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Putito argentino chupa toda la chota
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"No shit man, I'm telling you, go to the shop. For a price, the lady will give you something awesome," Dave said. He was leaning back in his chair, steadying himself with one hand grasping the edge of the table.

The other hand was holding a necklace out for inspection. Comments about its beauty had been resounding around the table for minutes now. The necklace had a thick gold chain, and its pendant was a big circular disk of gold that barely fit in the palm of his hand.

A purple jewel sat in the center and took up much of the front surface's space. With all its beauty, it was Dave's boast on how it gave him unbridled good luck that caused upset in the group of friends.


"Bullshit," Frank responded commenting on the good luck. He was a firm believer that magic wasn't real, and his skepticism was well established over such things.

Claims such as Dave's were outlandish. Everyone laughed. The group of five friends were at their favorite bar Molly's. It was a place that allowed for great conversation and often great games of D&D and various card games when it wasn't packed.

"I swear man. Little old lady, charged me her price and then gave me the necklace," Dave responded. He put the chain back around his neck. "And it works?" Samuel inquired. Short and stocky, Samuel could accurately claim he was the one in the group he had his shit together. Studying in college, he was well onto being a biologist.

"Yeah," Dave responded. "Prove it," Frank challenged. "I already have. How many times would I have typically fallen over tonight in this chair?" Everyone knew the number would be a lot.

At the least, Dave was predictable in that way. As the drinks flowed, he fell more and more. As the rest of the group dismissed the claims, Keith found himself intrigued. He loved the idea and the possibility. "Where is the shop?" Keith asked, silencing the group. Dave's smile was one of secrecy. No one else seemed to care, but Keith knew that even if Dave tried to keep the information, he would tell eventually. It always happened. The one time that Samuel had made out with a tranny, everyone knew the next day that was in the group and acquaintances.

"Ah, man, crazy thing, it's set up in like a carriage over near the river." "Like a gypsy?" Frank asked. "Don't mess with gypsy's man; they are nuts," Samuel stated. No one countered the claim. Which was weird to Keith being that Georgia, the lone female in the group, often would have said something about the statement as being prejudicial.

She thought they were all dumb and surmised that is why she had never slept with any of them. Not that any of them cared other than Keith. "Just an old lady man," Dave said. "What did you pay?" Samuel asked. Keith didn't hear the response. Instead, his thoughts shifted to the appeal of such an idea. He could use the luck. Being drunk, he began to think about his woes. Close to being evicted from his apartment, no girlfriend and the prospect of no job in the morning, life had taken a turn for Keith lately, and he needed a change.

As the conversation continued, Keith wallowed in self-pity until he couldn't stand it anymore. Getting up, he said his goodbyes and left the bar. Outside, Keith pulled the collar up on his black jacket. Stepping away from the muffled music, he made his way to the river. Trash covered the sidewalks and often spilled into the streets.

Black bags were makeshift beds to the homeless population. More than once, Keith had to weave his way through the sleeping bodies and black bags. Most of the time it was inadvisable to travel at such a late hour because of the homeless.

Too drunk to care, the thought of danger never crossed his mind. His breath vapored into the air when he heard the river. At the end of the sidewalk was a perpendicular street.

After that street was the river. There, on the banks of the river, he watched the street lights reflection dance on the rippling surface. Stupor wearing off, Keith felt foolish staring at the dark water. Sitting down, he began to pity himself even more. There was no carriage, not that he had looked. "Catch a cold you stay down there like that," a woman said from behind him.

"Might be better if I do," he said. Keith stood up and turned around to find himself staring at an old lady.


Dressed in a bright skirt, she had polished round brass circles all over her. He imagined for a second that she rattled when she walked. "Come now there young one. I've been expecting you for some time," she said. "You are?" "You sought an old gypsy out tonight. Hurry up now; I want to go to bed." She turned around and walked away. Sighing and feeling still foolish, Keith obliged the command. When he reached the road again, he found an ornate carriage sitting in the middle of the road.

The old woman was standing there, waiting for him to address her. "Am I still drunk?" "If you are, this will make a good story. Now come, we must discuss why you are here." Keith followed as the old gypsy got into the carriage. Creaks sounded with each step up the three stairs. Metal swayed a bit, and the carriage wobbled under the shifting weight. When he entered, he noticed that the space inside the carriage was much more than what it appeared to have from the outside.

In fact, the interior itself did not look like a carriage. It appeared like a full shop and behind the counter in front of him, the gypsy waited. "Now there Keith, what can I do for you?" she asked. Her fingers were twirling through her graying black hair.

"How do you know my name?" "It's in the bones dearie. Now please, tell me what you wish for," she said leaning forward. Keith got the impression that he was looking at an evil witch. "My friend said he got a necklace here that gave him luck." "Luck? Ah yes. Earlier today.

You wish for luck?" "Yes. Please." "No." "What? Why not?" he asked. "Because I cannot give you what I no longer possess. Plus, You couldn't pay the price for such a thing," she said lifting her head and cackling.

An uneasy feeling went through Keith. "So what can I get?" he asked after she finished. "That is the smartest thing you've said all night young man." She turned to move around and set three boxes on the counter. Opening each for inspection Keith saw that one contained a ring, the second a pair of shoes and the third was a muffin.

"The muffin is a poor choice, but that is my opinion. It will give you x-ray vision. The shoes, well they will give you confidence and is a much better investment." Maybe that is what Keith needed. Confidence would give him the ability to stick up for himself more.

Not that he didn't but often, he found his hands tied in sticking up for himself. Work was an example of this problem. His boss was a bitch, and she had it out for him, but he couldn't say anything to her in fear of losing his job. Although he was pretty sure when he went to work in the morning, she would speak the words that ended employment.

"The ring is something more special, but the price is also more." He didn't hear her. Still thinking on how extra confidence would help him, he couldn't see clearly on how extra confidence wouldn't come off as cocky. Suddenly the old gypsy slapped the counter making Keith jump.

"Pay attention boy. Insult me again and I'll curse you." The look she gave him sent shivers of fear down his spine.

"I'm sorry." "Good. As I was saying, the ring cost more, but it is worth it. See, it isn't luck you need boy, but the ability to get laid when you want." "Why would I want that?" An item like that was every boy's dream, but Keith was a man. Plus, he couldn't see how such a thing would benefit him more than confidence. "Young man, you apparently have forgotten the power of sex.

Any woman, any time would want you and all you have to have, is this ring. Think of the possibilities. Enemies turned to allies, lots of sex with no strings attached, a ruler of women, and best of all, wanted." "And the ring can do that?" "Yes, but I can't tell you how until you buy it." "How much?" "The muffins and shoes, not much. I just need the soul of a small animal for either one.

The ring, its price is something far more." "Are you going to tell me?" "What no? You wouldn't be interested in such a thing." If it could get him laid, at least it was something positive. Better than the shoes he thought. Having an item of such power could impact his life for the better than having confidence. Possessing the quality already hadn't done him much good.

"I want the ring." "Are you sure?" "What's the price?" "Your soul," she cackled. The laughing continued unnerving Keith. He backed away and prepared to leave when she snapped suddenly to a serious tone. "I'm joking of course. The price isn't that steep. Honestly, the price is something that activates the ring. It has to bond with you through a spell, which has already been prepared, just missing one ingredient." "Which is the price?" "Yes." Keith was getting bored of the back and forth.

The old gypsy knew he wanted the ring, why was she teasing with it? "So if you want it, boy, we have to have sex." "What!?" Keith was appalled. "There is no fucking way." "Yes, there is. If you want the ring, such a small price I would think." It was, but she was old.

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Old and weird. Why would a woman at her age desire such a thing? He knew the game now. She was pranking young men with promises just to have sex. Keith had the inkling that this lady was just an old pervert. Keith turned to look at a shelf filled with items. There were colorful masks, statues of different objects, and spherical balls varying n size.

Turning back he sighed. "Did my friend pay the same price?" "Yes." The thought made him gag, but Dave had seemed to like the necklace. "Is that what you do? Promise items of magic for sex?" "Honestly, yes. I find it a good way to clean out the rafters if you catch my drift.

Why are you so worried, it's all the same?" "Okay, I'll pay the price." "Don't want your friend to have the upper hand huh?" "Him, naw. I got him beat I promise, but I can't pass this up?" "Sweet of you to say. Been a long time since I've gotten such a compliment." Keith wasn't sure if she was serious, but his stomach turned in protest of what was to transpire. The old gypsy came back from behind the counter and handed him a vial of lube.

It was one of those one time use one, a small package that looked blue. The front of it said eXtasy. "Get it up and lubed. She gets dried out a lot these days, but still tight as a whistle." Shuddering while he ripped the top off of the container of lube, he briefly wondered again if the ring was worth it. He almost changed his mind when he looked up to see the gypsy reach down to grab the bottom of her dress. Then she bent over and hemmed up her colorful skirt, and brass ornaments jingled.

Now he was staring at her wrinkly ass, though he did not her pussy contrasted with the wrinkly skin. It looked youthful as it winked its pink eye at him. "Come now boy, this old bag of bones isn't going to wait." Shuddering once more, Keith pulled out his limp dick. Squirting lube onto it, he began to jack himself. Slow to rise to the challenge, his cock seemed to grumble about what was going to happen. He promised it and himself that it was worth it. "Bout time. Jeez, get that thing in me," she said.

Keith watched as her ass clenched and unclenched in anticipation. She cackled again he got closer to her. The flesh of her ass reddened as she spread her cheeks as far as she could. Pink flesh bid him enter. Gulping, Keith pushed the head of his cock against her heat. Surprisingly, he was able to get himself into her without much trouble.

The heat of her body was nice at least, but he didn't think about the old woman while he reamed her "cobwebbed" sex. Each shclick was audible. "Just like that young stud.

God yes," she said. Keith tried to keep the pace steady, but this old slut was having none of it. Each thrust in, she met him, and it seemed as he pulled himself out, she would ride back down his cock before he could recover himself in the stroke. Their bodies slapped together. "So much better. The last one was a tease. I hope you can get the itch." "Me too," he thought. If she came, maybe she wouldn't make him finish.

"Oh right there. Pound int harder." He did, and his mind wandered to thoughts about his favorite porn star, Steel Femona.

She was a porn star who did a lot of fantasy settings and she loved to wear armor and have sex with various fantasy creatures. One of her more famous scenes was The Sorceress and Orc. Keith liked the creativity in her scenes. Not to mention she was a petite girl with small everything. He liked that, and she could take a pounding, often squirting on anything that was she was fucking. Heck, she even had one scene squirting while giving a blowjob. That scene was his absolute favorite and what he was thinking about now.

His eyes were closed, and he could see her purple eyes as she sucked him off. The porn star's lips smacked as she sucked and played her tongue around the head of his cock. He tried to keep that image in his mind even as the gypsy's cries of pleasure. Keith swore he heard her mumble off something about getting in the proper deep place. Maybe it the sex with the old gypsy, but Keith lasted far longer than he should have.

In fact, his calves were burning like hell by the time he shuddered and plastered the old bat's sex with his spunk. His balls spurted a ton, and Keith found himself growing weak in the legs as the tenth spurt of his balls, he crumbled to the ground. "Wow, what a compliment young man. You gave it to me right. Been awhile since I've had someone so eager and viral." Vision swimming, he watched as his cum dripped out of her nasty hole.

She dropped her skirt and adjusted herself. "Superb, very good indeed," she said while Keith struggled to stand up. "Hurry up boy; time is growing short." She was waiting on him as he walked back up to the counter. The old gypsy was playing with her hair again. "This ring is unique. Take a look at it." He held his hand out, but she slid the golden band onto his ring finger.

It was then that he realized that there were four jewels on the ring. A clear one on top, a red one ninety degrees to the right, on the bottom was a green one and to the left ninety degrees was a blue one.

"The way the ring works is simple. Turn to the red and any woman you think of will want you. She will be driven made by lust and come for you. The green will wipe her memory of the incident. The blue allows you to control the size of your cock, but if you ask me, your fine as it is. When using the red or green, just think fuck. When using the blue, well I'm sure you can figure that one out, but be warned you will be sterile unless you are using blue.

Extra bonus I threw in. Can't actually enjoy such a purchase properly with major fear like pregnancy." "And the clear means it is inactive?" "You learn fast, but that isn't the truth of it either. The ring is always active. The clear recuperates your body and increases your energy. Also, refills your ball immediately in case you or a lady want more." "Like a battery?" "Precisely." "Does it run out?" "No. Never." "Want to try it out?" Keith answered no and she cackled once more.

"No matter then. It was enjoyable, and there are plenty of men. A word of warning, do not use this ring on a group of people or allow someone else to wear it, especially a woman. Bad things will happen and the curse it will give is not a fun one." "I understand." "No you don't but obey the rules, and there won't be any issues. Leave now." Taking note of the rules and burying the memory of the price he paid, he left the carriage. There was a rush of wind and Keith found himself standing alone in the street.

She was gone, but the memory of what he had to pay for the ring would always be burned into his memory. Smiling, he began the walk home, wondering how much of the ring's power was true. It seemed far-fetched, but he wanted to try it out. The walk home was sadly uneventful. No women were out enjoying the night. He checked the time and the only an hour had passed since he had left the bar. He was tired and so by the time he made it to his apartment, it was almost two in the morning.

Unlucky in the prospect of using the ring this night, he decided to go to bed instead. After all, work was at nine, and he did need sleep. Keith's apartment was mostly bare. It was a two bedroom, and one of the rooms was empty except for a table. His living room did have a couch and television, but besides the coffee table, there wasn't anything worth noting. He was a clean guy, and he saved his money as much as possible for a car. Heading into his bedroom, he jumped onto the bed.

As soon as his head hit the pillow, sweet sleep overtook him. His alarm went off, as it always did on a work day, promptly at seven-thirty. Waking up to a morning talk show, which was one the local rock station, Keith woke up and completed his morning routine.

His uniform looked as nice as he could get it, which was a pressed set of tan slacks, a gray shirt, and red tie. He knew it wouldn't matter how good he looked; he was still getting fired when he got to work. Keith thought about his job as a manager at his retail store. He was an assistant manager at an electronics store. Promoted at the youngest manager to the position in the retail chain's history, it had been controversial, and ever since, his fellow managers and store manager had looked for every excuse to fire him.

It was nothing he had done, just being twenty-five. Sucked then on his last work day, he had given them an excuse. Work for Keith was an easy thing. He was a quiet guy, but not meek. With a medium physique, the only real issue he had was the slight beer gut.

He ate healthy for the most part and tried to run every day. Running is what had gotten him in trouble. The whole thing had started when a customer had requested an item from the back. Keith knew that running in the store was inadvisable. What had happened is that rounding a corner in the back of the store, he had run smack into a ladder. It fell over and subsequently landed on a shelf, which fell over to land on another and like dominoes six massive shelves had fallen.

No injuries, but the damages had been extensive. All of it was his fault. One small mistake and it probably sealed his fate. Keith liked to walk to work. It took him thirty minutes to get to work from his meager apartment, but it was worth it. One of the few ways he was able to keep up with exercise, but also observe the outside world. Nature to him was the best thing in the world, and it disappointed him that he didn't get more time out in the "woods." On his walk, he spotted an attractive blonde, and it reminded him about the ring.

Already about to be in trouble, he kicked himself for not waking up sooner to try it out. Stress relief given by a sexy blonde is something the doctor should have ordered. Rushing to work, he made it just in time not to be considered late. Even though he was salary, the store manager was a stickler over the schedule, and he worked on her time. The store was empty, not even open yet. He would be the only one there until about nine when workers would show up. That afternoon is when the store manager would be there, and his relief would be after that.

Sighing, he went to his office and almost jumped when he walked in. His boss, the store manager, Lacy Graves was sitting in his chair. "Keith, how good of you to join me," she said. She was wearing a gray skirt and a white collared shirt. Hair bound in a bun, and she peered at him with green eyes from behind black-rimmed glasses. Lacy kept her look professional almost always, and few had ever seen her outside of work to glimpse her in relaxed clothing.

Keith gulped and then remembered the ring. Grace may be older, but she was only Thirty and much better looking than the gypsy. "Hey boss, what's up?" "Close the door." Not a good sign, but Keith obeyed. Turning, he hid the movements of shifting his ring to the red jewel while he obeyed. When he turned around, he waited for her to begin the speech that would lead to his firing.

He knew that is why she was in his office, but he also had a plan to reverse the decision. "Keith, I want to let you know, I'm glad that you weren't hurt," she said. "Hey, thanks-" "But, there is the issue of safety." "Look I was just rushing, and the floor was slippery," he said while she nodded.

"It won't happen again." "I know it won't. After today, I plan to call corporate and put in the papers to fire you." "Why are you telling me this?" "I wanted to present you the chance to bow out gracefully.

You can quit now, and I'll even give you a good reference." "Fuck," he said, but he used the moment to activate the ring. He thought about them doing it right there in the office. She looked confused for a second. "You okay?" he asked. Blinking suddenly, she looked up at Keith and smiled. "Then there is a third option Keith." "Which is?" He knew.

What he didn't know is if his boss was married or was in a relationship. Guilt went through him, but if it would save his job, there wasn't any choice. "Well, Keith, you could fuck me. Right here and right now and I will forget the slip-up.

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We can count it as a moment of poor decision making and move on from there." "Isn't this blackmail?" he asked. He didn't mean to. Part of his magnificent personality coming out against those who were in charge. "Are you saying no?" she asked. There was a hint of warning in her voice. "Won't the other managers be pissed?" "They won't know, and if you do it well, I'll even throw the bonus of having your back." Keith couldn't believe the ring worked.

She was offering herself to save his job. He smiled at her. "Well, boss, you're the one in charge. It would be amiss of me to refuse such a generous offer." "Let's hope you have a generous dick because if not, I might reconsider." She winked at him and scooted forward on his chair. White panties clung to her sex and outlined it as she spread her legs. They outlined a fat mound, and they were already beginning to show his boss's arousal.

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Excitement went through Keith, and he hardened looking at his boss in such a compromising position. "Like what you see, well hold on, it gets better." With a hooked finger, she pulled the fabric aside and Keith glimpsed the wettest and reddest fat pussy he had ever seen. Her pussy looked angry and defiant. Even as it stared at him, it was drooling. "She needs your cock, Keith. Come give it to her." "Ma'am such language." "Mmm, I know. There is much about me that everyone doesn't know.

Barring you now, and you are going to get one hell of a bio today." He loosed his belt and let his pants drop to his knees. "You should raise the chair." "Are you ordering me around now?"
 "Considering if you want a really good fucking, you'll listen to the suggestion from your subordinate." She got up from the chair and leaned against his desk.

"Now that I think about it, you have the right idea." Shaking her ass, she pulled both her skirt and panties off before setting them on his chair. Then she hopped up on his desk and spread herself once more. It looked like she was at the perfect height for their groins to match up. Keith dropped his underwear down and positioned himself in front of the offered pussy. "You ready?" "Keith, I was ready ten minutes ago." Keith thought briefly that meant she was already going to offer herself before he showed up today.

No matter, he wanted to believe the ring worked. There were a few girls he wanted to try it on. "Fuck," she exclaimed when his cock spread her slit. The smoothness of her red snatch sent shivers up his spine. He slid his cock up and down between the opening of her bare clam.

"Oh Jesus," she said. "What's taking you so long? Fuck me." One last run of her slit and he pushed his cock against her drooling opening. He slid in, and they both gasped.

Her legs wrapped around his waist and locked tight. She was tight, tighter than any woman Keith had ever fucked.

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He found it surprising that she was shaking uncontrollably. "If I had known, god Keith…" He smiled at her, and the look of lust in her eyes made him feel like a brand new man. Thank god for old gypsies. How could he live life now without such an item of great value and opportunity?

"I aim to please," he said. "Well, get to moving that cock in and out of my cunt." Keith would say one thing about sex with his boss; he was glad that there were two hours before anyone else showed up to work. As he fucked Grace, he found that the woman was insatiable for him. Grace's screams of pleasure seemed to echo out of his office and through the packed metal shelves that labyrinthed the back of the store.

"Harder, shit…give it to me…ohhh, just like that," she cried. Keith, of course, was all too happy to oblige her demands. She was a bitch, but the secretary looks and not too mention the boss title turned to slut look was making the day. He even liked the way his balls slapped against her ass. The best thing is that he lasted long enough for her to shutter into multiple orgasms. Adonis was quickly becoming a nickname that he could live with if anyone found out that is.

Keith wasn't a stud. His cock often was too sensitive for him to last long. Lacking in continual opportunities for sex, even with the same girl, had made him shy in bed. Snickering in the gossiping shadows of the people he knew was prevalent.

This ring was changing everything for him. Balls boiled suddenly and surged, releasing a torrential flood of hot cum into his boss. She squealed in surprise and gurgled into her final release. "Keith, oh Keith…" "Heh, yeah it was great." Pulling away was like pulling a cork out of a wine bottle. With a pop, he watched in amazement as thick white creme burst from her dirty cunt.

Sweat covered his body, and he fell against the door to his office to keep himself steady. The clock on the wall told him that there were only twenty minutes before the workers started showing up. "Grace?" She still looked dazed. "Grace…" "Huh? Sorry, What's up?" "First, others will be here soon." "Oh crap, I have to get out of your office." Jumping off the desk, she grabbed her skirt and out it back on.

Where she produced the small mirror he couldn't say, but she checked her face. "Are we good?" "You know Keith, yes. It was incredible, and I am impressed with your output ability." "Just with sex, though?" She laughed "You know why people don't like you?" she asked. He shrugged. "Because your too smart, work hard, and never make mistakes. Well, barring the other day of course. And you seem to be a great guy. A hero with no flaws." "I did screw the boss," he offered.

Honestly, now that it was over, he was feeling guilty. Not about taking advantage of her, but because she was his boss. Seemed like sex with a superior violated not only company policy, but of ethics too. "And will again I'm sure. Your safe Keith. Get to work before I find something else to keep you busy." Keith's mind briefly flashed to what that something else could be, but time constraints prevented that.

He opened the door for his boss. She paused before leaving. "I'll be in my office all day. If you need anything, please stop by," she said. She winked at him and disappeared around a corner, her heels clacking as she went. Closing the door, Keith dressed quickly, straightening everything up before realizing his office smelled like sex.

There was no hope for a fix on that, so he looked at his ring and turned it back to the clear jewel. It had worked, but maybe it was only because his boss already had the idea. He needed to try it on a stranger. Nine o'clock rolled around Keith left his office, hoping the smell of sex didn't linger on him. The day passed slowly. Once, he got yelled at by a customer for not having a product in stock and then taking too long to find that answer out.

Second, he had to deal with a late worker, a fat guy who hated to be on time. Third, it was boring. The amount of customers in the store were little, and so there were extended periods of standing on the floor by himself.

He could have returned to his office, but the possibility of running into his boss was a temptation neither of them could afford. This company needed a good scandal to drive up the customer base. "Excuse me sir?" a pleasant woman's voice called his attention. Looking down, he found a tanned skin woman addressing him. She was wearing tight yoga pants and a sweater.

Things that went immediately into his mind. He wondered if the yoga pants would feel nice on his skin. "Yes ma'am," he replied. "I need some help taking a television out. The cashier told me to seek you out." "No problem. Is it up front?" "Yes," she said with a smile. She practically skipped in front of him while they walked, but it was her ass confined in the yoga pants that garnered his attention. "So what did you buy?" he asked.

"Got myself a 60 inch." "That's a big television for such a small girl." "I like big things." There was a pause before she blushed. Keith honestly would have missed the comment for any double meaning, but her reddening cheeks brought his attention to perverted things. By the time they made it up to the register that held the television, Keith convinced himself that he should use the ring again.

While he pushed the long cart that the giant television sat on, he moved the ring to red. The action caused him pause in thought. Why was there even a jewel that erased the memory? Boyfriends, that had to be the answer. He stopped rolling the cart. "Everything okay?" "Yeah, just thinking." "Don't take too long; I have to get home soon." "Boyfriend?" "Oh no," she laughed. "No boyfriend but my neighbors are gonna help with me with the television when I get home." "That's very kind of them." Nodding, she began leading him again to her vehicle.

When they arrived, Keith knew he had his work cut off for him. For such a small girl, he was surprised to be staring at a raised dual exhaust truck. Dark blue, its chrome rims and chrome trim were intimidating, but he was determined to get the television into the bed of the truck. She dropped the bed of the truck. "You gonna be able to handle it?" She asked the question while climbing into the bed of the truck.

"Fuck," he said out loud, staring at her ass and camel toe outline in the stretch of the yoga pants. He assumed in an ordinary world; she would have gotten offended, maybe even had said something to him about the sexual harassment.

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"Honey not yet, let's load this television up and then I can thank you properly." He smirked. Lucky him that she would be so willing to thank him for his help. How to avoid getting caught or in trouble for such a thing occurred to him. "With the ring," he thought, "what was my boss gonna do? Fuck me for taking the initiative?" He laughed. "What's so funny?" Looking dejected, she held her arms out, waiting for him to lift the television up from the cart.

Straining, he lifted the television from the car and pulled the edge to the dropped tailgate. Arms were shaking, he was amazed when the cardboard box made it to the right height and settled on the metal.

"Alright, I'm gonna push it in," he said. "Not yet I hope, we got to get the television settled," she giggled. Laughing with her, he went to the other edge of the giant box and lifted it up and pushed.

The box slid into the back of the truck without further issues. Keith closed the tailgate with a slam. He leaned against it and breathed deeply, trying to recover from the heavy lift.

"You just gonna stay there?" The woman was peeking at him from around the corner of the truck. "Hurry up and follow me; I want to thank you properly." He followed her to the passenger side of the truck. There, she opened up the back door and climbed into the cab.

Looking around in a last minute attempt to make sure he no one could see him, he followed her in quickly. As he came up and close the door behind him, his face planted between the bare cheeks of her ass. "Oh papi, you're gonna make me one happy girl." Keith would have responded but at that moment, he decided to cross something off his list of fantasies. Whoever this woman was, she had a rear end that he dreamed of. It was big and plump, and so he decided to dine on it.

"Ah papi, you aren't supposed to lick that," she said. Keith didn't care. Slathering her asshole with his tongue, he licked the sensitive orifice. Well, he was finding out how sensitive as he went. Her ass squeezed around his face as if it was trying to draw more that his tongue into it. "We have to stop for a second papi. You assaulted me to fast." Keith pulled away sadly.

"What would you like ma'am?" "Sit down and brace yourself against the door. You can continue what you are doing, but I want to play with something too." Doing as bid, the two got into her desire position. The sound of a zipper pulling down signaled him to continue dining on her ass. He thought about how dirty his cock was from fucking his boss, but it was far too late to worry about such things.

Plus, the activated ring didn't seem to affect a girl's aversions. "Oh my Papi, it's so big." Keith soon felt like he had put his cock into a wet vacuum.

When he had been a teenager, he had tried the vacuum hose once, but her sucking was so much better. It sucked then that he wasn't going to concentrate on his pleasure, but instead realizing his fantasy.

Her ass tasted amazing, and now it felt like she was trying to take him into her between it and her mouth. By accident, her tongue brushed over the best part of his dick, causing him to moan in pleasure. "Aiyee, oh my god, no." If Keith could have been outside and could have seen through the tinted windows of the truck, he would have seen two ass cheeks virtually swallow a head.

Between the cheeks, Keith couldn't have been happier though he worried the woman's high pitched screams resounded outside the truck. That fear dissipated when he realized that her ass was smothering him. Seconds ticked by and in a panic, he began to push her away. "Oh my, I forgot. Lots of ass and it doesn't get this type of attention often enough." Gasping for breath, he complimented her on her ass and its taste.

"I have never done this before. Letting a random guy eat it. Turns me on." Turning around, she grabbed his face to kiss him. How she managed to do that and sink her pussy down his cock without guidance was beyond him. But she still called him papi as she began tearing up her pussy on his dick. Keith just held on. This woman had found something she liked and apparently was going to keep using it until he finished.

Bouncing his knees made her riding more intense, and he was almost happy when his cock surged and then went off like a bomb inside her. "Ah hold on." "Wha-oh." After they had finished, she rested on him. "Your neighbors are gonna be mad you were late." "That's okay. I have this new guy that is gonna come over to help me with it." "I still have my shift." She pulled away and then climbed into the front of the truck.

"What time are you off?" "Three," he said. He looked down to see that there was no way he was going to return to work. His tan pants were stained in her juices and cum. Looking over to her he smiled. "Correction, now." "So you want to help me." "Well, you'd have to reward me." "That is no issue. My ass wants more." The truck roared to life and Keith considered telling her it was time to fuck again as she pulled away from the store.

It was two, so he called his boss, told her he got sick suddenly. She understood and wished him better, a surprise to him. She wanted to see him first thing his next work day, which reminded him that he had the next day off. Wanted to make sure he was healthy, he supposed. Keith wondered if the ring's power kept a woman interested in him entirely. Maybe it had levels of intensity, and so he looked at his current partner. "I want to fuck as soon as we get there." The Rpm's of the truck went up, and Keith smiled.