Hot brunette having good sex

Hot brunette having good sex
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Fbailey story number 376 Fantasies Fulfilled Just before I opened the door I put on the rubber gloves so that I wouldn't leave fingerprints and then I pulled down my ski mask. I opened the door and walked into the office. It was always the last office to close up and go home on a Friday.

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Linda the woman that worked there was awfully dedicated, as was her secretary Amanda. They were both very attractive ladies. I had been stalking them both for quite a while. I closed the door behind me and locked it from the inside. The secretary asked me if she could help me. As I turned around Amanda became startled and then she picked up the phone. I showed her my handgun and she put it back down gently. I motioned her toward her boss' office and then followed her in.

Her boss Linda started to say something when she saw my gun. She then asked me what I wanted to which I replied, "Your money, your clothes, and your bodies." Linda said, "You have got to be kidding." To which I replied, "No I am not kidding.

Now get your clothes off…all of them." I expected some resistance but the boss Linda just started taking off her business jacket and placed it on a chair. Her blouse came off, her sexy white camisole came off too, and then her bra followed leaving her completely topless before me. I was impressed with her firm looking breasts. Her nipples stiffened nicely. Linda looked at her secretary and then Amanda started to remove her blouse and bra too, leaving both women topless.

Amanda was younger and she had smaller breasts, but they were firmer and she had great tan lines from a tanning booth I assumed. Her nipples were darker that her boss' nipple were but not as big. When Amanda looked over at her boss, Linda shrugged her shoulders and started to remove her knee length skirt, the sexy white half-slip that she had on under it, and her moist white panties.

Then she kept going and removed her garter belt, her high heels, and her stockings. She was then nude and just stood there with her hands on her hips staring at me. Amanda just stared at her boss' naked form and then she shrugged her shoulders and removed her skirt and thong panties. Then she slipped out of her shoes. Amanda was about thirty-five years old, about five feet five inches tall, and about a hundred and twenty pounds.

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By the look of her pussy she was a natural blonde too. Her hair was long and quite curly with bangs that enhanced her face.

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She wore glasses too. Linda was older at about forty-two years old, about five feet eight inches tall, and about a hundred and forty pounds. Most of that was her big breasts and her full butt. Her pussy was shaved bald but her straight brown hair hung past her shoulders. I pulled out two large trash bags, the kind with pull strings and handed one to each woman.

I told them to put their clothes in the bags and tie them shut. They both hesitated but then put their clothes in the bags and tied them for me. I tossed the two bags out into the other room. I then asked for their money. Linda said that she carries very little cash and that she uses her credit cards for everything. She managed to produce fifty-three dollars and a handful of coins.

Amanda had close to a hundred dollars in her purse. I took their money and shoved it in my pocket. I repeated, "Your money, your clothes, and your bodies.

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Well two out of three isn't bad but I want it all." Linda asked, "You really want our bodies?" I replied, "I just want to use them for a while, that's all." Amanda said, "You mean that you are going to rape us." I replied, "You can't rape the willing." Amanda said, "I'm not going to willing let you fuck me if that's what you're getting at." Linda the lawyer started negotiating, "Let me get this straight. If we let you fuck us you won't hurt us in any way?" I replied, "That's right." Linda said, "Just a quick fuck and then you leave us unharmed." I replied, "Well not a quick fuck.

I do want to have some fun with you two and maybe watch you two have fun with each another." Amanda said, "My husband wouldn't understand. I've never cheated on him. Besides, I've never done it with another woman." Linda said, "Amanda you don't have to tell your husband.


It might even spice up your sex life with him. As far as us making love, I must admit that I find you highly desirable." Amanda blushed from her head to her toes a nice pale pink color.

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Linda smiled at her and said, "Apparently you have had the same thoughts about me. Come on it won't be all that bad. It's not as if you are a virgin. You have had other men haven't you?" Amanda replied, "Yes but that was in college, when I was younger, and I used to party a lot." Linda asked, "And with all of that partying going on you never made it with another girl?" Amanda blushed again and answered, "Well maybe during a threesome if I got really carried away." Linda asked, "Did you like it?" Amanda replied, "Yes, I really did but I'm not a lesbian." Linda said, "Neither am I.

I love it when my husband fucks me hard but I also love a nice soft gently woman too. I consider myself bisexual." I said, "Okay, so how about you girls getting started then." Amanda looked at Linda. Linda looked at Amanda then she looked around for a place to do it. She took Amanda's hand and led her toward the big bookcase. She took Amanda in her arms and kissed her gently.

They were nipples to nipples as their hands slid down slightly toward the other woman's ass. Linda said, "You taste and fell just as good as I had imagined." Amanda said, "You too." The two naked women melted to the plush carpet.

It appeared as though they had forgotten that I was in the room.


They whispered sweet nothings to one another as they made love like I had never seen before. Those two women had been suppressing their love for one another for quite some time. I had merely released their emotions. I watched them wrestle on that thick rug as they jockeyed for position.

Eventually Linda was on top of Amanda in a sixty-nine where she had Amanda's legs spread very wide and she had her fingers holding Amanda's pussy lips open so that she could lick the fresh juices right from her vagina as she used her chin to stimulate Amanda's clit.

It was a sight to behold. I moved to get a better view of what Amanda was doing. I found myself down on the rug with them and leaning in to watch Amanda's tongue slipping up into Linda's pussy.

She was holding onto Linda's ass and pulling it closer so that she could get her tongue further into her. I undressed leaving my gloves and mask on. I then went to Amanda's ass and started stroking it. I slipped a finger into her pussy and finger fucked her while her boss was tongue fucking her.

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Soon Amanda was moaning and orgasming right along with Linda. The two of them shivered and shook as one during a fairly good orgasm. As Linda collapsed on top of Amanda, Amanda said, "That was great.

I wish that we had done this before." Linda said, "I agree." I had the two girls roll over and then I got behind Amanda and started to fuck her when Linda grabbed my cock and placed it at Amanda's opening and then told me to push it into her.

I slipped into Amanda's wet pussy easily and she didn't seem to mind in the least. Linda played with my balls gently and rubbed my ass as I fucked her secretary. Amanda started to moan again as the feeling built up in her. Then in her intense state of arousal Amanda buried her face in Linda's pussy and cried out that she was having another orgasm. I just pumped into her harder but I wasn't going to cum anytime soon, I was enjoying it way too much.

Amanda cried out with her second orgasm and begged me to stop giving her so much pleasure. Linda said, "Fuck her harder. Drive her crazy. She is giving me multiple orgasms. Don't stop. I love it." Amanda said, "Oh yes. That's it. Oh my God, my husband has never made me feel that good before." Then Linda said, "Put it in her ass. Finish her off. Fill her bowels with your cum." Amanda said, "I've never done anal before." Linda replied, "There is always a first time.

Relax and you will enjoy it better." I pulled my cock out of Amanda's pussy, Linda aimed it at Amanda's sphincter muscle, and I pushed the head in. Amanda clinched her ass cheeks together causing me to stop for a while. I told her to relax but she couldn't.

Soon Linda was attacking her clit. It was a war of wills.


The pleasure center in Amanda's brain was overcoming the pain sensors and her ass started to relax enough for me to slip in further and further until I was all the way in her rectum. Linda asked, "How does it feel Amanda?" Amanda replied, "It hurt at first but it feels better now." I grabbed onto her hips harder and thrust into her knowing that it wouldn't be much longer. I was grunting, Amanda was grunting, and Linda was cheering us on.

Then I was pumping my cum deep inside her rectum. It was a good batch too. My cock slipped out slowly, Linda held onto it, and placed it in her mouth. It was wonderful. When she was done sucking my cock she let it slip from her mouth.

I then watched Linda go after the cum that was flowing out of Amanda's asshole. I had never seen that happen before. The two women lay there on the rug recovering as I got dressed and left, leaving them there on the rug together nude.

+++++ A few hours later I was sitting in my living room when my wife came home. She said, "Thanks honey for letting me fulfill my fantasy. We made love for over an hour after you left us. She enjoyed giving you her anal virginity too. Now Amanda wants you to fulfill her fantasy. Next Friday she wants three cocks in her three holes all at the same time.

She would like a long thin cock in her mouth and he is to force her to deep throat it. Can you handle that?" I replied, "I have the perfect guy in mind for her mouth and getting someone to fuck her while I go after her ass again will be no problem at all." Linda said, "Thank you again.

Maybe you should start your own business. You can call if Fantasies Fulfilled." I replied, "You know I was just sitting here thinking about that very same thing." The End Fantasies Fulfilled 376