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"The emergency phone numbers are on the fridge, and if you have any questions we'll have our cell phones, you know our numbers," my parents told me. My parents were going to Tahiti for a week during summer vacation, leaving me and my 13 year old sister Aubrey home alone for the week. When they told me this was going to happen the week before, I started going over all the plans for the party I was going to throw. "Mr.


and Mrs. Robinson from next door are home all week, and we specifically told them to watch out for any partying that might be going on. You can have one or two friends over, but NO PARTIES." They told me, throwing all my thoughts out the window. I watched them pull out of the driveway in my dad's red Audi TT coupe and speed off to the airport.

I closed the curtains and looked back at Aubrey who was sitting on the couch. Her short pink skirt was sexily revealing the top of her thigh, as she sat indian style on our couch.


She was about 5'1, 100 pounds, petite and very pretty. Guys had been giving her the eye by the time she was 11, and I frequently overheard her having sex with guys as old as 18 while my parents were out at dinner or something. She had brown hair that fell just past her shoulders. She had these gorgeous brown eyes that practically screamed out "fuck me" if she looked at you a certain way.

She had breasts that were quite developed for a girl her age, I sneaked a peak at her bra a while ago, and read 34B, and she was never shy at showing off her seductive figure.

My name is Chris, I was 17 and kind of the archetypical "all-American" kid. I was the quarterback of my football team, I was 6'1 and 180 pounds of muscle. I could pretty much get any girl I could ever want, and I have.

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However, my sister remained elusive. I had never seriously purused her, though I had spent many nights masturbating to her cheerleading pictures, her pictures from our vacation in Hawaii and any other pictures I could find of her. We were always very open with each other.

We had frequently seen each other naked coming in and out of showers, while changing and when I had "accidentally" let my bedroom door open, and she always flirtaciously made jokes about the 9 inch piece of meat in my pants. I had made it my mission for the week to fuck my sister. I suspected that she wanted it, from the way that she seemed to wiggle her cute little butt at me and looked at my crotch whenever I had a boner.

However, her ass always wiggled, and she was perpetually horny and stared at every boner she saw, no matter who's it was. "So what do you want to do for dinner?" Aubrey asked. I looked up from my daze and saw her sitting on the couch, with her black tanktop and pink skirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. "Umm, I guess we could eat out if you want." I answered, my gaze fixated on her cleavage, which looked quite massive in comparison with her small figure.

"Hm, I think I might want to just order some pizza maybe." she said. Later that night, I was getting ready for bed when my sister walked in on me changing. "Hey, what's up?" I asked, my dick was starting to well up with blood "Oh yea, I was just going to say that I'm going to sleep in mom and dad's waterbed tonight." she said, eyeing my cock "Ohh, I was hoping to sleep there," seeing an oppurtunity to get into bed with my sister "Oh you were?


Well, if you want to we can share it." Right into my crosshairs "Oh yea sure, that'd be cool," I said, quickly putting my boxers on before I had a full fledged hard on "Well, I'm going to bed now, I guess I'll see you later" she said, accidentally brushing my hard on as she walked out the door.

I doubted that was an accident. About fifteen minutes later, I walked into my parents bedroom and saw my sister lying nude on top of the waterbed, her legs covered by a white sheet. "I hope you don't mind if I sleep in the nude, this weather is ridiculously hot and the fucking air conditioner won't work" she said "Oh no, that's totally cool, if you don't mind I might do that too." I answered "Haha, no that's cool" she said, I could hear the excitement in her voice, as she was about to see my dick.

I took off my pants and boxers, and I wasn't suprised to see that I had a hard on like I had never had before. "Yummy, haha, well come on into bed" she said, holding up the sheet from the empty side of the waterbed. I could see her tight pussy outlined in between her perfect thighs. About 15 minutes later, we were both lying in bed watching tv, I was suprised the tent in between my legs wasn't obstructing her view of the episode of "Family Guy" we were watching.

"Are you sure it was a book? Are you sure it wasn't.

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NOTHING!" the character Brian said on the show, which sent my sister into a fit of laughter. When she was finished laughing, she had ended up lying right next to me.

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"Isn't this show just so fucking funny?" she asked, I could feel her leg rubbing up against my hard on. "Yea, it sure is" I said softly, as I angled my body towards hers, and maneuvered my cock to rub it's head against her thighs, I heard her shudder, oh so softly, when my penis head brushed against her clit.

She reached her hand down under the sheets and stroked my penis, I looked into her brown eyes that said precisely "Fuck me Chris, fuck me like you've never fucked a girl before." I roughly got on top of her, she started to giggle.

I thrust my huge piece of meat into her pussy, and started to thrust back and forth. Her back arched, trying to deal with the immense amount of ecstacy pulsing throughout her tiny body at the moment. I felt her supple breasts as my cock thrust in and out of the tight crevice in between her thighs. I was suprised at the tightness of her pussy, considering that she was easily the sluttiest girl in her grade. There was just a tiny bit of hair down the middle of her barely pubescent vagina.

A "landing pad," it was called.

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My hips pushed into and away from my sister's shapely figure, my ears taking in all the wonderful moans, giggles and "Ohh god"s that were emmited from her soft lips. "Chris cum in me. I want you to shoot your load" she said I was more than happy to oblige. I felt the cum coming, and I unloaded into her. Her orgasm was loud and full, she could feel the semen traveling into her pussy, and racing through her. I pulled out slowly, and let both of us catch our breath before we talked about what just happened.

Aubrey just looked at me and giggled, kissing me softly on the lips. "Chris, that was incredible" she said "Now let's do it again" she said, as she straddled my legs and went to work sucking my cock.