Mit verbundenen Augen massiven Gesichts

Mit verbundenen Augen massiven Gesichts
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Showering with sister in law "Stop being such a pussy" said my sister in law Karen. She was wading slowly into the ocean. The water was still a little frigid for me to go rushing in.

She was visiting us from back home in Illinois and couldn't wait to make it to the beach on the first morning of her vacation. "We cant all be as cool as you" I chided back. I really liked it when she talked shit like that.

I always pretended she was flirting even though I knew it was just her open personality. I took the time look over her body while she haltingly proceeded into the water. She had only made it as deep as her knees.

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Having her back turned to me I had a great view of her toned thighs and luscious ass. It looked so juicy in her black two piece I wanted to tackle her and take a bite out of it. My view moved upward following her tan lower back up to her shoulders. She was average hieght at about 5'7" and had all the right curves weighing only about 110 pounds. Her dark black hair looked like silk running down to her shoulders.

The outline of her gorgeous tits were just visible from the side. She had beautiful D cup breasts that I always stole glances at when ever she was around. It was always risky though. Even the idea of my wife finding out how attracted I was to her older sister made me feel guilty. She turned around, impatient with me for staying back while she was pressing onward into the water. Her look of aggravation quickly disovled into a mischievous smile though. "You definitely need to get in now.

I think the cold water is the only thing that will make that go away" I looked down and was mortified to see that while taking in the view of her tempting ass and back my 9 inch cock had grown into a very noticable bulge in my trunks.

My eyes bounced from it to her and back before I threw my hands over it and began moving for the water. I was blushing now, completely embarassed with myself but trying to laugh it off with her.


When I finally got into the water, which was fucking freezing, my strained cock calmed down. "What happened to you up there stud, you see something you like?" She said smirking. We were wading around chest deep now getting used to the temperature. "Sorry about that I got a little carried away appreciating that swimming suit", I countered back hoping that she would drop it.

"I think something beneath the suit had you turned on." She loved fucking with me and I had walked right into this one.

"I'm sorry, it was inappropriate. I hope you don't get the wrong idea." "Relax Dave it was just a boner.I can keep a secret if you can", she said looking very sexy. "Well you better", I replied "I would hate to have to water board you." I lunged and maneuvered myself behind her back. She shouted childishly while I wrapped my arms around her under her large breasts and lifted her out of the water. Just the feel of her soft skin pressed against my chest was enough to engorge my dick with blood.

She struggled playfully as I dunked her under the water. I released her and started swimming away, fleeing from her retaliation. We spent the next few minutes chasing each other around on the beach having a spash fight. All talk of my untimely erection was quickly forgotten and we eventually settled down to dry out and warm up on the beach. Karen's tone body was driving me crazy as she laid on her towel glistening in the sun.

Once we were dry we decided to head back to my apartment. The drive back didn't take very long. I was happy about that too since the longer we spent together alone the hornier I got.

I told my self as soon as I got home I would sneak off with Tiffany my wife and release my tension. When we walked through the door of my apartment the first thing i noticed was a note on my kitchen counter, Hey honey i got called into work this morning. I have to cover a shift for one of the nurses today her son is sick.

It looked like she made a good decision staying at home this morning, she was anything but a morning person, otherwise we would've cut Karen's first day at the beach short. "Bummer", Karen said reading the note over my shoulder. "Looks like its just us today." "Yeah she's always covering shifts like this. It plays out on payday though." "Well why don't you and I go get some breakfast at the place she told me about last night?" she suggested.

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"We would have to hurry. They stop serving breakfast soon and we both have to shower." "We should just leave our bathing suits on and shower at the same time", she said with a smirk. Now I was sure she was fucking with me for earlier, until she took my hand and started leading me down the hallway to my bathroom. My better instincts told me to stop this before it happened. "I dont need a shower that bad.

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You get cleaned up I'll just change." "Dont be a bitch we were swimming together all morning this is practically the same thing." Some of her logic was there but I still doubted how appropriate this was.

When we stepped into the shower she turned on the water and let it flow down her back while she faced me. I was dumbstruck. It was as if a total fantasy was playing itself out and all I had to do was sit back.

Water was cascading all over her perfect body. Her swimming suit was tight to her frame and i could see her perfect nipples twisting themselves into little bumps. She touched my arm lightly to let me know we could switch places while she lathered up. My cock had swollen to its full stature and my breath was getting heavy as we rotated and the water started flowing over my shoulders.

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She let out a little giggle and i realized the tip of my cock had made its way clear of my swim suit and it was leaking precum. I turned around in a futile attempt to hide it. Karen laughed out right at this and told me not to be embarrassed. "Just go buys some swim trunks big enough to fit that thing" she laughed.

I loosened up a little and let her slip in front again to rinse off her soap. "Dave you don't mind soaping my back for me do you?" I jumped at the chance. She had already made it clear my arousal was okay. Now she was inviting me to massage her back. I knew she just wanted to tease me but I was willing to endure.


I would just jack off later and jizz like crazy. I grabbed a loofah loaded it with soap and started to rub Karen's neck and shoulders down. She let out a sigh as she started to relax. I continued moving the loofah up and down her back.

Everytime I passed the bikini string on her top the knot came a little more loose. She realized this and cupped the swim suit to her tits. "Go ahead and undo the string.

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Its just going to keep getting in the way." I took her advice and slipped the bow knot giving me more access to her back and sides. As I continued to massage her soapy back my hand wandered around to the sides of her torso brushing against her tits as I slipped them up and down. She let out a little moan and did nothing to stop my pawing. I let my hands wander lower on her back to the top of her ass.

My whole body was on fire as caressed the top of her bikini bottoms.

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Steam enveloped our bodies and we were slick with sweat and soap as i rubbed her down. She lifted her ass towards the loofah and started to grind her hips involuntarily. I slid the suds all over her perfect pass cheeks. I slowly started to kneel down and positioned my face directly behind her ass. Her hands moved from her bikini top to her bottoms.

Sliding her fingers underneath the panty line she hitched the cloth up into a thong giving me a full view of her luscious ass cheeks. "I feel a little dirty under here" she grinned. I accepted the invitation again my precum was dripping all the way to my balls. I was nervous that i might cum in my shorts if i kept up. I continued to caress her ass cheeks my face moving closer and closer.

She stepped forward and the water engulfed her washing away all my handiwork. She stood me up and after taking the loofah from me she set aside and chose instead to pour herself a handful of shower gel. "Your turn", she near whispered as she spread the soap between her hands and began rubbing my chest.

Her top had slid between her nipples and was hanging loosely trailing water off its strings. The sight of her beautiful chest continued to ramp my lust to new heights. She followed my gaze and realized she was exposed. Smiling she removed her top and told me "Its only fair after all your not wearing a shirt." I closed my eyes and tried to focus on anything but how horny she was making me.

Her hands were sliding smoothly across my muscled chest. My breathing was picking up its pace. Her hands continued lower and lower until I felt them brush my engorged knob.

She giggled again as I flinched. "Your about to cum aren't you?" she asked dropping all pretense of this being in any way innocent. "No I'm m fine I'm just a little horny from the massage." "Bullshit, you are about to cum right now." I wanted to argue but I couldn't my balls were aching and I knew it wouldn't take much to finish me off.

"I think I'm clean." I stammered trying to escape the shower before my cock erupted and I embarrassed myself. She grabbed my dick through my shorts and I clenched my abdomen hard trying to hold in what felt like gallons of cum. Karen looked me in the eye and without saying a word slid my trunks down and started giving me a hand job.

My cock was pulsing in her hand as she slid soap and bubbles across its surface. I coukdnt believe what was happening.

My fantasy for the last five years had been to hook up with my sister in law and it was finally happening. The realization drove me over the edge. My knees buckled and my vision blurred. A solid stream of cum shot out of my cock and splashed against her tight stomach. Another erupted forward and landed on the cute black triangle that covered her pussy.

Rope after rope of my seed flowed out of my cock until her stomach and thighs were painted. My vision cleared and I looked up to see Karen smiling at me. "Couldn't hold it in huh? Your going to have to do a lot better than that if you want fuck." She slid me hypnotized out if her way as she got under the water to rinse off my cum.

She dipped her hand in the mess and scooped some off. Bringing it to her mouth she sucked her fingers clean told me. "I have a new idea for breakfast" Entranced with her depravity I realized I was about to have an awesome week.