Sexy blonde bitch plays with a big dildo

Sexy blonde bitch plays with a big dildo
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Ellen definitely enjoyed vacation in Florida seeing her family and flying on my private jet is a new experience for her. Ellen is nervous, excited, and agitated with tortuous anticipation.

Despite trying to relax, read, and sleep, she can't stop her mind from reeling. Then of course, drifting off into a daydream, remembering all the intimate details of that summer when we met, her being hired and moving to Dallas. Remembering our dates has only added arousal to the cacophony of emotions coursing through her.

She imagines what it will be like to see me again. She had never been with a older man before me, she had never experienced rough sex before.

She had never been with a man with sexual prowess and stamina to have sex three or more times a day. After our third date I distanted myself from her, giving her time to decide if she wanted a relationship with me. She has many sensory perceptions that go with seeing me again; my body language, my smell, the sound of my breathing, my taste.

She can hardly wait to do all the things, she fantasized about. She can't wait to get me alone. She feels tingly all over with the excitement and anticipation. But once again, as it has over the past several days, doubt and fear seeps into Ellen's thoughts.

Now she worries I might reject her. She worries that when I finally see her again, I might not be happy with what i find. Can she bear it if she sees disappointment in MY eyes when I see her for the first time in a week? She hopes I will be happy to be with her as she will with me. Pushing her doubts aside, Ellen's mind drifts back again to when we met, how I was the first older man, she had ever had sex with, to ever make her come, how she willingly surrendered her virginity to me, and how skilled I had been at fifty five!

She can only imagine what I will do now. In fact, I had been so skilled that no man she'd been with since had measured up. During one of our hundreds of conversations over the past two weeks, she half-jokingly told me that I'd ruined her for any other man to come afterward.

She aches with need for me.

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Her nipples harden and liquid heat pools between her thighs at the images flickering through her mind. When the pilot announces they are about to land in Dallas, her heart rate doubles.

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She feels a rush go through her like pins and needles, which leaves her feeling tingly all over. She can barely sit still. She tries to calm herself, to breathe deeply. Breathing deeply causes her hard nipples to press against her lace bra, reminding her bodily of why she is so excited. She sighs audibly, wishing she could touch herself right at that moment, and relieve some of her ache.

As soon as the plane lands, she turns on her cellphone and calls me. Her heart beats wildly and butterflies flutter in her stomach. So, she heads to the bathroom to comply with my request. In the stall, she takes her panties off, as I had asked, and confirms that the crotch is soaked, as she had suspected. She puts them in an outside pocket of her purse.

She can't recall ever being so agitated with sexual tension in her entire life except the last time when she was wet all day, waiting for the evening to come when she could be with me again.

The delicious torture of anticipation is killing her. It occurs to her that every time she encounters me, she is doing something new, expanding her horizons. She lost her virginity to me. She did webcam sex for the first time with me.

We have explored our dominant and submissive tendencies together. And now she has taken off her panties and is going to walk out of this bathroom panti-less and walk around in public for me. She wonders with trepidation and exhilaration what other new experiences are yet to come with me. She is so excited, the urge to touch herself is becoming unbearable. Before she lets her skirt fall back down, she allows her finger to graze lightly over her labia.

She gasps as tingly, ticklish pleasure rushes through her body as her finger slides across them. She finds them swollen already, and so wet that the smooth outer lips are coated with slickness. She can't help but dip her finger inside. Her lips part easily and her finger slips between them making a very faint squelching sound. She has to stifle a gasp. She slides her finger up through her folds to graze over her clit, sending a jolt of electricity through her body.

It feels like her clit is on fire. She rubs it back and forth, once, twice, three times, feeling the intense jolts of heat and pleasure coursing through her body. Her need for release is becoming overwhelming. But somehow she manages to pull herself back. She wants her orgasm to be from me, not self-induced in an airport bathroom stall.

She's had enough self-induced orgasms lately. She wants it to be my fingers, my tongue, my big cock bringing her to the brink this time. So she resigns herself to the idea that she has to control herself, and with great reluctance, she lets her skirt fall back down.

It settles smoothly down to its full length, just above her knees. She leaves the bathroom stall, washes her hands, and examines herself in the mirror. She's wearing black high heels, a long black skirt, and a low cut sheer black blouse, displaying her breasts and showing some cleavage.

She takes a moment to touch up her makeup and lipstick, and brushes her long blonde hair, now artfully streaked with auburn. She hopes I like the colour.

She's lightened it to auburn in the past week. As she turns to leave the bathroom, she is very aware of her hard nipples; very aware of the lack of panties; very aware of the scent of her arousal.

She is fears other people are going to smell her arousal. She turns back into the bathroom, pulls out her tiny travel-sized perfume bottle, squirts a little, and walks through the cloud as she exits the room. It feels so naughty walking around the airport in this incredibly heightened state of arousal, wearing no panties. She's sure her hips are swaying a little more than usual. She can feel her skirt swish around her legs and bare ass.

She can feel gusts of air caress her slick, hot exposed pussy lips with every step. She can feel her blood pounding in different parts of her body, not least of which the exposed area which is causing her so much turmoil at the moment. She doesn't know if she can pull this off. She is so intensely aroused, she thinks she might burst, or run back in the bathroom and get herself off in a matter of seconds. Emboldened, she decides she is confident in her sexuality, not overwhelmed by it.

She walks purposefully with her baggage, head held high, shoulders back, proudly displaying her chest, her hips swaying. In order to not seem like a complete idiot, she puts the phone in her purse and starts walking toward Canada Customs, as I'm flying into Dallas from Tronoto.

Her heart is beating so fast, she has to concentrate on her breathing in order to not hyperventilate. She walks deliberately, at a moderate pace, not rushing. She doesn't want to pass out before she gets there.

Now that would be a sexy greeting! She hears a ding from her cellphone. She gasps, stops mid-stride, and fishes it out of her purse. I have responded. " Yes. I'm still in the plane. Can't wait to see you." She reads it several times, smiling. Ellen's stomach is in knots. Her pulse is racing. Her palms are sweaty. She shakes her head wiping her hands on her hips, breathing deeply, trying to calm herself. The act of breathing deeply causes her to become intensely aware of her nipples again.

It has been a long flight for me from Europe to Toronto then to Dallas. Her flight had only been just over two hours from Florida made easier flying on my private jet. Again she's so excited that I want to see her. Finally, she thinks she sees the top of my head, she concentrates on her breathing again, and tries to paint a placid look on her face. She gets a brief glimpse of MY face. It's definitely jOHN. Legions of butterflies take off in her stomach.

Ellen can't help grinning. Her pulse thrumming loudly in her ear. I haven't noticed her yet, but then I have not quite come out of the gate yet. Once I emerge through the gate she finally gets a good look. Her breath catches as she gazes at me. I look so delicious, she doesn't know what to look at first. Her eyes quickly scan my face and then travels hungrily over my body.

Although casual, my clothes look expensive and classy as usual. Ellen pauses for a moment looking at my crotch, knowing what she wants to do there. She pulls her eyes back up to my chest then to my face. There's that half grin she remembers. It hasn't changed a bit.

That moustache is a new addition. I didn't have a mustache when we last seen each other. She can't wait to find out what it feels like tickling her lips.and other places. Those deep dark eyes with the mischievous glint. 'Thank God for that look in his eyes!' A shiver goes though her. She honestly believes her heart has stopped beating.

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She has to consciously tell herself to breathe. Ellen can't control the foolish grin on her face, or the lust twinkling in her eyes. She sees delight into my eyes and a smile spreads across my face as I walk toward her. She stands still, where she is, afraid that if she moves, she will fall flat on her face. She watches my eyes sweep over her from head to toe and back again, and my smile broaden as I walk toward her. I walk up to her, dropping my bag and wrapping my arms around her, pulling her in close to me for a tight embrace.

A frisson of excitement courses through her entire body as she feels my arms around her again. She wraps her arms around me, returning the embrace, pulling me closer. Inhaling deeply, she breathes me in. 'Mmmm. I smells so delicious,' she notices. I'm wearing a new cologne, but the unmistakable smell of me shines through. My arms tighten around her, and she feels my body press against hers. She feels my hardness against her stomach.

She gasps as liquid heat rushes instantly between her thighs. She feels my breath in her hair. My head tilts down, my mouth close to her ear. " I missed you," I whisper. " I missed you," she whispers in reply, tilting her head up so her mouth is beside my ear, her breath brushing gently over my earlobe. She fights the urge to kiss my neck here in the middle of the airport.

She clings to my shoulders tightly. Her pulse thrums in her ears and her chest and her groin. I hold her tight and slowly press my pelvis against her again and she lets out a little sigh. In response, I growl low in her ear, causing her to shiver and goose bumps to erupt all over her. After a moment, I hold her back at arm's length and look her over smiling. She tilts her face up to me with a look of longing in her eyes.

I dip my head down as my hand slides up her back to tangle in the hair at the nape of her neck, and I press my lips against hers. The excitement coursing through her body as our lips finally meet is like a shock wave.

She whimpers and I growl deep in my throat as I deepen the kiss. My tongue explores her mouth. Hers responds in kind. My kiss is like drug, making her high. Within a couple of minutes my car pulls up. She is expecting a sedan, but when the car pulls up it's my black stretch with tinted windows. " A stretch limo?" Nico looks at her incredulously. Despite the rocky start, and strange circumstances she can't remember the last time she has been this turned on.

She knew she wanted me, even if it had to be on my terms. After we are in the limo, I tell Manny to take us to my penthouse. My next request is exactly what she hoped it would be. " Ellen, I want you to undress me." Skillfully her nimble fingers undid each button revealing a hairy chest and flat stomach. She pulled my shirt open, she undid my belt and slid it off with grace and ease. Then the button on the front of my pants and the sliding clasp inside the waist band.

She slides them down my legs, this left me in just my boxers. She is amused to see that that they are black silk with little red cartoon devils on them. She hooks her fingers into the waist band and pulls them down. My cock is flaccid and circumcised, it is a very big in size.

Long nine inches as it lay soft on a nice pair of hairy balls. No balls are good looking in her opinion, but mine were definitely the nicest she'd seen. Full, symmetrical and bigger than golf balls. " You know, John, I'm no size queen, but I thought you'd be bigger." She teased. " Excuse me?" I said. " I mean, you think your cock would be something terrifying, or menacing." " Well, don't believe everything you see. Besides I'm not even hard yet. And don't smirk, you'll be pleasing this thing all night." For the first time my impenetrable swagger showed a crack.

She is pleased with herself for getting under my skin. Besides, I deserved it for making her talk about her orgasm earlier. " In fact, Ellen, why don't you blow me." She is enjoying the power play, and she would have done this anyway.

She had been told time and again by me that she gave amazing head, and honestly was looking forward to seeing my face. Taking the now slightly chubbed, red dick in her mouth. She applied suction while she massaged the head and shaft with her tongue. My skin tasted a bit sweet and a little spicy in her mouth. She liked how smooth it felt as it grew. Filling her mouth. Suddenly she became aware that my rate of growth is starting to be too much for her, she feels her jaw begin to stretch from the expanding shaft.

The bulbous head pushing into her throat, causing her to gag as her eyes teared up. She hears me laugh. " Okay, Ellen, take a look now." She pulls her mouth off and gasps for air. Regaining herself she realized she is face to face with my big cock again. It is a monster. All red with cob web of veins.


It is 9 inches long and 5 inches in diameter. The head a huge bulbous mushroom that flares out around the shaft. " Is this more what you remember?" Still trying to catch her breath she responds, " Yes." " Put it back in, I want to watch you struggle with it some more." Struggle she did. She tries hard stretching her lips and jaw as much as she can, until it hurt trying to get it back into her mouth. With all her might she can barely get the soft head in, and hardly any of the rigid shaft.

She hears me laugh again. " That's enough, Ellen. Take it out and look up at me." She did as instructed, staring up into my eyes, my cock bobbing freely above her as she sat on her knees on the floor. Then I begin to stroke it. ' Oh shit' thought Ellen. She remembers the facials. She would let me do it to please me, but only if I made sure to only get it on the lower half of her face and had a towel on standby.


She did not expect me to be as courteous this time, and scrunched her face closing her eyes tight. " None of that, Ellen. Open your mouth, and look me in the eyes." She didn't want to but her mouth opened and she looks into my eyes once more. The horrible throbbing monster in front of her now being stroked faster and faster. Leaning forward I put one hand on the back of her head. I begin to grunt.

My balls tightened. Then my big cock begins to pump my load. It didn't shoot as much as it gushed. Her face is splashed with hot thick seamen. It filled her mouth flowing over her tongue and pooling in the back of her throat. It poured over her lips and down her chin. Down her neck. Some splashed onto her breasts and nipples but formed a river between them, clinging to her body as rushed over the planes of her tight stomach narrowly missing her pussy, it ran along the crease in her pelvis, and just slightly onto her thigh.

I got dressed and we went up to the penthouse, She ran to the bathroom, I gave her ten minutes to wash my cum off her body. She doesn't remember ever seeing this much cum before. She had swallowed so much of it. She can still taste, still feel its odd texture in her mouth. If she focused on it too much, it made her queasy.

She turns on the shower and jumps in, not waiting for the water to get warm. She rinses it out of her eye. She washes it off her face, and her breasts, and her stomach and her legs.

Ugh. It is everywhere. Not even her pussy lips had been spared my glaze. She knew I'm going to be waiting out there with that monster cock. The thought of that 9" long 5" wide 'thing' again entering her causes her to clasp her hand to her tiny slit in dismay. She had kind of wanted to fuck me at first, but that is before she seen my monster again and remembering her past encounters. She is scared because she knows she can't refuse if I insisted.

Her ten minutes is nearly up. She towels off and came out of the bathroom. She would have covered herself with the towel, or a bath robe, but she is afraid I'd rip it off like her pajamas the last time. She found the living room empty. Maybe I left? Called away on some errand? " I'm in the bedroom, Ellen." I called. She found me lying on the bed. I'm nude, my cock erect as ever.

" You're hard again already?" " Again? No. Still." " You're kidding?" " You know my cock does not go down from masturbation, and that's essentially what happened in the car.

But don't worry, you'll take care of it." My smirk is sinister. " John, I really don't think I can. I mean, I know I teased you before, but there is no way I can take that again, the last time took me a week to recover. It's too big. You'll split me in half." I looked away, visibly in deep thought. I slowly begin stroking it from the base to the head. Good lord the size of it.Only the very naïve try to reason with me, but that's the sort I encounter in my line of work.

" Well Ellen, I think you're underestimating yourself. I bent down and scooped her up into my arms like a rag doll. Was he going to fuck me now? It felt so fucking hot to be held by him. Ellen surrendered, in that moment, letting me take over, fully ready to be plundered. I laid her down on the bed, with her shoulders propped up on two pillows. Instead of spreading her legs and inserting myself where she wanted me, I move to the other side of the bed.

I took both hands to position her pretty face where I wanted it, essentially upside down, and bent back, so there is a straight path from her mouth into her throat.

My God, we were really going to do this. Ellen tried to stifle her fear and opened her mouth wide for me, as wide as she can - she knew it was necessary, due to the thickness of my shaft. Again she feels the huge crown sliding past her lips and onto her tongue, followed by inch after inch of hard thick shaft. This time, the head of my cock didn't stop at the entrance to her throat. It kept going.

Oh My God, Never in her wildest dreams or nightmares did she imagine herself in this position, feeling her throat starting to be invaded like this, by my thick large cock head. I have six inches of shaft left! She lay there surrendered, hands at her sides, back arched, feet on the bed, as I slowly drive my manhood into her throat, inch by torturous inch, until my massive balls are pressed firmly against her face.

Then I start thrusting, face-fucking her slowly and relentlessly, with long, fluid strokes, breaking her in as a deep throater. Ellen is my slut now, my fuck toy. If she had the power moments ago, I had it now.

I held the sides of her head with both hands, firmly, and buried myself inside of her. I pull back out, just in her mouth, then drive back in to the hilt. Over and over.

Finally, as I held myself fully inside her, she feels my cock pulsating. Then my thick cock starts jerking in her throat and mouth, and she realizes what is happening. I'm pumping my cum into her. She had swallowed my cock, so there is nothing else to swallow. I'm flooding her stomach with my fluids, like it is my right. She is letting me. I'm groaning, pulling her hair, out of control with pleasure, and pumping and pumping. Ellen hung on for dear life, proud of herself that she had taken me so completely.

She is not going to forget this night! When I finally, slowly, agonizingly begin to pull my 9-inch shaft out of her mouth, it is covered in fluids, which she proceeds to lick off of me with passion. She is rewarded for this with a couple more small spurts of cum onto her tongue, which she held in her mouth, savoring its slightly sweet taste, as she laid exhausted on the bed.

Ellen lay there a moment, beyond horny, still lusting for my hard cock inside of her. Ellen is ready for me. For the first time, she is surrendering to me. Ellen knew how fast my cock could recover, and she will be ready.

In case I didn't get the hint, she took a big swipe of my cum off her tongue with her finger, and rubbed it all over her aching clit, then slipped it inside of her. Was I getting the message? She is here to get fucked. I walked into my bedroom, okay.not the response she expected. But she isn't going to be dissuaded this easily. Ellen follows me into my private lair. In seconds, I'm between the sheets. Ellen slips in next to me, wrapping her soft naked body around me, her hands reveling in the feel of my arms, shoulders and chest.

Ellen is so turned on she can barely stand it. Ellen climbed on top of me to kiss me, but I turn my mouth away at the last second.


Bastard! Okay, Ellen presented an erect nipple to my mouth, teasing my lips with it until finally my mouth opens, and took it. Ohhhhh. yesssssss. that is what she liked, as my hands grab her by the waist on either side, holding her in place as I tongue her nipple.

Feeling my hands on her body again set off strong lustful sensations in her. She is squirming in delight at what is happening, so primed to mate with me, she thought she might pass out from the intensity.

As my tongue swirls her aching nipple, one of my hands reach up to hold her other breast. The feel of my strong fingers closing in on her erect nipple thrills her beyond reason. My cock, she hopes, is hardening again, and soon going to find its happy home inside of her. There is no way I can resist this opportunity. Ellen is naked on top of me, begging for it. Then she feels it.

My incredible hardness, ready to go again, pressing against her lower abdomen. Ellen is near tears in anticipation. John is going to fuck me!! Ellen mentally tries to prepare herself for the onslaught, for the incredible sensation of my hugeness splitting her open, which she had proven she could never fully prepare for. I pull my mouth off her nipple and look up at her. Her eyes conveyed absolute animal lust and surrender. I held her other tit in my hand, teasing the areola, still not quite touching the nipple.

Then my other hand slides down her belly, next to my shaft which is laying there, my fingertip found her clit. " OHHH. MY. GODDDDD." Electricty surged through her as I touch her there. My other fingers are on her nipple, probing it, exploring it.She is so wet she is sure she can take my whole cock in one single thrust.

She writhes to my touch, trying to position herself so she can engulf that giant crown. But clearly I'm going to be the one to call the shots, as always. I will decide when, where, at what angle, with what force my monster penis will part the soaked lips of her vagina. I will decide whether I'd be on top of her, her legs wrapped around me, or her feet over my shoulders - or whether I'd be behind her, with her on all fours - when I'd begin to spear her with my thick shaft. All of it is up to me.

She is merely present, waiting.

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Now I replace my finger on her clit with the massive crown of my dick! Oh, it is too much, that big knob, still slick from cumming, pushing and sliding and pressing against her distended love button. Ellen knew what is coming. I'm going to enter her. God, when and how will I do it? Ellen is shaking from the sensation. She wishes she could kiss me, but I'm holding her up several inches from my face, my hand firmly gripping her by the ribs below her left breast, my other hand now going to her face.

She eagerly engulfs my thumb between her lips and sucks it as my crown continues to tease her clit mercilessly. " Oh, God, John, please fuck me," She begs as she swirls her tongue on my finger.

" I want to feel you inside me. I want you to cum inside me. I'm yours, John. Take me." My fingers slide back and forth gently in a teasing manner, and when her pussy begins to moisten beneath my touch I bite my lip in satisfaction. My eyes heated further as I gazed down at her wet slit.

It is surrounded with soft little curls of hair, and my eyes devour it as my hands grasp onto her thighs, and slide upwards. My palms run over her hips, and circle back until I'm holding her soft, round ass in my hands. With a light grunt, I squeeze it roughly with my fingers as my cock twitches between them. " I knew from the first time I saw you that you would feel as good as you look," I rasped thickly. My words seem to break her from her daze as she looks at me.

Her expression is that of someone filled with lust. As our gazes met, I trail one hand over her hip, sliding the tips of my fingers across her stomach. Tilting my head back slightly, my hand slides low, and my palm brushes her mound before two of my fingers slide between her moist lips as I search for her opening.

When they easily find it, and push inside of her, she finally reacts. Her eyes widen, and her hands lift to grip my shoulders to steady herself as her entire body jerks, and tenses. I groan at the feel of her. " You are so unbelievably tight," I told her.

My fingers pushing deeper, as she tenses further and cries out. " Shhhh, baby," I sooth her. " I need to play with it first. I need you nice and wet for me before I fuck you. It will hurt bad if I shove my cock into you without getting you wet first." As I finish telling her this, I slip my fingers from her, and raised my hand to slip them into my mouth. My eyes watch hers as I taste the wetness that coated them. When I pull them out, I smile and reach for her hips to pull her closer. Once she is positioned where I want her, I lean forward slightly so that our mouths are barely a breath apart.

" Tell me how this feels," I whisper. Gripping my cock in hand, I palmed the back of her ass to hold her in place as I slide the head between her folds.

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It glided along her slippery gash until it reached her ass, then I slid it back towards her clit. I rub myself back and forth as her fingers dig into my shoulders. " What are you doing?" she gasps in agony. My lips lift in a half smile as I look into her eyes. " I'm getting you ready to take a load of my cum," I informed her.

" You're about to get fucked hard and deep." Slipping my cock to her entrance, I grip both of her hips in my hands, and roughly pull her down to my lap as my shaft pushes deep inside of her.

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It tore through the tightness like paper, and she screams as it fills her. Reaching up to grip her mouth with my palm, I held her cheeks in my grasp as a long moan escapes me. " God, you're so fucking tight," I breath again. Slipping out slightly, I rocketed into her again barely noticing her wince of discomfort as she mewled beneath my palm.

" Yes," I breathed loving the feel of her clenching around me. " Fuck yes." With a growl of frustration I pull out of her, and lifted her beneath her ass cheeks so that I can move our position. Holding onto her, I lean forward, and pull my leg under me for leverage so that I can push her onto her back. Once she is on the bed beneath me, I knelt between her legs, my fingers swiftly part her knees so I can get closer.

My palms pressing to the back of her thighs pushing her legs up as my thighs came into contact with her ass. Reaching down, I grip my cock eagerly, and blindly slide along her folds until I found her slit, pushing into her again with one hard thrust. When she is filled to the hilt, I let out a roar of pleasure as she cries out beneath me. Pausing only a moment to enjoy the pure bliss of the way that it feels, I lean over her clamping my fingers over her mouth again as I roughly begin to ride her.

My cock slamming into her over and over as my breathing grew labored, and she mewled into the skin of my palm. Burying my face against her neck, I slide my other hand between us to grip one of her tits in my hand, and maul the soft skin before pinching her nipple. The action made her muffled cries grow louder. The sounds are an enhancement for me, and I moan against her ear as I slam into her. " Do you like having my thick cock inside of you?" I ask panting. " You love it, don't you?" Ramming harder, I pause, then swirl my hips in a small circle.

" Your cunt is so fucking tight," I groan as a shudder surges through me. I begin to viciously slam into her once more. My lips parted against her neck as my body moves on top of hers. I emphasized each thrust that I made with my hips by grunting softly while uttering words of encouragement into her ear. " That's right," I panted. " Spread your legs like a good girl, and take all of my cock in your sweet little cunt." Reaching down, I gripped her thigh in my hand, and pulled her leg up higher so that I can push in deeper.

My fingers trail down to her ass, and I gripped it hard as I lowered my head to watch myself slip into her. When I see my cock pushing between her folds, forcing it's way in, I let out another low pitched groan, and stilled with only the tip inside of her.

Gazing down at it hypnotically, I slide in fast, then slowly pull out until only the head is buried. Pushing forward slowly this time, I feel her clutching around me, grasping at my shaft.

" Agh!" I moan as I buried my face against her chest. " Fuck!" Lifting my head, straightening my back I slam into her hard, looking down at her face where I still had my hand pressed tightly over her mouth. Her neck is arched back slightly, and her eyes have rolled into the back of her head so it seems that she is staring at the ceiling above her.

My movements became rhythmic and steady as I watch her eyes. " Look at me," I suddenly growl. Her wide, traumatized gaze lowers until it met me, and when I stare into her depths, a heated sound of pleasure escapes my lips. I begin twisting my hips as I went in and out of her. Releasing her mouth, I gripped the sides of her head, pressing my thumbs into her cheeks, and hold eye contact. Losing myself, I press my mouth to hers, forcing her lips wide as I plunge into another part of her body.

My tongue swirling against hers, and with another low pitch groan that rumbles from my throat and into her mouth, I came. Hot spurts jetting from me into her, and as it flows out of me, I stiffened and press myself as deep as can. My entire body shuddering. When it ended, I'm still. My fingers ease their hold on her head as I lift my mouth, and look down at her. She didn't move or speak. She only returned my stare, her eyes haunted.

My thumbs absentmindedly brushed over the skin of her cheeks as I look at her.

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" That was good," I breathed softly. Something inside of her finally broke, as I watched, her face slowly crumble as her eyes filled with tears. Her chest lifting abruptly as she dragged in a ragged breath seemingly trying to fight the onset. I'm still inside her. I watch as she begins to hyperventilate, and one of my hands lifts to brush her hair back repeatedly in a soothing gesture.

" It's over," I whisper. " Don't cry." Pulling out of her, I sat back on my knees. Ellen got up staggering to the bathroom, she knew she did not want me to put my cock inside her again tonight. She briefly considered leaving and going home, but she knew she can't do that and so she resigned herself to stay.

She came out of the bathroom when I approached her. She had her back to the bedroom door when she hears a rustling sound behind her and without turning around, she feels a tightness in her chest. Instinctively she knew it was me, and she knew what I wanted. She stood there petrified as I came up behind her.

I cup her breasts and rub my growing cock against her ass. I drop my hands to her waist pulling her hips tightly to me, letting my hard cock press along the length of her crack. When grinding against her isn't enough, with the barrier of my pants between us, I begin dry hump her the way you see the dogs do in the yard. I'm humping her as a male dog would a bitch in heat. " No, no, John, please not again so soon," Ellen said as I pushed her ahead of me to the bed pressing her forward until I have her bent over the bed.

" Shhhhhh, quiet, I know it has been a while, but I promise it won't hurt like it did before," I chided as I undid my trousers. With one hand on her back to hold her there, she tried to get from under me as I swatted her hard across her naked ass with my hand.

" Don't pull away from me, Ellen, do you hear me?" I admonished, as if talking to a disobedient child. " Don't you ever hold yourself from me," I said menacingly. She lay there crying quietly trying to understand how I could do this to her.

Ellen grimaced as I entered her again, " Oh god. . stop, you're hurting me. . please, it's too big. . too big," She whimpered when I pushed my bulbous, purple cock head deeper inside her. Oblivious to her pleas, I held her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling every inch of her.

Faster and deeper, deeper and harder until my body tensed and I begin to grunt with my savage thrusting into her. Finally, holding her tighter, I stiffened and she feels me forcefully erupt, claiming again what I already perceived as belonging to me. When I finished, I pulled out of her and slowly milked the remains of my cum onto the small of her back where it pooled and slowly dripped between her cheeks.

I pulled my trousers up and left.