.

I was enjoying myself suckling on her when suddenly I felt one of her hands on my crotch. I sucked hard on her before going to suck on the other teat while she started rubbing my boner through my pants. Once she touched my groin everything became a blur or action.

Soon her shirt and bra were thrown all the way off, as was my tee-shirt. Then she was tearing at my jeans and I helped her get them and my underwear off me so she could grab my naked cock. She started stroking me and my hands started peeling off her shorts and suddenly we were sixty-nining in the grass.

It was impossible to see clearly for longer than a few seconds at a time in the flashes of light, but everything was a rush. I was on my back and she straddled my face and my brain exploded like the fireworks overhead as she sucked down on my cock. I knew this was heaven and I poked my face into her moist twat.

My only experience was looking at porn, so I only barely had an idea of where to start, and with the dark that was realistically nothing. I found her vaginal folds and pushed my nose and tongue between them, trying desperately to make her feel as good as she was making me feel as she bobbed her head up and down my painfully erect shaft.

I groaned into her cunt as my cock throbbed and I was worried I was going to cum soon, so attacked where I guessed her clitoris to be and she moaned into my cock. I was just thinking I'd found the spot she liked when she dismounted me quickly. I was worried at first that I'd done something wrong, but then she turned and sat on my lap, with my erect cock riding up her butt crack. We didn't speak at all as she grabbed my cock and lifted her hips, then skewered herself with my love spear.

I couldn't believe I was actually losing my virginity, and I was over the moon. I didn't even really know this girl other than a few days each year. For only a moment I worried that she might be a slut and could have any number of diseases and that I didn't have a condom on, as I'd always been told to do in school and such, but as her wet heat devoured me I found I didn't care at all.

The pleasure I felt said that any price was worth this. After a few moments of her decent to fully ensconce me inside her she bucked up and rocked up and down as she fucked me. It was utterly amazing. My hands went to her hips to help her ride me and soon we got a rhythm going and my mind was filled with her lovely face and breasts bounce before me from the brightly colored fireworks as the crescendo to the fireworks finale seemed to mirror our own.

Suddenly it was all too much and my cock spasmed as I began spurting my cum into her. She cried out and bucked up twice more before she pushed down hard and I felt her clamp down on me, allowing my last few shots of seminal fluid to inject fully into her womb. She collapsed onto my chest and her hair fluffed into my face as she laid her head on my chest.


Her womb kept squeezing out every bit of my ejaculation as my penis gave up every drop before a tiny break in the fireworks just before the grand finale let me hear something. Someone else was nearby. I pushed up to look and the daylight blaze of light illuminated the reflection of Lilly's glasses as she stared me straight in the face as we both knew we had seen each other. Then she turned and took off at a run in the shallow woods back into the open field and toward the crowed that applauded as the fireworks ended.

My cock, now mostly soft squished out of my lover as I moved and I urgently whispered, "We gotta get dressed!" Sonja got off me and we didn't talk as we rushed back into our clothing in the utter blackness. Luckily all our clothes were in one pile so we didn't lose anything.

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I was dressed first and said, "I'll go out first." "Kay," was all she said and I rushed out into the field as everyone began standing up. I started looking for Lilly, but couldn't find her in the blackness as the large crowd began moseying back to the giant farm house. I kept looking, as I wanted to make sure she didn't snitch us out, but she wasn't with her parents or mine, so I just waited and soon Sonja caught up.

"Hey," was all she said with a smile. "Hey," I said smiling as well, but was too embarrassed to kiss her in public or even hold her hand. I wanted too, but wasn't sure if she did. So we just walked silently back to the house at the back of the pack of people.

My sister came up to us and asked me, "That was a pretty amazing fireworks display wasn't it?" "I've never seen one as amazing as this one," I said with a grin and glance at Sonja who smiled back with a brief wave as we parted to our separate sleeping arrangements.

****************************** Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this erotic tale. I'm thinking about maybe doing a sequel as I have some ideas, but I want to see what people think. If you liked this story then PLEASE vote and review it kindly to keep my spirits up for writing these stories.

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