What does it do how does it

What does it do how does it
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Her mother was an insufferable woman. Always on the prowl for her next ex-husband, and it wasn't getting any easier with her age. Candy was 14 when her mother brought Bob home for the first time. Bob was a very handsome man, tall, dark, handsome, well-built, and a winning smile. Candy couldn't imagine what he saw in her mother. After a couple of weeks the fun was over for Bob and Sandra. Sandra was getting more and more desperate to keep Bob happy.

Candy could hear Sandra moaning and grunting at night. she could hear how quickly Bob came, he would leave soon after. One afternoon Candy came home from school to find Sandra drunk on the couch. When she asked what was wrong Sandra told Candy that Bob was going to leave her if she couldn't keep him happy. Candy asked what she could do. She suddenly saw a light come on in Sandra's eyes.

"You could do what he wants you to do baby. Candy, you can make him happy, I know it." Sandra stroked Candy's face as Candy shook her head. "No mama, I can't do that," she knew exactly what her mother had in mind.

She had heard about men dating women so they could molest their children. Candy was suddenly scared. There was a knock at the door twenty minutes later. Candy heard Bob talking to Sandra in the hallway. Candy sat on the couch, very uncomfortable, knowing what Sandra was telling Bob. She watched as Bob entered the living room and sat next to her. "Hi Candy, how are you today?" Candy looked at him with a desperate plea in her eyes. "I'm fine," she replied softly. "Your mom tells me that you are going to give me something very special today." Candy shook her head, she couldn't believe what her mother was forcing her to do.

Bob moved closer to Candy on the couch. He placed his had on her thigh and began making a circle. "You're so pretty today honey," he whispered as his lips neared her ear. Candy tried to pull her leg away but Bob held it in place, "don't move away from me," Bob said, between gritted teeth. Candy could feel his hot breath on her neck as he reached up and began unbuttoning her silky blouse. Soon, her shirt was wide open and her breathing caused her soft, B cup breasts to heave quickly.

"Please don't", she begged. But Bob was too far gone. His cock was rock hard and he wanted in this virgin pussy too much to stop himself. Bob didn't care that Candy was only 14. He didn't care that she was a virgin.

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He didn't care that she wasn't willing to have sex with him. He had watched her for weeks, he knew that he needed to fill her tight pussy with his cock and make her scream. He couldn't wait any longer. Bob reached into her bra and softly pinched her little nipple. He heard her gasp and whimper. Candy was afraid of what Bob was going to do to her. She knew nothing of sex besides what she learned in sex education in class.

Candy started to pull away again. Bob lost control.

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He grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her to her feet. Candy was crying, where was her mother? Why was she letting her boyfriend do this to her? Bob yanked Candy toward her bedroom, pushing her in and locking the door behind them. Candy stood in front of her bed and pleaded with Bob to let her go. "Don't worry honey, this will only hurt a little while, then you will get used to me, and it will be fun for you too." Bob approached her slowly and Candy backed away. Suddenly her legs hit the edge of the bed and she sat down hard.

Bob ran his hands up Candy's thighs, pushing her school uniform skirt up slightly. He could see her white cotton panties and he was pleased to find no pubic hair sticking out.

"Lie back Candy, let me get a taste of you," Bob said softly. He reached up and pushed her back on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge. Bob pushed her legs up and bent over her pussy. He lashed his tongue out and licked the soft cotton crotch.

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He nipped and bit at her cunt while she squirmed and pleaded. Bob could tell that Candy was enjoying his tongue on her even though she was pretending to fight him. Bob was pleased with Candy's reaction. He wanted her to fight, he wanted her to squirm and scream, and cry out. to show how much she really enjoyed the pleasure he was giving her. Bob reached up and pushed the crotch of the panties aside.

He stuck a rough, thick finger into her tight moist cunt. Candy cried out and tried to pull away. "NO," she shouted.


Bob knew that no one would hear her, they were too far from any neighbors and Sandra was probably passed out on the couch.

Bob began inserting and removing his finger slowly, steadily. He kept his face near her pussy so he could smell her arousal. She was wet, she was loving it, he just knew it. Bob couldn't stand it anymore.

He wanted in her. Bob stood and undressed. He could hear Candy crying, she was trying to cover up and moving up the bed. Bob grabbed her leg and yanked her back to the edge. She began pulling away, kicking at him, she was screaming for her mother, but no one came to help her. "Candy, don't fight me honey, its useless." But Candy kept trying to get away from him.

Finally Bob, cock hard as it would ever be, slapped Candy hard across the face. "Stop fuckin moving so much," he growled. He was so hot for her. He knew she was hot for him too. Bob didn't want to wait for Candy to undress. He reached under Candy's skirt and yanked her cotton panties right off her body, they tore easily and he threw them on the floor.

Bob was pleased that Candy was more compliant, he pushed her legs up again, exposing her tight wet flower. Bob grabbed his cock and parted her lips with it. She was moist, he knew it was because she was aroused. He rubbed his cock from her clit down, getting it wet and making her moan.

He had planned to take it slow, go gentle on her. But Candy began to move away again. Bob was pissed off, what the fuck was wrong with her? Bob got on top of Candy, cock in hand. His face was near hers, he kissed her lips softly and got his cock into position.


She opened slightly for him, she was ready. "Look at me, Candy, open your eyes and look at me," Bob whispered. When Candy looked Bob in the eyes, he rammed her virgin cunt with his rock hard cock. She screamed in his ear. "Please stop, it hurts," she yelled. Bob pulled his cock out slowly, then slammed her again. He could feel her pussy walls surround him, she was so tight. He thought he would cum after only a couple of thrusts.

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But he held off. He moved her bra down and began nibbling and sucking on her nubile breasts. They were so soft and felt good on his tongue. He continued his onslaught. "Fuck, you are so tight baby," he whispered. She had her eyes closed, he head turned to the side. "Tell me that you want it, that you love it," he said.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Never," she said.

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Bob lost it then. He got up on his hands and began slamming her harder.


She was screaming for him to stop. He could feel her tearing around him.

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He grabbed her neck and was yanking her toward him. "You fucking slut, you know you love it," he said. She shook her head. He was getting closer to cumming when she tried to get away again. He grabbed her hair and she gasped.

He slapped her again, hard. She cried out and he came inside of her. Bob got up and left Candy crumpled on the bed. He picked up her white cotton panties.

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He wiped his cock with it and saw the blood on the cotton. He put the panties in his pocket after he dressed. He walked over to Candy and whispered in her ear, "I love fucking you honey, we'll do it again real soon."