Cumming at work on break

Cumming at work on break
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Dan Dixon, mid thirties and six years divorced, lives alone and works from home but is frequently on the road.

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His is the kind of lifestyle that doesn't lend itself to a stable relationship, and aside from the occasional part time girlfriend, he's comfortable being single. He's lived in his suburban house about ten years now, since he first got married, and then after his wife left him for a man who could pay more attention to her.

He's been friends with his neighbors, the Sheridans, from the time they moved in, and has watched their four kids grow up and one by one move away. The last kid left in the house is Casey, now a high school sophomore, who has been his favorite since the time she was just a toddler. And since both the Sheridans worked pretty long hours, he was sort of there to look after her when he could between when she got home from school and when her parents did, even though by now she was at an age when she could pretty much look after herself.

Plain looking with straight shoulder length dull red hair, pale skin and freckles, Casey is a very average young girl, about 5'4" and a little on the soft side. Cute in simple Irish sort of way, but unassuming; the sort of girl who goes overlooked. She's generally a good kid, does well in school, plays violin in the orchestra, and has a few friends but is far from popular.

She likes to help Dan with his dog Pixie when he's busy or away. Sometimes she comes home from school and walks her, or plays catch with her in the expanse of their combined back yards.

Dan lets Casey come in without knocking through the kitchen to get her if he's busy working upstairs in his office.

Then when she's done she just brings her back in she's give a little yell to the house: "Mr. Dan, we played!" Mr. Dan was a name she'd been calling him since she was little, and everyone thought it was cute, so it stuck. Casey doesn't have or want a boyfriend, and is still young and timid in terms of chasing boys.

But it doesn't mean she's not interested, and actually has a secret she's been keeping. Since discovering her own orgasm three years ago, she's been continuously fascinated and quietly obsessed with it. She comes home from school and masturbates almost every day, and puts herself to sleep with it most nights as well. It's something she's gotten really good at. She usually starts on the bus on the way home. Since she's not so popular and her friends live in a different neighborhood, she almost always has a seat to herself.

She starts by squeezing her thighs together and gently rocks her hips, rubbing her lips past each other to get herself turned on. She doesn't really need to fantasize about anything, she just loves the sensations she can create for herself. Once she gets home she runs up to her room and takes off her pants (or skirt) and undies to get bottomless, then she lays on her bed and begins to play.

The feeling of having her top still on with no bottoms makes her feel extra naughty, like she's supposed to be clothed but is getting away with it, and she loves the way her butt feels naked and exposed to the cool air. Then she likes to run her hands all over herself. Lightly up and down her thighs, over her cheeks, up her stomach, under her shirt and bra, touching every bit of her happy skin. She likes to play with her nipples, and has a large-ish bosom. Her breasts have developed nicely for her age, and are actually quite big, a compliment to her slightly chubby hips.

But what she likes most of all is tickling her pussy. She has light, wispy soft red hairs that are just beginning to conceal her lips, and she loves to run her fingers just over them to tease herself. She'll do this for minutes at a time while her other hand caress the rest of her body, until she makes herself ache in anticipation.

Then, slowly, she'll use just the tip of one finger to run up and down her slit, ever so gently opening herself up. She'll give her finger a good lick now and again to taste her subtle musk and to moisten it better. Once her finger begins to slip inside, she'll use one or two to penetrate herself as deeply as she can, using her other hand now to rub her clitoris.

Depending on her mood, it'll take her anywhere from a minute to ten or fifteen to bring herself off, panting little pants and grunting tiny sighs as her hips rise up and her legs flex in rapid spasm while the waves of pleasure course through her soft body. Afterwards she just lays still, cupping her vagina with one hand and caressing her body again with the other.

She's been doing this five or six times a week for the past few years, and she loves it and looks forward to it nearly every day. She doesn't really think it's wrong it feels too good for that but she keeps it a secret just in case. It gives her a sense of freedom and control being able to make it happen, and it's fun to feel naughty when she knows no one else would think she is.

But a few weeks before the end of the school year things started getting even better for her. She overheard some boys in school joking about the stash of porn one of them had found in his father's room.

She hadn't really thought about porn before and didn't really even care what it was, but the way they were talking about it, and describing what was in it, made her very curious. When she got home she tried to remember the name of one of the movies they were talking about and did a search for it on her computer, but was frustrated when the protection her parents had set wouldn't let her.

But then she got the idea that Mr. Dan might have some. Since he went our of town for a day or two at least once every couple of weeks, it wouldn't be long before she could go over to his place and check. In all the times she'd been over to take care of the dog she never really looked around the place, but next time she'd take the time to poke about.

About a week later she got the opportunity. He'd be gone for a day and needed her to come over to play with and feed Pixie. So after school instead of playing with herself right away in her room, she went over to Dan's house to see what she could see. At first she looked around the area by the TV, but didn't find anything other than normal movies.

Next she checked his bedroom but aside from finding some condoms in a drawer, there really wasn't anything there. After that she went in to his office, and it was there that she made two discoveries.

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The first was that in the one of the desk drawers, in the back, there was a stack of ten or so DVDs which were obviously pornographic.

Somewhat to her surprise they mostly had the word 'Teen' in the titles. They all had a picture of young girls on the cover in various suggestive poses with names like Teen Party, Teens Together, Young Fun, and so forth. Since she didn't know anything about porn it didn't make too much difference to her, but the fact that Mr.

Dan seemed to like teenage girls gave her mix of excitement and curiosity. Did it mean he liked her? Did it mean she was attractive to him? Or was it just a coincidence. She didn't really think of him as anything other than the nice man who lives next door, even though her friends once told her he was hot after they ran into him at the mall one day. This made her start to think. But then, as she continued to sift through the stack, she came to one with a picture of a girl with her hand down her pants called Teenie Solos, and she got really excited by the idea of watching another girl masturbate.

Maybe she could learn something about how to play with herself better! So she took it out of the case, turned on the computer and put it in, then sat down in his chair and slipped off her pants and panties, kicking them off her feet under the desk. It was then that she made her second discovery. Because Dan's office was in the back corner of the house, one window looked out over the back yard, but the other was right across from her bedroom next door.

They lived on a hill in a fairly dense suburb, so the upper story of his house overlooked that of the Sheridans. The windows of both houses had tinting on them, both for privacy and to protect from the southern exposure, and were generally kept closed, since most prefer air conditioning to the hot open air of the southern climate.

But through the open blinds she could see how, if he wanted to, he could maybe look right into her room if the windows were open. When the disc started the first girl that came up was a girl who she could tell was a bit older than her with long dark hair and a slim body and almost no breasts at all.

If Mr. Dan likes this kind of skinny girl, she thought, then he probably doesn't think I'm very good looking at all. The girl was completely naked and sitting in a big chair, touching herself all over just like she liked to do. As the girl on the screen started playing, Casey did the same, trying to mimic what she saw. The excitement of being in Mr. Dan's office, watching another naked girl play with herself put her right on the edge of cumming in almost no time, and soon she was lifting her hips and pressing her hands tightly to her pussy, tensing her body, and cumming way before the girl in the movie.

As she was catching her breath, she jumped forward in the movie. There were a couple of blond girls, one with really big boobs, then another girl with short brown hair, then a red head. She stopped watched her for a bit, trying to figure out if she looked like this girl or not. She looked like she was a real red head with the same creamy skin she had, but her hair was way more vivid.

Then she realized the she had no pubic hair! How could she be so much older and have nothing down there? While she was thinking about that, and of playing some more while watching, the dog downstairs suddenly started barking like mad. Casey jumped up and grabbed her pants from back beneath the desk and quickly pulled them on.

She listened to see if Mr. Dan had come home, but couldn't hear anything but barking, so she ejected the disc, turned off the computer, and hurriedly put the stack of DVDs back in the drawer, then ran downstairs.

It turned out Pixie was just barking through the window at another dog outside, but the thought of getting caught somehow gave her a scare, so rather than go back up she took the dog out back to let her play.

For the rest of the day she couldn't get the image of the girls on the disc out of her mind, and she was trying to decide if she should go back and sneak one of the discs home to watch in her room. But it wasn't until later that night, after she had done her homework and was getting undressed for bed, that she realized she'd left her panties under Mr.

Dan's desk. First she laughed at herself for being such an idiot, but then felt a slight wave of panic before she remembered he was out of town til tomorrow. She got dressed again and went downstairs, told her parents she'd forgotten to put water out for Pixie, and went over to retrieve what she'd left behind.

She ran in and up the stairs, flicking on lights as she went, then went straight into the office and crawled under the desk, looking for her discarded undies by the light coming in from the hallway. She found them bunched behind the mass of plugs and wires, and crawled back out and stood up with a huge sense of relief. Then the view out the window again caught her eye.

Because the blinds in the office were still open from the day, she could see right across into her room. Her own blinds were still slightly open, and with the lights on she saw that you could see right through the tinting. If the blinds were more open, Mr. Dan could see everything in her room at night! She again felt both excited and curious, wondering if he would watch her at night, or even if he'd want to. Then, remembering the DVDs, she opened up the drawer, reached into the back and grabbed the disc on top of the stack.

Quickly, she opened it, put the actual disc in her back pocket, then but the case back in the drawer underneath some of the others. She went back downstairs, leaving the house dark behind her, and went back home with her mind turning schemes. Back in her room with her door shut, she pulled the blinds all the way up.

Because of the tinting, the light in her room against the darkness outside reflected back like a mirror. If she got up close to it she could sort of see through, but from farther back she couldn't. Her room was arranged in an L, such that her bed was lengthwise against the wall opposite the window, and her desk was against he wall next to it.

So if she sat sideways on her bed with her back to the wall, she'd be facing the window, and she could see her computer if she turned it sideways towards her bed, but away from the window. Taking the disc from her pocket, she slipped it into the computer, then took off all her clothes, and hopped into bed, turning the screen towards her and putting in her headphones. The movie she'd grabbed was apparently called Strawberry POV, and the first thing she saw was the camera following a redheaded girl in a tight t-shirt and panties.

She was smiling at the cameraman and talking, asking in a teasing manner if she could suck his cock while lifting up her shirt and playing with her breasts. Then Casey watched in fascination, stroking her pussy while she did, as the girl pulled out the cameraman's dick, which was really big and hard, and began to suck and stroke it for him.

She did this for several minutes before she stood up and took off her clothes, then proceeded to have sex with him in different positions, until finally the man shot his cum onto the girl. It was just incredible for Casey to watch this because it turned her on so much, and she actually made herself cum three or four times during it. She turned her computer off after only watching the one scene, turned out the light, and went to sleep a happy and relaxed girl.

The next day when she got home from school, she saw Mr. Dan's car in his driveway and knew he was back. She wondered to herself if he was going to find out about the disc she had, and also wondered how often he watched them. She'd been thinking about it all day, and was totally horny by the time she got in, but instead of going to her room, she'd come up with a better idea. Because he seemed to like redheads, she thought of a way she could give him a show during the day when she knew he would see her.

Since one of his office windows faced the back yard, she knew he could see her if she laid out in the grass. So she changed into her modest two-piece swimsuit and took a towel out to sun herself, even though she knew it would just make her freckle more. But she wasn't going to be out for long, just enough time to get herself off and let him see her do it. Out on the patio, she had a radio that she turned on deliberately too loud to get his attention, then turned it back down to a quieter volume.

She walked out onto the grass and spread out the towel over towards his side of the yard, then laid down on to her stomach with her face to the side, facing his yard. She was lying with her head away from the house, making sure she would present a good view of her butt.

At first she was resting her head on her hands, but she moved the one he could see slowly underneath her, raised her hips just a bit, and slipped her hand into her bikini bottoms. It felt so good to at last be touching herself after aching for it all day, and her finger tips were immediately slick over her tiny clit. She spread her legs a bit and ran all four fingers over her pussy, slowly gyrating her hips as she did.

If he were watching he would surely be able to see her hand moving beneath the fabric, and her nicely shaped young butt slightly rocking to the slow rhythm of her arm beneath her. Her mouth was open and panting ever so quietly as she neared her first orgasm.

It was a small one, just from rubbing her wet lips as her palm massaged her clitoris, but her butt clenched and her hips pressed into the towel when she did, her legs shaking a little. Now she wanted to get herself to a higher level for him.

She slipped her middle two fingers into her wet, wet pussy and raised her hips up even more, pumping them forward and back onto her hand.

The other hand that had been beneath her head was now palm down on the towel pressing herself upwards some, and her head was lifted as well, mouth open, eyes shut, as she fucked herself for him. As the wonderful sensations grew within her, she raised herself up onto her knees, arching her back both up and down as she worked her fingers deeply in and out. Her second orgasm was much bigger than the first, and she stifled her gasps into small shouts as it shook through her.

Finally she just rocked back on to her heels, curled up in a praying posture as her whole body shook with obvious delight, her hand still holding on to her quivering wet lips.

___________ Upstairs, Dan was nearly in shock at what he was seeing. Here was the sweet little girl next door, apparently grownup quite fast, masturbating to obvious orgasm right in front of him in her back yard. Did she not know he could see her? Of course she must, how could she not, but why would she do that?? And oh my god, she's so fucking cute, and does it seemingly so well. His head was swimming in a swirl of lust and disbelief, and his dick was hard and dripping in his pants from watching her.

Jesus, he thought, she's only 15 years old, you bastard, what are you doing watching this?!? He watched as she slowly got up, grabbed her towel and walked back into the house without even a glance his way. He had to conclude that she was just simply too young to realize that she could be seen doing what she'd done. There was no other explanation. His cock was aching in his pants, although it had relaxed somewhat, but he was still too flabbergasted to do anything about it, completely at odds with himself for the contradictory thoughts in his head.

This is the little girl he watched grow up, his tiny friend next door, so patently plain and girlish. What the fuck was she doing fucking herself in the backyard!!! He did what any sane man would do; he went downstairs poured himself a generous shot of whiskey and tried like hell to erase it from his mind; something he was quite sure he would never be able to do as long as he lived.

Since he still had work he needed to get done, he went back upstairs, trying to clear his thoughts, impossible as it may seem. Sitting back down, he heard the back door open and froze instinctively, knowing it had to be Casey and wondering what she could be doing now.

But he relaxed when he heard the dog and her run out the back door to play in the yard. He sat and watched her, behaving as she always did like an average young girl, trying to reconcile this version of her with what he'd just seen, until he finally gave up and somehow got his mind back on his work. After half an hour or so, realizing he'd left his briefcase near the door when he'd gotten home, he went down to retrieve it. No sooner had he grabbed it then the door flew open and Pixie came running in, followed by Casey.

She started to shout "Mr. Dan, we pla- Oh, hi!" stopping short when she saw him standing there. "We played, but I guess you saw us, huh." She was smiling broadly at him, but gave no indication of anything else. He found himself at a loss for words being in the same room with her now, her skin aglow with a patina of sweat on her face from the activity.

"Uh, yeah, I did. I mean." he stammered out. "Hey, sorry about the radio earlier. I plugged it in and didn't know it was so loud." "What?" he said, confused by this relatively minor disturbance compared to what had followed. "Oh, sure, no problem. Hardly noticed." His words were clipped and forced. She could tell by the way he was acting he'd seen what she wanted him to, and felt pretty proud of herself for it. "Ok, well, don't worry, it won't happen again. I'll see you later." She grinned her girlish grin and headed out, shutting the door behind her, leaving him standing there, case in hand, mouth agape, motionless.

'The day is done,' he thought to himself, putting the case back down. 'And it's time for another drink.' Later that night around ten-thirty, he went to his office to check his email for the last time. Walking in without turning the lights on, he's stopped shy of powering up his computer by what he saw out the window. "Oh sweet Jesus," he involuntarily said out loud.

His blinds were still open from when he left earlier in the afternoon, and looking across to the Sheridans, he saw that Casey had her blinds completely drawn up, the view into her room fully unobstructed. She was sitting on her bed, illuminated only by the light of her computer, her back against the wall facing the window, fully naked, and playing with herself.

It made him instantly hard. He assumed she must be watching something pornographic, but he couldn't tell if she was looking at it or past it to the window. It almost looked as if she was looking right at him, and he unconsciously took a small step back from the window. Nevertheless, she was only half watching the screen. Her hands were tracing all over her body, only occasionally stopping between her legs.

She was almost writhing on her sheets, her large breasts shifting side to side as she gently rocked. With a great sultry smile on her face, she finally brought a hand to rest over her pussy, and she began running her middle finger up and down the length of her lips, briefly circling her clit at the top of her stroke.

Her knees were thrown wide apart, her feet hanging off the bed, her hips now rising up to meet her hand. Dan rolled his desk chair nearer to the window, undid his pants, and began to stroke himself.

Gone were his earlier concerns about the morality of the situation. His neighbor, the girl next door, this exquisitely happy, sexy feminine beauty in the throes of self passion, was as erotic a vision as he'd ever seen, and he found it incredibly arousing that he was able to witness her little performance.

It appeared she was having a small orgasm, as her hips moved more quickly to match her hand, then rose up and hung in the air momentarily as she held a tight grip on her pussy, her brow furrowed and eyes glassily staring at the screen.

Then when she had relaxed a bit, she look up past her computer and straight at the window, got up on the bed and turned herself around so that her round healthy bum was facing out. Looking over her shoulder and still smiling at the window, she began to massage her ass in big sweeping circles, her fingers gripping into her flesh and pulling her cheeks apart. Reaching under and arching her back upwards, her fingers appeared between her legs and began to penetrate her obviously wet pussy, first two, then three, then four.

It looked like she was trying to get as much of her hand in as possible. Next door this was more than Dan could handle, and he shot his load into his hand and up onto his reclined stomach, continuing to pump as Casey began to fuck her fingers more heatedly.

He kept his grip on his dick, trying to squeeze more pleasure from it while Casey gyrated her hips wildly in her own orgasm across the way. As it subsided, she glanced again lazily over her shoulder, her face filled with contentment, still with her little smile as she fell onto her bed in a naked heap. She sucked on her fingers for bit, tasting herself seductively, then all of the sudden gave a little wave with her fingers towards the window before reaching over and turning off the computer, darkening the room.

Dan's heart stopped for a beat when she did this. Did she really just wave at him?? Did that happen or was he imagining it? This was becoming more than a coincidence with everything that had happened today.

Still, it was hard to believe this plain and unassuming girl had suddenly turned into an exhibitionist overnight, much less that she was putting on private shows for him. But the thing was, it happened again the next night. He entered his dark office around ten-thirty and found her again naked in the half-light of her computer, masturbating to a series of orgasms in different positions.

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Again she seemed to be looking out the window at him, smiling, and at the end she gave a little wave before the room went black. And again he masturbated with her, this time trying to save it a little longer despite how hot it was to watch her. He hadn't seen her during the day that day; she hadn't come over to play with Pixie. He was somewhat relieved because he wasn't sure what he would say to her if she did, or if he should even say anything at all.

Or if she would say anything to him, which he thought was even scarier to contemplate. He wasn't sure of any of this at all. Was it illegal? Probably not, but could he get caught just the same? Sure he had a preference for teen porn, and even a liking for redheads, among others. But to have his young neighbor performing for him seemed like a huge risk somehow. The next day, however, after the second night, she did stop by.

He was upstairs when he heard her come in and get Pixie, then he watched as they played in the yard for a while. But nothing else happened out of the ordinary, and when she brought the dog back in, all she did was yell up to him that they had played. So this was how it was to be, he thought: no acknowledgement whatsoever.

Maybe that was all that was going to happen, and he'd imagined that it was for his benefit. He just happened to find her playing with herself two nights in a row with the blinds wide open. But it kept on happening. It happened seven of the next eleven days. And there was no denying she was doing it for him. The smiles, the looks, the little wave at the end; they were all part of it each night. Somewhere at the end of the first week she started using a dildo, which made the show even more amazing as she would suck it for a while each night before fucking herself with it in position after position.

The routine during the day was the same too. If she came over, maybe one or two days out of three, she didn't say anything about it, just played with Pixie and brought her in. In the second week of this he actually ran into her in the kitchen and was forced to make small talk, something that used to come so easily between them. She told him that since it was near the end of the school year she had a lot of finals to prepare for, which he thought might explain why she wasn't playing every night.

On off nights the lights in her room would be on, but the blinds would be down, so he assumed she was studying like a normal high school girl was supposed to. It made him happy that at least she was still being a good girl in at least some aspect of her life. Then one evening around eight he got a call from her mother. He was nearly awash in panic when he realized who he was talking to, but the tone of her voice belied no impending doom.

In fact, she was calling to ask him if he could keep an eye on Casey and the house for the next week, because both she and her husband had to be out of town. Mrs. Sheridan felt that Casey was mature enough to look after herself for a few days, but wanted an actual grown-up available "in case things got sticky." He almost laughed when she used the expression, partly because of the irony, and partly out of his own hysterical relief at not being found out.

She asked if it was alright to leave his phone number, and he told her he was happy to help out. He didn't really think of her parents leaving town as having any effect on whether or not she would give him shows or not.

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She did it while they were home, why not while they were away. What he didn't expect was that it would change the way it would happen. ___________ Casey's plan had so far been working perfectly, and she was entirely enjoy herself with it.

For the past two weeks she'd been watching the disc not only to turn herself on, which it did tremendously, but as a how to guide for having sex.

She was fascinated by the way each of the different girls sucked cock, how they came when the guys sucked them off, and how the looked and sounded being fucked. She'd watched each of them many, many times trying to learn as much as she could. She really couldn't wait to try it all out herself with an actual person, and she knew just who was going to help her.

The night after her parents left was just like any other so far except now she was alone in the house. Up in her room and ready to play, she got out the dildo she'd found hidden in her older sister's boxes of old stuff from her college days, put in the DVD, took off her clothes, then opened the blinds and sat back on the bed. As she began to caress and tease herself, she watched as the girl on the screen came up to the man and started massaging his dick through his pants before slowly removing them and dropping to her knees to take him into her mouth.

At this point Casey reached for her dildo and began sucking like the girl was. She held the base of it with one hand while she stroked the length of it, pushing the tip deeper and deeper into her mouth. After a bit she just used one hand to pump it into her mouth while she rubbed her pussy with the other.

Then, just like on the screen, she lowered the dildo down between her legs to her lips, gently opened them, and eased it in, slowly rocking her hips to the rhythm.

The first night she'd done this it hurt a little at first, and made a bit of a mess, but after that it was nothing but pure amazing pleasure having the object fill her up so perfectly. With no one in the house tonight she could finally not worry about being quiet, and she let herself pant and moan out loud as the sensations ran through her.

As she slowly fucked herself she was almost certain Mr. Dan was watching her through the window. Or at least she hoped he was. She couldn't really tell except for the way he'd been acting a little differently whenever they talked during the day. If he wasn't watching her every night, at least she hoped he'd liked what she'd done for him in the back yard the first time.

Either way, tonight she was going to find out for sure. With the dildo moving slowly in and out of her, she reached for her cell phone and dialed the number her mom had left her. Across the way, Dan had of course been watching the usual show, and was having his usual good time with it sitting by the window stroking his rock hard dick.

He'd gotten over the shock of her presumed innocence, and now was just savoring how lucky he was to get to see her unbridled lust for herself almost every night. It was the addition of the dildo that really sent it over the top. Her orgasms became more powerful, and she really seemed to be doing her best to try getting them in every way possible. Tonight seemed like it was going to be more of the same, until he saw her pick up her phone and dial it.

At first he was somewhat confused by it, but then his own phone rang on the desk next to him. His first reaction was an instinctive one of getting caught once again, then he thought maybe it might just be a coincidence.

He looked at the phone, not recognizing the number, and in his best normal voice answered. "Hello." "Can you see me, Mr. Dan?" It was Casey, and not the usual perky voice she normally had¬ it was soft and breathy and deep. He froze as he looked over at her. She was looking through the window directly at him, even though he was sure he couldn't be seen in his dark room.

He found himself at a loss of words, not knowing if he should let this proceed. All he managed was an anemic, "Yes." She smiled at him, and let out a big sigh as the dildo continued to slide in and out.

"Mmmm, good! Have you been watching me each night?" she went on, "I've been doing this for you, you know. I thought you might like it. Do you like it, Mr. Dan?" Her voice was like butter in his ear, innocent and hungry. She seemed so pure, yet so full of lust. He was still only able to manage a simple "yes" to her questions, but she didn't seem to mind. "It's ok, Mr. Dan," she said reassuringly, "you can watch me. I want you to. I just get so excited knowing you're looking at me while I play with my young little pussy, thinking about you masturbating with me.

Are you stroking your big hard dick for me, Mr. Dan? Please tell me you are." He was dumbfounded all over again at how his little friend next door had suddenly become such an incredibly horny and thoroughly seductive sex fiend. His dick was completely rigid at the sound of her voice, and he had to slow himself down to contain himself. "I am," he stammered, "It is. It's very hard for you Casey, it has been every time you've shown yourself to me." He heard himself saying the words, but couldn't really believe he was confessing this to a fifteen year old.

"Good, Mr. Dan, you keep doing that for me," she said exhaling a deep moan. Through the window he could see her looking right at him as she fucked herself faster with the dildo.

"Oh, yes, keep stroking it for me while I fuck myself. Does that look good? See how nice this big pink dick goes into me, Mr.

Dan? Ohhh, yes." Her voice trialed off into a long, soft moan punctuated by short bursts as her body jumped with the motion of the dildo. The more aroused she got, the more the sultriness in her voice went away, and he could here the little girl in her squeaks of pleasure and tiny grunts.

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He was trying to go slow with it, but he found himself pumping his fist at the same pace with her, knowing he wouldn't last long. The pitch in her voice kept increasing as she got nearer her own orgasm. "Oh-oh-oh-oh yess-s-s-s," She was very close now, staring straight out the window at him, and her hips were raised up to meet the full force off each shove of the cock up into her.

"Ooo yes, watch me, Mr. Dan. Watch me cum for you. I wanna be your very own porno. Oh god yes!" She was right on the edge, but she slowed it down just a bit. It felt so good to be talking to him at the same time.

"See my little pussy getting fucked for you? Hm? I know you like it, I know you wanna fuck it too, don't you Mr. Dan. Don't you want to fuck my little girl pussy, nice and fast like I'm doing?" He was panting on the phone now, and she thought he was getting close, so she let go and rammed the dildo faster still, letting her body release itself. "Cum with me! Oh god yes, stroke your dick like your fucking me, oh yes, just like that.

Oh, oh, OH-AH!" Both their bodies were convulsing with orgasm. Dan shot his load into his hand as he watched her whole body rise up off the bed and flex in a long graceful arch as her thighs pressed tightly together and she held the dildo deeply inside her. Her little girl shouts and hot sexy breaths filled his ears while kept pushing out cum until his semen slowed to a trickle, then they were both just panting on the phone to one another.

When she'd relaxed a bit, she slipped the dildo out and gave it a good cleansing suck. "Mmmm, I taste sooo good, Mr. Dan. Young and yummy, like a girl should." She put the toy down on the bed and began to caress herself up and down her stomach.

"Ok, that's all for you tonight. I hope you liked it. Maybe I'll talk to you tomorrow." She waved at him through the window. "Bye-bye, Mr. Dan," and she closed her phone and turned out the light. Dan just sat there for a few minutes, happy, spent, and disbelieving. He'd had the biggest orgasm in ages listening to and watching a girl he was pretty sure was under legal age.

And did she invite him to fuck her? Was that what she said? Good god, how far would he let this go? The next day found him away from home most of the day. Just as well, since the distraction of being at home would probably have left him unable to work at all.


Casey came over a walked Pixie in the afternoon, but afterwards went back home to take care of her schoolwork. She wanted to free up her evening even more, since she planned on starting things a little earlier tonight.

She heard him come home around six, and seven found her bathed and getting dressed in a pair of super tight boy shorts that fit snuggly between her cheeks, a tight girlie tee that held her nice boobs in place, and a short denim skirt. For added effect she put her hair into pigtails and put on a nice sheen of lip gloss. She removed the DVD she'd been worshipping for the past two weeks from her computer and headed over to Mr. Dan's house. Coming in through the kitchen, Pixie ran over to greet her, but she saw no sign of Dan.

She gave a tentative, "Hello?" but got no answer. So she headed down the corridor and up the stairs, listening for where he might be, again calling out for him cautiously. Checking his office, she smiled at what he must have been doing in there recently, but continued past to his bedroom, where she found him in a pair of jeans hurriedly thrown on, no shirt, obviously fresh from the shower.

"Casey, what are you doing here?" he said, not sure if he sounded aggravated or uncomfortable, although when he saw how she looked he could feel his dick start to swell. She was smiling broadly at him, although somewhat coyly as she looked over his half dressed body. Her reaction was similar to his, and her nipples began to press against her shirt, for clearly she wasn't wearing a bra.

"I came over to give you something back." She held out the DVD to him like a child relinquishing stolen candy, trying to feign remorse. "I took it a last time you were out of town a couple of days.

I hope you're not mad at me." He was somewhat puzzled until he saw the title on the disc, then he blushed deeply and again found himself speechless. "Uh, right, ok. Why did you.? I mean, you should have, well, asked first, Casey. I mean it's not really suitable." He heard himself trying to say the right thing, as ridiculous and pointless it was.

When he trailed off, he was relieved when she spoke again. "I know, I know!" she pleaded, "and I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't've. But to be honest, I really wanted to see what was on it," she paused, "because I really wanted to learn about how to do all that stuff.

I'll go put it back on your desk." And she twirled about and walked it to his office, then came back to the bedroom to find him buttoning up a shirt. "Are you mad at me, Mr. Dan?" she asked unapologetically. "I mean, I did actually learn a bunch of stuff from it," she took a step towards him, her voice softening, "like I've been showing you." Another step and she was right up to him, his hands frozen in mid-button.

She reached up and gently removed them, then started undoing his work. "Did you like watching me do my homework, mister?" Somehow, dropping his name made it even more erotic, and as she undid the last button and slipped the shirt back off his shoulders, he could feel his dick becoming rock hard in his jeans, which is where her attention fell next.

Rubbing one hand over the lengthy bulge, she continued, locking her eyes on his, "I've been studying ever so hard, and now I want to try it out for real with you." She leaned in and up, stretching to her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. He could smell the soap lingering on her clean young skin, and her juvenescent fingers tugging at his waistline, undoing those buttons as well.

She leaned back, still lifting her face up to his, controlling everything about him as her small fingers reached in and enveloped his cock. She brought her lips as close to his as she could, and breathed the words onto his face while tugging his dick. "Please, mister," she said, curling her lips in to wet them, her little tongue just licking about, "please let little Casey show you what she's learned." She slowly dropped to her knees, maintaining her eye contact all the way down until she got where she was going.

She pulled his jeans over his hips and shimmied them down his thighs. Then, using both hands to hold him, she began to explore his cock with her tongue as she'd seen the girls do.

First a little lick, then a small kiss on the tip, then a small taste, opening her mouth only enough for the smallest amount of his head. Then, gradually opening to him, she took more and more of him in, slowly, savoring him as her eyes returned upwards. He could have cum on the spot. His little sex kitten, in pigtails no less, was on her knees giving him a full-on porn star blowjob, and doing a damn fine job of it.

Her little hands held on to him while she bobbed her way farther and farther down his shaft, occasionally pausing to lick her lips and stroke the wetness over him.

"Mmm, Mr. Dan, you taste soooo good. And it feels so good in my mouth too. Way better than I'd imagined." And she hungrily dove back for more, really enjoying the feel of his firm muscle moving across her tongue and back in her throat.

She could feel herself getting completely wet in her shorts, and out of habit allowed a hand to stray up her skirt to rub herself through her panties. This made her moan through a mouthful of dick, and her breathing quickened audibly through her nose. Now he was really having a hard time containing himself as she quickened her pace with the her own self stimulation. She was enormously turned on with the new experience, and was impatiently devouring him. "Oh my god, Mr.

Dan, your cock is so fucking good," she said hungrily before hurrying back for more. "Mmmph, mmmm." She was pumping him roughly into her mouth, the aggression of which actually helped him get some control back, since she was pretty much abusing his dick, squeezing it hard, even occasionally letting her teeth hit it. Soon she was bringing herself to an orgasm, the hand up her skirt working furiously.

When she started to come she was forced to open her mouth as she shouted out, yet still kept his dick moving into it, loosely through her parted, panting lips over her tongue. Her body convulsed as she held his dick tightly both because of her spasms and for balance as she shook.

Soon she gave up keeping him in her mouth and was sitting back on her thighs, shouting until it began to subside, leaving her somewhat dazed and breathless. He took the opportunity of her pause to step out of his jeans, leaving him totally naked now, standing in front of her, his dick as rigid as a post between them. The lust this girl generated in both of them overcame him, and he grabbed her by the hand and lifted her up.

Then he grabbed her skirt, pulling it up to her waist, and held her there as he lifted her up and all but threw her, laughing, onto her back on his king sized bed. "Woooo! Mister! What are you gonna do to me now, huh?" she chirped, egging him on, wet and dreamy from her orgasm, hungry for more.

"Want some little girl pussy to suck on?" She was wriggling teasingly, but his hands were already on her thighs spreading them apart as he lowered his mouth to her crotch. At first he nuzzled on her through her shorts, pressing he mouth and nose against her, drawing in her clean, cummy musk. Then he tried to move the fabric aside to get at her flesh, but grew frustrated when he couldn't get all the way to her, and sat back to pull them straight off.

Sitting on the bed, he drew her legs straight up together to remove and discard her cute but restrictive undies, after which she allowed her legs to fall lazily back to the bed, spreading them wide apart in languid falling arcs, opening herself completely to him with a huge smile on her face. "There you go, mister, all yours! Doesn't she look pretty?" He wanted to dive right in, but she had a point, she did have a very pretty pussy.

Her strawberry fuzz was just forming a nice patch above it, and the hair over her lips was merely a silky wisp covering her pale pink lips, wet and delicious.

He gazed at her for a moment, but that was as long as he could wait, and he brought his mouth down onto her. She tasted like nearly nothing, just salty wet skin, slightly tangy, clean and fresh and hot. His tongue pressed in to taste as much of her inner sex as he could, and she responded by grabbing his head and pulling into her, moaning loudly. "Oh, yes! Mmm, that feels soooo good. Please don't stop doing that. Oh boy, does she ever like it!" He drew his tongue back and began to focus on her clitoris, for which she rewarded him with a huge sigh of delight, and more of her verbal encouragement.

"Oh, yessss, baby, please suck my little clit. Mmmm." Her nub tasted wonderful, and felt perfect on the tip of his tongue as he flicked it this way and that, up and down, small circles, then sucked it roughly into his mouth. He swallowed mouthfuls of her wet sex mixed with his saliva like he was drinking her to orgasm.

And she was such a little firecracker she was already there again, ready to cum on his face, her hips beginning to buck. She held his head right up to her, giving him no chance but to remain smothered in her pussy while she fucked his face, cumming hard and violently, accompanied by more girlish shrieks of unbridled pleasure. "OooooH, AAAH! Fuck, god yes, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cu—," and again she trailed off into a senseless stream of moans and utterances as her thighs compressed against his head.

If she was hoping to recover, he wasn't going to give her the chance. Rising up, his face shiny with teen sex, he positioned himself between her legs, holding his solid cock up to her pliant lips, parting her just so gently, stroking the tip up and down to ease her open. "Oh, yes please, mister. Put that in me now, sir. Fuck me. Fuck your little girl like you know she wants you to." He pressed his hips forward and felt her tight, tight, pussy begin to yield to his pressure, and with a sudden slip, he was gliding all the way up into her.

With his hands underneath her at her waist, he pulled her down onto him, lifting her ass up from the bed at the same time. All she could do was shut her eyes as her mouth fell open, but neither breath nor noise came out.

The pleasure was so enormous she could only let the sensations coming from his full cock filling her pussy wash through her body. Finally she exhaled and a great long moan came out in small bursts that matched the easy tempo of his thrusts, until at last she found her voice again, genuine and girlish.

"Oh, fuck me, mister. Oh my god that feels so fucking good." She sounded nearly overcome, as if she wanted to cry. He reached forward and lifted her tee shirt up over her full breasts, exposing them for the first time. His cock grew harder at the sight of them, and she felt his reaction and gushed with satisfaction and a half smile through her bliss.

"Do you like my big boobs, Mr. Dan?" she cooed at him, still having the words forced out by his motion. "Play with them, please, they want you to do that, too." He was using both his hands to cup and squeeze them, rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. This was all more than he could stand, and almost immediately his hips began to slam into her, fucking her with all his might.

He didn't care if she was going to cum with him or not, and he didn't care if he was going to hurt her. Beneath him was the cutest, most sexy, most filthy little girl, begging to be fucked, her breasts bouncing wildly whenever he let go of them, and his balls wanted nothing more, right now, than to drain themselves for her as they slapped against her flesh with each full penetration.

He wanted to cum in her so badly it was almost blinding. He wanted to fuck her senseless and leave her dripping with his ooze, but he managed to get his composure back as she felt himself start to cum, welling up from the base of his cock. Sensing his abandon, she was eager to both encourage and assist him. With her hand on her own clit, she began rubbing herself hard and fast to catch up to him, staring up at him and smiling, while she continued to tease.

"Ooo, yes, that's it, big mister. Fuck me. Fuck me harder! Do it! Fuck my tiny little pussy til I scream. Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh fuck!" He was almost there, and she was surprised by how big and hard he was getting now. "Yes, just like that. Give your little fuck toy your big fat wad of cum. Give it to me, Mr. Dan, put it right on me. Cum. Cum now, shoot it all over me." He fucked her hard up to the last possible moment, then pulled it out and raised himself up over her.

She reached for his pulsing dick and stroked his thick jets right out onto her, pulling him towards her to get his cum all the way up to her breasts. He was leaning on his hands over her, shouting, as his goo shot onto her wonderful tits while she pulled it out of him.

He pushed every last quirt he could manage with each little tug of her hand, til it was finally just a trickle. With her other hand she massaged his cum all across her breasts, once or twice licking her palm to taste his bittersweet juice.

"Good boy, mister. Wow! I hope you're going to be able to do that again." He was breathless and dazed as he felt the lust ebbing from him a bit, enough for him to regain his senses. Still suspended over her, he brought his legs up from between her thighs to either side of her body, his softening dick still in her hand, being gently and curiously stroked.

With the chance to see it up close, she was almost studying it, looking at every nuance of it as she ran her fingers over its shiny length. Then she lifted her head to get a taste once again, this time with his cum mixed in. He looked down and smiled. Little Casey Sheridan from next door, mostly naked on his bed, freshly fucked, with his dick in her mouth, sucking off the remainder of his cum and the gleam of her own pussy. It was unbelievable to say the least. She'd seemed so young and innocent, but was as sexually charged as any girl he'd ever been with.

He was amazed. "Casey, did you really learn all that from the disc you borrowed? How is that possible?" "Mm, hm," she murmured through a mouthful of him before letting it out.

"That and more, I hope. I've been kind of obsessed with playing with myself for a couple of years now, but there was so much on that that I'd never seen before, I just kept watching it and watching it." "And you're fifteen?" "Sixteen!" she said indignantly.

"My birthday was last February, remember?" as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. 'Right, ok," he said, hoping she was over the age of consent. "And does anyone else know about this? You can't tell anyone what we've been doing, you know that, right?" "Well, no, I guess not. Is it kinda weird? Would you get in a lot of trouble?" He laughed sarcastically. "Uh, yeah, Casey, it would get me into very, very much trouble." He was still hanging over her, and he sat back onto her thighs and put his hands on her shoulders.

"I don't really understand what you're doing with me, or why, but you have to promise me you won't tell anyone, even your friends. You can't mention my name, or that you had sex with your neighbor, or anything.

Ever. Right, got it?" She met his hard stare and understood how important it must be to him, so she promised. "I don't want you to get in trouble, Mr. Dan," she said, a little frightened by how serious he'd gotten.

"I was just trying to make you happy. Because when I saw all the DVDs you had, I thought maybe you like the same stuff I did. And because I play all the time at home and thought maybe you do, too. And I thought, you know, maybe I could share it with you." She paused and looked up at him, thinking she might cry.

"Was I wrong?" He could see in her eyes that he'd scared her, so he tried to comfort her a bit. He smiled and began to caress her skin, running his hands over her shoulders, her cheek, through her hair. "You weren't wrong, Casey, no. I did like, it. I do like it.

A lot. But it's not something a girl your age and a man my age are really allowed to be involved with. I don't even know if you should keep doing it." "What?" she blurted out. "How come? No. That's not fair! I promise I'll keep the secret, Mr. Dan, promise. I want to keep doing this! Please, please, please." She reached down and began fondling his now flaccid dick. "Besides," she continued more playfully, "I know you want to, too, right?" She was trying to urge him back to life as he flopped back and forth in her small hands.

"I mean, think about it, mister. Don't you want me to be your secret little plaything? I'll do anything you want, and I promise, promise, promise not to tell." She punctuated this last part with three greedy tugs on his rejuvenating cock.

"See! I got you hard again! At least part of you knows I'm right." She moved one hand to her own pussy while she continued to stroke him. "Maybe Mr.

Dan would like a quick little show to convince the rest of him," she said looking at him with he best little girl pout before letting out a little sigh. "Yeah? Would that be ok?" Her fingers were gliding up and down her still wet lips, circling her clit, and generally getting her fully and immediately aroused.

"You just watch little Casey for a bit while she gets off on pulling your big, yummy dick." She moved her hand up to her breasts and began to caress and squeeze them, mashing them about and pulling at her nipples. He was now rock hard again, still straddling her thighs as he sat atop her, letting this incredible young minx have her way with him.

Her filthy encouragement reignited his lust, and he let his gaze travel all across her body, watching her breasts, her soft hand on his dick, her cute fuzzy snatch.

But the real power of her seduction lay in her eyes and in her voice. She could stare him down with the most smoldering look, girlish and young, but full of infinite lascivious promise which she could back up by virtually talking the cum right out of him.

"That's it, mister, trust me." She was breathing hard now, her hand back between her legs, completely turned on by both the control she felt over him and the warm swell of desire it produced. Her other hand was stroking him hard as his precum had gotten him slippery again, and the feel of his big hard dick in her hand alone made her want to cum.


"Oh, god, I'm falling in love with that cock of yours, and I've only had it in me once. So big and ready to fuck, and it feels so fucking good in my hand." Her voice was harder, more aggressive as she spoke through clenched teeth, her orgasm beginning to build.

"Oh, god yeah. I'm gonna cum Mr. Dan. Just for you and your sweet pretty dick. Wanna see me do it?" She let out a few long moans as it set in and rushed up through her body, which strained up against his weight. When it reached its highest point she pulled his dick towards her compressed thighs and shouted, "Fuck me now. Put that big sweet cock in me, hurry!" With his knees on either side of her, he leaned forward and let her guide him in, and as soon as he felt the softness of her closed thighs and the warm wetness of her pussy still in mid cum, he thrust in as forcefully as he could, literally ramming his cock into her, making them both shout out: he from sheer aggressive lust, and she from the new orgasm that began right atop the other one.

She was being carried up onto new ecstatic heights and her body began to feel like nothing but a cloud of overwhelming pleasure. She could feel him pounding her, and see the animal passion in his face and through his body, but the tingly force of her orgasms rippling through her made her feel almost like she was watching it.

All she could do was lay there for him and let each one of his massive thrusts send wave after wave of the delicious sensation washing into her. He knew he was going to cum, and he knew he had to cum inside her. He was far too hungry for her to simply pull out, he wanted he whole cock to be enveloped by her tender young pussy as he filled her up with cum. Half of him wanted to keep pounding away, and half was screaming at him to get the damn condom already. The choice felt agonizing when all her wanted to do was keep his dick in her forever.

Finally he relented and abruptly pulled out of her, lunging to his bedside drawer, much to her dismay. She let out an involuntary cry of disappointed protest as her body rolled towards him in the wake of his departure, and when she saw what he was doing, she simply flopped over onto her stomach like a rag doll, her body still aglow.

With the condom in place, he turned his head back to her only to be greeted with on of the most beautiful asses he'd ever seen. Soft and round and just on the plump side; a slightly chubby sixteen year old beacon of lust, and he aimed himself right for it.

Again straddling her thighs, he pressed his securely sheathed cock up against her, nestling himself between her wonderfully receptive cheeks. She tried to look back over her shoulder at him, but as he entered the force of renewed pleasure made her just drop her head to the bed again, and she could only smile, open mouthed, eager to be fucked some more.

He held himself up by holding onto her waist as he mashed his body up against her cute cushiony ass, pulling her back onto him forcefully. The condom had lessened the sensation a bit, but it was only to his benefit since the sight alone could easily make him explode if he let it. His hands now found themselves squeezing her cheeks, alternately together then apart as his fingers dug in to her yielding flesh. He had to stop for a moment as he felt the cum surge forward; he wanted so much to make this last.

In his pause he lifted her up onto her knees, spreading them wide with his own before re-entering her.

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She momentary held herself up on her hands, but soon dropped down to her elbows, then gave up as well and lay on her face and shoulders as he fucked her hard into the bed. All she could do was whimper, gone was her ability to speak, but he obviously needed no encouragement.

She felt him stiffen and swell as his balls slapped up against her clit, her backs of her thighs continually meeting his as he drove up to his full depth. He was holding her ass tightly again, fucking her hard and fast as his orgasm approached. This time he couldn't hold back, and he let his cum explode deep within her with great shouts of release.

He kept fucking her as hard as ever throughout, and even past the point of having any more cum for her. It was just so nice to be deep in her pretty pussy, even if the fucking was done. When he finally let her go, she just fell forward onto her stomach, utterly spent and unable to even talk. Her eyes were glazed and her whole body was shiny with a shimmer of perspiration. He sat back on his heels, equally breathless, and removed the full condom, tossing it aside as he lay down next to and partially atop this delightful girl, his face next to hers.

She smiled her pretty, sleepy smile at him. "Wow" she breathed. "That was fucking amazing. Is it always like that?" He laughed a little and said, "Well, probably not for everybody, but between you and me I bet it will be." "Ok," she said, giggling. "I won't tell."