Huge boobs MILF pornstar Romi Rain titty and pussy fuck

Huge boobs MILF pornstar Romi Rain titty and pussy fuck
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Despite the pain, somewhere inside me I felt a strange satisfaction a happy feeling of catharsis, that this guy was subjecting my sister to this humiliation not me. Once we switched back, that prissy little bitch would have to live the life she had always deserved. The spanking had stopped, I realized. Ryan was now veritably lovingly fondling my ass cheeks. Boy, did that guy have an ass fantasy or what?

He roughly pushed me down on the floor before him, and stood up. He pulled his jeans down and I saw a tent in his boxers but here's the thing, it was tiny! I mean, it wasn't a micropenis, but still! I was younger than him, and my dick was bigger than his!! It took a considerable amount of effort to stop smiling. Ryan pulled his boxers down and out sprang the tiny pecker I broke into a giggle. "Something funny, bitch?" "No, Master, nothing", I said very seriously. "Then suck on it.

NOW." On what? I felt like asking him, but decided against it. On my knees, I moved closer to him, and controlling my laughter, I swallowed his entire dick in one go. He started moaning instantly. I slurped and licked and kissed his tiny dick, and in a matter of no time it started pulsating. And before I knew it, he ejaculated, over my face and hair. Once he was done, he wiped his dick on my lower lip and packed it back inside his pants.

"Oh baby, that felt so good." "I'm sure it did." He smiled. He picked up his phone, and started making his way out. "But next time, baby, keep your panties on until I come.

Or this video's going on the internet." "Yes, sir." I blew him a kiss as he left. I collapsed on to the couch. I was exhausted. I was just realizing that the girl puts in so much more than the guy when it comes to sex my pussy felt sore, my face felt wet and sticky.

I decided to go for a walk outside. Have an ice cream, may be. I went up to my room, washed up and changed. It was fun going through my sister's underwear, her skirts, shorts and shirts. I decided on a pair of blue shorts and a sleeveless green top.

The shorts ended even before the middle of my thigh they felt kinda sexy. I thought about wearing underwear but decided against it putting on a bra was too much effort. So I took some money and went out in the midday sun it was really hot.

I walked down to the ice cream parlour at the end of the road and ordered the one with chocolate chips in it. Surprisingly, I met our neighbour, Mr. Jackson, sitting alone and eating down on his vanilla. "Hello Mr.

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J!!" "Oh hi Evelyn, don't you have college today?" "No, I bunked today thought of staying at home. So where's the missus?" "She's at work today I have a holiday. Today's the day the founder of our company had passed away, so, we all got a holiday." "That's nice." "Yeah." I walked up to the counter, took my ice cream, and went to sit down with him.

i was pretty sure he was staring at my ass. His difficulty in keeping his eyes of my tits was also quite apparent. This was going to be interesting. I decided too put on a little show for him.

"So, how's life?" I asked him as I began eating.


He started saying something, but I wasn't listening. I took the bottle of chocolate sauce and squeezed a more than generous amount into my cup. He stopped talking. "You really seem to like chocolate." "Yeah, I love it. Please go on." He continued what a boring piece of shit!

I took some ice cream in my spoon, and slowly squeezed it through my lips, allowing some sauce to stick to my chin. As I ate the first bite, I moaned, exclaiming how good the ice cream was. I could see him gulp. We continued this way, him rambling on about some life story, and me seductively eating chocolate ice cream. By the time I finished, he was sweating! By golly I was good at this!

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"You know, Mr J, this chocolate sauce is so good. so good!" I said as I took the bottle, opened my mouth and began squirting it down my throat. I was careful enough to drop quite a lot on my neck and chin some of it even covered the front of my top.


I put the bottle down. "Oh look, what I've done!" I giggled as I began scooping the sauce of my neck and sucking it off my fingers.

Jackson had stopped talking a long while back, and was content with just staring. "There's some over there as well." "Where? Could you scoop it off, please?" "Yeah sure." I felt him scoop some sauce off my chin and as soon as he did so, I enveloped his finger in my mouth. I sucked hard on it and moaned.

Jackson continued to stare.

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I let his finger slide slowly out of my mouth. "That was good. I guess I'll be going, then." "Yeah. Hey, you'll be alone, I guess.

Why don't you come and stay with me today? No one's there at my place either." I smiled. Finally!! "Sure thing, Mr J." So we walked down the road to his apartment. We entered his place in silence. "Um, Mr. J could I get an extra top or something, you can see mine's pretty dirty." "Yeah, her cupboard's locked.

And she has the keys, so, why don't you just take this?" he said, and he tossed me the shirt he was wearing. He looked pretty fit for a 42 year old guy. "Why, thank you." I turned around and rook my top off. I didn't need to look back, I knew he was staring at me.

I was just going to wear the shirt when he hugged me from behind and began kissing my neck. His dick flt pretty big against my ass. "Baby I can't take this game any longer. I just want to take you now." "Mr J, what are you doing?" I tried to resist, "you're married!" "If I don't give a fuck, then why do you?" He didn't even wait for a reply he wrenched his shirt away from me and threw it away. He picked me up in his strong arms and carried me to his bedroom.

I made futile resistance efforts all the way long. He threw me on the bed. "Don't make this any more difficult honey. You know you want it. Then why've you been pretending?" he pounced on me and began kissing me all over my face. Even I had had enough of the game; I needed an orgasm in this female body. "You're right, Mr J, let's do it!" He pulled my top off in a jiffy and cast it aside. He started fondling with my ripe breasts, squeezing, kissing and licking.

He latched his mouth on to my left nipple and sucked on it like an infant, making me moan in pleasure. Meanwhile his right hand had made its way past the hem of my shorts and was toying with my swollen clitoris.

It was driving me insane, the pleasure. I lifted my legs up, allowing him to pull the shorts off. Then he got off me and unzipped his pants. He stepped out of them and threw them away. I was actually waiting to see how big this guy actually was, and to my surprise, he would have put any decent porn star to shame! It was easily 8 inches long, and around 3 inches thick!


And he had a heavy ball sack hanging below it. I looked up to see him smiling. "Impressed? Thought so." What a cocky bastard!

I laid back, lifted my legs up and pulled them apart, exposing my bald pussy to him. Jackson placed the fat tip of his dick at my opening, noted my anticipation with a snigger and heavily pushed his tool past my tight opening. He was huge! Every thrust almost knocked the wind out of me. I gasped and moaned as he slowly but steadily fucked me.

He leant over me, allowing me to hug him close as he penetrated my pussy. I locked my legs at the base of his spine, and pulled him forward every time he pushed. I even started rolling my hips to match his thrusts. He seemed impressed. "You know a lot for a girl your age, Evelyn", he remarked. "Oh you have no idea." We broke into laughter. He got off me and asked me to turn around. I got on my fours and wiggled my bubbly butt at him. I licked my hand and rubbed my wet pussy with it it was so moist.

"Give it to me rough this time, Mr J", I said softly. "Whatever you say, baby." I felt his hands rest on my butt as his dick now slid through my wet pussy. In no time he gathered a furious pace, slamming against my ass. The room resounded with sounds of his balls slapping against my rump. He was holding my frame and pulling me back into every thrust, causing maximum penetration.

He spanked me. Oh boy, not again! "Who's a bad girl?" "Oh I'm the bad girl I'm the bad girl, daddy! Oh fuck yes!" I was closing in my climax when he stopped abruptly.

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I turned around and looked at him with incredulity. "Don't worry, honey, I have better ways of getting you off", he said reassuringly. He flipped me around with his strong arms, letting me rest on my back on the bed. He knelt before me and began giving my pussy soft little kisses. It felt delightful. I laid my head back and enjoyed. He went on to the long licks down my slit. In a few minutes, he was hungrily eating my pussy and I had sandwiched his head between my thighs. I was rocking up and down on his bed as he struggled to keep licking.

With one last moan, I came really hard, this time. I had squirted a lot, drenching his face in my fluids. He looked up at me like a bear that'd just had a pot of his favourite honey.

"Now my turn", he said as he stood up. I was really tired, but I still got up and knelt on the bed, my face head to head with his big, fat dick. First I kissed his ball sack. Then I kissed my way all the way up his dick, finishing it off with a long lick up his rod. Then I sucked on his balls, he was groaning in pleasure.

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I spat on my hand and jerked him off with it. Then I adjusted my hair and started blowing him slowly. Giving him strong, steady sucks. I sucked down on his dick. About half of it was in my mouth when I couldn't take any more.

But then again, this was my sister's body. I didn't care if her jaw ached or whatever. I forced myself down his dick.

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When I had all 8 inches inside, my air supply was partially cut off, and I had to immediately withdraw, coughing badly. "Wow, I've never seen anyone deep throat that", he said in surprise. "You still haven't seen shit, you horny dog", I said back to him before violently beginning to blow him with renewed energy.

With one hand I jacked him off as I sucked on him, energetically bobbing my head up and down his rod as I did so. I could feel his hips buck. He stopped me and started jacking off himself, at a furious pace. I just knelt there with an open, smiling mouth; waiting for him to ejaculate. "Peter?" said a familiar voice. Both of us looked to the door. Mary Jackson was standing there, watching her husband as his dick finally came on me.

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I, too, stared at her, as I felt my hair the left side of my face being completely drenched in warm, sticky, cum.

Why did people always walk in on me fucking again? To be continued.