Fun and straight fuck guy free caught boyfriend fucked gay The crew

Fun and straight fuck guy free caught boyfriend fucked gay The crew
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Sharing Cindy Chapter 13 During the last chapter I mentioned that my wife's boss, Louie had decided to purchase a Harley dealership. Of course this came with a little help from Cindy in making the previous owners very happy and willing to make a good deal. She was rewarded by her boss with an offer of a job at the new dealership.

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Of course she took it. Having a wife who works for a Harley dealership definitely has its benefits. We were able to purchase a couple of bikes at cost. Service on them was always free and we got great deals on parts, etc.

It also opened up a whole new world to us. We began to attend bike gatherings, poker runs and parties. Of course all of these opportunities also lead to a lot of fun. Cindy really seemed to enjoy the new job. She was working in an office that was upstairs, and her boss Louie had his own office right next to it. As you know from reading the other stories, Louie and Cindy had had sex a few times and this new situation definitely lead to a few more encounters. Some days she would come home from work, and sit down next to me on the couch and lean in close.

She would place one hand on my crotch and her lips against my ear. I could feel her as she would whisper, "I have been a bad girl today." That would instantly turn me on and my cock would respond.

This would become the way she would always tell me that she had had sex with someone from then on. Louie was one of those owners who only showed up at work every so often. He actually owned several businesses and the bike shop was more of his getaway than anything else. When he was there he wasn't necessarily in the mood for concentrating on business. And who could blame him with a hot young girl just outside his door?

With her new position came a substantial raise. This meant she was able to get an entire new wardrobe. Of course a Harley dealership is not the same as most offices, therefore she was allowed to wear clothes that were a lot more sexy. And believe me, she definitely embraced this. There were many mornings where I almost wanted to grab her and bring her back to bed she looked so hot.

Apparently Louie enjoyed having her there and usually about once a week she would come home and tells me that they had sex. Sometimes it was very quick but other times she would tell me that they would spend hours in his office, moving from the couch to the desktop to the floor.

One day she came home with bad rug burns on her knees where he had gotten a little rougher and had fucked her doggy style on the floor. She had to wear pants for about a week until her skin healed. It was a turn on to see those burns and know just how she got it.

She also enjoyed meeting all the other guys who worked there. From the salesmen to the parts counter guys to the mechanics. One in particular, Cliff, really showed his interest in her.

They began to flirt back and forth for several months. He would always make it a habit to bring her coffee each day and even began to bring her lunch every so often. She would come home and tell me everyday just who was flirting with her and what she thought of each one. More and more her stories would center on Cliff. I began to bring him up during sex. She would always pick up on it and continue to talk about him.

I would ask if she wanted him to fuck her and she would moan and tell me yes.

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He became the subject of several fantasies for a while and pretty soon it became apparent that she was going to fuck him.

Of course, I did nothing but encourage her. During the winter months things would get slow and there were times when there was not a whole lot to do so Cliff would come upstairs and they would talk for a long time.


She told me how he was always staring at her tits and trying to look either down her top or up her skirts. She admitted she loved the attention and would give him some very good looks. Eventually their talks became sexual and Cliff seemed to be surprised that she was open to his flirting.

One winter day she came home from work and walked up behind me while I was cooking dinner. She hugged me from behind and leaned in close. "I was a bad girl today…&hellip." I was hard immediately and turned around. "Tell me," I said. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the dining room.

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She pulled out a chair and sat me down. Then she stood back and said "Do you like my dress?" She had on a tight sweater dress that really hugged her body. She turned around and bent over the table. "Does it make my butt look good?" Of course, with her sexy ass wrapped in that tight dress, it looked very good and I told her so. "Cliff thought so too." My mind was racing as I imagined what could have possibly happened.

Of course I didn't have to wait long to find out exactly. I told her to go on. "Well, things were slow today and Cliff came upstairs to talk. He has been growing a beard during the winter and I told him it looked really sexy on him. He told me I was looking sexy too. We talked for a little while and were laughing about the story another mechanic, Bob, had told about getting caught by the husband of a girl he was seeing and getting beat up.

I said that you wouldn't have beaten him up.

He looked at me funny for a minute and asked what I meant by that. I just said you would have been turned on by it and not mad all." "He was a little shocked and wanted to know why that was. I was a little nervous about talking about this but I had already gone that far.

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I told him that you get turned on when I have sex with other guys. You should have seen the look on his face! It was great. I know I have never talked about this with anyone else really, and to be honest it made me kind of hot to be sharing it with him." "I could tell he was thinking about what that meant to our relationship.

He would be talking and then just stop in the middle of it and I could tell his mind was really working. A little while later I stood up to reach across my desk and grab my purse. As I did I felt him stand and press up against me.


He reached out and started to rub my butt through the dress. I stood up and just looked over my shoulder at him but didn't tell him to stop." "He reached around and grabbed my tits and began to play with them.

You know that makes me so hot. I just leaned back and let him play with them. That's when I felt how hard he was. I pressed back into him and he pushed forward.

Baby, I was so hot right then. " I stood up and turned her around and grabbed her just like she said he did. "Did it make you wet when he did it?" "I was already wet by then.

I loved knowing that I had made him hard. " "Did he do this?" I asked as I felt her nipples get hard and began to squeeze them between my fingers. "MMMM oh yeah baby. He was pulling on my nipples and it felt so good." "Did he do this?" I asked as I slid my hand down across her belly and began to stroke her pussy through the dress. "Uh Huh. He stroked it so good. Then he stuck his hand underneath and really touched me." "Like this?

I said as I put my hand underneath the front of her dress and pulled it up, exposing her panty covered pussy. "Yes he did." She practically moaned it into my ear. "He put his hand into my panties and started to rub me. He loved that I was already wet and he slid a finger deep inside." I mimicked what she told me and she thrust her ass back hard against me.

"He made me cum in no time baby. It felt so good, too.

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Then he grabbed my dress and yanked it up above my butt and yanked my panties down." I did the same to her.

"Like this? Tell me what he did next." "He fucked me…………&hellip.He slid his hard cock into me so hard. He filled me so good baby. I almost yelled out but he held his hand over my mouth." Hearing that pulled out my dick and rubbed it around her dripping pussy. Was that just her wetness or was that their combined juices dripping onto me?

I didn't care and as soon as it was well lubricated I pushed in deep. She let out a huge groan and bent forward onto the table and looked back over her shoulder at me. "Fuck me, Cliff. Fuck like you have always wanted to. Fuck me over my desk while everyone hears it." She was really getting into it and it was turning me on like crazy.

I reached around and played with her clit as I pounded into her. The whole time I was picturing her, bent over the desk as this big guy was pounding her as hard as he could. It was such a turn on. In a few minutes she began to scream out to "Fill my pussy. Fuck me Cliff." I know it was for my benefit but it also sent her over the edge and we both came while bent over the dining room table. I was spent and collapsed into the chair. She was still spread out on top of the table with a smile on her face and her ass in the air.

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This was the first of several encounters she had with Cliff over the next few years. He was one of the few people up to that point who knew about our relationship and he did what he could to help add fuel to the fire, including asking Cindy to help out at a friend of his bachelor party. That is a story for the next chapter.

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