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Full gay guy sex on video clips sexy scene emo guys porn Zakk had
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I was so dismayed by what had happened. The girls all piled into the front of the coot, Amy pulled me onto her and pleaded with me to kiss her.

"He is too inexperienced", Susan said. "So what, He should know something about kissing!" Amy yelled. Amy was undeterred and guided my lips to hers and tilled her tongue into my mouth.

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To my senses things were flying; I had to breathe, when I came up for air I gulped air for minutes. Amy pushed me into the stowage compartment. She quickly followed and really hungrily grabbed at my clothes and had me stripped in seconds.

Lisa was driving so she couldn't see what was happening Belinda giggled a few times then said "Susan we created a monster, look at Amy".

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Amy had me naked in the back and was riding me on the way back to the house. Her soft moans permeated my ears. The coot had no suspension so on the dirt road it rode very rough. A feeling Amy seemed to enjoy; a car raced by headed in the opposite direction. "Do you think they seen what I am doing", Amy asked? "Not likely, you were seen but Jim wasn't", Lisa said.

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With what Lisa said Amy started to ride me with an increased fever. I could only moan as I felt Amy's tight wet pussy grip my rod. I could also hear Amy's breathing increase as her strokes also increased. "Oh my god ohmygod ohmygod" Amy kept repeating, until finally I blew my load inside of her.

"I don't know what has come over me, Susan I can't seem to get enough of your brother", Amy said. Susan just giggled and whispered something inaudible to Belinda. I tried to sit up so I could see where we were going but, Amy shoved me back down on my back and sat on my face to keep me quiet. The only house that was safe to go to was ours; all the others had at least one parent at it so Susan jumped out and opened the gate to allow the coot into the yard. Amy dressed me while we were driving in and she and Lisa carried me into the house.

I was nibbling on Lisa's pert nipple; she stifled a moan as she wiggled through the back door after they got me into the house Lisa dropped me on the kitchen floor then started slapping me senseless.

"What the hell Lisa", Susan said.

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"He was chewing on my tits. The little horny kid needs to be shown when he can and can't do that sort of thing", Lisa said. Susan laughed out loud at her saying, "well I guess we are all to blame for doing what we did to him." I was still cowered up on the floor curled up into the fetal position. Belinda rolled me on to my back stripped out of her jeans and sat on my face and was rubbing her wet pussy all over my face.


I managed to grasp on to her thighs so she would quit rubbing so hard; once I did so I delved my tongue into her creamy pussy. I licked and sucked her juices as they flowed from her. Susan pulled my pants off and threw them in the washing machine. Lisa took opportunity to slap my throbbing member as it wagged in the air to the pulse of my heartbeat.

"There you little prick that's what you get. I feel like stomping on you", Lisa said.

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In fact that is what she did; she pushed my cock to the floor with her foot and mashed it into the floor. I howled in pain. My cries were muffled by Belinda's sweet pussy though. "Lisa you're going to end up getting us busted.

Stop torturing Jim will you, if you hurt him bad enough he will end up telling our mom and dad", Susan said.

Susan caressed my throbbing pole it hurt so bad to be touched now. Susan had also started licking and sucking on it also; with Belinda's ass in my face I could only feel what was happening.

I had no idea my own sister was giving me pleasure. Steadily Susan stuffed more and more of me down her eager throat. My prick responded like it didn't care and the tingles built up until I was bucking and writhing to the point I could no longer hold back.


I finally reached for and grabbed her head and held it down and exploded down her throat. With what I was doing to Belinda she started bucking on top of me. "C'mon girls our mom will be home for lunch soon. We can't be screwing my little brother when she gets here", Susan said.

Finally feeling safe to move without being tapped for my sexual parts I stood and ran to my bedroom for clean clothes. I heard all the girl's giggles as I ran away. Once feeling safe in my room I took off my soaked shirt and threw it in the corner. It smelled like Belinda's pussy she had sprayed her juices on me while I sucked her pussy. Susan burst into my room and I recoiled to my bed and covered my head. "You are safe now Jim I will keep them horny girls away from you now", Susan said.

I never responded and laid there thinking about what had just happened that morning. I had no idea what to do. I feared getting in trouble for the actions I did to Lisa though I didn't feel any remorse. I dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and boots then went outside and started my three-wheeler and took off for a ride.

I stopped at mom's work and told her I would be gone while she ate lunch. My mom said "Ok just be careful. I don't want to have to take you to the hospital". When I arrived back home Susan had gone somewhere in her car. I believe she had gone to Belinda's they were inseparable most of the time anyway. Amy lived next door and was between me and Susan in age so when Susan left to go upstate for college I noticed Amy stare at me for days on end.

One day I was outside playing tug-O'war with Gerald and had my back turned to the front gate. Amy slipped in and lassoed me with a rope she had hidden at her house. "What the hell", I said. Amy moved up behind me and said "keep your mouth shut Jim I want you to go out in the cedars with me".

She allowed me to put Gerald back in the house. Doing so seemed to be a chore because he kept trying to hump her. Inside the house Gerald knocked her down and mounted her and was pumping furiously; "he tried to screw me the fucking mutt". Amy said. "Isn't that what you want", I said.

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Amy slapped the taste out of my mouth "Shut up, let's go for a ride", she said. She loosed the rope from me and told me to take her to the cedars and don't say anything to anyone. I complied with her order. I wouldn't do anything to try and avoid her advances. Amy had a hold of the one thing she knew would control me. Amy directed me just where she wanted me we rode close to where we had played with my sister, Belinda, and Lisa. "Get off the bike" she said.

So I did what she said not saying a word, nor did I look to see if she still had the rope. To my dismay she roped me again. Once I couldn't move she tied me to a tree and secured me tight. Amy even went as far as to shove a wad of socks in my mouth to keep me quiet. She pulled my pants down and began whipping me with one of her father's belts. I could only mumble past the socks that were in my mouth. Amy put welts on my ass and back that day that I needed to hide from my parents until they went away.

I wiggled around so I could hide my ass from her. In doing so I exposed my throbbing rod to her. "Oh my god, you seem even bigger than before", Amy said. She immediately sank to her knees and bobbed up and down on my shaft. I had no idea she knew how to suck dick, but boy did she ever.

I could only moan. Amy stripped out of her shorts and panties and pushed herself onto me riding me like she was riding a horse. It became hard for her to keep it up. On shaky knees she staggered back to the bike as her orgasm subsided. I moaned through the socks, I could barely breathe. Amy still breathing hard untied me and let me fall to the ground. Lying on the ground and recovering from the fuck I had received tied to the tree.

I rolled on to my back, I realized I left myself wide open to Amy and she seized her opportunity. She straddled me and sank down on my half hard cock, willing it back to life with her strong pussy. I never realized how much control she had over herself. I moaned and finally pushed the socks out of my mouth to breathe better. Amy paid no attention to the fact I did it. She coiled the rope around my wrists and tied them tight. She took the other end and tied my ankles tight also.

Being immobile and at Amy's mercy my cock seemed to surge inside her. "Oh yeah, give me your cock little boy", she purred. I yelped a cry as she rode me having a welted ass on a hard rock. Amy never relented trying to get more and more of my cock into her sensuous pussy.

"Your pussy feels so good Amy", I said. My words startled her and she jumped a little gripping me even tighter with her vaginal muscles. Amy didn't say anything she just kept riding me. I could reach her tits and massaged them through her shirt and bra to which she responded by pulling both over her head and off.

I continued kneading her tits one at a time, since my hands were tied. Amy moaned louder as I did so. Her strokes became more urgent as she neared her orgasm. I was ready to blow also so I did my best to hold off. Amy sank one last time onto me and her orgasm rippled through her body.

"I don't know why I love your cock so much Jim I just know I do", Amy said. "Keep going I am not finished yet", I panted. Amy being the slut for my cock she was and needed more quickly drove on.

I moaned, "Faster". Amy responded by riding me like she was out of control. I felt the tingles intensify and I finally blew a searing hot load of cum up her gripping pussy causing her to have another rippling orgasm.

She crashed on top of me and we laid there panting trying to recover. As nimble as an acrobat she spun around on my chest and placed her dripping pussy on my lips and said "clean my pussy".

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While I did so she cleaned my cock of our combined juices. I licked as hard as possible and within a few strokes I exploded into her mouth and made her explode into mine. "Oh my god ohmygod ohmygod I'm coming" Amy screamed through clenched teeth. I continued moaning into her pussy until she finally pulled off saying "no more I can't take it no more". Amy tried standing and on shaky knees barely stood.

"I need to be untied here", I said. Amy seemed to be in a fog. I just laid there and breathed hard while she recovered. There was still a stream of cum flowing from my softening cock. Eventually Amy loosed my bonds and allowed me to get dressed, she got dressed too. We rode back home without saying another word.

I was very careful to watch for her over the next few weeks. I and mom made a few trips back and forth to Susan's apartment.


So I could know I would be safe. At least when I knew wouldn't be alone with Susan.