Sucking black cock gets huge hot sticky cum all over face

Sucking black cock gets huge hot sticky cum all over face
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It should have been a good week. Classes were over and I'd taken all my exams and even felt like I did well on most of them. I was depressed though.

I had a week before classes started again, but didn't want to go home, even though it wasn't far. I really didn't think my family wanted to see me anyhow. My name is Kerry and I'm 18 years old and a college freshman. I lived in a dorm, a coed dorm, actually and I seemed to get a lot of grief from the other guys in the dorm. I was smaller than most of them, only about 5'6" and about 130 pounds and pretty slender, very little muscle.

I was never particularly macho, and some of the guys asked why a girl, meaning me, was sharing a room with a guy, my roommate. They openly wondered if I was gay. I tried to laugh it off. I might not be what they thought of as a guy, but I was male, just not very masculine. I envied the women, and enjoyed spending time with them when they'd let me.

Frankly, I often wished I was a woman. I'd always known I felt more affinity for women than men, but never understood it until several folks came out as transgender. I knew there was no way I could do that. My family already was pretty disdainful of me, with a couple of relatives calling me a poofta, when they thought I couldn't hear, or when they just didn't care if I heard. When news reports came on about transgender people, my dad said that any man who dressed as a women was a sick bastard who should be shot as an example to others.

Before I came to college, when I was living at home, I got curious. I have a twin sister, Kelly, about my same size, and when no one was at home, I went into the dirty clothes and found a skirt, top, panties, and bra of hers and took them to try them on. I felt perfectly comfortable and quite natural in her clothes, but knew I could never get caught wearing them. I did that several times when I knew no one would be around, and really enjoyed dressing in my sister's clothes.

My dad is 6'2" and 220 pounds of muscle. If he ever knew I wore my sister's clothes, he would beat the shit out of me, and no one in the family would try to stop him. After one time when I dressed up, I saw my sister looking at me strangely for a few days after that.

I decided I'd better stop. I didn't have anything even remotely feminine at school. My roommate was a jock and a jerk, and he brought his jerky friends to the room with him regularly. I know they went through my stuff, and they often made snide little comments.

One day, one had found a My Little Pony top and a pair of pink panties in the laundry room, and said he'd found some of my laundry.

Everyone laughed heartedly except me of course. I told them those items weren't mine and that he should take them back where he found them. He said he figured he found their proper home. I grabbed them from him and walked to the laundry room to drop them off, as all the guys in my dorm room roared. When I got to the laundry room, there was a puzzled looking woman there, looking around.

I walked in with the items, and she saw me, looked startled and asked me what I was doing with them. I told her about the jerk and what he'd said and done. She shook her head, took the items from me and thanked me for bringing them back. She kissed me on the cheek. I was starting to feel pretty good, when she said I'd look as good in them as she did. I turned very red and felt tears starting to form in my eyes, as I turned and ran from the laundry room. I went to the library and hid out there, until it closed.

I finally went back to my dorm room to get some sleep. My roommate was in his bed already and seemed to be asleep. I pulled down the covers on my bed, and found another pair of panties between the sheets. I took them and angrily threw them in the trash can.

I really wished I could have kept and worn them, but given what total jerks everyone had been, I could never do that. I stayed away from my dorm room as much as I could after that.

There was one guy who I was friends with, who didn't rag on me all the time. We hung out together every now and then. As classes ended, I ran into him and he said he was staying on campus over the break, because they were letting him do some biochemical research with some sort of new compound.

He was kind of close-mouthed about it, so I didn't push. "Kerry, you told me what your jerky roommate did with those pink panties." "Yeah, that really stunk, Carl." "Did you ever have a desire to wear them?" "Why do you ask?" "Just this feeling I got." "Shit, Carl, you're not going to start on me now too, are you?" "Kerry, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be a woman or to dress as a woman." "Folks don't like cross dressers or transgender people." "What if I could give you the chance to be a woman?" "I've looked at that.

It takes years of living as a woman and being on hormones before they'd do surgery and it isn't reversible." "There might be another way maybe even reversible." "How?" "The research I'm involved in." "You could turn me into a woman?" "I'm not supposed to do anything like that, but you seem so unhappy as you are." "What is involved?" "There is a drug." "You aren't shitting me or running some kind of prank on me, are you?" "I swear.

Just come to the lab with me." We went to the lab he worked in, but I was still very leery of the whole thing.


We went in a room, which had a camera set up. I wondered about that, but he said it was necessary to record what happened. "You've tried this on people?" "No. Just on test animals, but including chimps." "And this will make me into a woman? How?" "We still are trying to determine that, along with how completely it does it and whether it is permanent or will reverse after the drug passes out of your system." "So what do I need to do?" "Take off all your clothes." "Do I have to?" "We need to document the effects of the drug." I felt weird, but took off my jeans and tee shirt and shoes.

I stood there in my jockey shorts. "Take off everything. Those too." I reluctantly took them off and he had me lie down on something like a medical examination table. He had a syringe with a funny looking liquid in it. "Is that shit safe?" "I swear it is." He injected it into my arm. It took a minute, but I began to feel hot and cold run through my body, and described it to him, since he'd asked me to.

It felt like my insides were churning, then my groin felt funny, and I looked down to see my dick and balls withdraw into my body. As they did, they left a hole which quickly formed itself into a vagina. Then my chest felt funny, my nipples seemed to get sensitive, the nipple changed color and got larger as I even began to develop boobs.

Other things felt funny, and I looked into a mirror to see my face changing slightly and what I had of an adam's apple disappeared. My hips felt like they were spreading and my waist narrowed as well. It was weird. I'd enjoyed dressing as a woman, and kind of wished I could be a woman, and now that it was actually happening, I felt uneasy about it, particularly since I was lying there naked in front of Carl.

He seemed to be feverishly making notes and looking at my body. As he looked at my boobs and pussy, he smiled and licked his lips. It took about fifteen minutes before things seemed to settle down and my body stopped changing.

"Kerry, we need to do some tests to see how thorough the change was and whether everything works normally." "What does that entail?" "Just relax, and remember this is just for medical science." "Relax?

Science? "Think about it. Think about all the transgender people in the world and what a difference this could make to their lives. But we need to check it out completely." "Okay.

I guess." With that he came up to me and gingerly touched one of my nipples. It was almost like an electric shock going through me. I gasped and even moaned a bit as he gently touched the nipple all over, before then touching that boob. I looked and could see my nipples getting very hard and could not believe how my body was reacting to this. He began using both hands and really working my boobs over good.

Never even having had boobs before, I was amazed at how it all felt, and could tell it was affecting other parts of me as well. I began moving my hips around almost involuntarily. My body was reacting on its own. I could feel some liquid running down from my pussy to my ass. I felt like I was about to explode, when he moved down to my pussy. "I need to check out your other new parts." He took his fingers down the lips of my pussy, even spreading it slightly.

Going up and down and coming to the top and tweaking what I learned was my clit. I couldn't help but moan and even pump my hips back and forth. I'd never fucked a girl, so I had little idea what a woman's body was like or how it would react. Apparently Carl did and he kept playing with my pussy as I got hotter and hotter. "The nerve endings all seem to be working properly. Now I need to check it for depth." With that, Carl got up on the table over me and his pants were down.

Before I even realized what was happening, he was putting his cock in my pussy. He got a little ways in, then stopped, then it hurt some as he put it deep inside me. I just lay there shocked that Carl had stuck his dick in me. He started moving his hips back and forth and I could feel his cock going nearly out, then deeply back in me. "This isn't science.

We shouldn't be doing this." "I had to check it and this was the only way I had available." "But now you know. You should take it out." "Kerry, baby, you just feel so damned good." "I don't think I want to do this." "Doesn't it feel good to you, baby?" "It does feel good.

It feels wonderful, but I'm not sure I'm ready for this." His hands came up and began massaging my boobs again, and almost against my will, I began fucking him back.

I was moving my hips in sync with him, and moaning as he plumbed depths that I'd never had before. The heat and pleasure were building through my body and I couldn't even tell him to stop. Then I could feel my pussy grab his prick even tighter, which made him groan, and I had the most wonderful feeling just sweep over my body.

It started in my pussy and spread in all directions, up through my stomach muscles which had their own spasms, up to my boobs which felt like electricity was running through them and shooting out of them, to my head, where I began kissing Carl, as I held him tight, and down all the way to my toes which curled up in delight. As all this was washing over me, Carl stopped and I felt his cock twitching and felt a gush as he came deep in my pussy.

In one sense, I was unhappy that he fucked me, and really unhappy that he came inside me, but the feeling that had swept over me were such that all I could do was lie there, hold him and let the pleasure take me to another world. He lay there with his cock deep inside me, until my pussy had sucked every last drop of cum from his balls.

He kissed me and slowly got off me, giving my boobs a few parting strokes as he did. As he got off, he pulled his pants back up, tucked away his cock and zipped back up.

I couldn't do much other than lie there and try to catch my breath. "You shouldn't have done that." "I couldn't help it. You were there and naked, and so very sexy and pretty, then your body responded so much to my touch that I just had to." "If I'm a real woman now, doesn't that mean I could get pregnant?" "I don't know where in the cycle you are. I'd expect you to be at the very start of the cycle, not at peak fertility, but we've never done this to a human before. We don't know." "Then I could get pregnant?" "Plan B I'll give you the money for it, then check with campus health services to get some regular birth control." "We aren't doing this again certainly not before I know I have working birth control, and maybe not even then." "You wanted to be a woman.

Now you know what it really means to be a woman. Besides, it looked like you enjoyed it just as much as I did maybe more." "I never felt anything like that before, but I wasn't ready to go there." "Now I guess you need those pink panties." "You said it was also possible to change back." "We have another drug for that, but we need to see the effects on your body for a few weeks before we even consider that." "How many weeks?" "At least until you have your first period." "Assuming I'm not pregnant." "Take the Plan B, you should be fine." As I got up, I realized I was still about the same height and weight, though my body shape had changed somewhat.

My hips were wider and rounder. My waist was a little narrower. My face had been softened, and my hair had even grown out somewhat longer and thicker. I looked 100% woman, and kind of sexy, to boot, with c-cup boobs and a cute face and ass. Carl's cum was leaking out of me and starting to run down my leg, so he got some tissues and I cleaned up as best I could and put on my clothes, but didn't fit quite the same now.

I had no bra, so my boobs really were apparent under my tee shirt. My jeans now fit my ass more snugly, but when I looked in the mirror, I loved what I saw.

Did I want to stay a woman? I might, but I needed some time to experience it before I made a decision. I guessed several weeks until I had a period would work out pretty well for that. Until then, I needed some bras and panties. While I was at it, I might not mind getting a nice skirt or dress too. I went to the campus health center, got some Plan B, took the first pill and made an appointment for birth control. Everything seemed to be going fine, until the nurse looked at my records and got a very funny expression.

She quickly passed me to a doctor, who talked to me while the nurse was present. "Kerry, we're kind of puzzled. Your student records show that you are male." Shit. How was I going to get out of this? I couldn't exactly tell them I'd had what amounted to a sex change that afternoon. If they even believed me, it would cause the kind of stir that neither Carl nor I needed. "Do I look like a man or a woman?" "You look like a woman at least clothed." "I'll be happy to let you check me unclothed." I stood up, unzipped my jeans and pulled down jeans and underwear before they could even react.

Once I'd bared my pussy, I pulled up my shirt to show my boobs, as well. They gaped and looked at each other, then the doctor spoke. "You certainly are a woman, but are you Kerry?" My student ID showed me as I'd been at the start of the school year, with slightly shorter hair, among other things. Luckily it was not a full body photo. "I've let my hair grow out some since my picture was taken, and puberty really hit me in the past few months, changing me in unexpected ways." "So it would seem.

Well, Kerry, we'll see you back here for a gynecological exam and likely some birth control." "Thank you, doctor." I pulled my shirt back down and my pants back up. "You might want to consider wearing women's jeans and panties rather than men's jeans and jockey shorts." "The crowd I run with kind of likes this style, but I'll dress more feminine for my next appointment." I felt like I'd dodged a bullet with that one.

Now I needed to get some girl clothes especially some bras. It felt weird as hell going into the lingerie section to pick out some clothing.

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I wasn't even sure what sizes I needed in women's clothes. Luckily Susan, a cute female clerk came to help me. She was friendly and helped me pick out some nice looking things that fit. She seemed kind of flirty, and I found myself flirting back. "Maybe we could meet for coffee some time." Well Kerry, I'm not sure my boyfriend would approve, but come back by tomorrow and we'll see." "It's a date." "Not really a date, but let's talk tomorrow." As I left, I swear, I was walking on air. As a guy, Susan would never have even given me the time of day.

Now as a woman, she might just go out for coffee with me. I bought some tops that fit a little better and even some girl jeans. The other clerks were pleasant and helpful, just not as much fun as Susan had been. Just to make things clear, while I might find being a woman attractive, I am also sexually attracted to women.

I guess I am also somewhat bisexual, since men are somewhat interesting and in spite of it all, I did enjoy the sex with Carl. I might not want to make it a regular thing, but it opened my mind and blew my mind. I went back to my dorm room and opened the door, only to find that Mike, my roommate was still there and hadn't left for home yet.

I thought he was going to be gone already and wasn't really ready for him to see me as a woman. He turned around and looked at me and I immediately became worried. "Mike, what are you doing here?" "Who are you, and what are you doing in my room?" "I think I must have gotten the wrong room." It wasn't the wrong room, of course, I just couldn't think of anything else to say.

I found myself backing toward the door and trying to think of where I could stay tonight. Nothing was coming to mind. Too bad neither Susan nor any of the other women at the stores had more interest, not that I'd have expected to be invited to stay the night with anyone just out of the blue. "But you unlocked the door to the room with a key, and still have the key in your hand. Where did you get the key to this room?" "Sorry, this was all just a mistake.


I'm sorry I disturbed you. I'll just leave." I had no answers and I did not want to hang around, because I figured nothing good would come of it. I backed up and was almost at the door, when Mike spoke again. "Stop. I recognize that shirt. That's Kerry's shirt.

Where did you get Kerry's shirt? Probably the same place you got Kerry's key." "He let me wear his shirt and I was supposed to meet him back here and spend the night with him. He said his roommate was gone." "When you came in, you addressed me as 'Mike'. How did you know my name?" "Kerry said his roommate was Mike, so I figured that had to be you." "You're a very pretty little liar, aren't you?" Mike walked over toward me as I tried to edge closer to the door.

Before I could get out, Mike grabbed my arm firmly. He didn't hurt me, but I couldn't get away either. He began pulling me deep into the room. I twisted and tried to get out of his grip, but to no avail. "If Kerry's not here, I need to go." "There's no way in hell that little faggot persuaded a cute little thing like you to come spent the night with him." "It wasn't going to be sexual.

He said with his roommate gone there was a spare bed and I could crash here tonight." "Then why didn't he bring you here himself." "He was going to get a pizza for us and bring it back." "You really are a sweet little liar. Sit down." Mike had gotten me back to his bed, and now wanted me to sit down with him. He still had hold of my arm and I couldn't get away.

I was really worried about just what he might have in mind. "Why do you say I'm a liar?" "Because of the way you stutter when you lie. Now who are you and why did you come here, and why are you wearing Kerry's clothes?" "I lost my clothes and needed something to wear while I went to buy more clothes." Mike kept hold of me as he reached behind me and pulled my wallet out of the pocket of my jeans. "Give that back to me." Mike looked through the wallet while holding tightly to me.

"Give you back Kerry's wallet? So what clever lie do you have for that?" Mike looked at my ID, then looked at my face, then reached up and grabbed my face, which I was trying to turn away from him, and turned it back. "I'll be damned. You have Kerry's face, though a little different.

You're his height and about his weight, but how the fuck do you look and sound like a girl?" "Please let me go." "Nice boobs. Are those things real?" Mike pulled up my shirt and pushed me back on the bed. Mike swung a leg over me, pinning me on the bed as he took both hands and began playing with my boobs. "Please stop." "Tell me the truth, and maybe I'll stop." "I am Kerry." "I've seen Kerry without a shirt, just a day or so ago.

Kerry didn't have boobs like these." Mike continued to play with my boobs, a little rougher than Carl, but my nipples still stood up, and I could feel myself getting wet between the legs.

"It was a weird experimental drug, and it did this to me." "That's hard to believe, but if it's true, what else did it do to you?" Mike unzipped my jeans and before I could react, he had my jeans and underwear completely off me. The way he held me down, I couldn't even get a hand down to try to cover my pussy. "Well, well, well. I'm not sure who you really are, but I think I've just hit the jackpot. And you're already wet and ready for me." Mike had one hand down between my legs running his fingers over my pussy.

He seemed to know more about what he was doing than Carl did and I got wetter every second he touched me. I'd just gotten fucked by Carl a couple hours ago, and now it looked like I was about to be fucked by Mike. "Please let me go. You said if I told you the truth, you'd stop." "You spent quite a while lying to me and I still can't be sure you're telling the truth even now." "I'm telling the truth, I swear." "Well then, I guess I lied to you too.

There's no way I'm letting you go tonight. Besides, if you are Kerry, where else do you have to go?" Mike swung me up so I was completely on his bed and pulled my jeans and underwear off over my shoes, then pulled off my shoes and shirt, while continuing to plays with my boobs and my pussy. I swear, it felt like he must have had four or five hands. There were hands removing my clothes and hands playing with my body, and I was getting turned on again, and again almost against my will.

Mike pulled his shirt off and slid down and began sucking on my boobs. Even as he bit me and it hurt, it still felt great. As he nibbled on my boobs, he stuck a finger in my pussy and began to finger fuck me.

I didn't want to be turned on by this, and yet I was being turned on by it, and enjoying it just as much as when Carl fucked me, maybe more since I knew a little more about it.

Mike had me writhing on his bed as he played my body like some kind of instrument. He plucked my strings and all I could do was moan and squirm under him. I could feel the heat rising through my body again, as I felt Mike put the head of his cock up against my pussy lips. I couldn't help myself and lifted my hips off the bed to get the head of his dick just inside me. "Well, Kerry, or whoever you are.

You're about to get a taste of Mike." Mike eased down and got his prick deep inside me. Mike was bigger around and longer than Carl had been, and it hurt a little as he plunged into me, but it was a wonderful hurt.

I could feel him reaching spots that Cark never touched as Mike slowly fucked me. I couldn't help but fuck him back as Mike brought me to a crashing orgasm. As I lay there with waves of pleasure crashing over my body, I felt Mike cum deep inside me. Mike was panting as he rolled off me, then resumed stroking my body. "Damn, little girl, that was nice." All I could do was lie there, and he kept stroking my boobs and pussy and continued to turn me on. I think I had a smaller mini orgasm just from his stroking.

"So are you really Kerry?" "I am." "I wish you'd done this sooner. I'd love to have been able to spent the whole term fucking you." "They wouldn't have let us share a dorm room with me as a woman." "But they don't know, do they?" "A doctor and nurse at the clinic do, and I have to go back to get birth control." "Maybe we can enjoy a couple days until they catch on." "I thought you were going home for break." "Nothing as good as you waiting for me at home.

Why should I go?" "Don't you care that twelve hours ago, I was a guy with a dick?" "You aren't that now, are you?" "They don't know when the drug will wear off, and when it does, I may revert back to being a guy." "I only like fucking pussies.

When you don't have one, I won't fuck you." Mike had gotten hard again and he pulled me over on top of his and impaled me on his cock. I moaned as it slid back inside me. Mike had one hand on the small of my back as his other hand played more with my boobs. "Baby, this one is your ride. Fuck me good." My body no longer responded to my conscious mind. I kept thinking I should just climb off him, as my hips moved back and forth taking him deep inside me each stroke.

He pulled me down and began kissing me. I didn't really want to kiss him, but couldn't help but respond and kiss him back.

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Mike pulled my hips tightly to him as he came in me a second time. He caressed my back, my ass, and my boobs as I lay panting on top of him. Finally, he rolled me off him.

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The dorm bed was small, but he pulled me close and spooned me in the bed, with his hand on my boob, holding me tight. We fell asleep with him holding onto my boob, lying together in bed. I woke up the next morning with Mike's fingers moving in and out of my pussy. I woke up wet and turned on, even if Mike was not my choice for a lover.

He masturbated me for a little while then lifted me and turned me so I was on hands and knees on the bed. He got behind me then had one hand playing with my boobs as he used his other hand to guide his prick into my juicy cunt. His fat cock stretched me out even more from behind than it did frontally. He began pumping me as his hands were all over my boobs. He really seemed to last a lot longer fucking me doggie style than he had last night.

He still played with my boobs with one hand as he grabbed my hair with the other and held me by the hair as he roughly fucked me. As I was there on the bed, with Mike pumping his big dick in me, I realized that this time yesterday, I had been a guy and a virgin.

Now I was a woman and was in the process of being fucked for the fourth time by two different guys. Mike held me tight as he came in my cunt once again. Once he'd emptied his nuts into me, he let me go and I collapsed onto the bed. Mike got up and began getting dressed. I lay there not sure if I wanted to escape or to have him fuck me again. He kissed me, then started for the door.

"Baby, I have to meet some friends, but we're going to do this again later. Count on it. I want to get used to fucking you." Mike left and as I recovered, I got up and slipped on a robe to go down to shower. I grabbed a towel and as I walked down, I almost went in the boy's bathroom. Hell, I'd been used to going in there every day for months. I'd never set foot in the women's bathroom. I was a little leery as I entered and went to take a shower.

There was a curtain and I drew it before taking off my robe and starting to wash off the funk of four fucks from my body. I marveled as I washed myself. I'd been fucked several times now, but had not been able to explore my own body. I stroked myself and started getting into it just a little too much. There were other women in the bathroom and I really didn't want to pleasure myself with an audience.

I shaved my underarms, legs, and bush in the shower, then finished my shower, dried off and put my robe back on. As I left, there were two other women who seemed to give me strange looks as I left.

I recognized them both, but clearly, they didn't recognize me and that left them curious. I went back to my room and started looking at some of the clothes that I'd bought yesterday. I was free now to dress as feminine as I wanted, and to do it in front of anyone. I selected a nice skirt and top, with a lacy bra and panties.

As I dressed, I realized that I hadn't bought any shoes appropriate for this outfit. I didn't want to wear my old tennis shoes with the cute clothes, so I found an old pair of loafers than only looked semi-bad and slipped them on.

It looked weird and I knew I needed some open flats. I struggled a bit getting the bra fastened. I looked carefully at it to see how it hooked before I ever put it on, then pulled the straps down so I could easily reach them as I fumbled to get it hooked. I brushed my hair, which was almost dry. I hardly looked like a beauty queen, with strange shoes, slightly messy hair and no makeup, but I really felt like a woman.

As I left, there were two women in the hall nearby, Lisa and Megan. They looked me over, before commenting. "Well, a strange girl coming out of Mike and Kerry's room in the morning." "I think we know how she spent her night." "And look at those shoes what is that?" "Well, ladies, that's called losing your shoes and having to wear whatever you can come up with.

Now if either of you could lend me a more suitable pair, I'd be most appreciative and return them later today." The two women looked at each other, then at me, then at each other again. Finally Lisa turned to me, and spoke in a very flirtatious voice. "What's in it for me?" "What would you like to be in it?" "What if I said a kiss, for starters?" I walked over to her, put my hands on her shoulders and gave her the best kiss I could manage, and just kept kissing her, until she broke the kiss.

I'd heard little rumors about Lisa being interested in women, and since I liked women and was now a woman, this seemed to be a wonderful solution.

Lisa looked hard at me, then leaned slightly back in and I resumed kissing, until she stopped again. "Let's see if I can find you some shoes, and take this out of the hallway." Lisa took my hand and led me to her room, and we left Megan standing in the hallway, kind of surprised.

Lisa's feet were close enough to my size to find some flats that worked, and after that, we sat down on her bed. "You spent the night in Mike's room?" "Kerry gave me the key to the room and told me Mike would be gone. When he wasn't, I didn't even know where else to go." Okay, so I lied to her. I wasn't about to tell her that I was Kerry, not at this stage.

"Shit. I can imagine what he did." "And he did. Look, guys are okay, but I really prefer women. I did what I had to do to get a comparatively safe place to sleep. I'd rather not have to do it again though." Lisa kissed me and stroked my face, then kissed me some more.

I was in heaven, kissing her back with enthusiasm. She stopped after several minutes and looked seriously at me. "How much experience do you have with women?" "Not much, but I'm willing to learn, and I'd love to have you for my teacher." She laughed, then lay down on the bed, pulling me down on top of her. We kissed and she stroked my back and my ass. Before long Lisa had pulled my skirt up and her hand was wandering under my skirt, groping my ass though my panties.

Before long, she had her hand inside my panties, squeezing my ass, and even sneaking down between my ass and my pussy. "Here I am on the bed doing this with you, and I don't even know your name." "My name is Kerry, same as the guy who shares a place with Mike." "What a strange coincidence." "That's how we met. Our last names were similar and when they called out for him, we both answered. We talked and when I needed a place to crash, he offered his room since he was leaving anyhow." "Well, I'm glad he did.

I just wish I'd met you last night." "So do I. I'd much rather have spent the night with you than with Mike." "Maybe we can make up for lost time.

Take off that skirt and top." My skirt was already bunched up around my waist, but I unzipped it, slipped it off and carefully put it across a chair nearby. Then I took off my top and put it the same place.

I kicked off the flats that Lisa had loaned me. In the meantime, Lisa had removed her slacks and top, and we were now both clad in bra and panties. Lisa had a cute pair of boyshorts, while I had my lacier panties. Lisa took my hands and pulled me back to her. We lay back down on the bed and began kissing and stroking each other. It was very sensual, not as rough or frantic as either Mike or Carl. Lisa had her hand inside my panties as she rubbed my ass, then began to ease my panties down over my hips.

I lifted my hips to make it easier for Lisa to pull my panties off. She pulled them about as far down as she could then my panties slid down to around my ankles.

I managed to kick them off as Lisa continued to fondle me. I pulled down on her panties and we got those off, then she reached behind me and unhooked my bra.

I was glad she did, since I still was likely to struggle a bit with it. I fumbled, but managed to unfasten her bra as well. We tossed aside our bras and lay there naked beside each other on the bed, kissing and caressing each other.

I had thought that Carl and Mike had really made me feel good in touching my boobs, but they had nothing on Lisa. She really knew how to make a woman feel good and did exactly that.

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She caressed them, kissed them, licked them, and sucked on them, not just the nipples but the rest of the boob too. I was in heaven and had an orgasm just from what she did to my boobs. "Okay, Kerry, it's your turn now." "I don't know if I can do what you did." "Follow instructions, and do what I tell you." Lisa gave me detailed instructions, when to kiss her boobs and where, when to suck on them and what parts, when and what to lick, and when and how hard to bite.

I didn't mind at all. After what she'd done for me, I wanted to please her. I guess I did, she was moaning and panting when she was not giving me direction, before she arched her back and grabbed my head and held it tight. I was almost smothered by boob, which would have been a wonderful way to go.

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Lisa turned loose of me, and I was able to catch my breath, and she pulled me up to kiss me again. We kissed for a while before she turned me on my back and kissed her way down to my pussy, starting with my lips, then my face, down my neck, across my chest to my boobs, where she lingered briefly before kissing her way down my midsection.

She paused to stick her tongue in my belly button, which tickled, yet felt strangely good. She kissed her way down near my shaved pussy. I thought maybe she would dive into it, but she teased it instead. I had my legs spread wide and she kissed an inch or so outside my pussy, as I writhed and wished she'd get it directly. She kissed all the way down one side, then to the inside of that thigh, before switching to the other thigh and kissing back up that side.

Still staying a little clear of the pussy itself, she kissed across the top, and I could feel her breath across my clit and my sopping cunt. She went back down, just at the edge of the pussy lips, brushing them slightly and teasing them terribly. When she got to the bottom, she gave a quick lick at the bottom of my slit, before starting back up the other side. When she got to the top, she stuck out her tongue and took it down the pussy lip on that side and again back up.

I felt like I was about to crawl out of my skin, as she then began to kiss my pussy the same way she'd kissed my mouth. I couldn't help but grind my pussy against her mouth as she kissed it and slid her tongue between my pussy lips.

My clit was sticking out there lust waiting for attention as she came and took it between her lips. I thought the top of my head was going to come off as she teased my clit, before alternating between teasing my pussy and teasing my clit. She shifted slightly to the side as she slid a finger into my pussy and began to slowly move it in and out. Lisa took her time. Unlike Mike or Carl in their fucking, she was in no hurry.

She slowly and sensually fingered me as I felt the heat running through my body yet again. As I got hotter and hotter, she picked up the pace with both her mouth and fingers.

I came with both of the two guys, but those orgasms were nothing like this one. I think I even passed out briefly from the pleasure. I came to with Lisa kissing her way back up my body. As she got back to my face, I could taste myself on her lips.

We kissed for a while before she gently moved me down and directed me to give her pleasure as she'd given me. Since it was the first time I'd even eaten out a woman, I don't know that it was as good as some of the other women she'd been with, but I followed her directions as best I could. Afterwards, we lay there kissing and stroking each other for the longest time before lying back and just holding each other.

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"Well Kerry, for someone who hasn't been with women very many times, that wasn't too bad." "I did my best to follow what you were telling me." "The best lover is one who knows what she's doing and can read my body language. The second best is someone who can and will follow directions." "Lisa, you were wonderful. I hope I gave you even half what you gave me. " "Where were you going to spend the night tonight?" "I had no plans.

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I know I know want to spend it with Mike." "You could spend it here with me." "That would be wonderful. I have a few clothes and things. Do you mind if I bring them over?" "Bring them. You know I was going home for a few days, but I think I may just stay here if you're going to be around." "I'd love that." I went over to the other room, once I was sure Mike was not there, and got my girl clothes, along with all my electronics and such.

I really didn't worry about my boy clothes, and just left them there. Lisa and I went out shopping and I got a couple nice pair of flats and a few more clothing items. Lisa thought maybe I should get some heels, but I told her I wasn't used to wearing heels, and almost fell on my face when I tried walking around in them. Lisa tended to dress a little more butch, in slacks, with slightly more boyish shirts and shoes, but did wear some makeup. Since I had no makeup, she took me over and the woman there helped me get some good colors and made up my face, showing me what she was doing and explaining it as she went along.

By the time she finished, I at least had a primer on doing my makeup. We spent most of our time arm in arm, and few people paid attention to us.

We grabbed a bite to eat, then took my purchases back to Lisa's dorm room. Mike was in the hall about fifty feet away as we got back, and I gave Lisa a big kiss as we went in her room and closed the door. I could hear some muffled talk from the hallway, but didn't care. Lisa took my face in her hands as we sat, and looked closely at me. "You are pretty and clearly a woman, but why do I think you're the same Kerry who shared a room with Mike for the last semester?" "That Kerry was definitely a guy." "But you are that Kerry.

But how?" "A weird medical experiment." "And you like being a woman?" "Yes. Particularly when I'm with you. Not so much with Mike though." "My roommate moved out at the end of the term. She wasn't going to be my lover. She didn't like being around when I had lovers over. And she didn't like having to stay away if I had a lover here." "That wouldn't bother me any of it." "You wouldn't mind if I brought another lover here?" "I might be a little jealous of you or her, and might not want you to keep me up all night with the sounds of sex that I wasn't part of." "Let's go out to dinner and some dancing.

We can come back here later. We still have a couple of days to think about next semester." We went to a gay club that I didn't even know existed, and spent several hours dancing before we came back to Lisa's room. We were both under the drinking age and I didn't have a fake ID, so we both stayed sober. We danced with each other as well as in a group with some other women and even kind of one on one with some others.

It was obvious that I was kind of a hit with some of the butch women there, along with a few of the femme types. Even though I was dressed kind of femme, I did enjoy seeing and dancing with some of the femme women. Lisa was pretty popular herself and I got the impression she'd made her way around the patrons a time or two in the past. It became pretty obvious that if Lisa decided to move on, I'd have no problem hooking up with someone else at that place.

I actually had two or three give me their phone number and ask me for mine. I did swap numbers but told them at least for now, Lisa and I were a thing. I told them I'd keep them in mind if and when that changed. A few hinted that if Lisa and I lasted more than a month, it would be shocking. With that drug, I'd gone from a virginal guy, who could not even get a date, to a woman who seemed to be in demand. I still felt a little weird going in the women's restroom, but in this scene, I felt pretty damned good.

Lisa and I went back to her room, made love again, then fell asleep in each other's arms. Even if this was only short term, this was a wonderful way to end my day. The next day I had my appointment for birth control. The doctor did a gynecological exam, and said that everything seemed to be in good order. He put in an IUD, which was probably better than having to worry about taking the pill every day.

He said it appeared I was early in my period, but recommended using condoms for sex until I had my period, just in case. I got dressed, but before I left, I was visited by three university officials. There were two men and one woman and they looked pretty grim and tag team talked to me. "Kerry, you are now a problem for the university." "Me? But I - " "We know that you are the victim, albeit quite willing for at least some of what happened." "We were notified that a student who had clearly been male, now was very clearly female." "We found out about the biochemical research, and found the video that was shot." "You were given a drug that has not been authorized to be used for human testing." "You were then raped by the male who gave you the drug." "What are you going to do to me?" "You should not have allowed that drug to be administered to you." "Still, you are not guilty of criminal behavior." "The student who gave you the drug is guilty and has been fired, expelled, and told never to set foot on campus again." "If he even speaks of what happened, we'll turn the tape over to the authorities for prosecution for rape." "And me?" "We cannot and will not authorize administering the drug which could turn you back into a male." "If we did, we could be charged with a serious violation of drug laws." "But we now have a student who was male and is now female you." "Are you going to expel me?" The three looked at each other, shook their heads, then seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

"We will permit you to stay, as a female, and change your records and ID accordingly." "We'll get you assigned to a dorm room with another female." "There's a woman named Lisa, who needs a roommate on the floor where I've been, and I'd like to share a room with her." "You know, of course that she is a very open and outspoken lesbian." I kind of squirmed a bit, and smiled.

"I know that." "Probably suits your purposes, quite well, I'm guessing." "Well yes." "If word of what happened ever got out, the university would be embarrassed." "If you agree never to speak of what happened, and don't press for the reverse treatment, we will waive tuition, fees, room, and board for the balance of your undergraduate program." I began to realize that they could be in major difficulties if I went public, or decided to sue, so I decided to press the issue a bit.

"I want two things. First if those drugs are licensed for human trials, I'll be allowed to get the reverse treatment, if I choose, and at no cost." "That's quite a reasonable request." "Second, I want tuition, fees, and such covered through any graduate education." "We'll have to get approval for that." "I'm guessing you want me to sign something agreeing never to sue the university over this." "Well, that was part of what we expected you to sign." "I want admission guaranteed to the Masters and PhD program of my choice and all costs covered." "Only if you have the grades and course requirements necessary." "Fair enough." "We'll have the documents drawn up.

In the meantime, we'll have someone accompany you back to your dorm room to get your possessions and move them to your new room." There wasn't much left in my old room except some books, papers, and my boy clothes, but I might as well get that, and it would be easier for me if I had company. A man came with me back to my dorm, and as I got there, I saw my sister at the door to my old dorm room.

"Kelly. What are you doing here?" Kelly turned, looked at me and her eyes got as big as saucers. "Kerry?" I nodded and was a bit embarrassed. She knew I had tried her clothes on at home. Now she came to see me in college and I was in full female attire and wearing makeup. She must have assumed I was cross dressing and had taken it all the way.

"Please don't leave. We'll talk, as soon as I move my stuff." The man and I moved my stuff to the room I'd now be sharing with Lisa, and gave me a key to that room. I gave him back the key to my old room, then Kelly and I sat down on my bed to talk. "I knew you had tried on my clothes, but never thought you'd go this far." "I can't talk about it, but something happened and I'm not a guy anymore.

I'm a woman 100% woman every bit." "Dad will shit." "It was an accident. But I know I can't go home maybe ever." "So you really have female parts now?" "Complete. I could even get pregnant, that's why I got birth control today." "I'm going to come here to school starting next semester." "And our folks " "Will probably come to visit." "I've got boy clothes, but with these boobs, even in them, I don't look very masculine." "Kerry, you never looked that masculine even when you were a male." "I don't want to see them if I can avoid it." "Mom can handle it.

We'll just have to keep Dad away from you." My mother had accompanied Kelly up to campus. We met her for dinner a little later, after Kelly broke it to her that her son was now her second daughter. It seemed a little strained at first, and Lisa came with me for moral support. In some ways, a double shock, not only was I now a woman, but I was in a lesbian relationship. In the end, Mom seemed to accept it. She said she and Kelly would be back in a few days with Kelly's stuff, and told me she would try to keep Dad away from me.

She and Kelly both hugged me and kissed me on the cheek before saying goodbye. Lisa and I went back to the dorm, and ran into Mike in the hallway before we got to our room. "So you went dyke on me?" "I'd rather be in bed with Lisa. No offense." "I can do things that she can't do." "You know, I think I can do without those things, but hey, you'll find someone who wants that." Lisa and I went in our room, giggled, and fell on the bed, kissing and touching each other.

Each time Lisa and I make love, I seem to be getting better. She doesn't have to give me quite so many directions. I love being with her, at least as long as it lasts. "I saw a couple of the women at the bar last night hitting up on you." "I told them I was taken, but if you decide to move on, I might just take one of them up on that." "So if I bring someone else back here, you might too." "Only seems fair, but I'm not looking for anyone else now anyhow." "We're both too young to consider permanent relationships." "But this works for now." I decided that I could wear my boy jeans and tees for everyday, and some of my nice skirts and tops for when I went out.

I did need more bras and panties though. I went out shopping for that, while Lisa did some things with some of her other friends. I did wear my girl jeans and a cute top as I went back to buy some more clothes. I went back to the store I'd gone to before and saw Susan again. She helped me find some cute stuff, then took a break and we went for coffee. "I have to confess, I have a boyfriend, but he knows I like girls too.

He says he doesn't care if he can watch and join in too." "I'm seeing someone right now, but if that changes, I might like to see you." "How do you feel about guys?" "I've been with guys and I don't mind it but if he wanted to do anything to me, he'd have to use a condom." "He doesn't really like using condoms." "Guys are okay, but I'd rather just be with a woman anyhow.

Let's keep in touch and see where this goes. By the time I break up with my girlfriend, you might not even be with that boyfriend." We talked some more, then she had to get back to work. We hugged and I gave her a passionate kiss that she returned. I felt pretty sure I hadn't seen the last of Susan. I wandered around the mall for a while, and had a couple of guys trying to flirt with me and hit up on me. I told them I had a very jealous boyfriend, and they moved on.

I ran into a couple of people I knew from my previous classes. I acted as though we'd never met before and they stared at me, not completely sure of what they were seeing.

Susan texted me asking me to meet her at one store in two hours, and I texted back that I would. I also got texts from one of the women from the club last night, asking what I was up to. I texted back that I was at the mall, just hanging out, and she said she was too, so we agreed to meet at the food court and hang out together, at least until I had to meet Lisa. Michelle was very femme, but she liked femme women. She was maybe an inch shorter than me, with shoulder length brunette hair in a bob, a cute face, and a very nice shape.

"I hadn't seen you in that scene before, Kerry. Did you just move here?" "I just came out.


I'd kind of been staying in the closet until now." "And you and Lisa?" "Only been together a couple of days. She brought me out of the closet." "I don't intend to try to steal you from Lisa. She'd probably kick my ass if I did." "Lisa has already said that what she and I have won't be permanent." "She has that reputation, but then you're prettier than a lot of her girlfriends have been." "You're pretty darned cute yourself." Michelle smiled and blushed slightly.

"Thank you." It was getting near time for me to meet Lisa, so Michelle and I agreed to keep in touch. I hugged her and we kissed goodbye for a long time, though not long enough for me. She patted me on the ass and said she hoped to see more of me soon. I hoped to see more of her too, preferably with fewer clothes.

I was walking on air as I went back to meet Lisa. Apparently, I should have checked my makeup before meeting her. I had my lipstick, mixed with some from Susan, and some from Michelle. Lisa lifted my chin and looked at me. "Damn, Kerry. How many women have you been kissing?" "I ran into Michelle and we chatted, then kissed goodbye." "Just Michelle?

"Well, I ran into another friend also." "Girl, I'm going to have to keep you on a shorter leash." "Figuratively, I hope." "I don't know, literally could be fun too." We laughed and kissed and she put her arm around me. She sent me off to the restroom to touch up my lipstick. I came back and we went to get something to eat, later went dancing and made love in our room a couple times along the way.

I'd now only been a woman for a few days, but I didn't think I ever wanted to go back.