Sexy girl and her cute tits masturbate fingering

Sexy girl and her cute tits masturbate fingering
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SchoolDaze Chapter 2 Linda awoke to the aroma of "Starbuck's" coffee. She had a dream that a biker gang had taken her forcibly, but thank heaven it was only a dream.

She smiled, as her pussy was a little tender, after Professor Richard's wonderful assault with his thick cock. A biker gang couldn't have done much more damage she thought. She sat up on the side of the bed and looked around. She then saw her panties on a lampshade where she had tossed them haphazardly.

Slipping into her panties, she saw Richard's lavender long-sleeved shirt lying on an overstuffed chair next to the bed. Linda picked it up and put it on. It was several sizes too large for her, however with her shapely legs and cute little panty covered butt, she looked very sexy. The shirt had the wonderful sent of Richard's body. Barefooted she walked into the front room, where he was sitting in a lazyboy recliner sipping a cup of coffee, grading papers and listening to Richard Elliot's latest jazz CD, "metroblue".


Richard was wearing a pair of jockey shorts and a light blue polo shirt, which accentuated his chest and massive arm muscles. In a weird contrast he had a pair of horned rim glasses sitting precariously on the end of his nose. She had only seen him naked for a fleeting moment the night before, as her attention was on another very large part of his body, and she hadn't been aware of his arms being as big as there were.

His biceps must have been at least eighteen inches. "That's a great stereo. I love smooth jazz. Who is that Boney James?" No Richard Elliot.

The stereo was a birthday present from my brother. We are very close." "Do I get coffee too?" she asked acting as flirtatiously shy as she possible could, which wasn't easy dressed the way she was. "Of course sweetie. Would you like me to get it for you?

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At dinner you had two sugars and a touch of cream . correct?" "Yes," she said smiling, thinking that he was the first man to ever notice anything about her other than her tits, pussy and ass. "That's correct. But I can get the coffee later. Right now I think that I would like something else." As she said the words, "something else", she slowly knelt in front of him holding his knees. She slowly moved his knees apart staring at the very large package he was unsuccessfully hiding in his jockey shorts.

As her hands gravitated toward his groin he said, "Linda . I have a lot of papers to grade . and . I . don't." "Richard," she said biting her lower lip, "I don't think 'The Hulk' wants you to grade papers right now.

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The hulk wants to be kissed and sucked and loved. You can grade papers later." Linda took the papers from his hand and dropped them on the floor to her left. She then reached up and removed his glasses, and took the coffee cup from his other hand placing them on the oak table adjacent to his chair.

As she moved between his muscular thighs, and began stroking his penis through his underpants, he moaned and laid his head back on the chair, closing his eyes. Linda then pulled the front flap of his shorts open and took hold of his penis, which was beginning to get hard. She was almost afraid of it, due to its size.

She hoped she would never be around when it became angry. With both hands she began a little physical dexterity pulling the skin over the head of the thick member. He groaned loudly as her manipulations gained momentum, and she began jacking him off a little faster, occasionally kissing the tip of its gorgeous shiny head, when it came into view. He was at her mercy and trusting her to take care of his animal cravings.

Linda then grasp his cock as one might do grasping a rope in a tug of war, holding it tight with both hands. She leaned down and placed a long lingering wet kiss on the smooth head, her mouth covering his little cum hole.

Richard made no sound, however flexed all the muscles in his body as Linda stretched her mouth over the head of his penis, and slowly began to suck.

She secretly wondered if sucking him would stretch out her mouth, maybe giving her lips like Angelina Jolie?

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She knew that her passion for this man was growing exponentially, and with his gentle ways, his calm endurance and his wonderful understand of almost everything, she might even be able to fall in love with him.

Right now, however there were more immediate problems. His enormous penis was pressing on her tonsils, and her gag reflexes were about to come into play. Removing her mouth from his cock, she stood up then crawled into his lap. His cock was now pushing against her panties. With her legs spread wide and on both sides of his, Linda reached down and pulled her panty crotch to the side, displaying her glistening pussy.


As she carefully guided his bulky member into her vagina, they both groaned in unison knowing they would soon have relief. She began to move her hips a little, her vagina dealing with the difficult task of enclosing his cock. It was almost analogous to pushing a square peg into a round hole. Actually more like pushing a tent pole into an ant hole. As she moved a little faster her natural juices began to flow. She was going to fuck him good.

The feeling, of his penis inside her pussy was the best she had ever felt. Every centimeter of it was wedged forcibly against the walls of her tightly, stretched out vagina. She moved faster causing their level of pleasure to escalate. They were involved in a race that nether of them really wanted to win.

They just wanted to finish eventually, but there was no hurry. Sometimes the best things in life take a little longer. Richard opened the shirt she was wearing and took a succulent nipple into his mouth. He then grabbed her panty-covered ass with both hands and shoved his butt up off the chair ramming his penis deeper into her pussy.

She became really wet and squirted her fluids all around his cock; her hands on his shoulders digging her nails into his flesh, and the pain caused him to bite her nipple. He felt her juices running down his balls onto the chair beneath them. He had never had a student like Linda. She was very special, and very passionate. One might even say she was maniacal when it came to sex. At the very least she was excessively enthusiastic, and she sure loved to fuck. Linda was the one girl he had been in search of for years.

Running her hands, which had traces of his blood under her fingernails, through his salt and pepper hair, she was lost in his lovemaking and totally lost in her lust for him. She wondered why the feeling she craved so much was never really completely satisfied. She could fuck all night and climax several times, but later on the yearning returned needing yet another fix.

Junkies must have felt something similar, needing their drugs whenever their cravings became unbearable, like eating a large Chinese meal, and being hungry again an hour later. She felt the dopamine rush. It was fantastic and she was going to cum. Her efforts had paid large dividends. Nothing should feel this good she thought as her pussy gushed more of her liquid on to his cock. As soon as the feeling began to subside however, another started to build.

She felt the man should be kept under lock and key, with her as the keeper of the key. He was shoving up under her, fucking her as hard as he could and she was concerned that she might pass out.

Linda slowly placed her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder as he continued in a wild frenzy, pushing himself into the most precious opening of her body. Intermittently, as Richard continued she would feel the gush of a totally uncontrolled orgasm, and just relax in her gratification, sucking on his neck and nibbling on his ear.

Richard was aware he appeared to be mentally disordered, his insane lust driving him on, and he could think of nothing at this point, other than cuming in Linda's tight little cunt.

He was aware she had had several orgasms already, so he was unconcerned about her having another at the time. It was his turn now, and he was getting ready. A few more thrusts should do it he thought. As he began to cum, Linda held him tight knowing somehow, he needed her to hold him very close to her while he came.

At this point she felt like a plastic blow up doll. The only important part of her was her pussy, and it would be used as a temporary storage area for Richard's sperm. She had no strength to help him, and just allowed him to fuck her harder than anyone ever had before. He was holding her so tight around her mid-section, that her ribs hurt.

Although there was some pain, she enjoyed everything he was doing, and would allow him to use her whenever he needed her. This was the kind of "free for all" sex she had always wanted. For a while they just sat there and held each other, like two teen-agers after a hot date at a drive in movie.

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She sat up in his lap as his cock, which had shrunk to almost a normal size, began to slip out of her pussy. "Richard," she said with a large grin, perspiration running from her forehead down her classic Barbie nose, "I think I have earned that coffee now; don't you?" "Coffee?" he said, "Sweetie you have earned a Ferrari." "Then I owe you one too Professor." "Why don't we call it a draw and I'll take you to breakfast?" "Okay." "Where would you like to go?" "That place we ate dinner was nice.

How about there? The problem is I only have the clothes I wore last night." "I have some shorts that I wore years ago and don't fit me anymore and I know you can fit into most of my shirts." "What about shoes. You wear size eleven while I only wear a seven." "Thirteen . I wear size thirteen running shoes." "Thirteen?" No wonder, she thought correlating the old wife's tale about shoe size related to penis size.

"I'll bet you get everywhere fast." "You can wear a pair of my "flip flops" temporally. I can cut them down to fit you." He got her the clothes. A pair of his old faded cut off Levis, which were even a little small for her, and a dark blue Ralph Loren "Polo" shirt, that barely contained her greater than average size breasts, and left her midriff bare displaying her cute little bellybutton.

The "flip flop shower shoes" were much too big for her feet, but after he cut several inches off the backs, they weren't too bad. C'est La Vie, translated into English means, "Such is Life".

It's a wonderful little French style restaurant in Laguna Beach California, on the South Coast Highway overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Richard went there often and was treated more like family than a customer, as one of the waiter's sons had been in his class. The coffee was great, and they always served fresh baked baguettes of bread with every meal. As Richard drove south on the Coast Highway, from his apartment in Belmont Shores, his 2003 black Porsche was just past seventy; a Boney James jazz CD was playing on the stereo.

The drive on this particular morning was wonderful, thought Linda, as the morning breeze caressed her face like a shy schoolboy's kiss. "I love your car. Do you mind if I ask how much it cost?" "No not at all.


It cost me one dollar." "How much?" she asked frowning. "A dollar," he said smiling as he looked over at her, wondering how he ever became so lucky. "Before you get permanent wrinkles in your forehead, my twin brother is the CEO of a very successful DOT COM, business. He bought the car new, then decided that he wanted a Lamborghini two weeks later, so knowing I needed a car he sold it to me for a dollar like any good brother would." "I wish I had a brother like him.

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Are you telling me that there is an exact duplicate of you, running around out there somewhere?" "Not exact. Jimmy . Sorry he wants me to call him James .

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resembles me a lot, however he hasn't had time to really take care of himself as well as he should, and he outweighs me by at least fifty pounds. While my hair is sort of salt and pepper gray, Jimmy's is completely white. Although I'm two minutes older than he is, James looks more like our father than my brother. I attribute his white hair to overwork and over marriage." "Over marriage?

Asked Linda, a smile beginning on her beautiful face. "James is getting a divorce from his third wife, as she caught him messing around on the side. When I try to talk to him about his problems, he states that he earned a half million dollars last year. What that has to do with anything, I'll never know.

I believe that too much money, just like too little money can add to anyone's problems." She sat there mesmerized by this intelligent, sexy, handsome man. This was the man she had always wanted, even though he was only two years younger than her own Father.

Certainly he was the man for her sexually. Just looking at him and remembering how he satisfied her completely, caused her panties to be a little damp. Richard grumbled when he saw there was no available parking in front of the restaurant, so he turned at the next corner and parked behind the building. As he pulled into a parking stall, Jose, one of the waiters at C'st La Vie, waived from the outside terrace.

Richard looked up, smiled and waived back. Jose then motioned for them to come up to the terrace. He was holding a table for them. Richard held the back door open for Linda, and she went in, down a narrow hallway, past the restrooms, and up a flight of stairs to the bar. She stood there a second until Richard, who was right behind her said, "Turn right and up the stairs sweetie." Linda climbed the second set of stairs, which lead to an outside terrace where there were six tables.

They sat down and Jose asked, "How are you doing Richard?" "Fine," said Richard, "How is the family?" "Good," said Jose. "Everybody is very good." "Peter?" asked Richard, "How is Peter doing?" "Great he is a first lieutenant now, thanks to you. He is working at a military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany.

He wrote and stated they are getting a lot of battle causalities from Iraq. I'm just happy they sent him to Germany and not Iraq. He said he is up for a Captaincy soon." "Fantastic! Peter is one sharp kid. All he needed was a kick in the right direction." "Okay," said Jose. "You want Eggs Oscar, coffee, no potatoes, champagne and of course hot crunchy bread, right?" "Right," said Richard, smiling, "Except no champagne.

We will both have orange juice." He then winked at Jose. "And what will the lady have?" "What would you like sweetie; Eggs Florentine?" 'Mmmmm.

thought Linda, Poached eggs, Ham, Hollandaise sauce and spinach on a Croissant.' She smiled and nodded her head, wondering how he knew that she liked spinach. The man was inexplicable and he seemed to know her like a favorite book.

"How did you know I would like Eggs Florentine? I never said anything about liking spinach." "About three months ago, you were in the school cafeteria with several of your sorority sisters. When they squealed at me, I stopped by your table. I noticed you were eating a hamburger, with spinach on the side and I believe a coke. At the time it struck me as an odd combination. All the other girls were eating French Fries." "Ooooh Kay!

I see it was really because of me not eating French Fries ." "Not exactly. I also recall what you were wearing." "No you don't .

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what was I wearing?" "White shorts that looked to be your little sister's, and a white sweatshirt that was printed on the front, "Born to Raise Your." Richard whispered with a leer on his face. "I assume the missing word should have been cock." "Why would you think that?" "Because .

when I looked at you, that is exactly what occurred. Why do you think I got out of there so fast?" "I kind of wondered," said Linda.

"Do you know why I seldom come out from behind my podium when I give a lecture?" "No . I assumed .

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your notes were there." "Uh uh . it's because of you. You sit right in front of the class. When I look at you, the Hulk starts getting hard, and I have a difficult time remembering what to say next." "I'm sorry . I." "Sorry for what? For making my dreams come true. Sorry for making me the happiest teacher in the school . maybe in the world? Why would you be sorry for that? Linda . I have been watching you ever since you came to CSULB last year." "Why didn't you say something?" "Sure .

a forty-year-old teacher hitting on a gorgeous young student? I thought about it. I thought about it many times, and then I thought it would be a terrible way to end a good career. CSULB is rated in the top three schools in California. I rationalized that I would at least be able to see you every day, although as you now know I wanted to do a lot more. If they had kicked me out, I wouldn't even have been able to see you." "You think that I'm gorgeous?" "What's wrong don't they have any mirrors in your sorority?

You must be aware that you are gorgeous. You are so beautiful that you make my eyes hurt." "Thank you." "Don't thank me. Thank God. He was the one who created you . for me." "I meant . thank you for the complement. For you.?" "Yes for me .

Linda. For you I will be like Don Quixote, attacking windmills everywhere I go." Jose then showed up with their breakfasts. She wasn't sure she was hungry for food anymore, but decided to eat anyway. The cool sea breeze and the aroma of the ocean, made the food taste even better than normal.

Linda sipped a little orange juice and frowned. It tasted funny. When she mentioned it to Richard, he placed a finger to his lips and whispered, "Sssshhhhh, sweetie, its Mimosa . orange juice and champagne." She whispered back, "Sir are trying to get me drunk?" "Is it necessary?" "No; of course not.

I would go to bed with you for a Pepsi and a bag of chips. No forget the chips. The thing is, I really want you again right now. Do you think we could go down on the beach and do it a little?" "It's ten in the morning sweetie.

Don't you think someone might see us, and of course they would at least hear us, as noisy as you are?" "Okay, what if we go over to the park." "Do you mean where those guys are playing Volleyball?" "Well what can we do?" "We can wait until we get back to the Condo." "How long will that be?" "Let see, we have to go shopping to get you some new clothes." "New clothes?" "Yes, you need clothes for tonight and tomorrow; for our trip." "What trip?

I thought you were going to take me back to the sorority house." "Nope. We are going to San Diego tomorrow; to Sea World." "Really?" she asked. "If you don't want to go, just tell me." "Of course I want to go." "Ok so eat, then we can go shopping.

I can't wait to buy you some new panties." To Be Continued.