Ladyboy in heels gets her ass bareback fucked doggystyle

Ladyboy in heels gets her ass bareback fucked doggystyle
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Jenny and Paul were not drug addicts, in fact their recreational use of them was so small they didn't even count themselves as users.

Let me go back a little. Like many shift workers they met at work got to know each other dated a little and finally moved in together. They are both nurses Jenny works in the maternity section of the Local hospital while Paul works at the other end of the spectrum and is assigned to duties in the morgue. They jokingly refer to their roles as Arrivals and Departures. Jenny is a petite 5' 2" long dark hair and green eyes Paul is athletic fair and 5' 9".

Despite getting on in almost everything they do they are very different socially Jenny loves to dance and goes to all night rave parties while Paul prefers to stay in and read. What Paul does like is that whenever Jenny has been out dancing she comes home very horny and the sex is great. After they had been together for a few months Paul finally asked what go Jenny so hot and wet when she went dancing, she hesitated a little and then admitted that she usually drops an ecstasy pill which makes her feel great for dancing but also makes her want to fuck like a farm animal.

Paul just laughed and said "maybe I should try one". On the following Saturday night about 20 minutes before they would normally head to bed Jenny brought Paul a glass of water and 2 pills, one white one blue. "What are they?" he asked, Jenny giggled and said "don't argue with the nurse just take your medicines". Paul washed them down with one swallow and asked again what they were. Jenny explained that one was ecstasy the same as she had just taken to get them horny and the other was Viagra to make him last.

That night was the most incredible sex Paul could remember. First Jenny pushed him onto their bed straddled him in the 69 position, lowered her freshly waxed pussy onto his face and her hungry mouth onto his waiting cock. It wasn't long before he felt her twitching, a sure sign that she was about to cum for him and something that almost always pushed him over the edge.

She shuddered and moaned in pleasure as her orgasm raced through her. The feeling around his cock was too much for Paul he tensed, arched his back thrusting his hips up and came hard in her throat. Jenny turned and kissed him deeply their tongues twirling, sharing their tastes.

Then to Paul's surprise he felt Jenny's hot little pussy sliding onto his cock and realized that although he had just cum like a fountain he was still rock hard and ready to go again. Jenny rode Paul's cock like there was no tomorrow and came again before rolling onto her back bringing her willing lover with her. Paul lifted her ankles behind his neck and fucked her hard and fast until they both came again. After collapsing panting in each others arm Jenny runs her hand down Paul's stomach squeezes his Viagra charged shaft and giggles "come on stud fuck me doggie style" to his amazement and delight Paul is able to accommodate her request.

From then on they set aside 1 day a week when they would increase their desire and Paul's abilities this way. Sometimes stretching to the point of him managing 4 distinct workouts form a single drug induced erection. Their special nights would last for hours and apart from exhaustion they found no side effects. Then Jenn's mother had a serious heart issue and Jenny had to go interstate to look after her for a while.

Rather than give up their sex lives completely they turned to the phone. At a pre arranged time they would take their little helpers and then call. While they found that talking to each other in their heightened sexual arousal and masturbating together was at least satisfying they were unable to ever achieve more than 2 orgasms but both decided that was good enough until they were reunited. Now I should get back to the story I started to tell you.

It happened one Saturday night Paul had taken his cocktail of drugs and was sitting with his lube ready, they always had an ample supply as Jenny would "borrow" pump bottles of the stuff from the ultrasound room and bring them home. Paul was already hard when the phone rang he grabbed the receiver whispering "Hi babe, thank god, I am so ready for you" to his surprise a deep male voice laughed down the phone and said "I love you to babe, but this is work.

We have had the whole shift call in sick and desperately need you to come in if you can" Knowing what happens in the situation he agreed. He called Jenny, saying he was taking his cell phone and lube with him and would call her from the vacant ward across from the hall from his work as soon as he could. Jenny moaned softly "don't be to long babe I need you". Arriving at work Paul discovered that there was already one body waiting to be dealt with, an elderly male.

Despite the pressure of his erection he dealt quickly and efficiently with the body and was at last ready to slip across the hallway to call Jenny.

Due to funding cuts the hospital had closed a number of wards, no surprisingly the one opposite the morgue was never a popular one and had been one of the first closed and locked.

Paul had been able, with a small bribe, to get the key from the janitor and had been using the ward as his own office for months. Tonight he had different needs for some privacy, he grabbed his lunch box containing his cell phone and personal lubricant and headed for the door.

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Just as he opened it a nurse appeared pushing a gurney with a sheet covered body through the doors "You have a customer". Paul was torn between dealing with the body and dealing with his needs. He picked up the paperwork and read the detail.

Name: Jennifer ………… Age: 17, Cause of death: heart failure due to congenital heart disease. The coincidence of the name wasn't missed and he lifted the sheet to look at this Jenny. What he saw amazed him, the girls face was calm almost smiling as if relief had come at last.

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She had long wavy blond hair flowing around her and Paul couldn't help but pull the sheet away to look at the rest of her. The ugly hospital gown covered her still body so he undid the buttons opening it to his gaze. Jenny was indeed beautiful, small almost fully developed breasts slim waist turning out to beautiful hips and long slender legs.

In his drug induced state he had to slip those horrible panties off to see her in all her glory.


Sliding them down her legs and dropping them on the gurney he stood back and looked. Even in death her tan lines were visible, tiny triangles of white barely bigger than her nipples, and equally small triangle between her legs, she was shaved smooth except for a tiny strip of blond hair just above the start of her slit.

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She had those outer pussy lips that were slightly puffy forming a classic cameltoe and hiding her inner labia. Paul decided he was going to looking at this beautiful Jenny while he talked to the other one. Checking to see that there was no-one in the hallway he unlocked the opposite doors and quickly pushed Jenny and her gurney across the hallway locking the doors behind him and pulling the curtains closed.

He wheeled her to the bed and in the dimmed light lifted her onto it so that he could watch her as he spoke with his girl and jacked off.

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She was cool but not cold and her skin was still soft and subtle to his touch, his cock twitched as he put his Bluetooth head piece into his ear and pressed Jenny's call button.

In a husky voice, Jenny answered "baby I need you now" as always Paul had Jenny describe what she was doing she told him she was on her back, knees drawn up and feet spread so he could see her wet puffy pussy. Paul moved his Jenny into the same position and started to stroke his hard cock moaning softly into the phone. The voice in his ear responded to his moans and whispered "lube yourself up baby then rub my pussy for me" he squirted a good amount into his right hand and lubricated himself thoroughly "mmmm yes baby that feels so good, fuck I'm hard" Jenny whispered in his ear "rub my pussy babe" without thinking he reached out and ran his lubricated fingers through her pale pussy lips the fluid from his fingers looking like her own juices in the dim light.

Jenny obviously getting into her masturbation groaned "yesssss baby that feels nice, I need your big cock in me" Paul moans "Jenny your pussy feels wonderful" he pushes his index finger into her. The voice in his ear whispers "Fuck me babe" he gasps "yessss" and without hesitation moves between her legs.

Watching himself he tells her how he is rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit getting her wet, then pushing his cock to her waiting opening watching it stretch around him "God Jenny your beautiful" the voice in his ear murmurs in response.

The head of his cock slides slowly into his pale lover until it meets resistance, never having done anything so perverted in his life he wonders if this is what he should expect, then the truth dawns on him, the beautiful girl with the tip of his cock in her is a virgin.

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Paul groans into the phone "Jenny I need you" the reply is "Yes baby, take me now, please fuck me" he pushes forward feeling her hymen tearing as he takes her virginity almost growling as he slides into her cool but tight little pussy. "Fuck Jenny your little pussy feels so good" "mmmm Oh god babe fuck me hard" Paul leans forward taking her by the shoulders and thrusting into her inert body harder and faster as he listens to his girl panting in pleasure.

After a few minutes he hears loud moaning and "ahhh babe I'm going to cum" he thrusts hard bottoming against her cervix with every thrust "yes Jenny cum on my cock feel it deep inside you let me fill you with my cum" as he hears the unmistakable sound of orgasm he stiffens, his stomach muscles tight, balls churning he grunts and releases load after load of his thick warm seed into his lover "ahhhh fuckkkkkk Jenny that's so good".

He collapses forward on her little body panting and kissing her pale lips, parting them with his tongue. After a few minutes the panting in his ear slows and asks "are you still hard baby" he answers "yes" and she says "come up here and let me clean you up.

Paul moves his position on the bed so that his cock is over her mouth and as the voice in his earpiece describes what she is doing to him he pushes his cock into her waiting mouth.


The feels of her tongue and the roof of her dead mouth is like nothing he has felt around his cock before and he slowly rocks his hips in and out of her. The voice on the phone tells him she is going to take him into her throat and he pushes forward to the back of her mouth groaning as he slides into her throat, no gagging or gasping he increases the pace. Jenny describes having to pull back off him to get her breath but he has no such problem with his lover taking his cock deep in her throat and keeping it there for as long as he wants.

It isn't long before the fantastic feeling of fucking her throat so deeply that his balls slap against her face with his thrusts has him ready to cum again "shit Jenny I need to cum again" he is a little startled when the voice in his ear answers "yes honey let me taste you" he had almost forgotten his phone call.

Pulls wraps his fingers in her long blond hair pulling her hard onto his throbbing shaft as he cums again, shooting his load deep into her throat knowing that if she could she would be swallowing every drop taking it into her stomach.

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He moves back down the bed and holds her lovingly "Baby you are the best" she giggles softly in his ear. After what seems like an age he kisses her cool shoulder and whispers "Jenny I want to fuck your tiny ass".


This is something the live Jenny doesn't like in real situations as she says it just hurts and she can't get off on pain, but this is phone sex "she whispers Yessss baby fuck my ass, be gentle with me" he tells her to lay on her stomach and prop her hips up with pillows and rearranges his dead lover into the same position.

Talking into the mouthpiece he describes how he is lubricating his cock and her ass, how his finger is pressing her little pink star pushing lube into her. Then watching between his legs he describes how the head of his drug hardened cock is pushing against her, just the tip slowly opening her as she relaxes then the thrill as he pops through her sphincter muscle.

The voice moans "mmmm stop there for a minute baby let me get used to you in my ass" Paul stops. Holding her hips to him feeling the tightness of her virgin ass around his cock until he hears "now baby fuck me again" he pushes into her inch by inch. Her cool velvety tightness gripping him he rocks her hips back and forth watching her body work her way onto him "ah Jenny that feels great your ass is so tight" "mmmmmm your cock is so big baby I feel so full" being the third time for the evening they both last longer until the moaning in his ear tells him that she is getting close "yes jenny I'm going to cum with you.

Deep in your ass baby, tell me when." After a few more hard fast thrusts he hears "now baby, now, cum in my ass baby" he slams forward shooting hard leaving his cum 7 ½ inches into her tight ass he knows it is only his cock spasming as he cums in her but it feels so much like her ass is contracting on him. He collapses forward panting and spent.

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The voice on the phone pants "wow babe three, work must get you horny" he kisses his lover tenderly "yes baby, tonight, I love my work". They kiss and hangup. Slowly the effect of the ecstasy and Viagra wear off and his cock softens and slides out of her body he slips her back into the hospital clothes and lifts her back onto the gurney, checking the hallway again he quickly returns to the morgue he lovingly washes her and prepares her body for the undertaker.

Before slipping her into her body bag he takes a lock of her hair and kisses her softly, he whispers "goodnight my love and slides her into a refrigerated unit.