Clothed cfnm slut fucked after handjobs

Clothed cfnm slut fucked after handjobs
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Deep, Dark & Dirty -Desire On the Dance floor House music is overpowering me with its throbbing beat, the flashing lights and lasers disorientate me forcing me to squint against their glare. The place seems really full tonight; the dance floor is packed with clubbers and revelers. My head is spinning; I curse myself for drinking way too much Vodka knowing I've gone way over my limit. That coupled with the ecstasy pills we necked earlier in the night. Well I'm feeling pretty smashed to put it mildly.

I've lost my friends in the thrum of the crowds around me and I panic a little inside as I realise I can't see them anywhere. Then the DJ drops an unmistakable track, a personal favourite of mine, the heavy beat and baseline reverberate around my chest, I'm rapidly swept up. The cocktail of vodka and recreationals in my stomach dull my inhibitions, I become lost in the pulsing music, feel the baseline vibrating through my body, goose bumps covering my bare skin.

My eyes are half closed and I'm dancing once more. Somewhere in my mind I marvel at how music can transport you to another universe, make you feel so good inside; alive, free. My body moves fluidly to the rhythm, my limbs feel liberated as does my state of mind.


I'm barely aware of my surroundings; no longer care how busy it is on the dance floor around me, I'm only concerned with the music. I recall a quote from a classic film I saw years back, "I'm making love to the music man! And believe me; I can go all night." Right now that line couldn't be more true or more apt.

With each beat that bursts through the giant speakers, I feel the rumble of the base and every hair on the back of my neck stands on end. There are more vivid sensations I'm feeling right now; elation, euphoria, arousal.

I'm so horny and turned on right now and it's reflected in my every movement, in the way I roll my hips, head tossed back, arms in the air. I'm now aware of other bodies around me in close proximity. Arms brush against me, body heat soaks through my skin, heightening my senses to fever-pitch.

Suddenly I feel strong hands on my hips; an unseen stranger is behind me. Initially I vaguely wonder if it's one of my friends come to rescue me.

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If I was a little more sober, a little less high I would certainly whirl round to face the owner of these firm hands, however I barely even flinch. I'm completely absorbed in not only the music but the lustful vibes coursing through me that I actually welcome this physical contact.

Those same hands increase their grip on my hips, their warm fingers press into my bare flesh. I sense this person stepping up closer behind me, deliberately moulding themselves against me, moving in unison with me to the music.

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I soon discover the stranger is a man for I can feel an unmistakable hardness pressing into the crease between the cheeks of my arse. Far from being alarmed I am reveling in the feeling, I can't help myself and I push my buttocks back against him. He responds by grinding into me in time to the music.

His hands stroke upwards, over my ribcage until they graze over my tits, seeking out the hardness of my nipples under the flimsy material of my skimpy vest top.

My eyes roll involuntarily at his actions. He has unobstructed access as my arms are in the air, above my head. I don't put up any resistance and he takes this as a signal to let his hands explore further.

He wastes no time and deftly slides his hands under my top to cup my bare firm tits in such a manner I feel weak at the knees. I can feel his hot breath against my neck, his cock twitches repeatedly against my arse as he rolls my tender nipples between his fingers.

I bite down hard on my bottom lip to suppress a shriek of pleasure.

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I press back again with purpose, making him aware of my arousal. Maybe I should be concerned, perhaps I ought to care about what's happening here, but in truth I couldn't give a fuck. The lust I'm feeling is growing more wanton by the second. Hot wet lips press against my neck and ear, his teeth nibble at my sensitive flesh between his moist kisses. Both of his hands massage and grope at my tits with expertise, God, this man is making me wet!

I really should care that people could see us, that we risk being ejected from the club. However, this feels too good to start giving a damn about morals right now. The man's hands slide back down over my hips, finding the hem of my barely decent mini-skirt and I make no attempt to prevent his fingers from ducking underneath it.

I feel his sharp intake of breath against my ear as he discovers I've gone commando tonight. My freshly shaven pussy greets him eagerly, no panties means no lace or silk to soak up all the creamy juices that are flowing profusely from my aching slit. The wetness covers the tops of my thighs and as his fingers glide between my legs his dick jumps feverently against me again. Wasting no time, he delves roughly into my pussy with thick fingers, no teasing or soft stroking for me, oh no!

Just several chunky fingers plunging knuckle deep into my creamy hot centre, over and over again in perfect time to the music. Then, without warning he whips his fingers away from my already engorged cunt and I gasp as he swiftly brings them to my lips. "Lick them clean." he whispers in my ear, causing me to shudder in delight. Obediently I comply as I lap up all the wetness from them onto my tongue and lips.

I taste sugar-sweet, my arousal more potent than any spirits or drugs I've consumed tonight.

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Like a junkie I crave more from him, I need to be fucked. He doesn't disappoint me, as he takes his fat, long shaft from his jeans with ease behind me. I can feel him stroking his bell end, rubbing it against my crack, my legs tremble and I part my thighs for him. I'm making it blatantly clear exactly what I want from him.


He goads me by rubbing his cock head over my soaking wet pussy lips, back and forth. It feels so good it's almost too much to bare, he's driving me wild with longing. I'm desperate to be filled right up to the brim with hard cock and I need it right now, right here on the dance floor.

As his throbbing prick nudges its way between my cunt lips towards my quivering hole I become hazily aware of another presence before me and I cannot help but open my eyes a little, curiosity getting the better of me. To my suprise, another man is standing close, facing me, his eyes hungrily roaming over my glistening body. He steps forward nearer still when he sees my eyes open and the horny smile that I cannot prevent from playing at my lips.

He smiles back at me and I become wetter still when I see up close how good-looking he is. Mystery Man 1 parts my firm cheeks before pushing his entire length deep inside my excited pussy, grinding and forging it inside with ease.

My lips part as I moan deeply and Mystery Man 2 cups my face in his hands, swiftly flicking his tongue into my mouth, darting it against my own tongue.

He tastes of mint and a hint of whiskey, a horny yet subtle combination that compliments the manner in which he passionately kisses me. His hands now pick up from where Mystery Man 1 left off, massaging and kneading my tits over my top. Unsatisfied with this, he swiftly slides the straps off my shoulders, stroking my arms up and down before scooping up each one of my breasts in turn.


He breaks from the heavy kisses he has indulged me with and stoops to take first one solid nipple, then the other between his perfect white teeth to nibble and bite at them. I could scream, it's bordering on painful, yet the sharp sensations send electric pulses through my body, right down into my pussy that is by now wrapped tightly around Mystery Man 1's girth.

"Fuuuucccck." I moan, any cares of who might be watching utterly abandoned as Mystery Man 2 laps furiously at my tits, circling my nipples before snapping his teeth down onto them once more.

Mystery Man 1 is thrusting and grinding into my wetness relentlessly, giving me the hard fucking I need so badly. I delight in the way he stretches my cunt completely, his helmet repeatedly grazing my G-Spot with each jab inside me.

It feels so intense, beyond real to me and I can hardly take it any longer, my legs threatening to buckle right from under me. I no longer care that I'm blatantly being fucked and played with by two gorgeous but complete strangers. My round breasts are on full display, my top around my waist, my skirt bunched up over my hips, yet I love the sheer filthiness of the situation, love the feel of the club's air-conditioning blowing its freezing cold air against my hot damp skin, love the attention I'm receiving from these men.

Mystery Man 1 quickens his pace, fucking me harder still, urgently. beads of sweat roll off our bodies as he impales me with that deliciously thick cock of his.

Mystery Man 2 returns his attention back to my lips, kissing me urgently again, pressing himself against the front of my torso, squashing my tits against his hard chest in the process.

I cry out over and over as his nimble fingers go to work on my achingly hard clit, smothering copious amounts of pussy juices into it until I believe I'm going to explode violently. I'm rapidly losing control and my senses; such is the ferocity of the fucking I'm receiving.

Mystery Man 1 grasps tightly at my hips, pummeling my sex so thoroughly with his thick length of meat as his friend rubs relentlessly at my clit. He is so close to me that I can feel his turgid dick pressing into my half naked thigh.

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My stomach somersaults wildly as I also feel the dampness that's formed at his crotch, from where his pre-cum has leaked from him. With every thrust, every stroke of my clit my pussy starts to spasm furiously, my eyes roll back into my head like a fruit machine, I no longer have any control over my own body. I can only yield to the tidal wave of climax that surges through my person.

The two men show no remorse or sign of slowing till my entire orgasm explodes from me. The incredibly intense eroticism of the situation, the exquisite attention lavished upon me by these two horny men with their mystery cock and unknown fingers right there on the dance floor pushes me right over the cliff edge and I'm suddenly consumed by the most powerful cums of my life.

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My legs shudder, my body jerks as I'm set ablaze by sheer pleasure. My cunt muscles contract so tightly around Mystery Man 1's shaft, greedily pulling him inside me, milking his cock hard until he too starts to cum hard, firing his hot seed into my soaking depths, mixing with my creaminess.

Both men hold onto me until my orgasm subsides and I resume a little strength in my weak legs. A rush of awkwardness washes over me at the realization of what has just happened. Mystery Man 1 reluctantly withdraws his cock from me and I straighten myself out, self-consciously pulling my top up and over my breasts. All haziness has evaporated, my mind is racing.

I half expect them both to turn and disappear into the crowds of clubbers, leaving me alone, so I am startled when both men take it in turns to kiss me deeply. Their tongues trigger fresh dirty feelings within as we press into one another. Taking a hand each and smiling warmly at me, they both lead me off the dance floor.

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I look quizzically from one man to the other and Mystery Man 2 leans in close to whisper in my ear "Fancy carrying this on back at our hotel? You look so sexy, way too sexy to be going home alone tonight!." Again, my mind races furiously as I look at these two gorgeous hot young men. Mystery Man 1 hopefully adds " That was just a little taster sweetheart and the night is still young. Let us take you back with us, I promise you won't regret it." And as they both smile at me, naked desire etched on both their faces I think to myself now there's an offer I couldn't possibly refuse!.