Cherry kiss gets together with a friend who has a filming fetish

Cherry kiss gets together with a friend who has a filming fetish
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Myra spread the bushes apart to reveal quite a sex act. One woman was on her knees sucking a gigantic cock while another male was just about to enter her from behind.

Two other males stood around jerking their oversized cocks, pre-cum glistening on the heads. Myra decided early that morning to take a hike up in the desert trails that surrounded her Arizona home. She absolutely loved the weather. Always hot and dry. She dressed for it, really skantily. She had long before obtained a permanent tan. Myra showered up early that morning and the got dressed. Her hiking outfit consisted of little khaki shorts, a tight white tee shirt and hiking boots with itty bitty socks.

She wore her favorite old straw cowboy hat to keep too much sun off her. She brought two bottles of water with her also to stay hydrated and her digital camera. Off she went in her Jeep. Of course with the top down.

The day was going to be great. It was only ten in the morning but it was already eighty degrees. Little beads of sweat formed on her. She was surprised to see a few cars already there. Usually the trail was not utilized so heavily. As she walked the sweat started to pour down her forehead. It was unusually warm this early in the day. She hiked up to her favorite spot on canyon bluff.

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From there you could see for miles. The views and vistas were breath taking.

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Blue sky with not a cloud. After a short rest she continued down into the valley. It was a steep descent and you had to be careful you did not twist an ankle. About 1000 feet down onto the canyon Myra heard what sounded like a squeal off to her left.

She stopped and waited, listening.

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She could hear muffled voices that sounded a few hundred feet away. They echoed very slightly through the tall dark red canyon walls. She decided to investigate and followed an old donkey path towards where she thought the noises came from. Myra came up to an area that was brushed in. Myra spread the bushes apart to reveal quite a sex act. One woman was on her knees sucking a gigantic cock while another male was just about to enter her from behind. Two other males stood around jerking their oversized cocks, pre-cum glistening on the heads.

They were only about 25 feet away. Myra was transfixed and could not look away. The girl was probably South American in origin. Dark colored complexion. Jet black hair, shiny. She was small. Under five feet.

Thin, but not starving looking. Tight, lean and not an ounce of fat on her body. Her hair was really long. It fell straight from her head to the ground brushing on it when she was positioned on her knees. Her firm little ass begged to be fucked. It jutted up into the air. Almost begging to get it. Myra could not tell of the girl was in trouble or was a willing participant in the ordeal.

She could not help but want to watch to see what was going to happen. The large male in front of her kneeled. His veiny large pulsating cock pumped in and out of her little mouth. Myra could hear the girl gargling and choking occasionally. The man steadied himself by wrapping handfuls of her jet black shiny hair around his fists.

He pulled her hard towards him with each thrust in like guiding the reigns of a horse. The man positioned behind the girl licked his right hand and rubbed it between her legs up to her asshole.

He then gently guided his large mushroom headed cock into her. Myra heard a muffled cry of pain. The cry was stifled though as the poor girl had just as big of a cock fucking her mouth. She could not talk or protest other than let out muffled cries. Myra watched the two other men stroke their cocks while standing on each side of the poor girl. As she scanned the area she saw the girls clothes. A pair of runners still with the laces done up were scattered ten feet from the scene.

A small cotton beige summer dress with spaghetti straps was laid out on a large rock. The girls small lacy panties still hung off her left leg. The men picked the poor girl up and kept her face down. It was if she was flying Myra thought. A man on each side held each arm stretched out to her side. The guy in front held her up by her long hair. Still fucking her face down her throat. The rear man was just that.

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His cock still pumping her ass. He held each leg by her thighs. Myra watched her toes tense up and curl with each ass thrust. They worked the poor girl over like a rag doll. These guys had stamina or were disciplined.


They worked away at her for at least fifteen minutes before the guy up front came in her mouth. He called her a bitch under his breath and told her to swallow it all as he even more vigorously smashed his pelvis into her face. The poor girl by now looked even better outside in the desert sun. Her body was completely drenched with sweat. She glistened. Myra pulled out her camera and placed it on video mode. This sight turned her on.

After all what could she do she thought to herself? She could not rescue the poor girl.


At least she had evidence if this act was against the poor girls will. The man fucking her ass came shortly after. Myra could see the man dig his fingers into the poor girls hips.

The other men had had let her down after the guy blew his load into her mouth. The girl was now face down on the desert floor. As the guy pumped her from behind he thrust so hard she was pushed along the ground. Dirt covered her face and sticks entangled in her jet black hair. He then blew his load. He squeezed her ass cheeks together and milked his cock clean into her tight little ass for a minute.

The men all stood then, admiring the girl. Myra had not realized that during watching this show she had become a little aroused herself.

She looked down at her crotch and saw she had been getting wet and excited. Her khaki little shorts were damp between the legs. Myra then imagined she could be that girl getting ravaged by four guys she did not even know. It excited her. Myra continued to watch as the men stroked their cocks and stood over the girl. She wondered how much this girl could endure. The giant cocks must almost be tearing her apart.

Such a small sexy body could not handle things of that size. The men pulled the girl to her knees. Her firm c cup tits stood at attention.

Her hair now a disheveled mess with branches in it and dirt on her face. The other two guys that had not released their loads into the little prize. They picked her up effortlessly.

They sandwiched her in between them and dwarfed her with their mammoth size. A cock entered her asshole and one in her pussy.

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They pumped her up and down. The sweat dripped off her like a tap. Now Myra could hear here sounds. The men did not cover her mouth. The girl cried and moaned out loudly. Her moans echoed through the canyon. This girl was getting the shit fucked out of her.

The two men not fucking her stood at the sides caressing and touching her little breast. They took turns grabbing her jaw and face and forcefully kissing her mouth and cheeks. She either did appear to resist or turn away because she was either overpowered or because she was a willing participant. The girl was bounced up and down by the men for ten minutes on their piston like cocks.


Finally they ejaculated into her, almost in unison. Baby seed driven deep inside her orifices. The men grunted like wild animals as they filled her small cavities. They were done.

They set her down on the ground, got dressed and left. Myra waited awhile. She eventually crept out carefully, not wanting to make too much noise. She stood and stared at the girl laying on the ground. She was like a little angel. Cum dripped from between her trembling legs and down her cheek. She looked up smiling. A crack in the bushes came from behind Myra.