Pecker in tiny teen butt

Pecker in tiny teen butt
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Tabitha the slut Tabitha had a thing for sucking cock. She had a reputation for being the best cocksucker around.

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Of course this linked right into another reputation or her being a slut. She didn't mind being talked about, she also didn't mind stealing anyone's boyfriend who talked about her behind her back. Really, she couldn't help herself. She loved the feel of a long hard cock in her mouth.

She loved the taste of it, and she loved watching the men squirm under her treatment. Rather than grow up to be the "town whore," Tabitha moved far away after graduation to go to college in West Virginia. Tabitha was 19 years old, about six feet tall with green eyes and fiery red hair. She was quite slim but had been blessed with large breasts for her figure and a wonderfully round ass that made her the envy of every girl she met.

In just a few days she had met some really hot guys at her new school and it was hard to resist introducing herself as "Tabitha the Slut," or "Tabitha the Expert Cocksucker." She laughed to herself wondering if she had any competition at this school. Things went along pretty uneventfully as soon Tabby had a steady boyfriend who would often spend the night in her dorm room. Her roommate was gone often partying herself so they had quite a bit of time alone. Even though Tabby was one of the hottest girls in the entire school, her boyfriend kept blowing her off to hang out with his buddies.

It was one of these nights that Tabitha had chosen a very sexy outfit of black silk panties with a crimson bra and had lit some candles around the room. She waited for her boyfriend for about an hour, idly stroking her pussy through her moist panties until suddenly her phone rang.

It was Jimmy giving her some line of bullshit about how he couldn't make it tonight because of something with his friends. Exasperated, she slammed the phone down. Horny as hell and angry at him, she threw on a pair of jeans and a white button-up shirt. She blew out the candles and threw open the door walking out into her all-girl dorm. She heard a few moans from rooms as she walked by, at least someone was getting some tonight, she thought to herself.

She kicked open the door to the dorm and walked out into the cool night. People were still out and about, she was thankful that her entire night hadn't been wasted waiting for that asshole as had happened a couple of times already. "Just who the fuck does he think he is?" Tabby said out loud, her anger rising even more.

"Harold, what's your name, sweetie?" A nearby guy was smoking a cigarette and had overheard her talking to herself. He was alone but looked a little unkempt.

Without another word she walked over to him and knelt in front of him, opening his pants and placing his cock right into her mouth. She began to lick and suck him and he instantly grew harder, she could hear his breath rush quickly as he continued to smoke. She tasted something odd on his cock and realized that he was smoking after fucking one of the other girls in her dorm!

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But, she had chosen him so she resigned to enjoy the taste of one of her innocent little sisters as she continued to suck Harold off.

Soon he flicked his cigarette away and moaned with both hands placed on her head. She felt the cum spray against the back of her throat as he moaned out loud into the night air. She was surprised he had cum so fast so soon after his sex. She laughed at herself thinking that the sex must not have been that good. She licked his cock clean and wiped her mouth, then stole a cig from him as she rose up.

As he asked for her number she slammed his lighter into his chest and laughed before walking away. No more commitments, she told herself. No more Jimmy's, no more waiting, no more bullshit. She wanted sex and she wanted it now. She walked confidently across the campus, seeking out the nearest guy's dorm.

She would show Jimmy what he was missing. She would fuck his whole building and leave them to tell him about it! She walked into the dorm and climbed up the stairs to his floor. As her inner thighs rubbed together she thought about being pounded by all the horny guys on this floor and she was getting very wet.

She thrust open the door to see a group of fifteen guys standing out in the hallway playing craps. She chuckled at their boredom since these were not the "coolest guys around" so they weren't out partying. The door shut audibly behind her and it seemed that they all turned their heads toward her at once. She almost grew flushed as the attention focused on her. The next three words she said would echo throughout the rest of their lives. "I need sex." She thought it would be best to state it plainly instead of "Fuck me now" or "I need your cock" or some equally comical phrase.

In all honesty, the guys started to laugh amongst themselves. Obviously, they weren't taking her seriously.

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Tabby pulled her shirt open making buttons ricochet off of window panes and floor tiles. She tossed the shirt aside and began unbuttoning her jeans. All talk in the room ceased, the guys had realized that she was serious.


"There's only one rule," Tabby said, "I must have a cock in my mouth the whole time. Who's first?" A young stud by the name of Rob dashed over toward her, unbuttoning his fly and pulling his limp cock out for her viewing. She licked her lips as she saw the limp monster right in front of her.

She got down on her knees and leaned forward to take the cock in her mouth, closing her eyes and caring about nothing else. She felt hands pawing at her tits and pulling her underwear off. She listened to the inhales as the immature men sniffed her soaking panties. This made her squirm just a little bit because she knew that they were very horny. She felt her nipples pinched over and over and felt a gentle finger push its way into her steaming pussy. She cupped Rob's balls in her hand and took him all the way into her throat as he groaned and came.

She swallowed his cum and grinned, opening her eyes to see a different hard cock had taken Rob's place. She didn't care who it was, she wanted it in her mouth.

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She shut her eyes again and slid her mouth down on this fresh meat, tasting some precum that slid out of his tip. She felt the finger in her pussy get replaced with two fingers, stretching her soaking lips out to prepare them. She sucked even harder at the thought of being fucked at the same time, that was something she had never done but she was definitely going to enjoy. She took her time on this cock, taking it out of her mouth to give it a very pleasant tongue bath until she felt the head of a large cock position itself against her pussy.

"Oh yeah baby fuck me. Give it to me hard. I want your cock inside me. Give it to me NOW!!!" With that she took the cock down her throat and was suddenly invaded by a large dick. Her pussy squeezed reflexively around this rock hard invader and she moaned around the cock that she was sucking. God it felt so good to be fucked at both ends. Her suckee had knelt down now so that it was easier for both penetrations.

Then the guy fucking her started sliding in and out a little quicker. Renewed efforts against her tits and a lithe hand touching her clit sent her over the edge and she moaned her pleasure against a squirting cock. She swallowed another load of cum and barely had time to lick her lips before a small cock was placed against her lips. She opened her eyes to see a guy barely 18 and sort of under-developed.

Well she wasn't one to exclude a guy because of the size of his cock, it was all cock to her. As her pussy was being pounded harder she devoured this small cock and licked it like a wonderfully fleshy lollipop and wondered to herself if he had ever gotten this kind of attention. She heard grunts behind her and felt a surge of cum spray itself into her cunt. The invader pulled out and for a moment she concentrated even harder on the cock in her mouth.

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She sucked hard and licked it in circles, making it harder than before. Suddenly she felt the gentle touch of a tongue at her pussy and was surprisingly thinking it was another girl licking the entrance to her love tunnel.

Perhaps the lithe hand on her clit was someone's girlfriend who felt like joining it. The mystery girl licked the cum from Tabby's pussy and then some, flicking her clit every once in awhile but she wasn't there to pleasure Tabby.

Soon another cock was directed at her dripping hole, this one even bigger than before. He unceremoniously slid deep into her, making her eyes shut tight in pleasure. She felt the cock in her mouth surge and a small amount of cum was deposited before he withdrew. She struggled to swallow until a bottle of pleasantly chilled water was placed at her lips.

She wondered if the guys were prepared for this or if they were just very considerate. She thanked her savior with a wonderful blowjob. This cock was different, it tasted once again like pussy.

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She opened her eyes to look up and see that Harold had followed her all the way here! He smiled down at her as she sucked his cock. It was now a challenge to her to make him cum a third time.

A cock pounded deep into her pussy and she realized that the previous one had retreated. With no pussy licking this time she was instantly invaded again.

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Harder and harder she was fucked as this guy began to talk dirty to her. He berated her with pet names like "dirty little slut" and "nasty whore" and "naughty cocksucker" until her juices were practically pouring out of her pussy. She loved being a slut and she wanted more. She pulled herself away from Harold's cock. "Get under me, I want a cock in my ass, too. Where's the young guy?" She wanted to have her ass get prepared by the smaller cock before she took on anything usual.


The man behind her laid down and she straddled him, slamming her pussy down on him and leaning forward to continue sucking Harold's cock. The gentle tongue from before began to lick her rosebud anus and she almost squealed around the cock in her mouth. It felt so good to have a cock in her pussy, a tongue in her ass, and another cock in her mouth. Soon, she had the head of a small cock placed against her asshole and it slowly slid in, still lubricated from her previous work on him.

When she started to feel slaps against her ass, Tabitha was in slut-heaven, being fucked on all sides with alternating undulations into her ass and her pussy. Harold's cock exploded as he pulled it out, splashing cum all over Tabby's face and onto the floor. She loved every second of it, wanting more and more. The two cocks ravaged her pussy and ass as a newcomer took Harold's place and she immediately began sucking. This guy's cock was already hard and a little wet with saliva, she wondered exactly what the other girl was doing but it only made her hotter to think that this girl was getting the guys ready for her.

She felt a blast of cum in her ass and then in her pussy and then needed two more guys to fuck. Willing to oblige, one guy laid down and she was lifted up to be placed down on his cock. She fucked him and sucked the guy in front of her while a medium sized cock was placed against her gooey asshole, invading slowly. She felt the cock twitch in her mouth and jets of cum sprayed against her throat yet again. She swallowed and pushed him away, coughing a bit on the thick fluid.

For the first time she looked to see the girl who was assisting her for reasons unknown. She was not far away rubbing her click while she sucked another guy to hardness. Tabitha wondered what her pussy tasted like and wanted to eventually find out but for now she was content to press her ass back against the two invading cocks and take on whatever man stepped in front of her.

On and on like this it went, into the night. In the final position of the night, Tabby and the other girl were in a sixty-nine while a guy slid his cock in and out of Tabby's asshole. Tabby decided that she liked eating pussy also and she loved having hers eaten. She just wondered what Jimmy would think when he heard about this wild orgy that he had missed out on.

Then she realized that she didn't care and pressed her tongue back into this strange girl's cunt.