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Amateur Twinks nach ficken cum
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This is part four of the story. We get a little rough this time. Amy and I had a few minutes alone on Sunday evening when Rachel was in the bathtub. We were able to talk a little about what had happened the night before, and where to go from here.

She fully understood our predicament, and was on board with figuring out a plan. The middle of the night was problematic, since I have a day job and she's in school, as well as the fact that Rachel could wake up and discover us at any moment. I have to admit though, the thrill of being caught was part of the attraction.

A few times when Rachel was in another part of the house, one of us would just dive a hand into the other's pants, taking advantage of every second we had. I was in the backyard shed getting the lawnmower out on Monday after work when Amy spun around the door frame from nowhere. "Well hello there." She said. "Got a minute?" "Not really, your mom is gonna be home any second." I told her, hoping like hell she would ignore my refusal.

She walked up and pressed her body against mine, looking up into my eyes. She flashed me a wicked smile and told me- "Oh come on, you don't even have one.little.minute?" She said as she undid the button on my jeans and started undoing the zipper very slowly. My dick started to rise immediately.

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"You need to be quick" I said, figuring maybe I could spare a minute or two. Maybe Rachel would hit all the red lights on the way home. "No, you need to be quick." She said to me as she hauled my cock out and dropped to her knees. Once again I was treated to the beautiful sight of her sweet, innocent eyes looking up at me as she stroked my shaft and licked my balls. She was jacking me with great speed, intent on getting an afternoon load before her mom came home.

I looked up from her face to check the house, and my blood ran cold. Rachel was at the kitchen window, doing the dishes that were left over from breakfast. She hadn't seen us in here. It was a bright day and the inside of the shed was dark. I could see out, but she could look right at me and not see me.


I'm sure she figured I was out for a jog or something, she didn't seem to be curious as to where everyone was. Amy was oblivious to the fact her mom was behind her and continued to work my cock. "Cum for me, Mark. We don't have much time." If only she knew just how little time we had.

Once again the thrill of being caught washed over me and out of nowhere I dumped another huge load down her loving throat. She didn't miss a drop, just kept jacking me and swallowed it all, moaning in pleasure at her accomplishment.

After I came, I looked down at her and told her not to get up. "Why?" She asked, her devious smile returning again at the thought I might have more planned for her. I hated to disappoint her, but I had no choice. "Your mom is in the kitchen." I said, enjoying watching her eyes get wide as she spun her head around to see for herself.

"Oh fuck! What do we do?!? She can see us!" She said frantically. "No she can't. It's too dark in here compared to outside. We are shadowed in here. We just have to get out of here somehow without her seeing us together." As soon as I said that, I formed a plan.

I would come out of the shed with the lawnmower, and mow the lawn as I do every week. Amy would just have to stay in the shed until her mom went upstairs, she usually changed into her regular clothes when she got home from work, and from what I had seen, she was still dressed up.

Amy could go out the side gate unseen and go around to the front door so long as Rachel wasn't right in the window. I came out of the shed with the mower and she saw me.

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Rachel smiled and gave a little wave, then came out through the sliding patio door. "Hey, I saw your car out front, I figured you went for a run. What are you doing hiding in the shed?" she asked as she came over and planted a kiss on my lips. "Oh, I couldn't get the mower to start earlier so I pulled the plug and cleaned it up a bit." I even impressed myself with my ability to lie on my feet. Until she asked me what I was doing in there, I hadn't had a reason ready.

"Ok, dinner's in about twenty minutes. I'm gonna go change. Have you heard from Amy? She's not home yet, is she?" She said, headed back into the house. "No, huh uh. She should be home anytime though, right?" I called after her. Stopping and turning back to me, she said "She seems to be a bit detached these last few months, you know? I guess she's just at that age where she'd rather be hanging out with kids her own age." If only she knew how wrong she was!

I needed to placate her if only to get her into the house and upstairs. "She's fine. She's a good kid, it's all part of growing up." "Yeah, I know. I'll be back down in a few." "Ok" I said, and started the mower.

I made a loop around the yard and saw that Rachel had gone inside and was going upstairs. The next lap, I saw Amy still in the shed crouched down a bit to stay out of sight.

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I gave her a look and nodded to tell her it was all clear, and she ran out of the shed and through the gate. We had to figure out a better way of doing this, it was hot, don't get me wrong, but we were gonna get caught for sure. Three days passed before I was able to be alone for any amount of time with Amy. I got home from work on Wednesday and came in the house to find it empty. "Hello?" I called out to see if Amy might be home. I knew Rachel wasn't here, her car wasn't in the garage. I thought maybe I could get two minutes alone with Amy while we had time.

"Hello?!?Anybody home?" Well shit.maybe tomorrow. I headed upstairs to change out of my work clothes. I walked into my bedroom and Amy was on the bed, half naked and smiling. "Guess who's mom isn't coming home until at least nine tonight?" She said, flashing me a million dollar smile.

"Are you serious?" I asked, hoping to hell she was.

"She called and said she had a meeting that would go until at least eight or so and then they were going for drinks after that." I couldn't believe my luck, or my eyes. She looked amazing. She was sitting up against the headboard with her arms stretched out at her sides, her hair flowing down over her shoulders and coming to rest at the top of her chest.

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She was wearing a little white sheer satin nightie and I could see through it just enough to see she had on a pair of string bikini panties underneath. As she uncrossed her long tanned legs I saw that the panties were a nice lace pattern, I couldn't wait to pull them off of her.

And here she was in her mother's bed, no less! I pulled my shirt off and laid down next to her, pulling her to me. She was so amazingly soft and warm, I found myself not wanting to let her go. She immediately slid her hand down and undid the button on my pants, then slid them down off of me.

I gently pushed her down onto her back and kissed her on the lips, slipping my hand inside her nightie to pinch one nipple as I moved back to kiss her on the throat. She gasped a bit as I nibbled on her earlobe and moved my hand down her taught waist and let it come to rest on her pubic mound.

I pulled her nightie up a bit and put my hand inside her panties to stroke her pussy. She sighed with pleasure as once again my fingers came into contact with her clit. "Mark?" She asked, giving me a hesitant look. "Yes Sweety?" I said, hoping whatever news she had for me was good. "Um, I was kind of hoping that since we had the house to ourselves, and we don't have to worry about getting caught, we could be a bit more adventurous than the other night." she said, looking kind of embarrassed.

"Absolutely! What did you have in mind?" I asked. I couldn't wait to hear what this little devil had in mind. "I was hoping you might want to be a little rough with me. I've seen a lot of porn videos on the Internet and I kind of like the stuff that's a bit more risqu?I guess I just wa-" she said, kind of stammering in her embarrassment.

Her shyness was so hot, I almost couldn't stand it. She continued, "I just like it when the guys take charge." "Well I think that's just what you need. You haven't really been doing what has been asked of you around the house, and maybe you need to learn a lesson." I said, as I increased the pressure I was applying to her left nipple.

She winced just a bit as I did it, and it turned me on even more. I wouldn't have thought I could be more aroused than I was when I first saw her on my bed, but here we were. I moved my hand once again down her flat stomach to her panties just long enough to grasp them by the thin side strap.

I yanked hard on them and the strap gave way, tearing free on that side.

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Once again I pushed her flat on her back and reached over to her left side, doing the same with that string, until they were free. I pulled them out from underneath her ass, balling them up and stuffed them into her mouth. I got up on my knees and looked her over.

Now naked from the waist down, her nightie pulled up past her belly button, her pussy fully exposed to my every whim. I pulled my own underwear down and off, throwing them to the floor. I grabbed her by the ankles and roughly pulled her down the bed away from the headboard so I would have room to pin her arms above her head. I crossed her arms at her delicate wrists, holding them down with my left hand while I lined up my cock with her entrance once again.

I slammed into her full force and she groaned loudly through the panties in her mouth. I fucked her good and hard for a few minutes, enjoying the muffled sounds coming from her mouth.

She was whimpering as I repeatedly shoved my cock into her as hard and as fast as I could, but her eyes didn't lie. The look she was giving me was unmistakable, she was loving it a bit harder, and I was willing to give it to her. I decided to switch up my assault a bit.

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I quickly yanked out of her, pulling the panties out of her mouth as well. I climbed up her body, sat on her chest and shoved my cock hard into her mouth. "You like that? Huh? You like having a cock pushed into your mouth like that, tasting yourself on me?" I said, as I thrust into her mouth over and over.

"Unh hugh" She groaned, her mouth now muffled even more than before. I picked up her casually discarded panties and used them to tie her hands together above her head. They were a little stretchy and there was just enough fabric to secure her. I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm building up and I wanted to hold out a bit longer, so I pulled out of her mouth and slid back down to bury my tongue in her cunt.

Again I marveled at the sweet taste of her juices as I fucked her with my mouth. I reached my hands up and pinched both of her nipples at the same time as I gently bit her clit. "Oh God! Mmmmm that feels good! Please don't stop" As she said the last word she was lost in a flurry of grunts and groans, and as she began to cum I reached my hand up further and put two fingers in her mouth for her to suck on.

I could feel the muscles in her pussy contract as she came with my tongue inside her and her thighs clamped down on my head.

She hollered at top volume as it happened, an interesting contrast to her earlier silent orgasms. I couldn't tell which one I preferred, the silent kind or this one. She sucked on my fingers for a minute and then I pulled my them out of her mouth so she could speak.

"Oh my God that was awesome. Thank you so much!" She said, her soft thighs still resting on my ears. She was about to find out that I wasn't done yet. I sat up from her crotch and grabbed her by the hips, flipping her over onto her stomach, her hands still tied together above her head. I rammed three fingers into her pussy to get them nice and wet and then pulled them out and put just my middle finger into her ass.

"Oh!" was all I heard, she was face down and her voice was once again muffled. I slid another finger into her ass, stretching it out to get ready for my cock. I pulled her up so she was on her knees, her face buried in a pillow. Once again I rammed the full length of my cock into her now soaking wet pussy to lubricate it. I pulled out of her pussy and rested the head of my slick cock at her asshole.

I slowly pushed forward and felt her give way just a little as the head slid in. She moaned again into the pillow as I started to slide the full length in.

I put about four inches in and then pulled it back out a bit, letting her get used to the feeling. She wanted it rough, but I didn't want to genuinely hurt her, we were just playing rough, after all.

I pushed back in most of the way a few more times before finally sliding my entire shaft into her ass until I bottomed out. She turned around a bit and looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and her eyes were smiling and wet with tears. She did her best to watch me, but she couldn't move too well as her hands were still tied together above her head and she was pulled up on her knees.

She gave me a little nod to tell me she was ready and right away I began hammering her ass. Again and again I slammed into her ass as I reached down to put my forearm under her throat.

I pulled her up so she could support her own weight with her arms under her, and then lightly started to squeeze her throat with my arm. "Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck my ass hard!" she called to me as I rammed into her over and over. "Touch my cunt! Can you touch it?" She asked me. I used my arm to pull her up so she was kneeling on the bed in front of me, her back against my chest.

I wrapped my fingers around her throat and squeezed as I put three fingers of my right hand into her pussy. I kept fucking her ass as hard as I could, knowing I wasn't going to last much longer. Without warning she started to cum. She slipped out of my grasp and slammed back down into the mattress as she went off.


I looked down at this beautiful sight, her hair wild, her smooth back coated in sweat, her tiny waist flaring out to her ass that was wrapped tightly around my cock as she climaxed and it was more than I could take.

"Cum in my ass, baby! Cum in me!" She screamed as I started to cum inside her. I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her face down hard into the mattress as I shot streams of cum into her tight ass. I swear I must have dropped a gallon of cum into her, I thought it would never stop. It eventually did though, and I laid down on top of her to kiss her on the back of her neck before eventually pulling out of her.

"That was amazing! I have never cum like that." She said quietly as I pulled out of her ass and rolled over onto my back to lay next to her. She just laid there face down in the pillow in her exhaustion, a big smile on her face. I reached up and untied her hands so she could move around better.

She laid there for a few minutes and then slid over to me to rest her head on my chest. I loved the feeling of her tiny body on mine, her perfect skin covered in a sheen of sweat as she slowly fell asleep. We laid there sort of dozing in and out of sleep for about a half an hour before we decided we should probably get up and take a shower and then clean the room up.

Rachel would be home in an hour or so. We decided to shower first, and we headed naked into the bathroom. I turned the water on and leaned down to kiss her as we waited for the water to heat up. We stepped into the shower and she began to soap up my body, spending a large amount of time on my cock.

"Gotta make sure we get this part extra clean, huh?" I guess she was right, though it felt great to have her soapy little hands on my cock, it also made sense that we might want to clean it extra well in case Rachel was in a loving mood when she got home. The combination of her slippery hands on me and the sight of her perfect tight little body covered in slick soapy water caused my dick to rise once more. "Got one more in you, old man?" She teased. Oh I had one more in me alright. I spun her around and ran my hands all over the front of her soapy body as my cock rose up to come to rest pressing into her lower back.

Once more my left hand found her throat as I bent her over to rest her hands on the edge of the tub and rammed my cock into her tight pussy until my balls were slapping her ass. She cried out in pleasure when I roughly smacked her ass cheek. "You like that, huh?" I said through gritted teeth. "Yes baby, I like that a lot!" She told me, holding herself up against the wall as I rudely plowed into her from behind.

She wasn't kidding, she really did like it rough. I gave her a few more swats as I increased my tempo and told her to get ready for another load.

She gave me a simple 'uh huh' through quick sharp breaths. I grabbed her by her soap slicked hips and buried myself as deep as I could in her cunt, blasting my cum as far as possible into her. She was rocked with her own orgasm as well. I loved how quickly she came, it makes a guy feel like the world's best lover when he can make a girl cum over and over, and with her it was no problem.

She seemed to cum with very little stimulation. "Bravo, sir. You are amazing." She said as I slowly withdrew my cock from her. "I think it helps to have the right partner." I told her, and enjoyed her blush at the compliment as she turned around to kiss me. We rinsed off and finished up in the shower and then set about cleaning the room. There were some cum stains to attend to, and I had little time until Rachel came home. After we were mostly done, Amy came to me and kissed me one last time and then told me she was going to her room to dry her hair off and act like usual.

She no sooner closed the door and I heard the garage door opening downstairs. We were gonna need to figure out a long term plan that was better and more foolproof than what we had going. I loved fucking Amy, but I also enjoy my freedom. Maybe she and I could join a father daughter bowling league. I guess I could stand sneaking around for the next few years until Amy was old enough to move out of the house, it could be worse, right?. I am going to change tactics a bit with the next (and I think, final) chapter of this story.

This is my first story and it all began with the image in my head of catching her on the stairs. I feel like I've gone as far as I possibly can without veering from reality, which is what I'm now gonna do. This story is pure fiction, but I'd like to think it's been fairly realistic so far.

The next chapter I am going to involve Rachel somehow in the sex.

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So far she has just been in the way, and I think I'd like to bring her in on it. People that don't care for that idea should consider the story over at this point. Thanks for reading!