Chloe Davis gets fucked by instructor

Chloe Davis gets fucked by instructor
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Hi, how ya doing? whelp if you're here reading this you probably want to get right into the story, so ill give you a bit of background to start. My name is Max, I'm 22 years old I live in a certain city and go to a certain college and live a generally normal life.

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I am an only child if you don't count my fathers other kids, my mother and father separated back when I was just a brat, but everyone still gets along, publicly at least. In any case it's been just my mother and I for a while and life has been good, we both work and I also go to my classes so recently we haven't seen a lot of each other.

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Now the not seeing a lot of each other changes real quick but ill get to that in a minute. I had woken up early one day,got dressed and did my usual business and left to catch the bus to attend my classes. First class is always boring and long, but I can persevere because my second class is taught by the sexiest fucking milf you ever laid your eyes on, I'm rock hard thinking about her right now.

anyway carrying on with the story, you can imagine my disappointment when I find out my class is cancelled, great just lovely, Guess I head home, not to much of a bummer, but still. Now during my time out, my mother wakes up, does her morning routine and heads off to work herself, so I'm alone when I get home. I walk into our tiny upstairs apartment, toss my stuff in my room and lay on my bed staring at the ceiling, and my mind wonders to thinking about ms Milf and how I missed out on seeing her today, and decide 'whelp, I'm home alone nows a good chance to rub one out' I grab one of my dirty mags and could ya guess?

yep it's about sexy milfs, head to the washroom, strip nude, place the mag on the edge of the bath tub, flip to a good page start running a scenario with miss milf through my head and go to town.

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I'm going to explain a few things here, why I stripped completely nude and started jerking it over the tub, when I have a perfectly good tissue box and a bedroom. I cum a lot, don't know if it's normal I don't trust porn as a reference and it's never bothered me to much, so I don't feel I need to ask a doctor, but anyways now you know.

I'm just about finished, and getting ready to coat the shower wall with my cum when I hear it, the bathroom door handle clunks, panic mode activate, in the middle of cursing fate and lack of forethought on my front for not locking the door I try to grab my mag and hide it, and run and to close the door as soon as possible, it really was all a waste of effort, the door is wide open as I reach it and as caught off guard as I was, my completely nude mother stood in the doorway.

I guess we're finally seeing a lot more of each other.

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(skip to the next brackets if you want back to the event at hand) Physical description time, gotta love it!. First me, I'm 6ft tall, dark brown hair usually combed so it parts in the middle and sorta waves to either side, bad diet lately so ive got a small gut going on, and penis length for those of you interestedabout 5 1/2 inches I say about, it's probably just a little less.

Moms turn, she's 44years old, 5ft 4in tall. Beautiful piercing blue eyes and long dyed blond hair She's thicker, but not really fat, I lack the words to describe it her skin is mostly smooth and flawless, but she does outside work so her arms legs and face are slightly tanned, creating what I find to be a pretty sexy contrast to her whiter breasts thighs and midsection.

My mother standing in that doorway, has been burned into my mind, I cant forget it even if I wanted to, especially the lighter areas on her body, her breasts I cant say what size they are it's not like I'll ever be able to ask, but they're about medium I guess? they hang down a bit and have a flatness to them, not over much, but enough to notice it, no where near the balloon breasts in porn.

Her nipple are small cute and really pink. Her pussy, Ive never gotten a great look at, but I know she shaves and leaves just a strip of pupic, it's actually one of my biggest turn ons now. ( Descriptions of our lovely bodies ends here, back to the door way folks) As my mother stands open mouthed in the doorway, I apply the full breaks, there's no door to run into anymore, just my naked mother.

As you might imagine, high speeds and small spaces dont make a good combo not to mention the smooth tiled floor. My upper body stopped moving so close to my mom I could have counted her eyelashes, but my lower body kept it's pace, and before either of us knew what was what.


Id falled down and tripped my mom, there wasnt a lot of places for her to go, but still, the devil himself must have guided that crash landing because yep, little max found his way home. Mom must have finally gone into panic mode herself because she started to climb off me which I promtly put a stop to. "Mom, stop moving!' (there is a reason for that, just bear with me) "Max!, what do you mean 'stop?' you're INSIDE ME( she wasnt bearing with me) "I'm about to cum!

Well then, she stopped moving pretty fast. I can't account for what she might have been thinking, but me I had two thoughts. One was "Holy fuck don't cum inside your mother".actually she might have thought that as well.

And my second thought was "her pussy feels amazing on my cock" I blame little max for that thought.

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My erection wasn't affected by all this, I was about ready to burst before this little event so we both waited. After What felt like an half hour of our mother son bonding session(likely only half a minute, if that) Mom broke the silence. "is it ok?

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can I get off" I cleared my throat meekly and gave the reply "I, ah yeah, just don't" I guess she wanted off pretty badly, which is reasonable I guess but still she should have been a little more patient, as she was getting up from what was a pretty awkward posistion My cock twitched while the walls of her vagina slid upward, this caused her to twitch in kind and come tumbling back down.

That was the last crack in the dam, it burst open and I came, I came harder than I ever had before, with each spurt of hot cum I shot into my mothers cunt, she let out a gasp, Id like to think it was a gasp of pleasure but like her breast size, I'll likely never ask her about it. When all was said and done, she silently struggled to her feet as I shimmied out from the door way, she closed the door and I left to my bedroom, my clothes and magazine still in the washroom with her.


I didn't leave my room after that. I woke up the next day, did my usual and went to work I hadn't seen mom and I doubted I would for a little bit, which was fine with me.

I got home to find my stuff in my room, the porn mag was on my desk and the clothes had been washed and put away. it's been a couple of days now and mom hasn't mentioned the incident but like I said we don't see each other a lot lately, well we will have to talk about it eventually I'm sure, really damned curious to find out why she was home early herself.

Ah well, that's it for now folks, thanks for reading and have a good one.