Blonde babe gets fucked hard

Blonde babe gets fucked hard
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I'm Going Shopping (or so I thought) I was 18 at the time, and it was time to go shopping which brought a delight and pleasure to me and a lifting of my spirits. I was outrageously wearing a short skirt and no panties along with long socks and a jacket and made-up to look cute. My hair was in pig-tails for fucks sake! Maybe it was a phase but it was a hot one. As I walked towards the shops I had to pass this residential area and in my delight at the day before me, I suddenly felt my cunt have a silly-fit and began to convulse all by itself in what I learnt was a spontaneous orgasm!

weird I thought. I bend over because of it, flashing my ass at the passing traffic - some of them beeped their approval at the sight of my cunt. I took myself off down a side street and into a back-street to gasp and to recover from the strange happening. It had happened before to me as I walked to go shopping. It was not a usual occurance, but I had experienced this in rare instances before and so knew it would pass.


My pussy went crazy and I seriously needed to be fucked good and hard. And then it was over leaving me gasping for air. Unknown to me, I was standing right outside these flats and these two chicks had come out to see what my noise was all about thinking I was being fucked by their guys.

Chicks invite Gemma to their weekly Gang-bang! oh my!


The two chicks were smoking and joined me, looking around expectantly. They were surprise that I was all alone, and disappointing too. "we thought you were being fucked", the raven said. Her associate was a blond who wore a long hippy-skirt, and I suspected, nothing under it! It was she who asked what was up with me. I told her that I was cumming. They thought I was as strange - and so did I too. so this blond chick says: "you like sex then?" "yes I do" I told her.

They looked me over and nodded. "want to join in a gang-bang?" she asked. I was opened mouthed with astonishment. "oh wow.

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yes please!" I said. I couldn't say no to them and wimp out! besides, I was now crazy-hot for sex and wanted a good fucking, so it was a most opportune suggestion. She explained that every week these gang-bangers came round to the flats and gang-banged them. And today was the day - they were expecting them anytime!

I went into the back- yard with the two chicks and they then took me inside the building.! Time for me to be gang-banged! The first squad of gang-bangers arrive and do the new-girl - me!

For some reason I thought the guys would be waiting for us as we arrived. So when they took me through the kitchen and into the communal living-room I was disappointed that there was not 8 naked guys there wearing masks and wanking their cocks. Instead it was empty.

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The three of us sat down on a couch together with me at one end of it and the blond in the middle. They asked if I was talking the pill, - I was - and if I was wet. I was! So we chatted away and practiced opening our legs together on the couch like silly bitches. It seemed like ages had past and I was wondering at the no-show. Then suddenly these three guys burst into the room! Oh wow I thought, this is it! too late to leave now girl.

They marched in and looked at the three of us. I could feel the chicks reaction to them. The leader looked at me. "Lets do the new girl!" he said looking at my tits and skirt.

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I gasped opening my painted lips in wonderment. They mean me! "sure" groaned the blond chick as the guys came over to me and stood in-front of me looking me over just to intimidate me I felt, but more like to enjoy the view.

"Yeh lets fuck her, she's a slut" a guy said. So they approached me as my heart raced and my tits got hard in my bra. Then they pulled out their dicks from their pants, right in front of me.

Then they put their hands on my knees and pulled my legs open! They exposed my wet cunt as they spread my legs and pulled me forwards them on the sopha so my ass was over the edge of it and I was layed back for them. The blond chick put a leg round mine to hold my leg open for them! I felt the air enter my cunt as I was exposed explicitly in-front of them. It was hot and exciting for me and I felt this was it! The scent of my cunt passion arose so everyone could smell me in heat.

I was hot and embarrassed at the same time. The leader took his place between my legs as I watched stupidly - he was looking at my cunt and thrust his fingers into me and up my wet pussy making me screech and moan for him. One of the other guys pulled my head to him and as he held my head in his stronger hands, he pushed his dick into my mouth for me to suck on him.

So as I sucked the dick of that guy, as the leader pushed his dick to my cunt and told me that I wanted it. He pushed the tip of his dick into me again. The blond told him that I wanted it, and that was was a silly slut! So he pushed his dick full up into me and along my cunt which was wet for his cock.He pushed it all up into my cunt and his rough hands held onto my legs, as he began to fuck me like the slut that I was.

Maybe he had issues but as I sucked the other guy's cock and was fucked by him, he told me what a slut I was and what a cheap whore I had become. I was a fucking cock-sucking slag he informed me, and such talk was driving me wild with passion as he fucked between my legs! I orgasmed as I sucked cock and was at the same time fucked by him, and I continued sucking and being-used for the sex I so needed! This was great. So this other guy cums in my mouth and fills it with his warm cum for me to swallow - "swallow it bitch!" he shreeks!

in his passion and desire. I swallowed all the cum he gave me. The other guy cums up inside my cunt, his spurts of cum flooding the walls of my wet needy cunt with what it needed making me cum again for their entertainment. The blond groaned and moaned that I was hogging all the cock and that after watching me being fucked like a slut, she was crazy for cock her-self. But regardless of her complaints, when the leader pulled his wet dick out of my fuck-hole, the third guy replaced him and shoved his dick up into me to fuck me!

this was amazing fun. My cunt made wet sex noises as he fucked away between my spread legs.It felt great.

The guy who's dick I had sucked held my other leg open, so that my legs were held wide apart as they wobbled and he encouraged the guy to rape my slut cunt like the weak-pussy and girl that I was! oh my! Such talk was very horny and reminded me of my powerlessness, which helped enter me into another splitting orgasm of light and dampness.

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I one big fuck-hole I was my cunt. My cunt was me and all I was. They guys groaned, fast-fucked my cunt, and to my happiness began to spurt out his needs into it. He panted for air in-front of my panting face, and then thanked me for being a slut and pulled out his limp dick. So gang-bang over? I wondered if they would do the other two chicks now? more Gang-bangers arrive and do us all six more guys walked into the room as-though they owned the place and us as well !

I was astonished by this, but the blond chick next to me lit up and told them that I had already been done and that it was her turn! She was insistant upon this, and pleading of desperation had entered into her unashamed begging. They guys saw the cum leaking out of my cunt and nodded. The climbed onto the couch in a wild orgy: knelt over the two chicks next to me and forced their cocks into their mouths, shouting at them to suck their dicks!

The chicks legs were spread and guys shoved their cocks up their cunts as I watched in fascination and increasing excitement.

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I cum as I watched some gang-banger lift up the blond chicks long skirt to expose her blond cunt, and then shove his hard cock up into her wet pussy and slide it in her - when it pulled back with his thrusts, his dick was already shinny from her wetness!

The two spare gang-bangers watched the show of the two chicks being mouth-fucked and cunt fucked and used as fuck-holes like the sluts they are. But they did not wait to take their turn in them, as I was there! They looked over at me.

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So the two other guys came over to me! One simply climbed on top of me and knelt in-front of me and forced his dick into my eager mouth to suck on his hard long cock like a whore. The other threw open my legs easily, and shoved his cock up my soaked cunt to fuck me, making me gag on dick as I climaxed helplessly.

I thought I would pass out in a delirium of sexual pleasures and thrills. Gemma - So fucked out of my head that that I spend the night there They decided to fuck me retarded and succeeded in doing so. So after they had cum in our cunts and mouths they walked-off telling us not to say anything about itI was hot and sweaty and still panting from the good fucking I had been given. Then after they had gone, the blond asked if I want to use the shower. I did. As I went for a shower, she told me that I could sleep over in her room tonight if I wanted to, and that they would fix me a good dinner and breakfast for being a good gang-bang slut.

they really enjoyed watching it. "thanks yes", I said and took them up on the offer. shopping could wait until tomorrow. ps (when I left the next morning, she told me that It was a regular gang-bang and that I was invited to the next one - say day, same time, if I was up for it.) I was.