Real college orgy foursome tube porn

Real college orgy foursome tube porn
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December summer.perfect for a tale of experiments and family.

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It was summer holidays again and as a 11 year old boy I only wanted to do one thing in this holiday go to my uncle k's grandparents,my 3 girl cousins,and open fresh land and air as far as the eye can see. After a long 3 hour drive we finally reach the farm near the Vaal river.

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As always we ran in to my uncles home looking for my 3 cousins C(9),J(5),K(2) they were always happy to see us dont know why but that would prove helpful later in life me and C was like brother and sister always playing together and I really loved her as a sister and as the summer holidays come to an end it was always crying and it just never ended well. And my cousins are farm girls real farm girls they went to a small town school and her parents were over protected over her like no social live no friends of the boy kind.

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A few years past I turned 13 and C turned 11 and that summer I realized something when we went swimming there where love buds on her chest.puffy cone like things underneath her swimsuit.after dinner that night I walked into the play room and heard that the girls giggling in the bathroom at the end of the playroom.walking slow and wondering why are they giggling looking into the bathroom I saw my cousin C in the bath with those puffy cones on her chest with powder pink nipples the size of a soft drink bottle cap steering at me I felt a tingle in my pants and my pants got a size smaller.that night we played in the living room we ran around like huligans and fell on the sofa and I pulled her ontop of me on my lap and just thought to myself now I am going to have a feel.taking my hand I just grab her left cone soft and tender my pants grow smaller in 1.1 seconds she smiles and get off and looked at my pants and went to bed.

For the next 3 years there was no summer farm holidays I got into the first Rugby team at 14 years of age and we went on tours in December.but on my 16th birthday they told us they are moving the tour dates to July yes farm holiday here I come.


December came fast and the long drive to the farm excited to se my grandparents the drive seemed to be forever.finally we stoped.went in greeting all around but I seem to miss someone.asking were C is her mom said she went to the shop with my other aunt.late that afternoon,they came walking to the river were the family were and my brothers were in the river swimming when my mom called us to come eat.walking to the group my eyes caught this girl long blond hair and a body to die for.i walked up to her and she said hi couz I said hi C is that you?.yes she my mind I just mmmmm!!!!

I just had to see her naked this summer.that night I heard she was in the bath room so like always I just had to sneak a peek.but no luck door closed.the next day we went to the river to swim and I saw that lust in my pants grow like it never did before it ached of stiff.and that just my cousin in her pink tight bikini came closer.i just needed to get her Alone I thought to my self.lust was burning in my pants but my mind was telling me no its you cousin.that night I could not get my cousin out of my head.the summer went on nothing really happend till 3 days before we had to go home we were playing in the shed and it was just me and C all Alone everyone were busy with something I thought to myself now is your chance I walked over to her and looked deep in her brown eyes and just kissed her.giggle giggle came from her.but I wasnt playing I took her to the back of the shed and we sat facing each other she notices my pants and ask can I see.i replied yes if I can see yours.she smiled and we started undressing she took off her top and bra and those 32B breast just steered at me firm they looked like implants but so natural and untouched she took off her pants and panty of at the same time a small patch of light brown shame hair just above her virgin pussy.her lips was puffy and untouched my manhood just grew and grew.she smiled and she asked can I .yes I replied.taking my 16year old thick manhood in her 14 year old hand she touched it grew.i told her to grip it in her hand and stroke it heaven my manhood leaked precum like never hand reaches out and I get a hand full of her virgin breast with nipples erected stiff leaning over I start stimulating them with my other hand going down softly running my fingers up and down her slit.finger going into her sex hole.she looks up Wow she said.finger tucking her she lay back pressing against my hand my finger is in faster and faster I go in ,Oooooooooh!!!!

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She cum all over my hand she looks up and say I am so happy I am a women now.smiling at her I said no not yet she looked puzzled.she grab my manhood and start to stroke.faster faster I moaned.ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Cum shooting out all over her beautiful tight breast.mmm you are beautiful sexy amazing.i so wanted to be her first now at this moment but I heard C!!!!

Oh my mom is calling.ok but this never happend remember I said yes I know she replied.the next day I thought this is the day we went to the shed and started to make out.and touching each other hands all over finger in and she is wet flowing of love juice.( but in the passion of the moment we didnt notice her sister J at the door and as any young girl she went and told her mom we were kissing)i pulled down her pants and kissed her pussy sweet,soft.tasting like bit of salty and urine but sweet.i got my manhood out she pulled it near her mouth and kissed it I went crazy.getting so horny now I just wanted to feel it inside her .i just had it by the wet entrance of her wet cunt.just pushing forward.thoughts running through my head of my first virgin(ironic I was a virgin two) I pushed feeling her lips open feeling the head getting pressure .are you ok I asked?

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Yes she replied.ok here it goes.Shhhh? She said softly.shit my mom is calling.she jumped up getting dressed.running out.I just laid there thinking Luck not my friend but tomorrow is another day the last day but still a day.walking home from the shed I saw my aunt and she was pissed off.not thinking about it just kept on walking came to my grandparents mom calls me over.smiling I said Yes!!!.pack your things we are going.she said!!!

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I replied What??? When???

She said Now.fuck no!!! I dont wanne!! I said.your aunt saw you and C and she told your dad so now we are my things got in the car and saw my cousin at the gate as we past there yard.she wad the 3 hour in the car past I could not forget.what happend between me and my cousin of 14.but for the next 2 years things will change for I will not be having farm holiday till I am 19 .


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