Blowjob Is Love And She Knows It

Blowjob Is Love And She Knows It
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It was beautiful in the Smoky Mountains as we hiked a trail that meandered through a small dale nearby one of the many parking cutouts that line the roads through the park. It was late spring and everything was in bloom. There was spring in the air as they say.

The wildflowers were abloom in all their varied glory and it was quite romantic. We were in one of the more private places in the park that was off the main roads. We had decided to take a short hike on the spur of the moment and weren't really dressed for it. I wore slacks, a polo shirt and some leather sandals and Kellie my wife had on a thin housedress and no bra or panties. The sandals she wore were not really appropriate for hiking either.

We were doing fine though as long as we stayed on the trail. About 500 yards from the truck we found a park bench beside the trail and decided we'd just sit there and take in the beauty and sounds around us.

Kellie had threw together some picnic items, a blanket and other things she thought we might need and we had stopped and bought a bucket of fried chicken and side items so we thought it would be nice to sit on the bench and eat.

She had carried the blanket and I toted the picnic basket with the food and some bottles of water, napkins and other items. It was actually romantic. There was enough room between the bench and the trail to spread our blanket on the ground there. I sat on the bench admiring the view of Kellies shaved pussy under her dress as she knelt directly in front of me on the blanket. The fresh scents of nature and fried chicken filling my nostrils had me debating if I should fuck her right there or eat first.

I decided I'd eat the chicken and then her. We lay on the blanket and ate a leisurely lunch, put the left-over food back in the basket and lay on the blanket making out. It didn't take long before we were both naked under the warm spring Sun.

I spent long minutes kissing and licking my wife's superb body until her breathing was deep, hips lifting and she was obviously wanting my tongue. "Sit on the bench", I said to her.


She rose and sat in the middle of the bench with her ass at the edge and thighs raised and open with her hands holding them behind her knees. My dick throbbed and ached as I gazed at her moist hole. The look in her eyes was almost desperate, silently pleading with me to sate the craving she felt. The fact of us being nude in public making love was taking a toll on her sensibilities also I suspected.

Just as my head began lowering to her I saw a different look come over her face, a look of fear as she gazed over my shoulder. I turned my head to look in the direction her gaze was looking. There, crouched down and moving towards us was what appeared to be a red bone coon hound.

His gaze never left us as he stopped and growled a little as he sniffed the air. He eyed us warily as he slowly made his way to the picnic basket and began sniffing around it making whining sounds almost as if he were crying. I saw his ribs and he looked like he hadn't been eating all that well. I began moving towards him on my hands and knees cautiously while softly uttering, "Good boy, you're just hungry aren't you boy".

The dog, instead of becoming aggressive tucked his tail between his back legs and lay down whimpering, his tongue licking his mouth as if the smell of the chicken was exciting him. I took out a chicken leg and was about to tear off the meat to give him but he lunged and took it out of my hands and stood a few feet from me crunching bone and all as he ate it.

He kept a wary eye on us the whole time. I tore the meat from a couple chicken breasts and thighs before opening the container of green beans and setting it all on the blanket near me. "He must be starving", Kellie said. He stood staring at the food eyeing us both warily until his hunger overwhelmed his fear and he moved closer and lowered his head and began eating, wolfing down everything I had lay out. I reached out and began petting him and he quickly shied away.

I stopped and he slowly returned to eating and I again began rubbing his back lightly and he eyed me suspiciously but continued eating. When everything was gone he began searching the picnic basket for more but found nothing as I had put the leftover bones back in the container and put the lid on it. He stood looking at me momentarily and then began licking my face, his eyes expressing gratitude as he showed his feelings the only way he could. I began rubbing his ears and head and you could see his need for love in the way he sat and took it all in eagerly.

His eyes now gleamed, his breathing excited as he pawed at my arms. "When you're through playing you could finish what you started here.


He's filthy and probably covered with fleas, leave him alone and come here", my wife said, pretending jealousy with her lips pursed and frowning.

She smiled then and lay back and opened her thighs and began lightly rolling her clit as she said, "Come here and play with this awhile baby, I've got dessert for you".

Smiling I let the dog go and began crawling to her. In a few seconds I was again in the position of lowering my head to her aromatic pussy. I began softly licking her labia, allowing my tongue tip to separate and slide between them as it slid down into her clasping wetness. "Ohhhhhhhyeah", she moaned as she felt my tongue entering her. Her head lay back, eyes closed as she enjoyed my inner licking of her pussy.

Her hips began a hungry undulation as I coated her clit with her slick juices. Her excited moans told of her inner cravings as her hands left my head to grip the upper rail of the back of the bench. Her hips undulated to my laving and probing tongue as she savored the feel of the pressured licking of her moist inner flesh. I heard the dog making small yelping sounds and gazed at him with my peripheral vision and saw him sniffing the air with his head stretched upwards. What failed to register at that moment was the way his cock was falling from his sheath.

Later as I remembered it I realized I had seen it but didn't attach any significance to it so I ignored it as I returned my attention to my enjoyable pursuit. I knelt there gazing at my wife's beauty thinking, "God she's so passionate looking when she's aroused". She moaned, "Don't stop baby, eat me, god I'm so close to cumming". Her eyes were closed and her hand was again at her pussy expressing her need. Right then the dog pressed his head between her thigh and my body and used it to push me over backwards.

I had been sitting on my heels as I looked at her and when he pushed I fell back on my ass on the ground in a sitting position.

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I watched as he swiped at her pussy with his long tongue, eliciting a deep moan from her as he began licking at her asshole, pussy, and clit. He seemed excited by her scent and was now licking her at its source.

She was excited by his salacious laving, I believe she was unaware it was the dog licking her. Seeing her reaction to his excited laving made my dick throb. It was so erotic watching her respond to an animal's actions.

Once he ascertained the source of the seemingly delicious nectar he desired his tongue began pressing into it, twisting, licking, and probing her pussy deeply as he gathered her juices. His tongue was thick and it constantly burrowed deeper into her as he licked around inside her while obviously swallowing her flowing juices The feel of his fat long tongue sliding in and out of her had her moaning, hunching her excited pleasure.

Suddenly it must have dawned on her that I could never do what the dog was doing to her and her eyes opened, stared in shocked awe, as she realized an animal was licking her inner walls. "Oh my god stop him&hellip.oh shit& could you let him&hellip.aaaaarrrghhhhhhh…&hellip.unh…&hellip.unh&hellip.ohhhhhhhhdamn oh fuck I'm cumminnnngggg", she moaned as the knowledge of what was happening to her plus the fact that she loved it had her bucking her enjoyment. Her orgasm increased the flow of what he was seeking deep inside her body and served to intensify his deep licking of her.

Her hands hovered above his head, afraid to touch him for fear of enraging him or worse making him stop his wonderful laving assault within her body. "Do you really want me to stop him baby, I'll try if you do", I said, hoping she'd say no because I was really being turned on watching them.

" god, oh shit.aaaiiieeeeEEEeEe…&hellip.arggGGHHHH Oh fuck this is soooo good………n.nev…never cum like this before&hellip.god his tongue is so big…so…so……ohhhhhhhhhYeSSSSSSSS&…oh god fuck me, fuck me with your big dog tongue! ARRRRRGGHHHHHHHHYESSSSS I can''t&hellip.stopppp.cum.cumm&hellip.oh god.I I'm cumming& good!

NO! GOD NO…don't stop him…arrrgghhhhhh&hellip.everrrrrr…ungggghhhhhHHHH. Her thighs clamped his head but it never deterred his constant gathering of her warm juices as he provoked her body to quench his thirst with her pleasure. My dick was strained with my own excited need to cum and pre-cum oozed from my tip copiously as my arousement was fueled by her love of what she was feeling.

"I feel sooo slutty doing this, she moaned…I don't even know his name",…she moaned, choking on a laugh, as her body again stiffened. "Fuck, he's killing me……aarrgghh…never cum this much…ohhhhh in my life&hellip.aiiieeeeeeEEEEEE……aieeeeeeeEEEEEEE!

Then her hand fell to his head as she was lost to the spasms wracking her body and the intensity of her pleasure had her fingernails digging into his scalp. He yelped and jerked back quickly, pulling his tongue from inside her clenching pussy as he ran a few steps away and stood there looking at her as if wondering what he had done to cause her to hurt him.

Kellie's body collapsed to the ground as she gasped her disappointment at his stopping. "You think he'll do it again after I catch my breath? God I've never felt anything so good.

Do you care honey. Damn you must think your wife is a real slut now don't you? It.It's just that his tongue filled me up completely. It's so thick and long and even when I was cumming he didn't stop twisting and turning it inside me. I'm sorry honey but I really loved knowing you were watching me be seduced by a dog and not being able to stop cumming. I felt so damn slutty and I loved it!

Do you care if I sit back on the bench and see if he'll do it again", she said, almost begging for my approval? She turned over on her hands and knees and put her hands on the bench seat to push herself up and the dog moved swiftly before she could rise. He mounted her and wrapped his front paws around her hips and held her as his sheath began stabbing forward, jerking stiffly then relaxing.

His crimson tip slightly protruded from it as his back legs walked forward until his tip touched her pussy. Feeling his goal his dick shot out stiffly and entered her pussy perfectly. She screamed loudly as his hips began a rapid hammering of his hard dick into her unsuspecting body. She screamed how he was hurting her as she reached back trying to dislodge him. A few seconds later though she had her head lying on her crossed arms on the bench, her hands clenching the seat rail as she held her pussy to his stabbing thrusts.

Loud moans vibrating from her throat expressed her pleasure as his hips jack-hammered his animal cock into her deeply. I could see his plump cock as it withdrew from her and it appeared it was thickening and lengthening with each second that passed.

His knot was the size of a tennis ball and each time it contacted her inner lips forcibly she shrieked with pain. The feel of her tissues stretching instilled a trepidation of his physically fucking his fat knot within her body. But, it also instilled a need to be taken by this beast that desired her pussy so badly. Her feelings scared her as did her inability to prevent what she now realized she wanted. The animalistic way he attacked her pussy, just raping her, brought out something inside her she never knew resided there.

A primal part of her wanted this dog to breed her, to enter her as deeply as possible and sow his seed inside her receptive body. The associated pain of his knot opening her only heightened the craving she felt in her body for his dog cum. The longer he fucked his animal cock into her, the more her mind slipped into the depravity she now craved. She never wanted this to end. She began clenching her pussy tightly each time he tried to force his hot knot past her vaginal lips. Each hard thrust took her closer and closer to the heaven she knew awaited her.

Her body began trembling, tensing, waves of pleasure coursing through her and her body demanded she relent to his hot need. Her pussy gaped with its need and he never hesitated a second as he drove hard into her pussy.

His hips splayed open, pressing his inner thighs flatly against her writhing ass cheeks. I watched her head lift, hand reach back to touch his leg and a deep moan escaped her and I knew his knot was forcing into her inner vaginal lips. "OH FUCK IT HURTS", she screamed as his hips hunched forcefully against the resistance of her vaginal opening.

"Its too big, oh god I can't…can't&hellip.stop him…oh god baby PLEASE st…st&hellip.ohhhhh damn that's good…oh shit I'm so full of dog dick&hellip.fuck me&hellip.doit&hellip.FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING! Oh god I'm&hellip.cumming&hellip.aieeeaaarrgghhhhhHHHHH…&'s dick……ohgod…&hellip.yes&hellip.yes&hellip.Oh fuck I love this! Unh&hellip.unh…unh&hellip.fuckin me sodeep…so big…arrghhhhh……yes.yes&hellip.feel him throbbing…oh god its getting bigger, longer…aaaiiiiieeeEEEEEEEOOOOOHHHHHHHH FUCK ME!

He cum, oh fuck he cum in my pussy baby…hot…so hot&hellip.OH FUCK!.HE"S CUMMING&hellip.Oh god&hellip.he's cummmming so much………AIEEEEEEEEEE…&hellip.burning my pussy…&hellip.oh god he's still ARRGGGHHHHH.

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Oh damn baby I'm cumming…cumming&hellip.oh god he's still…&hellip.ohhhhhhhhdamn. Her hips were fucking back into his dog dick forcefully, so forcefully she kept shoving him backwards. Seeing her need I held the dogs haunches as she rammed back into his spewing dog seed. Her hands held the outer rail of the bench seat as she fucked the dick within her as roughly as she would a human fucking her.

She was overwhelmed by the volume and hotness of his watery cum being expelled so forcefully against her deepest walls. I glanced under them and saw his knot trying to open her pussy as he pulled against it and was actually awed at its size. It appeared to be as big as a softball or possibly even larger. He was standing still, motionless as her hips continued to undulate.

It was obvious she wanted more, wanted him forcing his dick deep into her soul. She moaned pleadingly, "Oh god I want him to fuck me, his dicks so swollen and long…oh fuck baby…who knew…my god who knew a dog could make me…&hellip.ohhhhh yes…yes.oh god he's fucking me again…hurts…oh god it hurts so fuckin good!" I had heard of women fucking their dogs but I never dreamed that one of those women would be my wife someday.

She was always the one to make a face of disgust at the mention of such things and now here she was begging to be fucked by an animal and loving it.

I was so aroused myself that I knew if I even touched my dick I would be spewing cum immediately. I had never seen Kellie so totally lost in the sensations of fucking. He was truly making her pussy his own, making her his bitch in the truest sense of the word, and she absolutely loved it, craved his dick more than she ever had mine.

They fucked for what seemed hours until Kellie was so exhausted she allowed her upper body to slump down on the blanket and lay there gasping, chest heaving as she said, "Oh god I want this to go on forever but I just can't.

I've never been so thoroughly fucked before, cum so much and often.

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I can feel his heart beating, throbbing in his knot and it makes me want to fuck but I just can't. They were tied like that for maybe half an hour before he finally jumped to the side and pulled roughly and with an audible "PLOP", his knot left her and a flood of both their cum gushed from her gaped pussy hole.

Each time she clenched her inner muscles another gush of dog cum poured from her until her thighs were soaked. She lay flat down on the blanket staring at his fat long dog cock as it swayed below him. His knot was swollen larger than a tennis ball and I could only imagine how large it was when fully pumped up.

"…god he's huge. Did I have all that in me? No wonder I feel so stretched and empty now. Shit, I don't know how I could possibly want more but seeing it I do.", she offered.

"Are you going to clean him up like you do me", I asked, the thought of her sucking his large cock exciting me for some perverted reason? I thought she would cuss me for even thinking she would do something like that. To my amazement her head lifted, eyes agleam and asked seriously, "Do you think he'd let me". Without waiting for my answer she crawled to him and reached out and grasped his knot, cupping it in her hand as he licked at his shaft.

My cock was throbbing, jerking as I watched her head lower under him and saw her tongue dart out and taste him. We both moaned at her action. When her lips slid over the tip of his cock and her head began bobbing, tongue sliding over his slick dick as she sucked and licked him eagerly I couldn't stand another second of not cumming. I reached for her hips and guided my hard dick into her soaked pussy and began fucking her fast and deep as she continued sucking and moaning. This was for me and I couldn't even care if she cum as I pummeled her roughly.

I guess the carnality of sucking a dog's dick while her husband fucked her enraged her enough that as she felt me gushing inside her she also groaned her orgasm. Her tensing had her squeezing the dogs knot and suctioning the dogs cock with her mouth until he too began humping her mouth and erupting his thin viscous fluids down her throat, choking her with his own hot jets of doggy cum.

As a testament to her arousement her mouth never left his dick as she choked and swallowed while feeling me fill her quivering pussy with my own fulfillment. I held her hips for long minutes as her pussy milked the dregs of my ardor from my jerking balls. Finally she loosed her grip on my deflating dick and I fell alongside them. I watched as her tongue laved his furry nut sack, her hand squeezing them gently as her mouth returned to suck at his still sporadically spurting tip as he hunched it into her throat with rough thrusts of his hips.

Kellie moaned her disappointment when he jerked away and turned and walked ten or fifteen feet away and lay down licking his softening cock.

"Just like a damn man, gets what he wants and then leaves a woman hanging unsatisfied", she said smiling. "You mean leaves his nympho bitch hanging", don't you, I replied grinning?

"A fucking like that could turn any woman into a dog dick craving slut nymphomaniac mister. You better be good or I just might replace your ass with a big dog", she said teasingly. We dressed and picked up everything and began walking back to the truck.

Kellie was unsteady on her feet at first, legs weak from the exhaustion of fucking so long. The dog walked alongside us or ran in front of us stopping and waiting for us to catch up.

Occasionally he'd walk at Kellie's side slightly behind her and stick his head up under her dress and lick at her ass crack trying to lick her pussy. By the time we got to the truck she was flushed with arousement and I knew his licking and her memories had her wanting him again. As I put the basket in the bed of the truck she held my arm and asked shyly, "Can we keep him honey, can we please? We can't just leave him out here, you see how skinny he is, he's starving", she pleaded.

I don't see how he could be starving as much as he ate back there", I replied grinning from ear to ear. She started to say he hadn't really ate that much when she realized what I meant and hit me on the shoulder HARD!

"We're taking him smartass and I just might feed him again when we get him home if you don't watch out", she chided me. "Promises, Promises", I said as I opened her door. Then I told her I'd put him in the bed for the ride back and she protested, "You'll do no such thing. I'm not gonna let him jump out and be killed. You ride back there and he can ride up front with me and I'll drive", she said teasingly but somehow I felt like she was serious. I stared at her as I walked to the door, opened it and said"Get in, he's sitting with you", trying to sound upset.

She got in and the dog stood there looking like he was about to lose his only friend as he watched her intently. "Come on boy, get in here", she said while patting her upper chest. He was up in the cab half on her and half on the center console when I realized just how big he was.

She adjusted her seat as far back as it would go. I had taken the bench seat out and installed two bucket seats when I customized the truck and was wishing right then that the bench seat was still there.

He had just enough room to sit in front of her with his front paws in her lap. After a few miles he had his head on her shoulder and his body up on hers laying there looking really comfortable. I noticed her dress had been pushed up and his cock had to be laying against her pussy.

As we rode I noticed her body slowly scooting down in the seat each time we hit a little rough spot or bump in the road.

She had become very quiet, her head lay back, eyes closed and her chest seemed to be rising and falling heavily. I asked her what we were going to do if the motel didn't allow pets. "We have to leave in the morning anyway can't we just go on and leave. I packed everything before we left today except your shaving kit and my toothbrush. Her voice had a nervousness about it and her eyes seemed glazed and tormented.

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I thought I knew why she wanted to be home and that thought had me suggesting, "We could just go on and leave, everything is paid for and we could get our stuff and just go.

"Can we, you really don't mind", she asked with relief in her voice? "Sure, I'm ready to be home too babe", I replied. Once at the motel I told her to remain in the truck with lover boy and I'd get the stuff and we'd leave.

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Placing everything in the bed and tying a tarp over it I got back in and we drove out of the parking lot. I noticed that her dress was pulled up to her waist and her hips were at the edge of the seat. Riding down the highway I kept noticing her hips moving almost unperceptively, maybe unconsciously even.

She appeared to be rubbing her pussy against his dick, rubbing her clit maybe. The dog was becoming anxious in his movements, licking her face and hunching.

I heard her moan and saw her thighs open widely, hips pressing into his body and was sure she was feeling his dick hardening. When his front paws slipped behind her, holding her and his hips began thrusting she moaned, "Oh god baby he's fucking me. He's fucking me again…oh shit its so good…so hot". My dick was throbbing, aching in my pants as I watched him subjugate my wife with his animal cock. I had never seen this side of my wife, never even knew it existed.

I began wondering what other of my fantasies of her she might be willing to fulfill now that she had allowed herself to so easily become this dog's bitch, hunching her pussy up to his hardest thrusts uninhibitedly.

Her hands held his hips as he roughly fucked her, hips hunching into his dick as he raped her pussy. Suddenly her back arched, hands gripping the sides of the seat tightly as she tried to get away but his paws held her tightly as his hips began hunching forcibly, rapidly, forcing a stacotto of short intense screams to be expelled from her lungs as her eyes registered the pain she felt.

I thought she was just resisting his knot but in fact his pointed tip had become lodged in her cervical opening and his instincts told him that was where he needed to be and he was pounding his dick through that tight entrance into the folds of her uterus.

She felt a pained pressure within her. A thickness forcing her open as the widest part of his dick was being forced in and out of her uterine opening. She felt impaled, unable to move that his stiffness didn't force deeper into her. His knot forced into her vaginal opening as his forceful fucking had his tip mashed against her deepest walls, those of her womb.

She knew where he was and the fact that she loved it, craved to feel his hot cum there, begged for it even, assured her that her soul had a special place in hell. With a loud moan as his knot entered her she accepted her fate and began fucking him roughly, unrestrained and uncaring of what her husband thought of his wife as she began cumming hard.

Her entire birth canal gripped his animal dick as she imparted pain into her pussy by wildly rolling her hips, ramming her womb against his stiff dog dick while his pulsing knot sent a permeating pleasure coursing through her entire body. Her mind was afire with the insanity of her actions, her body overwhelmed by all the new pleasures this animal was exposing her to.

She felt his cock expanding, growing the length of her pussy from her inner lips all the way to her womb. His knot throbbed hotly against her g-spot instilling the knowledge that he would breed her momentarily. Her mind seemed to melt as she felt his entire huge dick stiffen into a hurtful rod of swollen flesh.

With a sudden thrust, his back paws clawing at the trucks flooring, he impaled her painfully. Driving his stiffened dick into her womb so forcefully instilled a deep burning sensation as she felt ripping. The pain of her impalement seemed to sate the primitive urges that had her grinding into his alpha male cock as she sought its impregnating seed.

Its initial spurt of hot dog cum seared her womb instilling a soothing of the burning tissues it spewed against. His next flood of searing animal juices gave her a feeling of satisfaction no man had ever rewarded her.

Her enjoyment was complete as she was gripped by an orgasm so intense she knew she would die before it granted her mind asylum from the insanity she felt overwhelming her completely. Again and again his throbbing dick fired streams of pure pleasure into her womb to explode not only against her deepest walls but directly into her mind. She knew love as her womb swelled, became a cauldron for his seething lava-like expulsions. Her eyes opened and she saw the Black truck driver above her smiling down at her.

Knowing he had been watching should have revolted her, embarrassed her, instead she felt an excitement that had her clenching her doggie lovers dick tightly as another wave of pleasure coursed through her entire body.

As she tensed the dog began licking her face avidly, her neck, and upper chest. Even knowing the truck driver was watching didn't prevent her pulling her dress top down exposing her breasts to his strong laving. His tongue sent shivers of excitement racing from her nipples that caused a tightening of her pussy around his dick that had him again driving his dick deep into her cum filled womb. Her eyes closed, head tossed from side to side as he fucked her hard. She loved it, loved feeling his dog ball juice leaking from around his huge knot to stream down her ass crack and over her anus, teasing that nerve rich muscle as she thought of his cock fucking her there, or her husbands while he fucked her pussy.

This orgasm was prolonged by his painful thrusting as she thought of all the possibilities this dog presented her for pleasure. She opened her eyes and gazed up at the truck driver still riding along beside them.

There gazes locked and his need became hers as she realized he was stroking his black dick as he watched her. Every cell of her body craved for him to cum on her as the dog fucked her. In her agitated state of mind it seemed a perfectly normal thing to ask of her husband, after all he was riding alongside the trucker allowing him to see her degrading herself.

She looked at him and asked, "Would you care if I sucked that truck drivers black dick and let him cum in my mouth while the dog fucks me?" I had drove alongside the truck and allowed him to watch Kellie but that was an anonymous harmless thing that for some reason excited me as much as the truck driver. He didn't understand why it aroused him for people to see her debasing herself but it did.

But could he actually watch her suck another guys cock and let him cum in his wife's mouth, especially a black stranger. The throbbing in his dick screamed, YES! But did she really want to do it or was she just wondering if he'd let her. How would she feel when she came off this sexual high and thought about it.

"Baby, I'm ok with anything you really want to do. Does it really turn you on thinking of sucking the cum out of his black balls with me watching you", I asked her.Oh god yes…oh damn baby he's making me cum again…aarrgghhHHHHH&hellip.oh god Steve I love you so much…a black dick…&hellip.aiiieeeeEEEEEE……rest area…&hellip.aarrgghhHHH…&hellip.oh god I wish he were here now&hellip.unhhhhhhhh…&hellip.oh fuck I love this dogs cock&hellip.ohhhhhhhh.

I pulled ahead of the trucker and drove until I saw a rest area sign and then put my hand out the window and motioned for him to follow us. I pulled over on the ramp leading to the rest stop and motioned him on.

I then followed him until he parked at the edge of the lot near the forest beside it. I pulled up by his driver's door and stopped where his cab blocked the view from the rest of the lot. Kellie rolled the window down and he climbed down from his truck and walked the few steps to our truck. Lover boy was still hunching his dick into her pussy and she was panting heavily as she asked the man, "You like watching our dog fuck me don't you?

I bet you'd like your dick sucked while you watch wouldn't you"? Kellie was becoming more aroused by the second as she watched him undo his belt and then his trousers and push them down until his long thick dick bobbed into view. He was extremely thick and long. His dick belonged on a pony or horse. It curved slowly along its meaty length and was as thick as a beer bottle.

"My God Kellie, do you see that", I asked as I stared, awed by his ebony manhood. "Yeah, I think I want to fuck him Steve, how do you feel about that", she inquired, obviously mesmerized with this guys cock.


He opened her door and stepped up on the running board and presented my wife his fat glans saying", I ain't gonna last long sweetie, I been nursing this erection ever since I first saw you with that dog between your thighs". Kellie's mouth closed on his dick before she ever touched it. Her tongue was sliding around his tip collecting his oozing pre-cum as she felt the dog stiffening inside her.

Her hand rose and grasped him as her head bobbed excitedly while moaning her deep pleasure. Her voice was strained, her eyes closed, as she moaned, "Oh fuck he's cumming". Her mouth lowered to his dick and she began vigorously sucking at his glans while moaning loudly as her already full womb was packed tightly with his new expulsion. Kellie's mind seemed to melt as she swallowed the profuse amount of pre-cum flooding her tongue down her throat thirstily.

She didn't resist when his hand held her head securely to his dick as it exploded like the dogs cock was exploding inside her. She licked, sucked, swallowed and choked repeatedly as he fucked his meaty horse cock into her convulsing throat. Her pussy was stricken, gripped by so many different spasms she felt trapped, unable to handle all the pleasure that seemed to well up inside her as she cum her ass off.

The driver's hips bucked as he groaned his pleasure at using my wife's mouth for his cum dump. I loved it and exclaimed, "Damn that was hot, I'm about to bust a nut". She heard me and reached for my dick and pumped it a couple of strokes and cum flew from my tip as I moaned loudly.

Her hand pulled at me as if she wanted to have my cum in her too and seemed disappointed when I let go so quickly. She had cum dripping from her nostrils, off her chin and all over her hands. The dog began licking it from her face as she licked it from her hands.

"What's your name, I know your dick now but I don't know you", she said smiling up at the truck driver. "They call me horse for some reason, he said grinning, but my name is Johnny". "You ever come through Louisville, Ky John…er…horse, that seems much more appropriate, give us a call.

Write this number down and you can write down Dog lady just so you remember us. I think we can have a good time together, I know I will.

He got a pen and pencil and had her repeat the number before sayng, "I lay over there pretty often sexy lady", then glancing over at me he asks, "you ok with me dropping by sometime and dicking your wife fella"? I replied, "Well Horse I'm really looking forward to it actually, don't take too long to use that number". If Kellie hadn't been stuffed with a dog dick that she didn't exactly know when she could dislodge from her I'm sure she would have wanted to spend some time there with Horse and I would have agreed.

We were almost home before Kellie reclaimed her pussy from Lover Boy. Once free she decided he should sit in her lap with his head out the window. The truck was soaked from the large amount of dog juice that flowed from her and she said she felt relieved to have the internal pressure of it drained.

She must have told me a thousand times she loved me as we drove. Once deflated from her sexual high she began wondering how she could have asked me to allow her to suck a black guys dick much less actually do it. She did admit though that she wanted to fuck him if he called and asked if I could really watch her fuck him knowing how much she knew she was going to enjoy it. "Will you enjoy it any more than you enjoy Lover Boy", I asked her? "Hmmm no, I doubt it, I believe I could do without a man's dick as long as I have Lover boy to fuck.

No man can cum like Lover Boy, I get hot just thinking about fucking him. But I get hot remembering how Horse flooded me with his cum too. Did it turn you on seeing him cum in my mouth?" "Hmm I should say no but I'd be lying if I did. Seeing how excited you were and the way you were sucking his dick I knew you wanted his cum and I think that's what turns me on, knowing how badly you seemed to need it. I knew our talking was turning her on and saw her hand moving at Lover Boy's cock.

"Can't you drive any faster, it seems like it's taking forever to get home", she said impatiently. I knew she wanted to fuck him again and that knowledge had me wondering just how often she could take him before getting sore.

"You could suck him off", I said. "I can't, my head won't bend down that far", she said before realizing I knew what she had been thinking. "You're insatiable you little slut", I said laughing. "You know you love it", she replied as she slid to the floor and dumped him in the seat.

He sat there with his cock protruding from his sheath as her head lowered and she began sucking his dick as she watched my reaction to it. I thought about withdrawing my dick and letting her blow us both but we weren't far from home and I knew she would want his dick in her so I just continued watching her. When we pulled in the driveway of the house his dick was fully unsheathed, knot swelling so I opened the garage door and pulled inside to keep the neighbors from wondering what or who had him so excited.

Kellie made it to the kitchen before Lover Boy jumped her and dragged her to her knees and began fucking her senseless right there in the kitchen floor. It didn't seem possible for anything flesh and blood to fuck as fast as he fucked her. He quickly had his cock buried in her womb again. Her cervix was loose now, easily stretched by his thin tip and forceful thrusts. It was easily seen how when he womb fucked her with his knot buried in her, how unable to cope she became.

It looked like she had demons fighting within her body that she couldn't rid herself from, demons that sent electric like voltages to jump from cell to cell as she orgasmed repeatedly. I couldn't help but place my dick in her mouth and fuck her avidly sucking mouth while she was under the influence of dog cock. I'm sure she wasn't thinking as she sucked me, just responding to the excitement within her. She would have sucked anyone that placed their dick in her mouth with the same vigor she sucked me.

When I saw Lover Boy ram his dick in her hard, flanks opening as his body flattened against her ass I knew he was gifting her his hot cum and I entwined my fingers in her hair and began throat fucking her, driven with my own need to cum.

When she moaned loudly, her ass hunching and grinding back into his dick I lost my own balls in her throat. She went crazy sucking at my dick and fucking back into his. My knees went weak and I dropped to the floor with her mouth still sucking at me until my body bent, cradling her head as she spat my dick out and screamed as he pumped load after hot load of dog cum into her pussy.

I lay on the floor panting, wondering just where this dog found all the cum he was continually flooding her with. I felt jealous, inadequate, watching my wife screaming her love of his dick. I was anxious to watch her pressing her pussy back on Horse's meaty fuckstick. I also wanted to talk her into letting her Lover Boy fuck her tight asshole with his slick dog meat.

I was betting it wouldn't take much persuasion on my part as she seemed to enjoy feeling like a slut now. Maybe when she was impaled on a certain black cock it might sound just slutty enough to have her reamed in the ass by her dog&hellip.I smiled