Amateur military men showering videos and gay military bj Time to

Amateur military men showering videos and gay military bj Time to
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Edmend, Nick and Ben were such a close friends they bought a low density condominiums unit right next to each other. There is only 3 unit in a floor, so is just them in that floor.

Ever since they were a kid, they watch porno together and they share similar fetishes. They are into swinging and luckily their partner are into it too. Edmend got married first with Isabelle at the age of 20, His wife was only 16yo as he accidentally got her pregnant. Isabelle was slim type even when she is pregnant, with her C cup breast size and height of 155cm.

Edmend even shared Isabelle with Nick and Ben when she is pregnant with his 2nd child. They had 2 kids. Nick got married a year later with their high school sweetheart Jene, she is 163cm with C cup breast size too.

Jene had dated Edmend & Ben before she married Nick. She was the first girl in the group that was gangbang by all three of them and she is the one that is most open to anything. They once invited few of their other close friends to bang her. Jene had one kid with Nick. Ben got married the latest at the age of 25, they started dating when Ben is 23yo & Monica is 22yo.

Monica is curvy but not fat, with B cup near to C cup and standing at 165cm. She is into exhibitionism. Very often when she goes out and throw garbage, she didn't wear any underwear. Ben would always make her buy see through dress or undies. The condo guards always get free view of her and it turns Ben on. The three of them was planning a getaway and it was Ben & Monica honeymoon as they just got married.

Nick suggested to go to the states. He say his parents can get free hotel there as they are high roller in Vegas. Ben said they should also do homestay across US and hopefully get to show off their wives a little.

They were turn on by the idea and start searching for a place to stay. They posted a group picture of them in a forum asking for people to accommodate them. Their wives wear as seducing as possible but didn't reveal too much. They received positive and negative respond. Some insulted them saying they are cheap and just get a hotel. Some directed to their ethnic background calling them yellow fever, chink and gook. Some invited them to stay over at their place.

The husband knew they want a place where there is only Males. A white old man send them a message at the age of 55 with his son's at the age of 35, 33 & 30. He goes by the name of Henry, he said his wife just passed away and his son's is introvert. They didn't really had much just a small farm and they have extra rooms for them to stay. Monica was in loved with it as she felt like going naked around the farm. They quickly agree. They left Malaysia and put their kids to their grandparents house.

When they arrived at the airport, Henry was there with their eldest son John. They drove 2 pickup truck to pick them up. Each pick up truck can only fit 2 people so the other 2 had to sit a the trunk area.


Their wives get to sit inside and offer Ben and Monica to sit at the other. Isabelle & Jene sat with Henry while Ben and Monica sat with John.

It was a 45mins drive and it gonna be bumpy Henry told them. The wives were all showing cleavage and in the bumpy area their boobs were bouncing a little. Monica was sitting at the corner thinking John couldn't see her with Ben blocking. She pulled up her skirt bit by bit until her see through panties in out. Ben then pretend to fell asleep on Monica shoulder and whisper to Monica to sit a little bit out so John can see. On the other truck, Jene and Isabelle was exhausted from the flight so they were sleeping.

Isabelle fell on Henry arms as it was getting bumpy. Henry got a close look at her cleavage as she is wearing spaghetti strap and hot pants that show her butt cheek. He then hug Isabelle so she won't move around but it woke her up. He told Isabelle not to worry and ask her to continue sleep.


His hand went lower and lower until her butt and keep touching her. They engage in conversation and Henry was shocked upon hearing she had 2 kids already and she kept her body so well. She told Henry even her nipples had turn dark brownish.

Henry told her he havent had Asian ladies before and his son's didnt like asian, he hope this trip of them will change his son perception. When they arrive at the farm, Henry shouted Josh, 33 and Jacob, 30 to come help out with the luggage. Henry bring them to their own room, the husband jump straight to bed as say they are taking a short nap and will meet up with them in the living room.

Jene, Isabelle, Monica and Ben went to the farm with Henry as he show them around. Edmend and Nick went to the living room and all 3 son's of Henry is there. Nick tries to start a conversation with them but was instantly rejected. Jacob say they are disturbing them and his father shouldnt have let them come, he continue with Asians are annoying. Nick replied him "if you hate us asian so much, why don't you take it all out on our wives?" they were left stunned for a while.

John asked "what do you mean by that?". Edmend say "you get to bang our wives, that's what we meant". Josh "you chink for sure?".

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Edmend assure them, this whole 3 days trip, their wives is theirs for using. Ben, Mon and Jene return to the house, Edmend ask where is Isabelle.

They told him she is still with Henry walking around and Henry ask his son's to help out in the barn. Jacob and John walk over to the barn and saw his dad bending down to kiss Isabelle with a hand inside her hot pants playing with her pussy. Henry notices his sons were there, he told his son's "come help the old man here to fuck the crap out of this stupid chink whore". He pushes Isabelle down into a kneeling position and unzip his pants. Henry dick hang out but is hardly hard and his ball sack is saggy.

Isabelle tried very hard to make it hard but even without erection it is easily 5 inch and thicker than any of the husbands. She had hard time fitting it into her mouth. John said he had never fuck anyone before because everyone thinks they are weird in school, even Jacob is still virgin.

They had only watch porn and secretly see his parents had sex in their farm. His dad explain to them that Asian is one of the lowest class in States. It's only right they dominate them even though they are tourist. Jacob and John unzip their pants for blowjob. Isabelle was shocked, John and Jacob dick is easily 8inch and is fatter than her arms.

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They tried to force their dick in her mouth only to realise it wouldn't fit. They tear her clothes apart and toss it into the ground cover in mud. Henry then turn her around and carry her up by holding both her leg while her back lean on Henry chest. Henry told his son "Go get em son, wrecked this chink pussy".

John say he get to go first. Isabelle took it like a champ, Her pussy was dripping wet until her anal hole. Isabelle then put both her hand on John neck while he fuck her pussy. Jacob was playing with her anal hole and slowly he fit 3 of his rough fingers in. Henry position Isabelle ass better so Jacob could penetrate it. Jacob slowly fit the tip of her dick into Isabelle. She was screaming in pain and told them to stop.

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She's gonna break but Jacob got more excited and force it in. She scream so loud, Edmend could hear from the house. Edmend wanted to go see but he kept telling himself she's alright.

Jene walk over to comfort him and gave him a passionate kiss. Isabelle front and back is getting pumped. She had tears streaming down but they didn't care. Each time they push their dick in her, they can see her a little bit of her pussy top near to her stomach. A 155cm tiny asian girl with 8 inch dick in her. They cummed deep inside her, Isabelle rolled her eyes while she also cummed. She had no strength to hold onto John hand, they didn't bothered to her too, She is hang in the air with two big dick in her and her leg is weakens too.

Henry was recording the whole process. While she was hanging and being sandwiched by John and Jacob, she was breathing heavily. John move her head to look into her eyes. She had saliva dripping out of her mouth. She is looks like as if she had fainted, so John slap her face to wake her up but she didn't react only breathing heavily. John laughed, "omg, this whore is in her fantasy world". He and Jacob look to the camera and counted one two three and pulled out together.

Isabelle body fell to the ground. They pinched her nipple and twist it hard until it lactation a little. Henry zoom in and ask Edmend to come over.


Edmend saw his lovely wife lying on the ground exhausted. Henry was still recording and Edmend move Isabelle bottom to the camera and show a shocked face as both her pussy and butt hole is gasping. Henry ask Edmend to pump his dry fist into her and see to show how loose his wife has become. He did just that, John then search her hot pants and found her passport and throw it on her naked body with cum gushing out of her pussy and ass.

Henry open it and read it to the camera, Isabelle Lee, born in 1996, mother of two, from Msia. They throw water at her to wake her up. John was holding her hair while Henry zoom in to her and ask her to say something to the camera. She say to the camera with a fake smile and say "I'm a proud mother of two daughters, my babies will one day be someone else slut & mom,dad.are you proud of me now?". Edmend ask Isabelle to give her a blowjob while they ask Josh out.

John ask Josh out to have fun. John walk toward Monica and pulled her away from Ben. "I will be having her till morning" John look at Ben while Monica was still holding Ben hand. Ben let go of her hand and told her is gonna be okay. Jacob came in, Jene greeted him and start kissing him. Jacob push Jene away and gave a slap and walk back to his room while holding Jene hair. Josh went to the barn and saw Henry recording Isabelle giving blowjob.

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He gulp and walk over, he have the lowest self confidence as he is often bullied for being ugly in school. His dad ask him to come over and unzip his pants.

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Edmend cum on her face and then instantly pull Josh over. He ask Isabelle to unzip his pants for him. She slowly pulled his pants down and the barn smells a bit weird.

It was a strong smell coming from Josh dick. Isabelle slowly touch it and saw his dick full of smegma. Henry ask her to clean it for him and ask Edmend to help out. Edmend gave that disgusted look and ask Henry to help while he record.

They exchange place, Isabelle didn't want to suck it but Henry push her face into Josh dick. to be cont.