Big Tits Bouncing as Milf Gets Fucked

Big Tits Bouncing as Milf Gets Fucked
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Lucy I slipped my new nightgown over my head, ruffled her hair and yawned.

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As I dragged myself to bed I thought dreamily about Matt. A guy who worked at the same job that I was starting tomorrow, infact, he was the only reason I was joining!

You see, I've had a crush on Matt ever since nineth grade, when he first came to my school. He had soft, swishy hair, brown beautiful eyes, thin pink lips, and a smile that was ever so rare and valued. As I pulled the covers up and over me, my mind was set on one person.

Matt. Matt "Okay dude, which house?

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And hurry! I've got work tomorrow!" Trey chuckled and pointed to a small, secluded house whose lights were just going out. I couldn't help but beam.

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Another night, another pussy! Nodding his head in the little house's direction Trey and I both sprinted for the lawn, pushing, laughing and shoving each other to see who could get to sleeping virgin first!

Once we made it to the house, though, I hid behind a bush while Trey hopped up on the porch to peer through the window. It was a full moon tonight, and the lights in this house practically just went out so, unless the person inside was already fast asleep, I'm afraid they might have seen Trey's shadow, but that's what makes the fuck fun, right?

When you've got a frightened tight little pussy wet with excitement and fear! I piped up as Trey motioned that the coast was clear. Time for a fuckin that's gonna blow your penis off! Lucy Iwas just about to drift off to sleep when I saw a crouched shadow appear in my doorway. A young man, who looked to be 17 or 18, peeked through my window. Fuck, shit's gonna go down tonight! As the shadow turned away, motioning for someone else I jumped out of bed and tip-toed/sprinted to my closet. Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck!!

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I reached up for the pistol, yes a gun, I kept in my closet and made sure it was loaded, yes! Then, turning back to the window I froze. It was open.and a cold draft swirled around me as to shadows shakily stood up, scared that I'd pull the trigger.


Then, one of them spoke, and damn his voice was sexy! "Look, darling we don't want.n-nor need any trouble! Just let us g-go, and we'll-" I interupted him intrigued by his familiar voice.

"Wait, do I know you?" His partner dropped his hands mumbling curse words to himself while the other just snapped at him,"Shut the hell up!!" Trey Fuck, there goes Matt again running his mouth and what do you know? This girl fuckin knows him!! Or atleast that's what it seems so far. I drop my hands and mumble to myself words of frustration until Matt snaps at me to shut up.

What the hell?! "You shut the fuck up! You start talking and dammit, this chick knows you!! Smooth dude!!" Matt yells back at me and our fighting continues until, fuck, this little bitch flips the light on! Of course me and Matt panick and quickly hide our faces, when-"M-Matt?

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Is that you?!" Holy shit Matt what have you gotten us into?! Matt Shit, Lucy?! Fuck this bitch is supposed to start work at Home Depot tomorrow!


Fuck!! A hand is placed on my shoulder, a light, soft hand so I can tell it's Lucy, and I hesitate to look back. I glance worriedly over to Trey whose just looking away flipping me off.

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Thanks, bro. I straighten up my back and nervously turn to face Lucy whose gun is now softly clutched in her hands by her side. "Hey," I mumble through gritted teeth.


HOLY FUCK!!! My heart is pounding inside of my chest. She could raise that gun any moment and blow my head off! Or worse, call the police! Shit! Not to mention I've got a boner the size of China and I feel like I'm going to pass out because of the blood rush to my penis! I scan Lucy over a suck in a sharp breath and hold back a low Luce has got on a nightgown and, fuck, it's practically see through!

She might as well rip her clothes off and seductively put her finger up my ass. Damn, my penis is on fire and craving pussy. I look down, just to get a glimps of her wonders down THERE and sure enough-"Shaved," I whisper breath lessly.

Trey's head pulls up some, but he still looks the direction he faces, away from me and echos,"Shaved?" I nod my head, even though he can't see it, and confirm,"Shaved," I smirk as Trey chuckles, pleasured that she practically put up a rape me sign. Biting my lip I trace all of Luce's sexy lines and curves until I let my eyes rest upon her sparkling, innocent, and unknowing eyes full of sexy wonder.

I smile, almost in a way that says 'It's okay! You're safe!' and softly nudge Trey's shoulder while I keep our eyes locked. Time for a bit of fun! Continue.?

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