Lusty redhead with small tits gets double penetrated by two hard cocks

Lusty redhead with small tits gets double penetrated by two hard cocks
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"Come on, baby! At least let me eat it" I gripe as my girlfriend Sasha denies me sex, yet again. Leaving me sexually frustrated, as I've been since we started dating 8 months ago.

Never getting past second base. I know that she likes sex because she's told me so. She's told me how much she likes sucking cock, but she's never sucked mine. She say's she loves doggy style, yet, I've only seen her nude once, and that's only because we were in a fitting room together. Every time I try to make a move on her she say's "No, baby, not now!" Then she say's "It's not that I don't love you, or find you attractive.

Because I do. I think you're sexy as hell. You have a ripped body, a big cock, you're very bright, and most of all, you make me laugh without even trying. And that's important to me. "I know, bae! But why aren't we having sex?" I reply. "Look, bae, you know how much I love sex because I've told you so.

But I think our ideas of what our sex lives she be are a lot different. You wanna shower me with love and affection, then make love to me.

Which sounds nice, but that's not really my cup of tea. Yes, I want for you to respect me as a woman and to treat me right. But I would also like for you to tell me to shut the fuck up, every now-and-then. And mean it when you say it! What can I say, I'm a freak! I don't wanna be made love to. I wanna be fucked. And fucked hard, by my man. I want to be thrown up against the wall, have my panties ripped off, then pounded from behind, while you're pulling my hair, and making me call you daddy.Maybe I want for you to take the pussy sometimes, instead of always begging for it" "What the fuck am I supposed to do, Sasha?

Rape you?" "See, your response speaks for itself" "I just don't fucking get it" "I'm not sure if it's our age difference or the way you were raised. But as much as I love you, I'm just not ready to have sex with you, yet. Maybe one of your friends, or your dad can give you some pointers" She say's as she removes her cherry red lipstick.

"I've heard all of that before, bae. But even when I try to be more aggressive, like you asked, you STILL shoot me down." I shout as I raise up from the sofa. "I know you're trying, bae. But whenever you call yourself trying to be more aggressive, all I see is a young man trying too hard to be something that he's not.

Which is not what I want. I want for you to be your natural self, and let things happen the way they're supposed to happen. Now, can we please stop arguing. Because I need for you to rub on my booty, so I can go to sleep. After all, we have a long 5 hour trip to your dad's house in the morning. And you know how grouchy you get when you don't get enough sleep." She say's as she leaves the living room and heads to my bedroom. I knew that arguing wasn't going to get me laid tonight, so I rubbed Sasha's booty until she fell asleep.

* Sasha and I met during my freshman year of college. When she was a 20-year old junior and I was an 18-year old freshman at Morehouse University. We met when she answered my ad for tutoring assistance. She needed help with her Statistics assignments. Which was right up my alley. Because I'm a math whiz, like both of my parents. After swapping a few texts, we chose to meet up at my apartment that Saturday afternoon.

I'm a fairly good looking guy. So, I've dated my fair share of hot girls over the years.


But when I saw Sasha for the first time, every other woman in the world seemed ugly to me. She wasn't just beautiful. She looked like a black goddess. Everything about her was flawless. From her natural long, braided hair, to her gorgeous almond shaped brown eyes, her cute nose, straight white teeth with the cutest little gap in between them, to her firm teardrop shaped 42-DD's, her slim waist, down to her well-manicured toes, her unbelievably long chocolate legs, that lead all the way up to the most perfectly shaped apple-bottom booty I've ever seen.

And don't even get me started on her cute dimples. So needless to say, it was love-at-first-sight for me. This was no longer just a tutoring session. I was now trying to really get to truly know her. After we made our introductions, we headed straight into the kitchen and got right down to business.

I spent the next 3 hours teaching her the in and outs of statistics, while finding out a little more about her. She told me that she had lived in Atlanta all her life, with both her parents and her younger brother and sister.

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They were a middle-class family, who lived in a nice suburb of Atlanta. She was also a business major, who wanted to open her own clothing store in downtown Atlanta. I told her that up until 2 years ago, I was an only child. That was until my parents divorced 5 years ago, and my father was remarried.

With my dad being CEO of one of Atlanta's largest software companies, we lived a rather lavished lifestyle. We've always lived in a gated community.

I'd been in the states top private schools since I was in preschool. After 2 more hours of talking, I asked if she was hungry and she said "I could eat" So I took her to my favorite BBQ joint. Where we ate and talked for a few more hours. When returned to my apartment, I asked if it was okay for me to call her sometime. She said: "Sure" Then she gave me a peck on the cheek and left. Finally, after 2 long months of going out, she agreed to date me, exclusively.

I knew that she liked me, but our age difference was a big thing for. But she quickly got over that. * When my parents divorced 5 years ago. I chose to stay with my dad. Things were cool the first few years. But things changed when Suzie came into the picture. To say that I was shocked that my dad started dating a white woman would be the understatement of the decade. I've never even seen my father glance at a white woman. Let alone date one.

But I'll be the first to admit, that Suzie is a bad bitch. She may be 35, but she looks like she's 25. Standing 5' 5" tall, with long blonde hair, brown eyes, 135 perfectly thick lbs, with natural D cups and an onion booty that could make a grown man cry.

Plus, she was as sweet as apple pie. Suzie's son Rusty was a fucking punk. He's one of those white kids who only listen to hardcore rap music and only hangs out with black guys. So he thinks he's a badass. I swear that kid thinks he's black. Plus, he's always teasing me by saying "I'm blacker than you" Which makes me wanna beat his little ass.

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He's only 15, but he's already 6' tall. But he's rail-thin at only 140 lbs. I can't stand his punk ass. But he and Sasha get along great.


They're always either laughing at one of their inside jokes (which drives me crazy), or playing childish practical jokes on each other. By doing silly things like shooting spitballs at each other, or tripping the other's feet out from under them as they walk. I find it to be rather annoying. But every time I say something Sasha tells me to take a chill pill. * When I awoke the next morning, Sasha was already in the shower.

I figured now would be a good time for me to try and be more aggressive. So I quickly made my way to the shower, where Sasha was soaping up her long legs. I greeted her "Good morning, baby" Right before I eased up behind her and kissed the back of her neck. To which to responded "Not now, Chris. I'm trying to take a fucking shower, sheesh!" "Fuck, man! I'm trying to do like you said, and be more aggressive. But once again, you're pushing me away." "Whatever, Chris" She say's as she turns her back to me.

After showering in silence. For what seemed like an eternity.

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We exited the shower and dried ourselves off. I knew she was still in her feelings, so I let her get dressed in my bedroom, while I stayed in the bathroom. I was just finishing up brushing my teeth when Sasha walked in dressed to kill. She dawned a pair of white lace-up pants, which barely covered her pussy, while her legs, thighs and half of her big behind were exposed. Not to mention the white lace-up top she was wearing.

She looked good, but I didn't that think her outfit would be appropriate, for a visit to see my dad.

"Damn, babe, you look good!" "Thank you, baby!" "But don't you think that your outfit is a bit much? I mean, we're going to see my father, not out to a nightclub" Once she placed her hands on her wide hips, I knew that she was about to read me the riot act.

"First of all, how dare you try and tell me what I can wear, or where I can wear it. Second of all, I worked too damn hard to keep my body in shape. I would think that you would like for me to show it off sometime. But instead, you wanna scold me like you're my fucking father." She say's as she twists her braids up into a bun.

"I'm sorry, baby! I didn't mean it like that. I'm just saying" "Besides, didn't your dad say their flight leaves at 9:00 AM? So, your dad won't even be there when we get there" "I know, bae. But Rusty will still be there" "Calm down, bae!

That little boy is harmless. Now, give me some sugar and let's hit the road" * We kissed and made up on the drive to my father's house. She even rubbed my cock through my jeans, as I was driving. Making me feel like I possibly had a chance of getting laid this weekend. As I pulled up into my dad's driveway, I could hear loud gangsta rap music coming from inside the house.

Causing me to exit the car quickly, to get inside the house and turn that noise off. It didn't take Rusty long, to come squandering out of his bedroom, once I turned his music off.

"What the fuck, bro? Why you always trippin?" Say's Rusty as he adjusts himself through his gym shorts. "The whole fucking neighborhood doesn't need to hear your loud ass music" I reply That's when Sasha walked in, carrying her bags.

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"Hey, Rusty! You better come and give me a hug, boy" "Goddamn, Sasha! You wear the shit outta that outfit, boo! Booty sitting right and everything." He say's as he reaches out and hugs my hot girlfriend.

"Okay, that's enough, Rusty." "Damn, bro, chill out!" * I went back out to my car, to get the rest of my stuff. And by the time I returned, Rusty and Sasha were already engaged in a heated game of Madden.

I sat down and watched them play their game, while I texted me, dad, to let him know that we had arrived. After their game was over, Sasha suggested that we go out to lunch. The thought of having my step-brother Rusty joining us for lunch really wasn't sitting well with me, at all.

But I knew that Sasha wanted for him to join us, so I let him tag along. On our way to the Chinese buffet, Rusty and Sasha were constantly punching and poking each other. I figured it was innocent, so I let it slide. Once we'd made our way inside the restaurant, Sasha and Rusty almost got us kicked out, after they started chucking fried shrimp at each other. I watched as every guy and even some women were checking out Sasha and her very revealing outfit.

On one hand I was proud to call her my lady, but on the other hand, I wasn't liking all of the attention that she was receiving. We'd finished our meals, and were walking out of the door, when Sasha stuck out her foot and tripped Rusty, as he walked in front of us, causing him to stumble. "Got 'em" Say's Sasha as she laughs out loud." "Okay, okay!

This means war! You better watch your back, Sasha" Rusty say's as he regains his balance. * Once we'd made it back to the house, we settled down in the living room, where Rusty and Sasha played another game of Madden. Soon, Sasha was asking for me to bring her, her leftover shrimp she'd stuffed into her purse, before leaving the buffet.

I wanted some too, so I went to fetch them for her. Rusty had paused their game while we ate. Taking this time to grab a bottle of Powerade. Then as he walked past Sasha, he went to slap down on the shrimp she was putting into her mouth, only instead of slapping the shrimp from her mouth. He'd managed to snag her shirt down, making her 42-DD's plop out.

I immediately jumped up and said "What the fuck, Rusty" He just shrugged his shoulders and said "Oops!" I expected for Sasha to go off on him. But she did just the opposite. Instead, she reaches out and pulls down Rusty's shorts. Leaving his rather long and thick 9-inch teenaged cock dangling inches from her face. As Sasha sat there with her tits out, while Rusty stood in front of her with his cock out, Sasha finally broke the silence "You play too much, little boy" As her eyes are locked in on Rusty growing cock.

"As you can see, I'm not little at all, baby" I'd seen enough "Okay, that's enough you guys." I said But Sasha started provoking Rusty by saying "I bet you don't even know what to do with all that dick" Rusty, who's now sporting a rock hard 9-inch cock replied "Why don't you put your money where your mouth is.

That is if you're not too scared!" To which Sasha replies "I ain't scared of nothing" Rusty, not wanting to be outdone. Took another step forward, leaving his big cock about an inch away from Sasha's lips. Then he grabbed the back of her head, as she looked up at him.

That's when I jumped in "Hold the fuck up! What the hell do you think you're doing, Sasha?" But it was too late. I stood and watched as Rusty guided his manhood into my girlfriend's mouth. I started to pull him away from her, but once I noticed that she wasn't putting up any resistance. I continued to watch. Rusty was really making Sasha suck his cock aggressively. He had a firm grip on her head, as he forcefully shoved his cock into her mouth.

Making her gag and drool. Then he looks over at me and say's "Damn, bro, your girl gives some bomb ass head." I was too ashamed to say anything. So I kept quiet.

That's when Rusty looked down at Sasha and said: "Do you like that dick, baby?" Sasha could only mumble "mmmm hmmm" As Rusty continued fucking her mouth. Rusty then pulls his cock from Sasha's mouth.

Leaving a long trail of drool, dripping on her tits and say's "Tell my big brother how much you enjoy sucking my cock" Then before she can get any words out, Rusty starts slapping Sasha in the face with his cock as she tries to speak "I like sucking (plop), Rusty's big dick (plop)" Before taking his cock back into her mouth. After several more minutes of fucking my girlfriend's mouth, Rusty finally let Sasha come up for some air. Only to taunt me even more. He grabs her and gropes her swinging tits from behind.

I can see Sasha whence as he squeezes her chocolate nipples. But she must like it because she was grinding her ass against Rusty's cock the entire time. As Rusty molests my girlfriend right in front of me, he say's "Man, your girl is a nasty bitch. Ain't that right, boo?" "Yes, daddy" "Now, why don't you get up on that couch, so daddy can see that ass." Then he pushes her forward, making her fall to her knees as she lands on the couch.

"Damn, girl, you got a fat ass" Whap whap whap As he spanks her on the ass. Then he looks over to me and says "Why don't you do the honors and pull your girls pants down for me, so you can watch me fuck this nasty bitch?" I started to beat his little ass.

Then I figured, fuck it! She is a nasty ass bitch. So I moved in behind Sasha and peeled her tight fitting pants off her juicy ass. I even slapped her on the ass when I was done. "That's what's up, big bro! Slap that bitch on her fat ass" Rusty said as he gives me dap Then he rubbed his cock up and down Sasha's ass crack a few times, letting her pussy juices saturate his cock.

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"Damn, bro, look at how wet this bitch is" He wasn't lying, either. Sasha's pink pussy was sopping wet, almost creamy looking. I saw Sasha's eyes roll back into her head, as Rusty slide all 9-inches of his teenaged white cock into my 21-year old black girlfriend. "Oooohhh shit" Sasha sighed as Rusty pounded her from behind. Pushing her head down, making her arch her back even more, while he fucked her like he owned her.


After several long strokes inside Sasha's pussy, Rusty's dick was coated with her creamy pussy juices. It sounded like someone was stirring a pot of spaghetti. Then Rusty removed the rubber bands from Sasha's hair, so he could pull her by her braids. "Come here, bitch" He say's as he grabs Sasha by the braids. Then he really started giving it to her. "Damn, bae, he's fucking me soooooo fuckin hard. I can feel it in my stomach" To which I reply "Well, that's what you wanted, isn't it?" "Yes, baby, but I still love you and only you" "Well, you have a fucked up way of showing it" "I mean it, baby.

This pussy is yours. I just needed for you to see how I liked to be treated." I looked into her eyes and I could tell that she'd meant what she said. Making me fall in love with her all over again.

But I was brought back to reality, by the sound of Rusty's voice "On your knees, bitch" Soon, Rusty was stroking his cock, as Sasha patiently waited for him to cum on her face. "Now, open wide, baby. Say aaahhhhhh!!!? "Sasha obediently opens her mouth and say's "Aaaaaahhhhh" That's when about 15 or so long ropes of teenaged hot jizz, splattered across my girlfriends ebony face, tongue and even her hair. I decided I'd seen enough.

So without any hesitation, I grabbed Sasha and threw her back on the couch. Then I grabbed a handful of her hair, as I pulled my cock from my jeans, right before I forced my 12-inch black cock into her sloppy pussy.

"Is the what the fuck you want? You wanna be fucked like a slut?" "Yes, daddy, fuck me!" "I can't hear you," I say as I slap her left ass cheek "Yes, daddy, yes! Fuck this pussy" "You goddamn right, I'm gonna fuck this pussy! Now, who's pussy is this?" "It's yours, daddy! It's yoooooours.Oh fuck, I'm cumming.I'M CUMMING.Oh, daddy.Oh, daddy.Don't stop, please, don't fucking stop!!!" "From now on, I get this pussy when the fuck I want it and how the fuck I want it.

Do you hear me?" "Yes, daddy! I promise, you can have it any way you like" "That's right, bitch!" "Yes, daddy. I'm YOUR bitch. I'm your nasty bitch!" "Now, turn around" "Okay, daddy!" My addreniline was pumping so fast, that I unleashed the biggest orgasm of my life, into Sasha's mouth and face.

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Leaving her face saturated with two slimy loads. Before shoving my cock back into her mouth. I made Sasha suck Rusty and I off one more time, before I let her clean herself.

"Now get your ass upstairs and take a shower. Then come back downstairs and fix us some dinner" "Yes, daddy" The End