Bf und mein Mann beide cum in mir

Bf und mein Mann beide cum in mir
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This is my first story, so sorry if it sucks. Leave feedback so I can improve! Ding dong. I take my time getting to the door because I know it's my boyfriend coming over to work on our Spanish project, which I am dreading.

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I greet him with a kiss and he follows me into my bedroom. Rob is a sweet and loving guy, always wants to make me feel good. He's a little on the short side standing at about 5'7" but that's ok because I'm only 5'1".

He's a little heavier too but has a smile you could die for and the kindest eyes. I am however a skinny little thing weighing at 106 pounds. I have shoulder length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I wear a 32 B bra and my ass isn't too bad either. We are both 17. "I'm surprised your parents actually let me come over without them being home," Rob told me after setting his books down and taking a seat on my bed.

"Yeah I know, but they know we are only working on our project and nothing else will happen," I replied. "Riiight," he said with a smirk on his face.

"No really Rob, we have to get this done. No fooling around." Because Rob likes to show he's boss, he stood up and wrapped his arms around me from behind and nuzzled my neck.

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Even though he's a sweet guy, he knows what he wants and when he wants it. "Come on baby, we have the house all to ourselves, the project can wait an hour," he whispered into my ear. He then started kissing my neck, which he knows is my weak spot and I started to breath heavy and close my eyes.

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"Ok, but only for a little bit," I said in between breaths as I started to lean my body into his. With that he turned me to face him, grabbed my hips, and picked me up to carry me to my bed. He got on top of me and started to kiss my lips and use tongue when he felt my body writhing underneath him. Still kissing me, he rolled onto his side lying next to me with me on my back.

His hand reached under my thin tank top and was rubbing my stomach and eventually started fingering my bra, teasing me. Rob, for being a tit man, was taking his time feeling me up. After a little teasing, his hand moved the cups of my bra away and pinched my already hard nipples making me let out a slight moan.


"You like that baby? I can tell you're getting turned on," he said to me while moving his head to my neck again. His hand left my chest and he supported himself on top of me while sucking on my neck and grinding his hips into mine. "God Rob you're so hard, you're making me so wet," I moaned feeling his raging hard on against my hot pussy that needed some air.

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With that said he immediately rolled onto his side again, untied the drawstring of my pants and dove his hand into my soaking wet panties feeling my hot sex underneath it.

"Mm baby you are wet, are you ready to cum?" he said after teasing me with his fingers by parting my lips but not going inside me. "Yes Rob, please! Don't tease me anymore I want to feel your fingers deep inside me!" He started with one finger, going in and out very slowly making me whimper wanting more.


I started to thrust my hips up and down trying to get him to go faster but all he did was pull out only to dive back in with 2 fingers deep in my pussy. "Ahh!

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Fuck don't stop!" I screamed while arching my back. Rob kept going, in and out faster and harder you could hear how wet he was making me. Every now and then he would stop inside and curl his fingers up to stimulate my g-spot, he knew how much I liked it. "Oh God yes! Right there baby!" I yelled.


"Yeah you like that don't you? You like it when I hit that spot?" "Yes baby yes it feels so good! Oh my God I'm going to cum!" My pussy tightened around his fingers and my body started to shake as I let out scream after scream of pleasure as I came. "God I love it when you get loud," he said to me as I started to relax.

"It turns me on even more." I knew that was a hint that he was ready for it to be his turn. So I sit up and start rubbing his hard on through his shorts and whenever I'd graze the head with my thumb he'd let out a slight moan. "Baby I know I love to tease you but this is torture, please just touch it bare," he pleaded with me. I smirked and unbuckled his belt along with his shorts and pulled them down.

His boxers came next as I let out his 7" hard dick.

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I normally don't like giving head but because this boy gave me a screaming orgasm I had to return the favor. I scoot down towards his feet so his dick is right below my mouth. I stick out my tongue so it's barely touching the head looking up to see his reaction. His eyes pleaded with me to lick it, so I did.

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I licked the underside along with both sides slowly before devouring it all in my tight warm mouth. I hear him groaning and feel his hands on my head pushing it down. I love it when he gets rough. I start to bob my head up and down while sucking at the same time.

Every now and then I'll stop at the head and swirl my tongue around tasting his bitter pre cum. Since my clit didn't get much action earlier it's aching to be touched. As I'm sucking Rob's dick I reach down and rub my hard button which makes me moan.

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The vibrations from my moaning cause Rob to like it even more. When he looks down and sees what I'm doing he gets turned on even more. "Yeah baby does that feel good what you're doing to yourself?" he asked me. "Mmhmm," I moaned with his dick still in my mouth sucking and bobbing.

"Fuck yeah I'm getting close baby, keep going!." With that I sucked harder and bobbed faster and used my free hand to stimulate the bottom half of his hard dick.

"Uh uh uh fuck fuck fuck! Gahhhhh!" Rob yelled as he came in my mouth. I swallowed all of it. I get up and lay next to him while he starts to kiss me again. "I think our project is calling our name," I said to him smiling. "Oh no," he growled. "I'm not done with you yet." To be continued…