My POV Hairy Pussy Wife Fucking

My POV Hairy Pussy Wife Fucking
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He drove Megan to her driveway and put the van in park. Before she open the door, her mother came out with a furious expression on her face. "What have I told you about bringing that thing here?!" she screamed. "Get out, or I'm calling the cops!


GET OUT!" Morgan opened the door and jumped to the ground, and her mother's face fell, and the anger evaporating into disbelief and anguish. "Oh, no, Morgan, what have you done?" she whispered, holding her hands out to her daughter.

Once she had the girl safely in her arms, holding her tight and safe, she looked up at Brian in the van and got confused. That wasn't Brad at all, and the waves of angry fear she usually felt emanating from the van were gone. The sexual tugging was stronger than ever, however, and she felt the first touch of moisture between her legs in years that didn't inspire fury inside her for her own weakness.

Her own vulnerability was still there, the same slippery slope it ever had been, with the same coiling nest of pleasure writhing in passion at the bottom.


But instead of fearing that path, knowing how quickly she would fall, she felt a sudden yearning to explore the un-taken road. She felt a desire to follow it all the way to the end, with no looking back, and her lack of fear made her cautious. "Who are you?" she asked, seeing Brain get out and stand by the hood. 'Please don't hurt us, sir." "My name is Brian." he told her. "I have no intention of harming either one of you, I promise." "Yeah, it's not harming them if they come, right?" asked the woman suspiciously.

"Even if they used to be a virgin, and had some silly notion of saving themselves for marriage?" "Exactly." he smiled. "Come on. Really? You think this is still 1950?" "N-no, of course not, sir, but." she said.

Her reasons for objecting were rapidly fading from her mind. "So there's nothing really wrong about showing these girls how to experience, toe curling, mind bending orgasms, is there?" he said. "Especially since most of those girls are never going to find someone like me who can lead them to it." He looked at her piercingly.

"Like you." he said. "Have you ever had an orgasm?" "I. no sir.'" she said. "Megan was conceived at my Senior Ball, but I. I didn't climax, sir. He just took my virginity and left me on the side of the road because I wouldn't suck it first.

He got so mad he just raped me and left me there. I had to walk home, and later at school, he told everyone I was frigid, and nobody believed me when I told them he forced me." "What is his name?" Brian asked, closing his eyes and trying to get a mental picture. "Joshua Bailey." she told him, and he could hear the scathing hatred in the woman's voice.

The image that came into his mind was that of Rebecca's father. "A big guy, about my size, blond haired Irishman?" Brian asked, opening his eyes and looking at her. She nodded. "Yes sir, that's him. He ruined my life, and that of two other girls in high school. Three of us had his babies that summer, but he married some Italian bitch with Mafia connections his father picked out for him." "Wouldn't it be terrible if something happened to him?" Brain said aloud, as if talking to himself.


"I wouldn't cry a tear." she said, smiling grimly. She knew what happened in this neighborhood. "How about you, honey?" she asked, tilting Morgan's face up. "Would you be sorry if something happened to your real father?" "I never even met him, Mom. He doesn't care about me, or you, or anyone, probably.

Why should I care about him?" "Because he's a person, Morgan." Brain told her. "Even a complete stranger deserves compassion." "If he was a complete stranger, he would have it from me." Morgan told him, letting go of her mother and looking at Brian.

"But he isn't a complete stranger, is he? He raped my mother and completely ignored me my whole life, even though he's known about me and my sisters all our lives. It was no secret to anyone who the father of us three girls was." She glanced at her mother.

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'That's what ruined our lives." "Well, I won't be ruining it further." he said. "Morgan, you will attend school every day it is in session, and you will pay attention and learn what you need to know. You're a very smart girl, and the more educated you are, the more valuable you will be to your future husband." "Now, I understand that the van has awakened sexual urges in both of you that were probably never present before, and for that I apologize, but there's nothing I can do about it now.

What I can do is teach you how to provide a release and take away the urgency of your need for a time. The van didn't cause those feelings; it only enhanced what was already there." Brian walked around to the side of the van and opened the side door, then got into the Captain's chair, reclining and opening his legs as he swiveled to face them.

"Mrs. Miller, you know full well what getting in this van will do to you both. However, if I'm to help either one of you, it's into this van you must come.

Will you enter?" "We both will." Megan said. 'Come on, Mother, you know it was inevitable anyway." "I guess maybe I did." she replied, then took Brian's hand and stepped up. She was closely followed by Megan, and he slid the door closed. The moment it latched shut, both women felt the change come over them. They felt their will change hands, from their own, to Brian's.

Their sexual excitement went up a few notches as well. "Mrs. Miller, you will undress Megan for me, and I want you to show body off to me as you do it." Brian said. "Be proud of your daughter; she is a very beautiful young woman As her mother began unbuttoning her blouse, Megan turned to look at Brian with a smile on her face. "Thank you for this." she said, letting the blouse be removed. She was wearing no bra, and her little b-cups pointed her nipples straight out with her excitement.

"I've known I was going to do this in this van since I was ten." "Don't thank me; thank your mother." Brian grinned. "If it wasn't for her, you wouldn't be in here at all." "What do you mean by that?" asked the woman, letting her daughter's skirt fall to the floor.

Megan stepped out of it, wearing only a pair of pink cotton panties that looked a little too small for her. "Don't take her panties off yet, Miss Miller. I want to do that myself. You may begin undressing yourself now." he said. "And what I meant by my earlier comment was that you are doing a wonderful job of raising your daughter alone.

Especially in this neighborhood. It can't have been easy." "It really wasn't." she said, pulling her own brightly colored T-shirt over her head, then reaching behind to unhook her bra with both hands.

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"I can never reach this thing. Megan, would you help me please?" "Sure, Mother." she agreed, smiling. "Stand behind her." Brian directed the girl. "After she has it off, I want you to reach around her and caress both her breasts." "I still don't see how I'm the reason we're in here." said the woman, as her daughter moved behind her.

Megan slid her hands up the her mother's rib cage. She sighed and leaned beck into her daughter's embrace as her breasts were being fondled for the first time by someone other than herself.

It felt really wonderful. "If you hadn't agreed to this, I know you have enough control over your daughter to keep her away from the houses down the street.

You know full well what goes on there, and what this van can do. I was merely congratulating you on keeping true to your morals for your daughter's sake, misguided as they may be." Brian answered. Miss Miller still had her jeans on, so Brian unbuttoned them and took them off. Her panties were next, leaving her totally nude. "Sit on the edge of the bed, right in the middle." he told her, looking at the narrow strip of curly brown hair adorning her groin.

"You have a beautiful pussy.

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Please spread your legs open wide so that I might admire it? Lean back a little as well." She felt a flush of embarrassment, but she did as directed, leaning back onto her elbows with her knees about a foot apart.

"Go ahead and kneel down in front of your mother, Megan." Brian said. "Put your hands on her knees and open her legs a little more." "Oh, Megan, what- Oh no, we can't, we can't, she's my daughter, please Brian, oh, please?" Miss Miller begged, knowing what was coming next. She was blushing deeply with shame, feeling the sexual excitement building. The more wrong this was, the more it turned her on, and both Megan and Brian saw her labia flower pinkly open a moment later, all of their own accord.

Dots of moisture spotted the wispy hairs surrounding the lips of her pussy, and this was just from being looked at. She hadn't even really been touched yet. "Kiss her thigh, Megan." Brian said. "About halfway up from her knee. Then kiss the other leg in the same place." "Oh, please don't tell her to do that." she begged, but she was ignored. She felt her daughter's hair brushing the inside of her thighs, then the softness of the kisses. "Please, Megan? Megan, please." "You're really wet.

Mother." Megan smiled. She bent her head forward of her own volition and licked the wetness from her mother's delicate flower. Miss Miller gasped in a huge breath and bucked her hips into her daughter's mouth, opening her legs as wide as they would go. Megan took full advantage and began licking and sucking her mother's pussy with gusto. "You're pretty wet yourself, Megan." Brian said, looking at the dark spot on the gusset of her panties.

She was on her knees between her mother's widespread thighs, so Brian pulled her hips back a little, then pulled her panties down to her knees. Megan spread her knees apart, letting her panties work themselves down to her ankles, then she slipped one foot free.

Brian's hands went back up the outside of her thighs, then onto her lower back, then around her sides and onto her breasts as he leaned over her. She could feel the hard lump of his cock pressing against her, and she wondered where his clothes were. When she had turned her back on him to eat out her mother, he had been fully dressed. "He must move very fast, and very quietly." she thought to herself, enjoying the feel of his hard body against hers.

His cock was rubbing over her pussy, his flesh making exquisite contact with her clit as he saw it back and forth. "Every girl deserves to know she's loved the first time." he said softly. "Can you both feel how much I love you?" Megan felt him pull his hips back even further, then his hardness was probing between her labia, and the it was inside her!

She moaned into her mother's pussy as she felt herself stretch open to admit him. It was the most delicious pain she'd ever felt.

She felt completed, somehow, feeling him work more and more of it into her. She was gasping breath in and out of her nostrils, her mouth still covering her mother's whole pussy, but her lips and tongue had stopped moving while she experienced these new feelings to their fullest. Brian felt the girl's hymen break with his second push inside, as the head sank fully within her, but she either didn't feel it or accepted it without complaint, because two strokes after that, he had half his length into her, and two more strokes after that, his balls slapped up against her belly.

He pulled almost all the way out, then gave it to her again, sliding his thick meat through her most delicate flesh. She loved the feeling of him moving inside her, and very shortly she was writhing under him. "Come for me, Megan." he whispered into her ear. "Come all over my big cock inside you!" She squealed and he could feel her insides rippling on him as her kegels kicked in. He pulled out of her a moment later and eased her down onto her side, letting her lay there to recuperate as her body continued to spasm.

"Hello, Miss Miller." he smiled, getting back up onto his knees and moving between the woman's outstretched thighs. "Or may I call you Helen?" "Oh." she sighed, feeling his cock laying on her belly. "Helen is fine." "The last time you did this, you were given a daughter of shame." he said. "This time, I'm going to give you a child of love." He pulled back and pushed inside. Helen was every bit as tight as her virginal daughter had been, he noted with a smile.

He held his pleasure back as he fucked her so that she could come first. She was already wound up from her daughter's oral efforts, so when his massive organ began moving inside her, she didn't have very far to go to find the very first orgasm of her life.

He let her spasm and gasp out her climax, her hands knotting into tight fists and relaxing, and finally she looked happily up into his eyes and smiled warmly at him. "Ohh, thank you." she sighed. "I had no idea." "That was my pleasure as well." he smiled back. "That was for the pleasure you missed out on all those years ago. This is for right now.

This is so that you remember the pleasure of this moment when you look into my son's eyes." With that, he dragged his massive cock out of her and plowed it back in, picking her legs up and pressing her knees to the bed on either side of her head.

He fucked her hard and fast like that, not stopping until he pumped her full of seed; so much seed that it dripped out the sides of her pussy each time he thrust inside her. "Oh! Oh! OH! She cried out, coming again as she felt herself filled with hot stickyness. Prom Night had never been like this! She was warm all over instead of cold and she could feel his love, instead of cold indifference and contempt.

She gave herself to him completely in that moment, and the van soaked every bit of it up. This is what it had been built for; this was what it had been missing all along.

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The van started itself up, revved the engine, then shut down. Brian could feel the van's anger change into pure power, untainted by any color, just brilliantly pure white power, and pulled out. He lay down beside her on the bed while they both caught their breath. "Can I spend the night here?" he asked. "I have to leave pretty soon, because there's responsibilities I have to take care of, but I'd like to come back here when I'm done, and spend more time with you. With both of you." "Oh, yes!" Helen cried, weeping tears of joy.

"Yes, come back here anytime you want! My home is yours. Everything I have and everything I am is yours, Brian. I love you." "I love you too, Helen.

I love you too, Megan." he said, and they could hear that he meant it. Both women were almost weepy with joy, and they fully understood that he wasn't leaving them as he began to get dressed again.

A few minutes later, he escorted them both back into the house, then gave them kisses goodbye. The van was already running for him when he got outside, and practically drove itself back to the Bailey's house. He parked out front, but when he turned the ignition, it stayed running. "That's odd." he said, going into the house without knocking. His sister Mindy and her friend Rebecca were both dressed, sitting on the couch together, and talking.

"Are you okay here, Mindy?" he asked. 'I'm going to drive Mom to work. Her shift starts pretty soon." "Can we go shopping?" Rebecca asked. "You had so much money. Can we go shopping?

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I promise you'll like what we buy!" Brian laughed. "Sure. Come on out to the van. I'll hook you up." Outside, he got in the driver's seat and took a bundle of fifties out of one of the bags. "Here. This is enough for both of you, now go have fun." he told them. "Call a cab, and take one home, too. Be back before midnight." The tires chirped a bit as the van pulled away, and it took him the few short blocks back to his house, then the motor stopped.

Brian wasted no time going into his house. "Mom? Are you home?" he called out, fearing the worst, but she replied right away, and he could tell by her voice that nothing was wrong. His hand slipped off the butt of the guns he still wore under the borrowed suit. "I'm just getting out of the shower, Brian." she replied from upstairs. "Would you come up here, please? There's something I need to talk to you about." "I'm here, Mom.

He said, in the hallway at the top of the stairs. She came out of the bathroom with just a towel on and saw him for the first time that day. Her teenage boy looked like a full grown man in that suit! "Where did you get the suit?" she asked, her eyes widening.

"It makes you look so much taller! And more mature!" "I need to talk to you, too, Mom." he smiled. "I bought our neighbor's van this morning, so I can give you a ride to work. We have a liittle extra time now, and I think we're going to need it." His voice was so much deeper now!

And mesmerizing. Lilly felt herself get moist just from the sound of his voice and blushed. "I need to get dressed for work." she said, and turned to go to her room. He followed her and stopped at her doorway. "Everything is going to be okay, Mom. I promise." he said. She turned from her dresser after opening the top drawer and looked at him, hope in her eyes. He took two steps into the room and gave her a hug, "It is. It's all going to be okay, I promise." She fell into his arms and returned his hug, crying onto his shoulder.

"I'm scared." she admitted. "I'm all alone, and I'm scared. I've been so alone for so long!" "I know, Mom, and I'm here now." he said, stroking her back soothingly.

The towel slipped loose, unnoticed by either of them, but was held up by the pressure of their two bodies. "You don't have to feel alone ever again, I promise that, too." He kissed the top of her head. "I believe you."" she sobbed, crying tears of joy and she didn't even know why. "Brian, what's happened? What's changed? Something is different now. Better, but different.

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You've grown up a lot since last night. Did you meet a girl?" "I did." he smiled. "I've met quite a few girls, in fact. Girls just like you." "What do you mean, just like me?" she whispered, shivering a little.

She had a feeling she knew what he meant. She had a feeling he was right. "I know that you're a girl, Mom." he told her, pushing her away a little to look at her face. "You're a woman, and you have the needs of a woman.

Needs that have gone unmet for far too long. Needs that haven't been met since my father died." "Brian, I." she started, but he cut her off. "I love you too, Lilly." he said, using her name.

He bent his head and kissed her on the lips. She melted into his arms and kissed him back, hungrily. When it ended, he stayed close to her face, looking deep into her eyes. "You're my son." she protested weakly. "I'm a man who loves you." he replied, then kissed her again. Her arms went around his neck and the towel fell away as he backed her over to the bed.

Her knees hit it, and then she was sitting down, still kissing him. His hands were busy at his pants, and then they were sliding to the floor. He straightened up, and suddenly Lilly was faced with the bigged cock she'd ever seen in her life.

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open as she gasped in surprise. "Oh my God!" she whispered. His hand was stroking her hair, gently pulling her forward, and suddenly it brushed her lips. Instinctively, she put her hands up to his thighs and tried to push him away, but his hand on her head was inexorable, and it was in her mouth despite her protests. As soon as she tasted it, she quit fighting and closed her lips around the head, greedy for more. He let her have it, and let go of her head altogether as she got busy sucking it all on her own.

She was moaning as she bobbed her head up and down on him, eagerly sucking on him. It was like she couldn't get enough, and she was going down on his whole length each time, too, deep throating him and sucking fiendishly.

When he came, she greedily sucked and swallowed all of that, too, making happy little cooing noises as he filled her mouth. When he was done, she sat back and looked up at him with shining eyes. "Oh my God, I never knew that could be so much fun! I should have tried it years ago!" she said, licking her lips. 'I wish we had more time, but I have to go to work." She stood up, and to her great surprise, she wasn't afraid of her nudity in front of her son anymore.

She went to the dresser and pulled on a pair of panties, then a bra. She went to the closet and got her pink rayon waitress uniform off it's hanger and put it on, not minding at all that Brian was watching her every move.

He followed her outside, then escorted her out to the van, opening her door and helping her in. It was already running when he got in the driver's side. The diner she worked at was only just up the road, and they were there in no time. Before she could get out, Brian gave her a thousand dollars from one of the bags. "You made some really good tips tonight." he grinned. She gaped at the money in her hand.

"Brian, the only way I could make a thousand dollars on my shift tonight is by going out back and servicing the glory hole." she said. "I can't accept this." "Sure you can." he grinned. "I just saved you a trip out back, is all." As his mom was going inside, another of the waitresses came around the corner. She had obviously been servicing, and when she saw the van, she came hurrying over with a worried look on her face.

"Master Brad, I." she said, then stalled when she saw it was Brain instead. She looked very confused. Brad shut the van off and got out. "I'll come inside with you so you don't get fired.' he said. "Thanks.' she said, relieved. "I got run off at the truck stop, and this is the last good place in town to earn my punishment." "You're being punished, too?" he asked.

She nodded. "Well, as of today, all of Brad's punishments are forgiven." he told her. "I'm your new Master." "Yes sir." she smiled. "Thank you sir!" "What time does your shift end, Liz?" he asked, reading her name tag. "Two am, at closing time.' she told him. "Well, if you're being punished, where have you been spending your nights?" he asked.

"There's no truckers to doss down with here." "I have a blanket behind the dumpster, if I can't hook up with one of the customers." she told him. "Which is most of the time. A lot of the customers here are married.

Most of them." "Well, you can go home tonight." he told her. "Also, half of whatever punishment money you've earned so far is yours now. How much do you have?" "I only have fifteen thousand of it." she said.

'I know, I've been here for two months already, but that's all of it, I swear!" "How much was your total again? Fifty thousand?" he asked. She nodded, looking at the floor, ashamed of herself for doing so poorly. "You don't have to give me half, and you can go home tonight.

Tomorrow, you go shopping, and only a third of that money is to be spent on lingerie for men to look at. The rest is to be spent on things you want, no cars. Have fun with it." he told her. Her eyes lit up like it was Christmas and all her birthdays rolled into one, and gave him a hug. There was a stir in the kitchen, and an older fat man came bustling out, wearing greasy whites and a paper hat.

He had a spatula in one hand still. "What is going on here? Liz, get your ass back to waiting tables, or you're fired." he snarled, then looked at Brian. Most of the starch went out of him with a single look. "Well, if it isn't asshole Mal." he said. "Who are you?" Mal asked, looking at Brian suspiciously.

His eyes were quick to note the bulge of the guns. "I'm Lilly's son Brian." he told him, and Mal's eyes got bigger. "You sure grew up, kid." he said respectfully. "Last time I saw you, you were just a little pipsqueak." "Is that what made you think you could treat my mother like shit?" Brian asked, his voice menacing.

"Hey, I was just doing my job." Mal said sullenly. "Is there a problem here?" a big guy asked, muscling his way over to the little scene starting to develop. A lot of customers were looking. "There's no problem at all, Jake.' Brain said, without taking his eyes off Mal.

"How did you know my name?" Jake asked, confused. "I know a lot of things, Jake." Brian continued, still looking at Mal. 'I know that you're the one assigned to watch out for the girls who go out back, and I know that you're good at your job." he said. Mal was beginning to sweat. "Yeah, you should be sweating, Mal. You should be sweating bullets, if you know what I mean." Brian laughed right in the shorter man's face.

'Yeah, you piece of shit, sweat. Just remember who I am, and remember that I don't like men who slap women around. I ain't Brad, and don't you forget it." "Welcome aboard, sir!" Jake smiled, holding out his hand to shake. "I've been wanting to tell this piece of shit off for years!" "Brian Matthews." he replied, returning the handshake with a quick three pumps and letting go.

'I'm not here to shake things up, really, but I'd like to see things go a little more friendly, if you know what I mean." "Yes sir, and I'm sure Mal takes your meaning, too." Jake said, and gave Mal a hard look.

"There won't be any more mishaps, I promise." "Ri-ight." Brian said. ""I have to go. Business." He left them standing there and went back out to the van. He had a lot of things on his mind, so he just got on the freeway and drove, not even paying attention when the van took an exit all by itself until it came to a halt in an unfamiliar neighborhood. The horn honked twice, and Andrea came hurrying out, looking so sad she was about to cry. She was wearing jeans and a long sleeved blouse, and she went up to the passenger door, but it was locked.

She tried it again, but still nothing. "I guess you can't come back, Andrea. This is goodbye forever." he said, noting that her collar was gone. Her face screwed up into tears. "I don't want to go back, Brian. Thank you for letting me go." She looked at the van. "Thank you for letting me go.' she said to it. She felt a single throb of it's power, then she was just standing next to a vehicle, talking to a guy. She took a deep breath and felt ten thousand pounds slid off her shoulders, and a new brightness filled her brilliant green eyes as the van drove away.

Brian could feel the relief as well, but he could also sense the hole that Andrea had left. It was a space that he didn't want filled again.

He wanted a different shape in that empty spot. The van wandered off the freeway again, this time taking him back the way he had come, north instead of south, then got off and started heading west.

He didn't know where they were going, but he knew it was where he needed to be. There was another girl for the van out there, and they were rolling right at her.