Nice lesbian ass licking and vibe play

Nice lesbian ass licking and vibe play
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Ohope Beach, Chapter two I at last have the time to write about some of the more erotic happenings in my long time passion of chasing the female sex.

The stories are all as factual as I can make them. But obviously you forget the actual dialog and also in the telling over the years, things get juiced up a little. But they are definitely based on actual happenings.

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Chapter two. We talked for a while, my trying to play the part of a cool much older guy, Allison quizzing me about what teenagers got up to nowadays. She seemed to think there was a lot more sex happening, than really was the case. I certainly knew plenty of guys that had not yet slept with a female. Anyway, after about 15 minutes, Allison wriggled down and took me into her mouth.

I tried to stop her, as my dick was still wet and slimy from her own juices. But she just pushed my hands away and sucked and licked me clean, causing me to become erect again. "That's a good boy, standing up to order." Then she spun around, still sucking on me and eased herself up and over my face.

It was obvious she wanted me to reciprocate the favour. I was a little hesitant, I knew all about 69's, but had actually never done it with anyone. But the main reason was that she was full of my cum. Still what can you do, so in I dived kissing and licking her box, tentatively at first, but soon found it wasn't bad at all, and so started a life time's passion for cunnilingus. I quickly found where Allison sensitive spots were, running my tongue up the front of her slit, I found a little bump that seemed to really do the trick.

Also she responded when I tried to force my tongue deep into her hole, and as I got much more adventurous, I found she was pretty keen on me moving further down and tonguing near her butt hole. When I moved back and started paying attention to her clit again, she said to put my fingers into her. So I inserted two fingers and moved them slowly all the way in and out. I could hear Allison's breathing become more rapid and she started pushing back onto my fingers each time I got them all the way in.

I wanted to watch this, but was too close, so I stopped sucking on her clit and leaned back to watch the effect my fingers we having.

She was wide open to me and very wet so I scooped up some of her juice with the fingers of my other hand and massaged it into her anus, then using the third finger on the hand I was using to work her slit, started pushing it into her anus. And that left the thumb on that hand, free to slide over her clit each time I pushed into her. Watching her pushing back onto my hand and seeing how worked up she was becoming, had me close to an orgasm again, as all this time she was still blowing my cock.

I had to reach up with my free hand and push her mouth off me. "I'm going to come again if you keep doing that." I exclaimed.

"That's OK, your going to bring me off again pretty soon. Still I don't want you coming yet". So she sat up and pulled away from me, then turning around she straddled my waist, easing herself back and rubbing her slit along my fully erect cock. She looked down at me, then lowered her mouth to mine, kissed me softly, and said "This is my favourite position.

Bob doesn't like me on top, all her wants to do is Doggy Style or Fuck me in the arse." "Shit! Doesn't that hurt?" I asked. "Yes it can if he's rough, but it can also be really good if you're well lubricated and take your time.

I won't let him do it to me now and he gets really pissed off, so much so that he forces me sometimes, which is really rape." "I still think you should leave him. Surely you can open an account in another name or something, and channel some money into it." "Let's not discuss him anymore.

Would you like to fuck me in the arse?" "I guess? I have not ever thought about that really." Allison lifted slightly, moved her hand down between her legs and eased me into her very wet pussy. She sat back on me and rotated her arse around on my cock. "We have to get this big weapon of yours good and lubricated.

Shit it feels good inside me. I wish you had turned up years ago." I was a bit nervous about anal sex; I couldn't help but think of it being dirty. "We don't need to do it if it hurts you." I exclaimed. "That's alright.

I want to give you something my bastard husband doesn't get well not willingly anyway. It is really turning me on to think about doing this with you, I wish he would know somehow." "How do we do it?" "Well the easiest way is doggy style, but I don't want it that way, I want to see you and watch you giving it to me." With that she rolled to the side and onto her back, opened her legs wide and pulled her knees up onto her chest.

I got up onto my knees and moved around so I was facing her fantastic butt, bared and wide open in front of me. She leant forward and with one hand grabbed my very erect cock and guided it to her arse. "Just take it easy, apply pressure, but don't push into me until you feel me open for you. " She used her other hand to slip two fingers into her pussy and then moving my prick up onto her fanny she lubricated her butt with the juices on her fingers.

I pushed forward and sank into her cunt, where to be honest is where I would have liked to stay. But as I started to thrust into her, she used the hand that was still holding me, to pull me out and guided my knob back to her tight little butt hole. So I slowly applied some pressure and watched as my knob slowly forced it way into her arse. She tensed up so I stopped pressing and just held it there, then after a few seconds I felt her relax and my glistening wet cock started to slip all the way in.

"Yes!" she whispered. "Fuck me in my arse" I started to move then, in long slow movements and she rose up to meet my every stroke. I found it hard to believe, but she was obviously really getting off on this and I was getting pretty excited myself. Oh! The joy of watching my cock slip in and out of her. I leant forward and played with her nipples, needing them between my fingers, and then moved back to her cunt and collecting some juice, took this back and massaged her nipples with it.

Allison moved her hand from my cock and started alternately frigging herself and rubbing her clit. She was really starting to buck herself into me hard and I could see she was going to cum. So I leaned forward and sucked on her nipples, the taste of her juices really turning me on, so I moved my hand back, pushed her frigging hand aside for a moment and dipped into her now very wet slit and scooped up as much juice as possible, then up and rubbed it around her nipples again.

Allison went nuts and as she started to cum, I latched back onto her nipples and licked and sucked her juices from them. This combined with her orgasm, got me off again and I pushed hard into her arse and held on for dear life as I emptied myself into her. She just kept cumming and I could feel her still playing with herself, so I kept the pressure on and rode it out. Finally she pulled her hand up from under me and used it to lift my head from her breasts and she gave me a long passionate kiss.

"That was the best orgasm I have had in years. Lie beside me and hold me please, and for god's sake don't go to sleep on me." "Shit, I'm far too worked up and excited to go to sleep." I rolled off her and pulled her close to me and we snuggled together kissing and whispering together.

She asked me if I had to go in the morning, as her husband definitely would not be back until late Friday night. I said I did, as we were all leaving together and sharing the carrying of any gear that would not fit on the other guy's trailer. But maybe once set-up, I could probably ride back down on the Thursday, as I was only a couple of hours.

She was pretty keen on getting me to commit to this and said I could stay the night. I was wondering how she was going to get this past Hayley but kept my thoughts to myself. I suddenly needed to piss, and said I needed to wander out onto the beach, but Allison got up and showed me that they had a toilet/washroom in what I thought was a cupboard.

(This was very unusual in a caravan in those days). Allison just squatted down in front of me and had a piss herself, I didn't know where to look and she had a good laugh at me being such a prude. We wandered back to bed and talked some more.

The next thing I awoke to Allison working her way down my body and taking my prick into her mouth again. It quickly stood to attention and gave some spasms of anticipation. I noticed it was starting to get light, I couldn't believe I had slept from around midnight right through. "I need to go to the toilet, do you?" "I've just been sleepy head. You took some waking up." "Well you kind of wore me out." I said getting up and heading for the cupboard.

When I got back, Allison was lying on top of the covers playing with herself, and dipping her fingers into her slit watching me for a reaction. So I got down between her legs and started licking and teasing her. She rapt one hand behind my head and I watched her start kneading a nipple with her other hand.

After a few minutes I was getting bloody sore from being so erect, so I moved up and slid into her without even having to use my hand, big Willie just seemed to know exactly where to go.

"Fuck me slowly." she murmured, "I want this to last, I am not going to have you again for a while." So I took long slow strokes and tried to think about surfing and stuff so I didn't cum too quickly. Every now and again I would slip it out and work my cock along her slit and slap it onto her clit a few times before inserting it again and slowly resume stroking her towards an orgasm.

I surprised myself and managed to hold out for what seemed like about half an hour. But then Allison started to clench her legs around behind my arse, pulling me into her, and asked me to fuck her hard now. That was me buggered; I hit top gear slamming myself into her and almost immediately started to cum. I wanted to yell out at the top of my voice it was so good, but had to push my mouth into her neck and the pillow, as I was aware of Hayley being asleep outside in the awning. I suddenly wondered if Phil was out there.

As we quietened down, Allison said that I needed to go, as their neighbour was a real busy body and would talk if she saw me leaving. It was quite light now, so I pulled on my clothes and slipped quietly out of the caravan. I promised to call back and say goodbye before we hit the road. When I got back to the tent, I noticed that Phil was there, which was a relief, as I thought he may have been back in the awning with Hayley. No one was awake as it was about 5:45am, so I crawled into my sleeping bag and tried to get some more sleep.

But I was too excited and my mind kept recounting the happenings in the night unbelievably getting me quite hard again. I just could not believe what had happened.


I wanted to wake my mates and tell them all the facts, but came to the conclusion that they were not going to believe me, and in fact would just think I was a bullshit artist. About 8:30am everyone started to wake up, some with massive hangovers. Phil came straight over and asked me what had happened, so I admitted to him I got laid.

He was pretty incredulous and then told me what had happened to him. He had left very soon after I had gone in to massage Allison. He said it was obvious that Hayley was not that happy with him, and she seemed a bit pissed that her mother and I had disappeared into the caravan, so he had left.

Then he told me that Jenny had turned up about 11:00pm with a jacket over her baby doll nighty she was asking for me and one of the guys told her to ask Phil.


So he told her I was caught up with some lady that I knew from Auckland, and that he didn't think I would be back any time soon.

He offered to walk her back to her tent, but said she was upset, so he grabbed a sleeping bag to sit on, and took her down the beach to talk. Then he reckons after comforting her for a bit he wound up in the bag with her and they made out. He was hoping I was OK with this as he was pretty smitten by her and wanted to take her out when we got back to Auckland. I told him I was really happy about it and thanked him for looking after her, I had felt an arsehole for letting her down, but could not get out of the situation I found myself in.

We both had a great laugh about all this and some of the others tried to find what the joke was, but we kept it too ourselves pretty much. I told Phil I was probably going to come back down the next night. He was pretty keen to come back as well, but didn't know where he could stay. So I told him about going to say goodbye to Allison before we left and that I would ask her if he could sleep in the son's area of the tent for the night.

But I told him we were going to have to be up and sneak out very early on the Friday. It was about 11:00am before we had finished breakfast and got everyone packed ready to go. I wandered down to the beach frontage and along to Allison's.

She was sitting out the front with a book. She was happy to see me, I was a bit anxious she may have come to her senses and been up-set with me. She said we could talk, and pointed to Hayley, who was down near the water with some girls. I asked if Hayley had said anything. "No." she said "She said Phil had left soon after we had gone to the caravan, and that she had gone to sleep. She didn't even ask when you had left." I was looking down the beach and noticed that one of the girls had bright red hair.

I was pretty certain it was Jenny. "Hey do you know the girl down there with Hayley, the one with the red hair?" "Yes! That is Jenny Simpson, she and her parents have been coming here nearly as long as we have. Do you know her?" So I told Allison that that was who I was meant to have met with the night before, and that she had finished up with Phil, because I did not show. She was fascinated and quizzed me about what I had done with Jenny and tried to get all the details from me about Phil having sex with her.

She was lapping it up, she didn't much care for Jenny's father, and was quite excited to know all the details, she said the father would be really pissed if he found out. I asked about Phil staying overnight if I came back down on Thursday. She was OK with it, as long as we were very discrete and got in and out of the tent without being seen. "Will you take me for a ride on your bike before you go?" "Oh, sorry, no!

It's all loaded up with gear and we need to get going. I will take you for a ride when I come down tomorrow." She indicated for me to follow her and we ducked around and into the caravan awning, where she grabbed me and gave me a very sexy kiss. "Let's have a quick one." I think she was having me on, but replied that I couldn't as the bike was all loaded up for the trip, and we needed to get on the road.

She grabbed my arse and pouted at me as I walked away down the road and around the corner to our now empty site. Phil was waiting for me, as he had not been able to find Jenny to tell her our plans for tomorrow.

So I told him where she was and he took off down the beach. About 10 minutes later he came running back, all puffed and hot. She's rapt that we are coming back, and will meet me down the shops at Midday tomorrow.

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With that we mounted up and headed out of the camping ground much to the pleasure of most of the campers (Certainly the fathers). The Mount was just as I expected, hundreds of guys driving around tooting their horns at any female walking down the road.

The beach was way more packed than Ohope, but there was better surf. We drove straight to the camping ground and found there were still a few sites available (they put all the younger crowd in a separate field to where the families were).

We had the camp site all set up by 5:00pm, and then opened the first bears and started to party. The night was uneventful, I was a little flat and wished we had stayed at Ohope, and I know a couple of my other mates shared these thoughts. Both Phil and I drank very little, as the last thing we wanted the next day was a hangover. The next morning Phil was ready to go at 8:00am, but I pointed out that it only took us about an hour and a bit to get up here so we did not need to leave until 10:45 at the earliest.

So we grabbed the boards before anyone else got them and headed down the beach. We got back to the tent at 10:30 and loaded up our sleeping bags and some spare cloths etc.

then headed back to Ohope Beach. Phil headed for the shops when we got there and I continued down to the camping ground and parked my bike in the reserve behind where our tent had been, and then walked along the beach to Allison and Haley's place. Hayley was out the front, reading a magazine in the deck chair. She jumped up and looked very happy to see me. I asked where Allison was and Jenny explained she was over in Rotorua, about an hour and a bit drive away, but was going to be back in the afternoon, as she hadn't expected me until 3:00pm.

I remembered then that I had told we would get down later in the afternoon, but Phil had changed the time on me. "Why has she gone to Rotorua?" I asked. "Oh! Uncle Fred left his wallet here and was too busy today to come and get it.


So mom had to drive it over there; she will be a little while, as Uncle Fred is taking her out to lunch for her troubles." "That's cool, I will go down and have a swim then, I'll get my towel etc., everything's in the saddle bags on my bike." Hayley said she would come with me, as she wanted a ride on my bike. I said later maybe when her mother gave me the OK. But Hayley painted out she was old enough to make her own decisions, and that she knew I was taking her mother on it, so I had to take her too.

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I got the distinct impression I was being blackmailed, and that if her mother was to do things without her father knowing, she needed to be looked after as well. Hayley ducked around the back of the caravan, saying she had to change and get her towel. Five minutes later she appeared, she had pulled on some cut-off jeans that were very tight and had been frayed just above her knees and she had pulled a "T" Shirt over her bikini top.

She also had a towel in her hand. We walked down the beach to my bike parked in the reserve. I went to get my towel out, but Hayley said we could have a swim later, she wanted to ride. Now I think I have already pointed out that Hayley was one very attractive young lady. I would be lying through my teeth if I said I had no thoughts about making a move on her. But I suppressed these thoughts, realising that any wrong moves could really stuff things up with her mother.

But the fact that she was going to be sitting behind me legs apart and clinging to me as we raced around corners, kept putting the wrong thoughts back in my head. I got the helmets off the straps on the rear crash bars and helped Hayley into hers.

Then asked where she wanted to go. "Well we have about two hours, so take me someplace nice." "Have you had Lunch?" I asked. "No, but I don't want to go where there are other people around." That gave me a thought Just out of Ohope, there was a roadside fish shop, it was next to a mussel farm, so that was what it specialised in, but it was also well known for its takeaway fish & chips.

Then about ten miles further out into the country, there was a small country school that was closed at this time of the year. But schools back then never had closing gates or even fences, and locals would use the playing fields for different events and fairs. It had nice views down a valley of native bush, so I figured we would have a nice ride there and sit and look at the view while eating our fish & chips.

Off we went, Hayley clinging to the back of me, I could feel her breasts pushing into my back. As I swung into the first corner she tried to stay upright and the bike was hard to wrestle around the corner. I spun my head around and yelled over my shoulder. "Lean into the corners with me, just hold tight and stay sitting how you are." The next corner was quite a long fast one and as she went to move up-right I grabbed her elbow with one hand and stopped her from moving, then leaned over further and let the bike find its own way around the curve.

It's a fantastic feeling when you judge it right, I powered out of the curve and into one going the other way. This time she just clung on and went with it. Then I heard a whoop of joy, and she yelled something in my ear, which I took to be "fucking fantastic" or something along those lines.

A couple of more corners and we had to slow and pull over at the fish shop. Hayley was beaming, she couldn't stop exclaiming about how good that felt. We had to wait about 10 minutes for our meal, wrapped up in newspaper. I threw this between my legs half sitting on the tank and said to Hayley to try and keep a hand on it so the wind did not blow it away.

As we headed off again, I realised that this meant Hayley had one hand very close to my crotch, and although her hand was mostly on the newspaper package, her wrist seemed to be rubbing right on my package. I started to spring to attention, so I grabbed her hand and shifted it to the side and forward a bit.

Hayley just moved her hand back where she had had it and again moved her wrist around on my now very erect shaft. I swung the bike into the next half dozen corners trying to convince myself she didn't know what she was doing. But was starting to realise, this was going to take some very firm resolve from me to keep this above board.

I rode hard, wanting to give her a real thrill, but not so hard it was dangerous, as I fully realised the responsibility I had in having her on with me. After about 10 minutes we arrived at the school and just as I thought, there was nobody around at all. We went down to the main school building, then onto the grass and around the back, so we were out of sight of the road and looking down the valley.

I parked, got the blanket out of my saddle bag and spread the food out between us. "That was incredible, why is everyone against bikes? That is definitely a must do in your life, I would love to go all the way back to Auckland on it." She was beaming and quite enthusiastically swinging herself from side to side, pretending she was going around corners. When we were about half way through our fish & chips, I heard another motorbike coming down the drive and then around the corner came Phil with Jenny on the back.

Phil threw his helmet of and asked what the hell we were doing there. Hayley and I responded with the same question and we all started laughing. Great minds think alike we all said at once.

I didn't have a clue the Phil would have known about this place, I found out later it was actually Jenny's idea, as she had been to a fair here once. Phil and Jenny laid out the food they had brought with them, they had parked by my bike but set themselves up on the other side, obviously wanting some privacy. We did talk with them, but mostly Hayley and I were talking between ourselves.

I asked her why she had not gone with her mother. "I don't get on with Uncle Fred, he's even worse than my father. Mom wanted me to go and support her, but I put my foot down and wouldn't go, we had quite an argument about it." We finished our lunch and wrapping everything up I prepared to leave, but when I went to pick up the blanket, Hayley wouldn't budge and asked me to come a lie with her and talk some more.

I wasn't keen as I could see that she was intending more than just talk and I felt as guilty as hell about being there with her when I had ridden all the way to see her mother, but I really couldn't say that to Hayley.

"Look we should go, I'm sure Phil & Jenny would like some privacy and I'm feeling bad about having you out on the bike with your mother not knowing." Hayley just smiled (seductively) at me and said that Jenny would not care at all that we were here; in fact they had already talked about it. And she pointed out again that she was old enough to make her own decisions. So I lay down and started asking her about school and if she was going to go to University etc. Hayley responded with some answers but while talking to me pulled her "T" Shirt over her head and then took of her jeans thank god she had on her bikini, I nearly had heart failure.

Having said that, the bikini was very skimpy and did not leave much to the imagination, so it may as well have been her bra and panties. "Come on," said Hayley. "Get you cloths off and sunbathe, they say it may rain tomorrow." I responded that I was OK thanks, but Hayley leapt over onto me and started wrestling my "T" Shirt over my head.

I put up a fight, but let's be fair if I had wanted to resist, she would never have forced me. But I was enjoying the wrestle and in seconds she had pulled it off. Then she started on my shorts, I put up a better fight for these, but this was getting very sexy fighting with a beautiful girl in a skimpy bikini. As she was trying to pull them down, I found the best defence was tickling her, but then found she was taking both my shorts and my underpants with them, so I just grabbed her and held her tight to me, while I tried to pull them back up with a free hand.

She struggled and then leaned in and kissed me. Oh! Shit I was buggered, I responded by loosening my hold on her and kissing her back, with just as much passion as she was showing me. "I know you are feeling bad about Mom and all, I watched the two of you the other night, so I understand. But I have been horny ever since, so you need to look after me as well." That came out of left field, totally flooring me; I think my mouth dropped open as I tried to figure an appropriate response.

But thinking about it, the only window she could have been at was the one at the foot of the bed, this had a curtain drawn and Allison had mentioned it had a sound proof panel down between where Hayley slept. "You can't have, the window is all blocked off." I spluttered. "Oh, I know that when Dad had the two bedroom modules designed for the awning extension, he made my one with sound padding on that side, but it doesn't work very well.

And besides I can pull the peg out at the bottom and slip around between that and the caravan. A couple of years ago I broke the curtain runner that holds the curtain to the side and they have never fixed it." "Why did you do that?" I asked, pretty sure of the answer I was going to get. "I wanted to see them having sex, I could hear them at it some nights. I only caught them at it a couple of times. Dad is horrible a rough with Mom, partly why I don't get on with him.

That's why I got rid of Phil so early, I knew Mom was horny and I didn't know how far she would go. I certainly did not expect her to do all she did with you though." "Shit I'm sorry, I really did not intend that to happen, are you pissed off with us?" "No!" Hayley exclaimed. "It was fantastic, I learnt some things I guess you did too?

But I had about three orgasms watching you guys. One of them was enormous, when you did it in her bottom. I had to slip out and sit on my bed until I could stand again, which meant I missed quite a bit." Hayley looked over my shoulder and said to me, to turn over and look at Phil and Jenny.

I half rolled to the side and was confronted with Phil on his knees beside Jenny; he had taken off her shorts and knickers, was frigging between her legs with his right hand and had his left hand up under her "T" Shirt playing with her breasts. Jenny was vigorously stroking his shaft; a cameo of what she and I had done a couple of days before.

(I remembered I had told Phil about this, the bugger was playing out what I had described to him). She had learnt her lesson well, as she already had pre-cum oozing from tip of Phil's cock. As I watched this, Hayley pulled my shorts down and I no longer had the will to put up a fight.

She grabbed my cock (which I might add had gone absolutely rigid) and started stroking it, copying what she had witnessed Jenny doing.

I rolled back to her and sitting up, flicked the catch on her bikini top open and removed her top. The most beautiful set of boobs dropped free.

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I know! Every porn story you read says their boobs were fantastic, but words can't describe how perfect these were, I still remember them today. Her nipples were already hard, perfect little pencil erasers. They were creamy white and stood out even more because of the lovely tan she had over the rest of her body: she had never sun bathed topless, that was for sure.

Hayley let go of my dick and moved up to me and lowered a nipple onto my mouth, which got the right response from me. I took to it lake a starving baby, kneading it with my lips and caressing both breasts with my hands. She straddled one of my legs and started rubbing her crouch onto it and squeezing her legs together.

"Fuck", I thought, she is going to cum and I haven't even seen the bearded clam yet. So I rolled her over and onto her back, pulled her bikini bottoms down, spread her legs and started kissing all around her beaver, but not on it.

I could feel the heat and smell the heady aroma from her dainty little snatch. She was pushing it up into me and jerking left and right trying to get my lips to give it some attention, but I kept avoiding from latching on straight away, wanting to tease her. But finally I inserted my tongue as deep as I could into her hole and used a thumb and forefinger on her clit. It only took seconds and she came, bucking into me so hard I bloodied my lip on my own teeth.

She gave a howl, which turned into AAAAAAHHHHH… FFFFFFFUUUUCK. A bit embarrassed, I looked over to see both Jenny & Phil, with lust glazing their eyes, watching intently. I lay beside Hayley, cuddling her; I didn't dare kiss her, after where I had had my mouth. But before I knew it she grabbed my head turned it and kissed me long and hard.

Then she asked, "Did you like that because I sure did. I have wanted that release for two days now." "But you told me you had come three times the other night." "Not the same, it's good but much better sharing it with someone." She said. "It's your turn now; I want to do something you really like." "I'm up for anything, just lying next to you is more than I expected." "Would you do what you did to Mom, you know - my bottom?" What was I to say to that, I really was not into arse fucking that much?

I would much rather have had a good old missionary style fuck, I mean that's what a cunt is designed for. Let's face it I was just not an arse man. She could see the doubt in my face. "You certainly looked like you enjoyed it with Mom." "Hey if you want to, I'm great with it.

I just think it must hurt like hell and I don't want to hurt you. I think I might be a bit large." "But you had no problems the other night." "I had never done that before, and she talked me into it, saying she had done it lots of times. Even then I could see that I was hurting her at first." "I want to try, it really turned me on and I have been thinking about all the time." With that she lifted her legs up and rested her knees on her chest.

Opening her little split-peach and exposing the pink inner lips to me, with the light brown button hole just below it.

I positioned myself over her and lowered myself down into her, first just my knob disappeared and I held it there while she watched. "I need to get him well lubricated before we try the other, you OK with this?" She just nodded, not even looking up at me, she had a very intent look of concentration on her face. Suddenly I thought about a condom, I didn't have any with me. "Shit!" I exclaimed. "I don't have any condoms." Still concentrating on what was happening between her legs.

She told me not to worry; her mother had put her on the pill over a year ago, when she started going out with her first boyfriend. So I slowly lowered myself into her all the way. She obviously wasn't a virgin, as she took me quite easily, which for some stupid reason, made me a bit jealous.

I held myself up on my arms so she could keep watching what was happening, and started to stroke in and out of this sublime, tight, beautiful little split-peach.

I looked over to see that Phil & Jenny were now fucking as well, Jenny lying on top of Phil, her arse bucking up and down. Hayley saw me and followed my gaze; still watching them she lowered her legs to the grass and started bucking her arse into me as well. I could see that she was very turned on watching the others fuck.

I started to cum; Hayley felt this and looked at me with alarm. "I wanted you to try my bum." So I pulled out of her and waited some moments for the throbbing sensations to subside, then lifted her legs back up and pushed my knob against her little brown anus. It was too dry, even though my cock glistened with Hayley's juices, so using my left hand I slipped two fingers into her beautiful little box and withdrew as much of the juice as I could, smeared it around her anus then pushed down onto her again.

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She pushed back against me and slowly my knob started to penetrate. A look pain crossed her face, but I could also see the determination there, so I stopped pushing and just held it with my knob only about halfway in. She bit her lip and kept pushing onto me, and little by little I slid into her.

It was fantastic, I know why I was hesitant about this, but everything went out the window. I started to stroke into her arse, but could see it was really hurting her so stopped again, and let her make all the moves.

She put her feet back on the grass, with her knees bent and wide apart and slowly eased on and of my shaft, taking glances over to Phil and Jenny to see what they were doing. I had the feeling that it may have been a competition between them.

Very slowly I started to push into her, on each of her upward motions. I could easily hold my weight on one hand so with my free hand I started frigging into her fanny and using my thumb on her clit. Every few strokes I would nearly pull out then wipe more of her juice onto my shaft then let it slide back in.

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Slowly the look of pain left her face and it was replaced with pleasure. I couldn't last any longer; this was all far too erotic for an 18 year old male.

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I didn't even have time to warn her, but just thrust hard against her bum and exploded in her arse. She looked up at me. "Did you just come?" "Yes! Sorry, it just exploded before I knew what was happening." "Stay there; I want to come as well." So I stayed pressed hard against her arse, so he wouldn't fall out, and frigged away for quite a few minutes until I watched the sign of an orgasm approaching. She grabbed both breasts and started squeezing her nipples, much harder than I would have dared.

"Again, her orgasm was highlighted by her bucking her arse into me and crying out. "OOOOHHHHH! FFUUUCCK, I'MMMM CUUUMMMING. I'm glad there wasn't a car going past on the road above, as they would have stopped, thinking someone was getting murdered. I looked over to see that Phil & Jenny were still at it, Jenny sitting up now, stark naked, tits swinging in the breeze.

Both of them were watching us, and they smiled, all embarrassment at being caught watching. Hayley and I lay together, and discussed her butt fuck. She admitted it had hurt a lot more than she expected, but was also just as erotic as she thought it would have been.

She stated that she definitely wanted to do it again, but not right away when I offered (laughing of course).

Suddenly we both thought about the time and looking at our watches, realised it was just on 3:00pm. We needed to go; we had wanted to be long back before Allison got back. So we dressed, threw the blanket into the saddle bag, bid our goodbyes to the others and departed for the beach. I might add that Jenny just lay there in the nude, didn't cover up at all, she was quite an exhibitionist. When we got back to the caravan, Allison was not there. I wondered guiltily if she had gone looking for us, but Mrs Nosey parker from next door came over and asked us where we had been.

Hayley told her we had walked right from one end of the beach to the other. To which Mrs Nosey parker replied "I thought you both looked very hot, I hope you had suntan lotion on." Hayley asked her if her mother was back yet.

And Mrs Nosey Parker replied that she hadn't seen her at all. So we sat out front on the deck chairs and talked while we waited for her. I asked her why she had not asked her boyfriend to do her in the arse. And she told me she was too nervous to ask him anything like that, as she thought he would think her kinky and maybe a slut.

Funny, I know she was just being honest with me, but it made me feel like I had just been used. As I sat there I also realised that I had strong feelings for Hayley, and was wondering how I was going to face up to her mother, when she arrived. I voiced these thoughts to Hayley, and she quickly put me right about where I stood with her she had a boyfriend and this afternoon with me was definitely a one off.

That took me down a peg or two, I can tell you.