Gay clip of Big top beef whistle dude Drake returns in this

Gay clip of Big top  beef whistle dude Drake returns in this
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Ok folks, Its time I told you a story from the JD Archives. So, I was living in texas for a while when I was 18. I while down there, I started talking to this woman, 35 yrs old, back home in ole Springfield. I got to know her a lil better, and she said I should meet her daughter. When I moved back, a few months later, I began talking to her daughter, Megan.

Turned out she was in 8th grade. We talked quite a bit online and on the phone for about a month before we finally met. I drove to a park near her place, and she rode her bike down. She was very cute. about 5'7'', maybe 110 at the time, prolly more like 100lbs. curly dark hair to her shoulders, the cutes eyes in the world.


She was definatly gorgeous. Her long legs were not tanned, but it didnt matter. We sat and talked, flirting for a lil while, and the next thing I knew she was sitting on my lap in my lil truck. We started kissing, and she was flashing her perky bcups at me, enjoying my hands on them.

We decided to get out, due to lack of space, and moved back into the woods behind us. We went over to a rock just down the hill and kissed some more. I pulled her shirt up and had pushed her pants down, as well as my own. She was very nervous, but my cock was throbbing.

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She wasnt a virgin, she told me she had already had sex a few times. She was worried about getting caught, but that made me even hornier. I sat her on the rock and slipped her panties off, getting a great view of her soft hair covered pussy.

The lips we slightly swollen and red, so I dove in to have a taste.

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She cooed as my tounge danced over her wet slit, circling the clit, then dropping and pushing inside her tight quim. It tasted like heaven, the sweet silky cream of this lil girl. My cock could take the abuse anymore. I sat her up and pulled her ass out to the edge of the rock.

She pulled her shirt off, and ther was this absolutly stunning 13 yr old cheerleader, ready for my 8inch monster. She started at it, and reached out to stroke it a lil. " This is gonna hurt" she said "Its ok Meg, Ill go slow, it will go away." I rubbed the fat head of my cock up and down her warm lovebox before attempting to get inside her.

I started slowly pushing my fully hard cock into her tight young pussy, and she winced in pain. Lil by lil, I worked it into megan, her squirming, moaning, and wincing all the while. After finally getting all 8 inches inside her, it felt fucking MIND BLOWING.

She was soo hot and soo tight around my cock. I stared for a minute at my cock inside her tight young body. She started grinding into me, so I started to fuck her tight twat. It was soo creamy, her cum built up on my balls and in the crack of her ass. She lifted her legs, pulling them back and arched her chest up, pushing her sweet young tits twoard me.

I rammed my hard dick deep in her pussy and buried my face in her tits, suckiing and nibbling her tiny nipples. She threw her arms tight around me and I kept a medium pace with nice long strokes,Her nails started to dig into my back as we kissed passionatly, She broke the kiss and started to cum, moaning and breathing very heavily. Her pussy tighted up on my dick and I could barely pump it into her.

She held me tight as her cunt rippled in a nice orgasm, and I kept fucking her as best I could. after a minute or two she let go and I started fucking that sweet young pussy some more. She was still moaning, and her silky pussy had drenched my cock and and balls. I was definatly holding onto it with everything I had when she came, I wanted to cum so fuckin bad. but seeing Megan cumming was so hot.

I looked at her as I fucked her, admiring her flawless body.

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she had the tighest tummy I had ever seen, and she looked at me and told me to cum. I couldnt hold out, I drove deep and smacked one outta the park.

She jumped as she first shot of hot cum exploded deep in her tight lil twat. I pumped a few more time, draining my heavy nuts into her young body.

I kissed her, feeling the wetness that was built up between us.I pulled out and looked at my glistening cock, then at her cummy pussy. It looked even better now with a lil bit of my cum coming out, and a lot of hers all over. WE got dressed and walked back to the truck, She gave me a kiss and told me thanks.

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I told her thanks, and to tell her mom thanks. She laughed and I drove off. Me and megan saw each other until she turned 18. Her mother did know about our liasons and in fact, once asked me to stay with Megan while she went to Florida with her boyfreind.

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This was when she was 17, I was about 21. I showed up at her place when I got off work the first night, and Megan had a friend over. Unfortunatly, her freind left not too long after I showed up, but there was conversation about a threesome.


After her friend left, me and megan retired to a hot shower. We kissed as I ran my hands over her tight lil body.


Her perky tits were about a 32B now, and she had nice dark nipples. She hummed when I flicked them, making them harder. We made our way to her bed, and We laid spooning each other.