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Super sexy gf nude show
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The evening started with a great dinner at a modest restaurant over looking a small lake with a mountain range in the back ground. Dinner began with a cocktail and shrimp appetizer.

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Our main course was perfectly prepared as was our dessert. After dinner we walked down behind the restaurant along the lake. To our surprise we found an outside service area so we purchased an after dinner drink. We walked to the lake and took off our shoes and went into the water up to our ankles. We both felt like kids again as we kissed.

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When we returned home I went to the guest bathroom and took a shower as she used the shower in the master bedroom. I completed my shower first so I entered the bedroom, lit a few candles and opened a bottle of our favorite wine.

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I carefully pulled down the bed covers, arranged the pillows and lay naked on the bed waiting for this beautiful woman to appear. The anticipation rose but it soon ended when the door to the master bathroom opened and she was standing there.

There she was in the light of only the dimly lit candles. Her bathrobe was slightly open exposing about half of her perfectly formed breasts, her smooth stomach and the trimmed black forest.

She slowly walked to my side of the bed and as she did she shrugged her shoulders to allow the bathrobe to fall to the floor. Now I could see her completely naked body perfect from the top of her head, flowing black hair touching her shoulders, perfectly shaped lips. Now my eyes drifted down to adore her breasts, perky with a brown areola and erect nipples.

As she walked closer I looked up into her eyes and adored her smile. She was now standing near the bed where she leaned over to share a kiss with me. It was a warm caring kiss. She reached over me and climbed on the bed and as she did her breasts gently slid across my face. She placed her head on my shoulder as I had my arm wrapped around her.

We just laid there for a while then I turned toward her and we began to kiss. Softly at first then more passionately which lead to our lips parting and our tongues playing with each other.

She rolled toward me and started kissing my neck and working her way up to my ear.


I felt a quiver in my body then she began to nibble my ear then her tongue tickled me. Her hand was softly caressing my chest then she slowly moved to my nipple where after a few kisses she began to gently grab nipple between her teeth.

The pressure got greater which sent more tingling through out my body. Feeling this she slid her tongue across my chest to my other nipple but her actions were different. This time she began to suck my nipple hard into her mouth OMG was this awesome. Now she was on top of me and began to kiss her way down my chest.

When she got to my cock she did not touch it but instead she just blew her warm breathe on it. After doing that for a while I felt her tongue begin to slide from the base of my cock to the top.

She was licking it like her favorite ice cream cone. Her tongue began to flick the tip and slide around the head. Finally she put the head in her mouth gently and continued to flick the tip with her tongue.

Slowly, I mean, ever so slowly she began to take it in all the way. I am average size (six and a half inches, on the thick side and cut) so she can get it all the way in and not choke. I placed my hands on her head as she continued to suck me in and out deeply. She sucked me for a short time and I did not cum. Then she came up and placed her soft warm lips on mine for what began as a gentle kiss turned into a very passionate kiss.

During this kiss I felt her lips part so I did the same to allow our tongues to playfully get together again.

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This time however there was a slight salty taste of my pre-cum on her tongue but that did not stop our French Kissing. I slid down so her beautiful breasts were positioned above my face.

It was now my turn to please her so I began to take her nipples into my mouth to suck, kiss and gently run my teeth over them. To describe her breasts is like trying to define the most perfect breasts possible, soft yet firm, small but large, absolutely stunning.

She held herself there for what seamed like hours. Even though it wasn't I had no sense of time only that she was responding to my every touch. Finally she rolled off me and was on the side of the bed.

I got up and just stood there admiring her beauty.

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Slowly I leaned over and began to kiss her starting on her forehead, then nose, lips working my way back to those beautiful breasts. Now they were resting and waiting for more attention which I willing applied with kisses and the gentle massage of my hands.

Continuing down her body I arrived at the top of her soft pubic hair. It smelled of vanilla, probably the hair conditioner she used to make sure it would be soft for my touch and beyond. I played here with my mouth, tongue and hand for a while before moving to her warm and waiting pussy.

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I gently started to turn her and she knew exactly what I wanted. She moved so her hips were at the edge of the bed as she lay back. I got on my knees between her now parted legs and she placed her feet on my shoulders. I started by rubbing the inside of her thighs then back to her soft hair before moving in to kiss her most precious prize. As I placed kisses in and around I could feel her begin to get tense in anticipation of what was to come her way. Finally I opened my mouth and placed it on her allowing my tongue to explore anything and everything it could reach.

As my tongue explored it she was becoming more and more moist and wet. My darting tongue finally found her clit which ever so carefully it massaged. Her hips were moving and I was getting more excited feeling her approaching climax. During this time my hands had traveled up her body and were massaging her perfect breasts and erect nipples. My tongue would occasionally slide down to get a taste and feel of her butt.

When ever I did this she would gasp in excitement. Finally taking one of my hands I placed a finger into her wet pussy to get it wet then moved toward her butt. Slowly and gently my finger made its way into her butt as I continued to kiss and lick her very wet pussy.

Her breathing began to increase as her hips were moving with more distinct action.

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My finger was beginning to feel her butt contracting with more regularity and getting stronger. Finally she reached the top of the hill and exploded into her climax. Her breathing was almost a pant, her hips were rocking and my finger was being clamped harder and faster.

When she finished her breathing slowed, her hips stopped moving and my finger easily slid back out.


I stood up, leaned over and gave her a kiss. She then turned back onto the bed as I was climbing on.


Her legs remained parted inviting me to enter her. My penis was totally erect and ready so without hesitation I got between her legs which allowed my penis to find her waiting haven. As we kissed I began to slowly slide in and out until I was approaching my climax. The intensity of the pumping got quicker and harder until I finally shot my load into her warm and inviting pussy.

We just laid still for a while until I picked up my head, kissed her and while looking into her beautiful brown eyes I told her, "I love you".

She replied, "You are the best husband any woman could ever have, I love you." I slowly pulled my still semi-erect penis out and lay along side of her. She reached down and pulled up the bed sheet to cover us for our nights sleep. As usual she placed her back against my chest and I reached around cupping my hand on one of her breasts.

As we lay there she reached back for my penis and when she found it was still semi-erect she guided it toward her warm and wet pussy. She said, "I know it won't stay hard all night but can we at least fall asleep with you inside me?" We moved into position, placed it inside her and drifted off to sleep.

Morning arrived and we were still lying skin to skin in each others arms and as we knew I had fallen out of her. As we were on our sides facing each other we began to kiss as if we never stopped several hours earlier. My hands were rubbing her back and kept working their way down to her firm butt. As she sat up the bed sheet fell back exposing those perfectly formed and feeling breasts along with her stomach and soft black forest.

(yes I do like the look and feel of soft pubic hair).

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She began to reposition herself between my legs as she was kissing and sucking my nipples. Gradually she worked her way down to my now growing cock. Her gentle fingers', now caressing it, was causing it to grow to a full erection.

She then started to blow her warm breathe on it and began to lick if from the bottom all the way up to the head. It was there she began to tease me with soft flicks of her tongue and little nibbles. Finally she put the head in her mouth and gave it a few hard sucks which kind of shocked me! Her hands were all over my legs, stomach and chest as she began to take me into her mouth. Slowly and gently at first she gradually worked until she was able to take me completely in.

Her pace was slow then quick until she felt me start to twitch. It was time for her to pick up the pace which happened automatically. She continued to completely go from the base out to the head, never allowing the head to leave her mouth.

Finally I started to unload and I felt her lips close tighter around me so as not to let anything slip out. I had finally completed cumming but she still kept me in her mouth savoring every drop of my cum.

When she was sure there was no more trying to come out she let me fall out of her mouth and came up and gave me a very passionate kiss. She put her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arm around me. I softly said, "Thank you my love". And her reply was, "no thank you". We laid in each other's arms enjoying the morning sun as it came in our bedroom. After a while we decided it was time to rise, have some coffee and begin our day. No matter how busy our lives are with work and other commitments we always find time for each other.

We believe that is why we have a great marriage!!